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The Serbian Government has sold the state-owned Zelezara steel mill to a Chinese steel consortium. He Steel president Ju Jong said that his company would modernize Zelezara and make it the most competitive steel mill in Europe. Chinese President Xi Jinping may honor Serbia with a visit thanks to the deal on the plant.

In other news, Germany has proposed that the EU impose a tax on gasoline to pay for the costs of the current migrant crisis.

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Financial Crisis
» Italy: UBI to Put Up to 200mn Into Atlante Fund
» Jim Grant: “Make America Solvent Again”
» Clinton’s Neocon Ties Could Mean More Regime Change on the Menu
» Cruz NJ Eligibility Hearing: Stunning Ignorance or Deception?
» Giuliani Supporting Trump in NY Primary Despite GOP Attempts to Derail Campaign
» Hillary Clinton Has Another Coughing Fit in Radio Interview; Blames ‘Allergy Season’
» Houston Region Swamped and Shut Down by ‘Historic’ Flood
» Sanders Says Italy Model for Health Service
» The Big Ones: Scientist Warns Up to 4 Quakes Over 8.0 Possible Under ‘Current Conditions’
» The Income Tax: Root of All Evil
» Thwarting Majority Will
» Time to Make Candidates Face the Real Issues
» Yellowstone Eruption in 2016? Shocking New Video Shows What is Really Going on at Yellowstone
Europe and the EU
» Italy: Luxury Homes Seized From Work-Voucher Scam Couple
» Italy: Two Romanians Get Life in Prison
» Italy: Ansaldo STS Posts Increased Q1 Earnings
» Muslims Celebrated Brussels Attacks
» Safety Checks Faked at German Nuclear Power Stations
» Super-Gonorrhoea is Spreading Across UK and Medics Warn it May Become Untreatable
» UK: Motorists Could Face £70 Fines Under New Plans That Aim to Make Streets Safer
» UK: Priti Patel Says Migration From EU Has Put ‘Pressure’ On Education System
» UK: Shiraz Maher Investigated for Saying Glasgow Shopkeeper Asad Shah Was ‘Not a Real Muslim’
» UK: Sadiq Khan’s Dealings With Islamic Extremists Raise Doubts Over London Mayor Role
» Serbia Signs Steel Mill Privatisation With Chinese He Steel
North Africa
» Hand in Hand: Untold Story of Muslim Brotherhood’s Collusion With Daesh
Middle East
» Italy: U.S. To Send 200 More Troops, Apache Helicopters, To Iraq
» Saudi King and Princes Blackmail the U.S. Government: What Happens Next
» Russia Opens Up Gas Supply to Italy Through Nord Stream 2
Latin America
» Brazil President Faces Fading Chances to Maintain Power
» Impeachment Proceedings Begin Against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff
» 9,600 Migrants Arrived in Italy in March Says Frontex
» Berlin Says No Eurobonds for Refugee Crisis
» Europe More Afraid of Migrants Than Terror: Rights Monitor
» German Proposal to Tax Petrol for Migrant Crisis
» Orbán’s 10-Point Plan to Sabotage Merkel
» UK: 72% of Struck Off NHS Doctors Are From Overseas

Italy: UBI to Put Up to 200mn Into Atlante Fund

Massiah confirmed as general manager

(ANSA) — Milan, April 18 — The UBI Banca bank will put up to 200 million euros into the financial industry’s new Atlante fund for weaker banks, it said Monday.

The UBI board also confirmed Victor Massiah as general manager.

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Jim Grant: “Make America Solvent Again”

$13,903,107,629,266. Can the nation afford this much debt?

This much I have learned about debt after 40 years of writing and study: It is better not to incur it. Once it is incurred, it is better to pay it off. America, we have a problem.

We owe more than we can easily repay. We spend too much and borrow too much. Worse, we promise too much. We conjure dollar bills by the trillions-pull them right out of thin air. I won’t insist that this can’t go on, because it has. I only say that it will eventually stop.

I don’t know the date, but I believe that I know the reason. It will stop when the world loses confidence in the dollars we owe. Come that moment of truth, the nation will resemble Chicago, a once prosperous polity now trying to persuade its once trusting creditors that it is actually solvent.

To understand our financial fix, put yourself in the position of the government. Say you earn the typical American family income, and you spend and borrow as the government does. So assuming, you would earn $54,000 a year, spend $64,000 a year and charge $10,000 to your already slightly overburdened credit card. I say slightly overburdened-your outstanding balance is about $223,000.

Of course, MasterCard wouldn’t allow you to run up that kind of tab. At an annual percentage rate of 15%, the cost to service a $223,000 balance would absorb 62% of your pretax income. But the government is different from you and me (and Chicago). It has a central bank.

The Federal Reserve is the government’s Monopoly-money machine. It sets some interest rates and influences many others. It materializes dollars. It regulates-now regiments-the nation’s banks. It pulls levers to make the stock market go up.

Congress is the source of the Fed’s power. The Constitution is the source of Congress’s power. The parchment enjoins Congress to coin money and regulate the value thereof. The founders viewed money as a scale or yardstick, something that measures value. The Fed views money as a magic wand, something that creates value.

Dollars aren’t so much minted these days. Rather, they issue from the Fed’s computers in billowing digital clouds. The cost of producing them is only the energy expended on tapping the keys. The Fed emits these electronic greenbacks to attempt to control the course of economic events.It’s a heaven-sent monetary system for a big-spending government.

[Comment: Recommended reading.]

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Clinton’s Neocon Ties Could Mean More Regime Change on the Menu

With the battle for the hearts and minds of the Democratic Party entering the eleventh hour, the biggest question for non-Americans observing the election cycle is: ‘What will candidate x do when it comes to policy toward my country?’ In Hillary Clinton’s case, the answer, for anyone outside the Western world, doesn’t seem all that appealing.

In a recent piece for online news and analysis journal PolitRussia, blogger Artem Dobrovolsky suggested that given her record of sharp rhetoric against Russia, and her hawkish foreign policy, demonstrated in Libya, Syria and elsewhere, a Clinton presidency probably wouldn’t be something for Russians to look forward to.

“Perhaps Mrs. Clinton will change her rhetoric when she becomes president, or perhaps she will initiate a second, full-fledged cold war, bigger than the first,” Dobrovolsky said.

Russian commentators aren’t alone in their concerns. In an extensive analytical piece of his own, American investigative journalist and Consortium News founder Robert Parry posed a question that American men and women in uniform, and the enemy they may be forced to fight, should find extremely important: “Would a Clinton Win Mean More Wars?”

Parry warned that if Clinton, with the help of the Democratic Party establishment, manages to defeat progressive opponent Bernie Sanders, and then win in November against the Republicans, “the world should hold its breath.”

“If Clinton becomes president, she will be surrounded by a neocon-dominated American foreign policy establishment that will press her to resume its ‘regime change’ strategies in the Middle East and escalate its new and dangerous Cold War against Russia.”

“If Bashar al-Assad is still president of Syria, there will be demands that she finally go for he knock-out blow; there will be pressure, too, for her to ratchet up sanctions on Iran, pushing Tehran toward renouncing the nuclear agreement; there are already calls for deploying more US troops on Russia’s border and integrating Ukraine into the NATO military structure.”

Worse yet, Parry says, is that Clinton may not have the “wisdom to resist these siren songs of confrontation and war, even if she were inclined to.” After all, “President Barack Obama, who — for all his faults — has a much deeper and subtler intellect than Hillary Clinton, found himself so battered by these pressures from the militaristic Washington ‘playbook’ that he whined about his predicament to The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, himself a neocon war hawk.”

“Given this neocon domination of US foreign policy — especially in the State Department bureaucracy, the major media and the big think tanks — Clinton will be buffeted by hawkish demands and plans both from outside of her administration and from within.”

“Already,” the journalist writes, “key neocons such as the Brookings Institution’s Robert Kagan, are signaling that they expect to have substantial influence over Clinton’s foreign policy. Kagan, who has repackaged himself as a ‘liberal interventionist’, threw his support to Clinton, who put him on a State Department advisory board.”

“There is also talk in Washington that Kagan’s neocon wife, Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, another Clinton favorite and the architect of the ‘regime change’ in Ukraine, would be in line for a top foreign policy job in a Clinton-45 administration.”

Therefore, Parry suggests, “Clinton’s election could mean that some of the most dangerous people in American foreign policy would be whispering their schemes for war and more war directly into her ear — and her record shows that she is very susceptible to such guidance.”

“At every turn, as a US senator and as Secretary of State, Clinton has opted for ‘regime change’ solutions — from the Iraq invasion in 2003 to the Honduras coup in 2009 to the Libyan air war in 2011 to the Syria civil war since 2011.” Elsewhere, “she has advocated for the escalation of conflicts, such as in Afghanistan and with Iran, rather than engaging in reasonable give-and-take negotiations.”

And “though her backers tout her experience as Secretary of State, the reality was that she repeatedly disdained genuine democracy and was constantly hectoring President Obama into adopting the most violent and confrontational options. He sometimes did (the Afghan ‘surge’, the Iran nuclear stand-off) but he sometimes didn’t (reversing the Afghan escalation, finally negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran after Clinton left, rejecting a direct US military assault on the Syrian government, and working at times with the Russians on Iran and Syria).”

“In other words, Obama acted as a register or brake restraining Clinton’s hawkishness. With Clinton as the President, however, she would have no such restraints. One could expect her to endorse many if not all the harebrained neocon schemes, much as President George W. Bush did when his neocon advisers exploited his fear and fury over 9/11 to guide him into their ‘regime change’ agenda for the Middle East.”

Left unpunished for the Iraqi misadventure, the neocons “continu[ed] to dominate Washington’s think tanks and the op-ed pages of major American news outlets such as The Washington Post and The New York Times. Barely missing a beat, they set about planning for the longer haul.”

And they caught a break, Parry writes, “when President-elect Obama opted for a Lincoln-esque ‘team of rivals’ on foreign policy. Instead of reaching out to Washington’s marginalized (and aging) foreign policy ‘realists’, Obama looked to the roster of the neocon-dominated establishment.”

This mistake, the journalist says, allowed the neocons and their liberal interventionist cohorts to consolidate their control over the foreign policy bureaucracy, particularly within the State Department.

The collapse of Russian-American relations over Ukraine, Parry argues, may actually have been the result of machinations by neocon infuriated over Putin’s move in 2013 to help persuade Obama not to bomb Syria over a sarin gas attack pinned on Assad, but actually launched by Islamic militants.

“Some of the smarter neocons quickly identified Ukraine as a potential wedge that could be driven between Obama and Putin…It fell to Assistant Secretary of State Nuland to shepherd the Ukraine operation to fulfillment as she plotted with US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt how to remove Ukraine’s pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych.”

“Nuland and Pyatt were caught in an intercepted phone call discussing who should take over. ‘Yats is the guy’, Nuland said, referring to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who indeed would become the new prime minister. Nuland and Pyatt then exchanged ideas how to ‘glue this thing’ and how to ‘midwife this thing’. This ‘thing’ became the bloody Feb. 22, 2014 coup ousting elected President Yanukovych and touching off a civil war between Ukrainian ‘nationalists’ from the west and Ukraine’s ethnic Russians in the east.”

Crucially, Parry notes, “when citizen Clinton weighed in on the Ukraine crisis, she compared Russian President Putin to Hitler.”

With neocons vowing “to ignore Russia’s warnings against what it views as military threats to its existence,” and proposing that NATO “incorporate Ukrainian army units into its expansion of military operations along Russia’s border,” it will be up to the next president to test whether the current downturn in Russia-US relations can get any worse.

