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A culture-enriching Labour councilor in Luton in the UK has been suspended by her party for tweeting that Adolf Hitler was the greatest man in history. Miss Aysegul Gurbuz also said that Iran should use its nuclear weapons to “wipe Israel off the map”.

In other news, migrants on the border between Greece and Macedonia stormed the border fence en masse in a coordinated effort, attempting to break it down. Macedonian police threw stun grenades and fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the rioters in an effort to keep them from breaking through.

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» A Warning in 1960 by Gen. Carlos P. Romulo
» An ‘Establishment’ Always Evolves Into an All-Powerful Oligarchy
» Comedian Bill Burr: ‘No One is Leaving the Country if Trump Wins’
» Donald Trump, American Voter and the Republican Party’s Nightmare
» Enel Starts Building Its Largest-Ever Wind Farm
» Former Top Obama Official Says Operation Choke Point Had ‘Collateral’ Consequences
» GOP Convention Rigging Exposed: Pirro and Trump Rip Apart Republican Establishment, Duel Monarchy
» Here’s How the US Government Plans to Break the Encryption on Your Smartphone
» Justice Department Reveals Controversial Gun Trafficking Sting Documents
» Ron Paul Says Cruelest, Most Regressive Taxes Are Hidden (Video)
» Senate Bill Draft Would Prohibit Unbreakable Encryption
» Stop Being Nice to Leftist Intimidators
» These 200 People Could Decide Whether Donald Trump Gets the GOP Nomination
» Canadian Prime Minister Has Everything Bad Except the Appearance
Europe and the EU
» Bilderberg to Meet in Dresden From 9-12 June, According to German Newspaper Report
» Ex-Jihadi Says Clerics Are Brainwashing Young Muslims to Build an Islamic State in Britain
» Italy: Genoa Police to Probe Nine From Panama Papers
» Italy: Renzi Says Dozens of Projects Unblocked, Saving Billions
» Italy: Prosecutors Ask 14 Years for Alleged Pedophile Priest
» Italy: Teachers Protest Roma People Eviction
» