Hildesheim: Walk Your Dog in Front of the Mosque at Your Own Risk

Based on this report from the Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, German police are doing their best not to have to deal with the fact that a Muslim mob attacked and beat up several people for walking a dog in front of their mosque.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Witnesses: Attackers came from a Mosque

Hildesheim — The bloody fight on Good Friday in the northern city remains baffling. Up to now there have been two versions of who was involved in the brawl. But the fact is: A 32-year-old man from Hildesheim ended up with a broken rib, and had to be treated at the hospital.

According to reports, the police were called around 11:30pm to Martin-Luther-Strasse, because a fight broke out between two men and two women in a public park. The women were walking with an unleashed American bulldog, which the two men were apparently not pleased with. Words were exchanged, which turned into a shouting match, during which one of the men spit in the face of the 25-year-old woman and kicked her in the stomach twice. Both opposing parties filed a report for bodily injury.

Up until that point the police can confirm what happened. But what happened afterwards was only told to various newspapers by different witnesses. Apparently one of the women called her boyfriend for help with her cellphone. When the 32-year-old man arrived at the scene, he allegedly found himself attacked by several men: “I literally walked straight into their arms. They came out of the mosque, they surrounded me and beat me up,” the man says. His rib broken, he passed out. He was treated for his injury at the hospital.

The police cannot yet confirm that the men came out of the nearby mosque: “We still have to investigate that. We do not have all the witnesses’ testimony yet,” said the spokesperson for the police, Claus Kubik.

The injured 25-year-old woman, however, is certain that the attackers came from the mosque: “It was a whole herd of them. About 20 to 30 people in Arab dress.” And from that group the woman claims to have learned why the ringleader attacked the two women: one of his kids had supposedly been bitten one time by an unleashed dog.

Even before the police arrived at the scene, the attackers all managed to flee, some of them in cars with squealing tires, while others returned to the mosque on foot. Most of them were wearing turbans and cloth pants.

Which is a testimony that has been confirmed by a 31-year-old resident of the neighborhood. He was sitting in front of the TV when it all happened, but when he heard the yelling on the street he was alerted. The family man looked out the window, identified the attackers as visitors to the mosque: “I see these men here every day, because every day they block our parking area,” the witness told the newspaper.

The police are asking for witnesses to come forward and call the number 939-115.

31 thoughts on “Hildesheim: Walk Your Dog in Front of the Mosque at Your Own Risk

  1. Why should I believe anything you write? Would be nice if you reopened the comment in the blog where you claim you know me and what I stand for!

    • I clicked onto your user name and found myself on a site called Palestine Momentum. Why should we believe in anything you write?

  2. “I see these men here every day, because every day they block our parking area,” the witness told the newspaper.

    Obviously they do not have jobs neither do they have any intention of finding one. Presumably being a muslim is a full time occupation funded by the state.

  3. Well they have been allowed to rape and sexually molest your women, defecate and masturbate in your swimming pools, draw “salaries” for contributing zero to your economy, look like forcing segregated carriages on trains for women in the very near future, shop lift and mug at will, all with little or no consequences so obviously are seeking new boxes to tick in order to further subjugate and humiliate the German public.
    The fact that an idiot who found a dog “offensive” finds it acceptable to spit in a woman’s face and kick her in the stomach too should tell you all you need to know about the Neanderthals mutti Merkel has invited into your country which, sadly, you would appear to be lamely accepting.

    • I, who have inherited a modest amount of Neanderthal genetic material, find your gratuitous slur against Neanderthals offensive!


      • Yes, Hitler would have hated that black Africans are more “pure” homo sapiens than the rest of humanity.

      • Dear Baron,

        Nice one. However, people always slur Neanderthals. Nobody seems to have noticed that they no record of them having committed crimes, wars, whatever. And with or in the paintings, they recorded absolutely everything important in their lives. Instead, from various digs we know that they they cared for each other, practically excessively – well, they has to, given their environment.

        I sometimes wonder, were our ancestors, homo sapiens, Cain and the Neanderthals, were they Abel?

        If you really have a modest amount of their genes, perhaps you belong to the real nobility… 🙂

        But seriously, it’s quite a thought, isn’t it? None of their paintings (written record) nor any of our archaeological digs shows any evil in them.

  4. Most dogs innately have more noble and worthy qualities than that stinkin’ false prophet from Mecca. Something not quite right with people who hate dogs.

    • American Bulldog is probably a euphemism for a Pitbull. There are a lot of owners of Pitbulls who find other names for the breed to obscure what kind of dog they actually have. I recall one day I was pulling weeds in my yard and an elderly lady was walking a Pitbull. She stopped to say hello and since her dog seemed friendly I gave it a pat on the head and a scratch under the chin and told her that she had a very nice Pitbull. She said, “Thank you. It’s my daughter’s dog. But it’s not a Pitbull, it’s a Staffordshire Terrier”.