Ultimately, “this kind of tough-talking jargon is what the next President, whoever he or she is, can expect from Official Washington.” Unfortunately, Perry suggests, a review of Clinton’s public record leads to the conclusion “that she herself is a neocon, both in her devotion to Israel and her proclivity toward ‘regime change solutions’. She also follows the neocon lead in demonizing any foreign leader who gets in their way.”

By her supporters, the journalist notes, Clinton is seen as a ‘safe’ choice, “a politician whose long resume gives them comfort that she must know what she’s doing.”

However, “a look behind Clinton’s resume, especially her reliance on ‘regime change’ and other interventionist schemes in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, might give all peace-loving voters pause.” This, Parry suggests, is because “savvy neocons, like Robert Kagan, have long understood that Clinton could be their Trojan Horse, pulled into the White House by Democratic voters.”

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Cruz NJ Eligibility Hearing: Stunning Ignorance or Deception?

While the charlatan media in America, cable, print and electronic, virtually ignores eligibility challenges to constitutionally ineligible, Ted Cruz, (unless it’s a ruling against the Constitution which they all seem to support) it is getting a lot of coverage on the Internet by independent media who believe the U.S. Constitution matters.

As I covered in my column last week, Ted Cruz Not On NJ Ballot — Will Hearing Today Finally Expose His Con Game?, an eligibility hearing was held April 11, 2016 in New Jersey. For the back story and details, please see my column here.

When the decision came down April 12, 2016 from an individual we all thought was an Administrative Law Judge named Masin, I damn near blew a gasket. I could not believe what I was reading. Masin is not new to this issue. I highly encourage you to read this interview:

Exclusive: Atty. Mario Apuzzo on New Jersey Ballot Challenge Hearing

“Administrative Law Judge Jeffrey Masin presided, who Apuzzo noted was the same judge who heard his ballot challenge to Barack Hussein Obama four years ago nearly to the day. “This is a different case from Obama’s case,” Apuzzo told us. “In the other case, the judge said that Obama did not have the burden of proof. They conceded that there was no evidence of who Obama was or where he was born. Then the judge came out with his famous line that ‘Mickey Mouse could run for president.’ It was just unbelievable.”

At this point in time there is ZERO evidence Lyin’ Ted Cruz is even a U.S. citizen. Since he renounced his FULL Canadian citizenship, I ask again: Just what country goes Cruz claim citizenship under?

Let me give you a few examples from Masin’s decision that burned me up to no end:

“The Constitution neither defines nor elaborates upon the phrase, “natural born Citizen.” The document contains no “Definitions” section. The meaning was never a subject of discussion at the Constitutional Convention of 1787.”

“The meaning was never a subject of discussion at the Constitutional Convention of 1787.” Really?

Is Being a Born Citizen of the United States Sufficient Citizenship Status to be President? The Founders and Framers Emphatically Decided It Was Not!

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Giuliani Supporting Trump in NY Primary Despite GOP Attempts to Derail Campaign

“I support Trump,” said Giuliani. “I’m gonna vote for Trump.” He said Trump opponent Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas “can’t win” in November’s general election. “Ted Cruz is straight fastball down the middle of the plate for the Democratic Party, which they are expert at hitting out of the ballpark…If it’s Donald, there is no ballpark.”

Snyder said, “Giuliani hardly could have put it more succinctly and directly. As a candidate, Trump stands head and shoulders over others. It’s truly amazing that midget-minded Republicans in New York and elsewhere can’t see this. It seems Trump opponents just don’t get it, or do, and fear the disruption of their preeminence a Trump presidency could cause them.

“Trump haters fear the people and their significance. They nit pick with distracting issues in an attempt to get people to pay more attention to these matters than to the central ones. Trump wants to dump trade and immigration policies that undermine our middle class. Elitists want to keep these policies and to keep the people down. By supporting Trump, voters can smash them.”

Snyder said, “Republicans should stop their ridiculous infighting. They should unite behind front-runner Donald Trump. They should concentrate their time, energy and resources on defeating presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Snyder said, “Republicans have a golden opportunity this year to defeat the Democrats. Unfortunately, their nonsensical, idiotic and hateful anti-Trump elements could blow it for them. Hopefully, these elements will come to their senses. If they don’t straighten up and fly right they will be remembered for wrecking their country’s future.”

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Hillary Clinton Has Another Coughing Fit in Radio Interview; Blames ‘Allergy Season’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had another coughing episode this morning during a radio interview with New York city radio show The Breakfast Club.

“Excuse me,” she said coughing, after speaking for about 20 minutes on the air.

“Allergy season,” she said, as she continued coughing, reaching for her drink.

“You all right? Any mouth to mouth CPR?” one of the hosts joked, trying to lighten the mood.

“Senator, you coughing like you have something medicinal,” another host said.

“Yeah, I need some,” she replied as the hosts laughed.

“My voice is failing here,” she said as she continued speaking in a faltering tone. The interview went on for about three additional minutes before staffers ended it…

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Houston Region Swamped and Shut Down by ‘Historic’ Flood

A flood event of excessive proportions has crippled Houston and a vast region surrounding it. Five to 17 inches of rain have fallen in the area in less than 24 hours, inundating homes and roads, while forcing more than 1,200 high water rescues.

Through early this evening, 9.91 inches of rain had fallen at Houston Intercontinental Airport*, breaking the record for the wettest April day set in 1976. As it stands, it is the second wettest day on record in Houston for any month, just shy of the record of 10.34 inches from June 26, 1989, although additional rain is possible this evening.

Today’s surging floodwaters inundated homes in at least 100 neighborhoods, with the west side of Houston hardest hit. Schools were shut, and tens of thousands of people were without power.

The National Weather Service serving Houston and Galveston called the event “historic” and “severe” and described it as a “worst case scenario.”