      Yes most dogs are innately noble, many Pitbulls are not. Even as a dog lover I am very leery around a Pitbull. It is a breed that should not be off the leash, as was the dog in this story. Of course that is no excuse for the behavior of the Muslims, but I’m leery around them too and I prefer dogs to Muslims.

      • American Bulldogs are rather larger than the traditional (“Churchillian”?) British variety, or Pitbulls. Staffordshires are also bigger than other Terriers.

        • PS My brother had a Parson’s Terrier who was smarter than some humans I know. He was a rescue dog who was probably starved; certainly his ingenuity in finding food, eg by stomping on the pedal of the kitchen bin, knew no bounds.

    • Jordan said: “…dogs innately have more noble and worthy qualities than that stinkin’ false prophet from Mecca. ..”

      Stunning statement. What is ‘…more noble and worthy…” supposed to mean? Are you implying that Mohammed had any noble qualities? Like a dog for instance?

      Sir, surely, you are jesting!
      (sarc/off :-))

  5. Their prophet once ordered the destruction of dogs after the failure of ‘Gabriel’ to keep his appointment (Abu Dawud 33:4145). ‘Gabriel’ made contact and told him that an angel won’t enter a house where there is a dog or a picture. I understand that there was a dead dog under Mo’s bed (the English translation reads ‘puppy’).

    • Thanks for the info. This is another example where a Hadith contradicts the Quran. No. Surprises there

  6. I too dislike dogs in general, the mess they make, their intrusion into my personal space and the threat of canine violence even as the owner says “he won’t hurt you”. I actually think that Muslims have the right attitude to our four-legged friends.

    On the other hand, I see the potential for an easy win. So all you dog owners, walk your attack hounds past the Mosque, your Alsatians, Pitbulls, Dobermanns, Staffordshire Bull Terrirers, Akitas etc all joyfully off the leash and unmuzzled (unmuzzied you might say). If any of you has a pack of Beagles that would be splendid. It is a glorious way to fight back.

    • I agree about some dogs not being much fun for the rest of the community. And though the attack was illegal and extreme, the muslims did claim a girl had been attacked by a bulldog. So dog owners really must keep dogs under proper control, never letting a dog’s behaviour be an excuse for escalation.

      But peacefully and safely walking dogs in front of mosques is legal in our countries and to not do so would mean sharia law.

      • There is no way on God’s green earth that we should ever worry about conforming our behavior to the diktat of sharia law re dogs. Even if we had perfect control of our canine friends, they’d find another excuse to bully and push. Everything is an “excuse” to the Religion of War so to heck wid ’em.

  7. Day by day, week by week, as the population of ‘non Europeans’ increases so do all of these ‘incidents’, sadly I feel this will be one summer filled with horrific events at all levels from minor street fights,violent assaults (many sexual),insults,shoplifting to major rioting. I hate to even think this but the political class will direct the police to come down on the already beleaguered citizenry, once again giving the ‘cultural enrichers’ another pass and free ride.

  8. I’m from the Netherlands and this also happens here, muslim also poison dogs.

    • When the many Vietnamese and other Asian refugees came to California, the stray dog and cat populations – not to mention people’s pets – disappeared quickly. An obvious example of the old adage, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”…

      • I’m guessing dog is haram, not halal, so no worries about Fido getting barbequed in Germany.

  9. There’s this thing called habituation therapy. It helps to solve one’s phobias by exposing him to the phobic stimulus. Maybe, some sort of organized dog walking (15-20 dog owners every Friday in front of the mosque) could help the dogophobics to get rid of their dogophobia eventually. Bonus points if some of the dogs are black; extra cookie points if at least one of them is named Muhammad.

    After being subject to my “hateful propaganda” for two years, my neighbor got himself a pair of lovely black wolfdog puppies this January; one responds to “Ollahu” and other to “Ackbar”, and they already know to bark at people with beards. I can’t wait when they are old enough to organize our own dog walking. Sadly, I don’t have a dog myself, but I have a very strong walking stick left to me by my grandfather. He used it a lot, back in the 1930s… and if it was good enough for Germans, it should be good enough for dogophobics, too. 😉

    Remember, guys: it’s your country. If you stick together, nobody and nothing can root you out.

    • That requires that people believe that it is their country. Such a belief has been brainwashed out of many.

    • I know this will be controversial but Europeans need to start training their dogs, if appropriate, to protect their owners, attack if necessary.

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