The City of Houston advised its residents to stay home while the National Weather Service warned of a drowning risk and exposure to chemicals and snakes…

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Sanders Says Italy Model for Health Service

Democratic hopeful says health is right, not privilege

(ANSA) — New York, April 18 — Bernie Sanders cited Italy as a model on Monday when he talked about the health system he would try to put into place if he wins the Democratic primaries and goes on to be elected president of the United States. “Health is a right for everyone, not a privilege,” Sanders told a rally with over 28,000 supporters at Prospect Park, Brooklyn. He added that the models to follow were “the greatest nations in the world, such as Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy, where they consider health a right for people”.

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The Big Ones: Scientist Warns Up to 4 Quakes Over 8.0 Possible Under ‘Current Conditions’

A total of 38 volcanoes are currently erupting around the world, making conditions ripe for seismic activity in the Pacific area.

Sunday’s devastating earthquake in Ecuador might just be the beginning, according to a seismologist who says that current conditions in the Pacific Rim could trigger at least four quakes with magnitudes greater than 8.0.

Roger Bilham, a University of Colorado seismologist, told the Express, “If (the quakes) delay, the strain accumulated during the centuries provokes more catastrophic mega earthquakes.”

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The Income Tax: Root of All Evil

A classic 1954 essay by Frank Chodorov. Read it here. (This is just a snip, read the full essay at, foundation for economic freedom)

Income and inheritance taxes imply the denial of private property, and in that are different in principle from all other taxes.

The government says to the citizen: “Your earnings are not exclusively your own; we have a claim on them, and our claim precedes yours; we will allow you to keep some of it, because we recognize your need, not your right; but whatever we grant you for yourself is for us to decide.”

This is no exaggeration. Take a look at the income-tax report that you are required by law to make out, and you will see that the government arbitrarily sets down the amount of your income you may have for your living, for your business requirements, for the maintenance of your family, for medical expenses, and so on. After granting these exemptions, with a flourish of generosity, the government decides what percentage of the remainder it will appropriate. The rest you may have.

The percentage of the appropriation may be (and has been) raised from year to year, and the exemptions may be (and have been) lowered from year to year.1 The amount of your earnings that you may retain for yourself is determined by the needs of government, and you have nothing to say about it. The right of decision as to the disposition of your property rests in the government by virtue of the Sixteenth Amendment of the Constitution, which reads as follows:

“The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”2

The amendment puts no limit on governmental confiscation. The government can, under the law, take everything the citizen earns, even to the extent of depriving him of all above mere subsistence, which it must allow him in order that he may produce something to be confiscated. Whichever way you turn this amendment, you come up with the fact that it gives the government a prior lien on all the property produced by its subjects.

In short, when this amendment became part of the Constitution, in 1913, the absolute right of property in the United States was violated.

That, of course, is the essence of socialism. Whatever else socialism is, or is claimed to be, its first tenet is the denial of private property. All brands of socialism, and there are many, are agreed that property rights must be vested in the political establishment. None of the schemes that are identified with this ideology, such as the nationalization of industry, or socialized medicine, or the abolition of free choice, or the planned economy, can become operative if the individual’s claim to his property is recognized by the government. It is for that reason that all socialists, beginning with Karl Marx, have advocated income taxation, the heavier the better.3

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Thwarting Majority Will

Ted Cruz’s operatives are working feverishly to obtain delegates through non-democratic means. That pursuit bespeaks a contempt for representative democracy, very unbecoming for a candidate who proclaims himself the only true guardian of the Constitution. For example, in Louisiana, although Trump won the election, Cruz’s behind the scenes machinations have enabled him to come away with a majority of Louisiana’s delegates. And in Colorado, the Republican Party bosses decided not to allow Coloradans to vote, giving all of the state’s delegates to Cruz, who granted favors to pull resistant delegates to his side. Wherever Cruz has lost democratically, he has worked behind the scenes to overturn the will of the voters, obtaining delegates through influence peddling (jockeying to put in place delegates whose real loyalty is to him rather than to the voters’ choice). Do those who support Ted Cruz endorse this approach? Do they really want authoritarians to cause losing candidates to win through cloak room maneuvers? Do they think those tactics consistent with constitutional conservatism? So much for Ted Cruz’s insistence that he is the true constitutional conservative.

John Kasich clings to a romantic notion that the democratic will of the people can be thwarted at the convention by party bosses apoplectic over Trump who have nowhere else to turn, enabling him to be the party’s nominee. He dreams of the unlikely scenario where no single candidate will reach the magic number of 1,237 on a first, second, or third ballot and where most will turn to him as the party savior. He too favors authoritarianism over democracy if it means he can be declared the winner.

Trump should benefit greatly from focusing on these anti-democratic positions of his opponents, which essentially ask that the majority’s votes be rendered meaningless. Trump’s opponents may campaign. They may call for votes, but in the end they don’t respect any vote except one for them, because they hope and plan to thwart the will of the majority on the convention floor, to achieve victory based on an overthrow of the democratic process.

The best way for voters to reveal their contempt for the anti-democratic subversion of their votes is to vote overwhelmingly against the candidates calling for it in every remaining primary. Any who truly believe in democratic elections must vote against those who seek to derail democracy.

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Time to Make Candidates Face the Real Issues

The election campaigns are in full swing. Yet, have you heard a single candidate for President, or even for a lower office, mention the destruction of property rights or representative government to be a problem worth their time to address?

Our nation is being destroyed from within and candidates aren’t even discussing it. Worse, voters aren’t making them discuss these things, such as:

  • The massive destruction of American industry by the EPA and other over-reaching government regulations — killing jobs by the thousands?
  • The near complete usurpation of private property rights in communities and rural areas under the tiresome excuse of environmental protection? Who stands with the property owners as they see their American dreams shattered under the innocuous title of “community development?”
  • The growing imposition of non-elected boards and regional governments that are fast replacing our elected representatives in making local community decisions — all powered by the imposition of federal grants that dictate poolicy, making most states and communities serfs of the federal government?

How do we make the policies of Agenda 21 a major issue in the upcoming election campaign? There’s only one way! Take it directly to the candidates, in front of their own audiences!

Several months ago I prepared three vital questions that would force candidates to focus on these issues. I then asked activists in communities across the nation to begin to pummel candidates with these questions. Make them answer. Embarrass them in front of their supporters when they couldn’t answer. I said then, that this would force the candidates to begin to study the issue of property rights so they wouldn’t be embarrassed again. And in that way, I argued, we could force the property rights issue into the forefront of this election.

Now, why did I believe that tactic would work? Because in the 2012 election, as the presidential candidates campaigned they were confronted with this question: “What about Agenda 21?” As the candidates struggled to answer, others from the audience would shout, “Call Tom DeWeese!” I was told this was done over and over again.

Finally, one day as I sat at my desk, the phone rang. It was one of Newt Gingrich’s policy staffers. He said, “We’ve been told to call you. Can you tell me about Agenda 21?” We chatted for about 30 minutes and he said, “That’s the best explanation I’ve ever heard, thank you.”

About a week later the Internet lit up as Newt Gingrich appeared on the Sean Hannity radio show when he said, “I want to talk about Agenda 21.” Then Gingrich mentioned Agenda 21 in one of the debates. And then he did it again in another appearance.

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Yellowstone Eruption in 2016? Shocking New Video Shows What is Really Going on at Yellowstone

We have seen a dramatic spike in global seismic activity.

Over the past week, our planet has been hit by large earthquake after large earthquake, and according to Volcano Discovery there are 38 volcanoes around the world that are erupting right now.

We have seen a dramatic spike in global seismic activity that is unlike anything that we have seen in ages, and that is why what is going on at Yellowstone is so incredibly alarming. Geologists tell us that a full-blown eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano would have up to 2,000 times the power of the Mount St. Helens volcanic eruption of 1980, and approximately two-thirds of the country would immediately become uninhabitable. As you will see below, there are signs that something big is getting ready to happen at Yellowstone, and if it does erupt all of our lives will be permanently changed forever.

I want to share with you some footage from Yellowstone that was recorded on Thursday night. In this video, it appears to be as bright as day even though it is the middle of the night, you can see a whole host of geysers steaming violently, and Old Faithful just keeps going off over and over…


And it is interesting to note that just a few weeks ago the Shoshone River changed color and started boiling without any warning whatsoever…


When a river located above a supervolcano that could wipe out most of the country starts boiling, you would think that would make headline news all over the nation.

But it didn’t.

It would be exceedingly difficult to overstate the potential danger that Yellowstone poses to the United States. Other than an extremely large asteroid or meteor, it is hard to imagine any natural disaster that would pose a greater threat. The following comes from an excellent article by Steve Elwart…

The Yellowstone Caldera, or cauldron, sits on top of North America’s largest volcanic field. Four hundred miles under the Earth’s surface is a magma ‘hotspot’ that reaches up to just 30 miles below ground level before spreading out over an area of 300 miles across three states.

Over all this sits the volcano.

While most scientists believe the probability of a major eruption is very small, there are signs that have some analysts worried, and most agree the volcano holds catastrophic potential. It could blast 240 cubic miles of ash, rocks and lava into the atmosphere,rendering about two-thirds of the nation immediately uninhabitable, according to some estimates, and plunge the world into a “nuclear winter.”

That certainly does not sound good.

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Italy: Luxury Homes Seized From Work-Voucher Scam Couple

‘Defrauded public coffers of 3.5 million euros’

(ANSA) — Milan, April 18 — Finance police seized two luxury homes from a couple accused of defrauding public coffers of 3.5 million euros in a work-voucher scam involving the man’s deceased mother, sources said Monday.

Giorgio Di Veroli, unemployed, and Cristina Mercuri, an accountant, have been arrested on charges of defrauding INPS social security and pensions fund using large quantities of the 10-euro work vouchers, which are used to pay for occasional work. Investigators say the couple purchased 700,000 euros’ worth of the vouchers in the name of Di Veroli’s dead mother, and used them to pay for non-existent work carried out by the 253 employees of 33 contractors, most of them bankrupt or in liquidation.

The “employees” cashed the vouchers in and returned most of the money to their “employers”, minus a small fee for their trouble. The “employees” included the old and the young, Italians and foreign residents, and sometimes entire families. One of them, however, didn’t like what was going on and turned them in to police.

Among the assets seized are an apartment overlooking Milan’s Duomo cathedral and one in the seaside resort of Santa Margherita Ligure near Genoa.

About 1.4 million people were paid in work vouchers in 2015, earning an average of 633 euros a year, according to a labour ministry report out in March. In February, INPS reported that over 115 million work vouchers were sold in 2015, or 66.1% more than in 2014.

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Italy: Two Romanians Get Life in Prison

For man’s death during robbery

(ANSA) — Terni, April 18 — A judge on Monday sentenced two Romanian nationals to life in prison for killing an elderly man during a home invasion robbery in April last year.

The court found Elvis Katalyn Epure and Georghe Buzdugan guilty of the April 28, 2015, death by suffocation of Giulio Moracci, 91. Prosecutors in the fast-track trial had requested 18 years for each of the defendants, both of whom denied wanting to kill the old man.

Moracci died of asphyxia after he was tied face down on his bed. His wife Fioranna was gagged, but survived the ordeal.

The court also awarded punitive damages of 150,000 euros each to the widow, and son Filippo Moraci.

Another four suspects in the case are being tried separately.

In Italy, a fast-track trial means the sentence is binding, but defendants can get up to a third of the sentence off if found guilty.

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Italy: Ansaldo STS Posts Increased Q1 Earnings

Net profits +11.3%

(ANSA) — Milan, April 18 — Italian rail signalling company Ansaldo STS on Monday posted preliminary first-quarter earnings of 291.2 million euros, up from 284.6 million in January-March 2015.

As well, the company posted net profits of 19.7 million euros (+11.3% over the same period last year). The company said current orders equal 6.417 billion euros, down from 6.428 billion in the first quarter of 2015. “In just three years…orders grew 160%, earnings grew 20%, and net results grew 80%,” said CEO Stefano Siragusa. Japanese group Hitachi last month took a majority stake of 50.77% in Ansaldo STS thanks to share buying in a bid to avert a possible hostile takeover.

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Muslims Celebrated Brussels Attacks

Muslims in Brussels celebrated and danced in the streets after the recent terrorist attacks, and also attacked the police sent to Molenbeek to arrest terrorists, the Belgian Interior Minister has admitted.

Minister Jan Jambon made his remarks in an interview with the Flemish-language De Standaard newspaper over the weekend, in which he also revealed that the culprits were third and fourth generation invaders.

Muslims in Brussels celebrated and danced in the streets after the recent terrorist attacks, and also attacked the police sent to Molenbeek to arrest terrorists, the Belgian Interior Minister has admitted.

Minister Jan Jambon made his remarks in an interview with the Flemish-language De Standaard newspaper over the weekend, in which he also revealed that the culprits were third and fourth generation invaders.

“A significant section of the Muslim community danced when attacks took place,” Jambon said.

He also accused Muslim residents of Brussels’ nonwhite invader-overrun Molenbeek neighborhood of attacking police during an operation last month to arrest a suspect in connection with the deadly attacks in Paris last November.

“They threw stones and bottles at police and press during the arrest of Salah Abdeslam. This is the real problem. Terrorists we can pick up, remove from society. But they are just a boil. Underneath is a cancer that is much more difficult to treat,” he said.

Jambon, whose New Flemish Alliance party has been a key part of Belgium’s ruling center-right coalition since 2014, previously offered to resign in the wake of the Brussels attacks.

In Saturday’s interview he said that the danger linked to the radicalization of youth from third and fourth generation families is “too deeply rooted” in some areas because Belgium “has for many years ignored the warning signs.”

Jambon went on to claim that the “problem could be solved,” given enough time.

This last claim is, of course, nonsense, because as Jambon has himself admitted, the Muslims dancing in the streets are fourth generation nonwhite invaders.

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Safety Checks Faked at German Nuclear Power Stations

Two German state environment ministries have admitted that workers failed to carry out safety checks at two nuclear power stations, but registered them as done anyway. One power station has been shut down. Kernkraftwerk Philippsburg German energy giants EnBW and RWE have admitted that employees did not carry out routine safety readings on equipment measuring radioactivity at their nuclear power stations, but pretended they had. Both workers were immediately barred from the premises and then dismissed.

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Super-Gonorrhoea is Spreading Across UK and Medics Warn it May Become Untreatable

A powerful strain of the superbug spread by bacterium (shown) first seen in the north of England has now been found in the West Midlands and the South East.

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UK: Motorists Could Face £70 Fines Under New Plans That Aim to Make Streets Safer

Parking cars on the pavement could be banned across the country under new plans to make the streets safer and encourage more people to walk.

Road safety campaigners and disability groups are expected to welcome the proposed ban.

However UK motoring organisations have warned that the new powers could be abused by local councils, who have often been accused of treating motorists as cash cows in their bid to raise revenue.

[Comment: Another anti-car law in the long line of laws designed to force people out of their cars. Streets are so narrow in many places in England if the cars did not park partially on the side walk cars driving on the road would be unable to use the road.]

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UK: Priti Patel Says Migration From EU Has Put ‘Pressure’ On Education System

Employment Minister Priti Patel said ‘uncontrollable’ migration from the EU has put ‘unsustainable’ pressure on UK primary schools with more and more demand for places each year.

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UK: Shiraz Maher Investigated for Saying Glasgow Shopkeeper Asad Shah Was ‘Not a Real Muslim’

Shiraz Maher, from King’s College London, wrote on Facebook that he does not ‘regard Ahmadis as Muslims’ — days after a taxi driver admitted killing Asad Shah because he ‘disrespected’ Islam’.

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UK: Sadiq Khan’s Dealings With Islamic Extremists Raise Doubts Over London Mayor Role

Troubling stories about Sadiq Khan’s dealings with Islamic extremists, including convicted terrorist Yasser al-Siri (right), raise concerns over his suitability as London’s next mayor.

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Serbia Signs Steel Mill Privatisation With Chinese He Steel

Smederevo-based factory sold for Eur 46 mln

(ANSA) — TRIESTE — The Serbian Government signed a contract for the sale of the Smederevo-based steel mill, Zelezara, with the Chinese He Steel Group on Monday, Tanjug agency reported.

The company acquired all 98 property units of the plant for EUR 46 million. The ceremony was attended by Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, who announced a possible visit of the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, in June. He Steel, Asia’s biggest steel producer, plans to invest Eur 300 million into Zelezara, while keeping all of its 5,000 workers. The He Steel president, Ju Jong said on his part that the company aims to modernise Zelezara and transform it “into the most competitive steel mill in Europe”.

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Hand in Hand: Untold Story of Muslim Brotherhood’s Collusion With Daesh

There are certain links between the Muslim Brotherhood, a transnational Sunni Islamist organization, and Daesh (ISIS/ISIL), according to Egyptian journalist Eman Nabih; the journalist nails Washington for its irresponsible backing of Muslim Brothers.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 in Egypt and has earned a bad reputation for its terrorist attacks, political assassinations and regime change attempts in the Middle East.

The Brotherhood allegedly collaborated with the Nazis in the 1940s and then cooperatied with the US intelligence services in the late 1970s-1980s, when jihadists flooded Afghanistan in order to fight against Soviet military forces and the secular government in Kabul.

According to Egyptian journalist and social media expert Eman Nabih, the Muslim Brotherhood’s covert activity in the Middle East and North Africa has led to a series of military coups in the Arab world in 2011-2012 and the emergence of Daesh.

“The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent of all terrorist groups, including ISIS (Daesh). Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, sought to restore a worldwide Islamic Caliphate… Under al-Banna’s stewardship, the Brotherhood developed a network of underground cells, stole weapons, trained fighters, formed secret assassination squads, founded sleeper cells of subversive supporters in the ranks of the army and police, and waited for the order to go public with terrorism, assassinations, and suicide missions,” the journalist writes in her article for, adding that the group has a long record of collaboration with Islamic extremists and fascist regimes.

In one of his interviews with Sputnik, Syrian expert Ghassan Kadi narrated that since 1928 the Muslim Brotherhood has beefed up its presence in the Levant, including in Syria and Lebanon, and beyond.

“The ideologies of the MB [Muslim Brotherhood] and Al-Qaeda are identical. In this same basket, you can include the Wahhabis, the Salafis, and all other Islamist groups,” Kadi told Sputnik.

“Without the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and Daesh would not have come into existence… After all, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, the current al-Qaeda leader, was once a prominent Muslim Brotherhood member,” the expert emphasized.

According to Nabih, there is enough evidence of certain links between the Muslim Brotherhood and Daesh terrorists. She cites a wide range of Arab sources to illustrate her point.

For instance, the Egyptian journalist refers to Al-Bawaba’s 2016 report that exposed the names of 30 Muslim Brothers who had joined Daesh and al-Qaeda terrorist camps in Eastern Libya and were trained to carry out suicide attacks in Egypt.

The journalist continues that in August 2014, the Egyptian National Security busted the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist cell, formed of three groups. Nabih calls attention to the fact that the groups pledged their loyalty to Daesh and its leadership.

Citing Arab media sources, the journalist points out that the Brotherhood is also involved in creating paramilitary youth organizations in Egypt.

“ISIS (Daesh) managed to recruit many of its Muslim Brotherhood youth through social networks. Like Muslim Brotherhood jihad movements in Egypt: Molotov, Ahrar and Islamic Jihad in Egypt. All these Muslim Brotherhood movements in Egypt pledged loyalty to ISIS (Daesh),” she underscores.

Nabih expresses her concerns regarding the fact that Washington hesitates to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and continues to use it as a “weapon” against President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Indeed, a 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report indicated that the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and other Salafist groups were the major driving forces of the Syrian insurgency. To complicate matters further, Michael Flynn, former head of the US DIA, noted in his 2015 interview with Al Jazeera that it was a “willful decision” of Washington to support radical Islamists in Syria to topple Assad.

Interestingly enough, the Brooking Institution’s working paper released in August 2015 names the Muslim Brotherhood “an important component of the Western-backed Syrian opposition.” The paper states that the Brotherhood has “the political experience needed to navigate the complex politics of the Syrian opposition.”

Remarkably, in November 2015 Republican Senator Ted Cruz introduced a bill aimed at designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

The bill quotes the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder and leader Hassan al-Banna, who wrote in his book entitled ‘The Way of Jihad’:

“Jihad is an obligation from Allah on every Muslim and cannot be ignored nor evaded… Jihad [means] the fighting of the unbelievers, and involves all possible efforts that are necessary to dismantle the power of the enemies of Islam including beating them, plundering their wealth, destroying their places of worship and smashing their idols.”

However, despite the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is regarded as an extremist entity in many countries, including Arab states, neither the United States, nor the European Union have labeled it as a foreign terrorist organization yet. Surprisingly, the Muslim Brotherhood maintains a great presence in Europe.

“Terrorism doesn’t admit countries or borders, terrorism has no home, no religion, terrorism is the enemy of humanity and when they start to attack, they bite the hand that fed them,” Nabih warns.

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Italy: U.S. To Send 200 More Troops, Apache Helicopters, To Iraq

First major increase in nearly a year

(ANSA) — Rome, April 18 — The United States has agreed to deploy more than 200 additional troops to Iraq and to send Apache helicopters for the first time into the fight against the Islamic State group in Iraq, the first major increase in U.S.

forces in nearly a year, US defense officials told the Associated Press Monday.

The uptick in American fighting forces — and the decision to put them closer to the front lines — is designed to help Iraqi forces as they move to retake the key northern city of Mosul.

Speaking to reporters Monday in Baghdad, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the decision to move U.S. advisers to the Iraqi brigade and battalion level will put them “closer to the action,” but he said they will have security forces with them and the US will try to reduce the risks.

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Saudi King and Princes Blackmail the U.S. Government: What Happens Next

Saudi Arabia, owned by the Saud family, are telling the U.S. Government, they’ll wreck the U.S. economy, if a bill in the U.S. Congress that would remove the unique and exclusive immunity the royal owners of that country enjoy in the United States, against their being prosecuted for their having financed the 9/11 attacks, passes in Congress, and becomes U.S. law.

As has been well documented even in sworn U.S. court testimony, and as even the pro-Saudi former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton acknowledged privately, “Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.” She didn’t name any of those “donors” names, but the former bagman for Osama bin Laden, who had personally collected all of the million-dollar+ donations (all in cash) to Al Qaeda, did, and he named all of the senior Saud princes and their major business-associates; and, he said, “without the money of the — of the Saudi you will have nothing.” So, both before 9/11, and (according to Hillary Clinton) since, those were the people who were paying virtually all of the salaries of the 19 hijackers — even of the four who weren’t Saudi citizens. Here’s that part of the bagman’s testimony about how crucial those donations were:

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Russia Opens Up Gas Supply to Italy Through Nord Stream 2

According to Aleksandr Novak, Energy Minister

(ANSA) — MOSCOW — Russia is considering supplying natural gas to Italy even through the North Stream 2, Russia’s Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak said, cited by Interfax.

According to Novak, Italy aims to “be granted gas supplies anyway, even though the supply routes will depend on many other factors”. Commenting on the results of the meeting with Italy’s Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, Novak underlined that Russia is also planning new possible gas supplies routes to Italy through Nord Stream 2, across Germany, Czech Republic and Austria.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi expressed his criticism of a preferential attention to the doubling of Nord Stream — supported by Germany — after the sanctions against Moscow stopped the South Stream project, a gas pipeline which saw Eni in the lead role, and had the goal to turn Italy into the main European hub for Russian gas. On January 13, Italy’s Saipem won the contract for doubling the pipeline capacity.

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Brazil President Faces Fading Chances to Maintain Power

Rousseff likely to leave office

(ANSA) — Rome, April 18 — Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Monday appeared on the verge of losing office after a congressional vote to impeach her and with seemingly slipping support in the Senate, which would vote on whether to remove the leftist leader amid a national political and economic crisis, according to the Associated Press.

The 367-137 lower house vote in favor of impeachment Sunday sends the issue to the Senate. If a majority there votes to put Rousseff on trial, she’d be suspended while Vice President Michel Temer temporarily takes over. The exact date of the Senate vote is not known, but it’s widely expected by the middle of next month.

Local news media report that 45 of the 81 senators have said they will vote to hold the impeachment trial.

The vote worsens the confusion over the country’s political landscape as Brazil, already reeling from a sharp economic recession and a massive corruption scandal, prepares to host the Olympic Games in August.

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Impeachment Proceedings Begin Against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff

After a lengthy meeting, Brazil’s lower house has overwhelmingly voted to begin impeachment proceedings against incumbent President Dilma Rousseff. Her opponents allege that she transferred money from state banks to government accounts to help her win a second term in 2014. Just 167 politicians voted against impeaching her while 367 voted for, exceeding the required 342 votes needed to push proceedings to the upper house, the Senate.

It is expected that the upper house will suspend Rousseff’s presidency for 180 days in the next few weeks order to carry out a formal trial, the Guardian reports. Brazil’s first female president has two opportunities to appeal during the process and will be forced to resign from office if found guilty.

Rousseff has continued to maintain her innocence amid mounting calls for her to step down, the BBCreports. On Saturday she wrote an article for the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo (Portuguese) in which she accused her critics of wanting to “convict an innocent woman and save the corrupt.”

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9,600 Migrants Arrived in Italy in March Says Frontex

More than double February

(ANSAmed) — Brussels, April 18 — Some 9,600 migrants landed in Italy across the central Mediterranean in March, more than double the number that came in February, EU border agency Frontex said Monday. Some 2,283 arrived in March 2015. Most of this March’s migrants came from Nigeria, Somalia and Gambia, it said. Italy is bracing for a big wave of migrant arrivals across the sea as the weather improves further, and has proposed a migration compact to the EU to help stem flows.

Meanwhile some 400 Somali migrants were reported missing early Monday morning.

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Berlin Says No Eurobonds for Refugee Crisis

Seibert says

(ANSAmed) — Berlin, April 18 — The German government is against the Italian proposal to use Eurobonds to help fund its new proposed migration compact, government spokesman Steffen Seibert said Monday. “The German government does not see any basis for a common funding of debt for member states’ spending for migration,” he said. Seibert said there were other instruments available in the European budget.

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Europe More Afraid of Migrants Than Terror: Rights Monitor

Europe is more scared of the migrant influx than of terrorism, a European rights monitor said in a report published on Monday.

In an annual report, Nils Muiznieks, human rights commissioner for the Council of Europe, described 2015 as “a year of fear and insecurity” for the continent.

“In such an atmosphere, governments tend to neglect their human rights obligations and public opinion sometimes encourages this trend,” he warned the 47-nation council, which is based in Strasbourg.

Muiznieks pointed to the impact on public mood from two terror attacks in Paris — a January assault on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, followed by the coordinated bloodshed in November that killed 130 people…

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German Proposal to Tax Petrol for Migrant Crisis

Schaeuble already spoke to Juncker

(ANSAmed) — Brussels, April 18 — Germany has proposed taxing petrol to help pay for the migrant and refugee crisis, EU sources said Monday, saying German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble had “already discussed it” with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker”. Germany has ruled out an Italian proposal to use Eurobonds. The Italian idea was part of a migration compact sent to the EU Friday, which includes efforts to forge agreements with countries of origin and transit.

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Orbán’s 10-Point Plan to Sabotage Merkel

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s 10-point “save the Schengen” plan, announced last Friday, is designed to undo all of Angela Merkel’s plans to flood Europe with Third Worlders-and will as such be rejected out of hand by the European Union.

The plan calls for the punishment of any EU Member State which breaks the Dublin regulation, the abolition of any plan to “distribute refugees,” and the processing of all “asylum applications” outside Europe, among other things.

According to a statement on Orbán’s website, the proposal, made at Centrist Democrat International’s meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, is “necessary because the EU is endeavoring to reform the asylum system, while Hungary’s position is that it is the [EU’s] borders that have to be protected.”

Over the next few weeks, the Hungarian government will be circulating the action plan to Visegrád countries and Prime Ministers of other EU member states, and Orbán will explain his proposals in person in Germany and in several other European countries.

“It has to be made clear to the EU that it is unacceptable for someone in Brussels to decide that EU member states have to solve demographic and economic problems through immigration,” Orbán’s statement continued.

“We believe that there are countries in the EU that want to solve their problems in this way and there are others who want different solutions,” he said, pointing out that Hungary belongs to the latter group because it wants to address its problems “through family and economic policies instead of migrants.”

For this reason, Orbán added, Hungary’s planned referendum on compulsory migrant settlement quotas is important because “now that we have Brussels’s official proposal, we are under enormous pressure. If we fail to stop Brussels with a referendum, masses of people with whom we do not want to live, will in fact be forced upon us.”

The ten-point plan is outlined on another page of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s website, and consists of the following points:

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UK: 72% of Struck Off NHS Doctors Are From Overseas

Cases include Malaysian GP Davinder Jeet Bains (pictured) who is serving ten years in jail after sexually violating female patients. He used a ‘Spy Watch’ to film his victims.

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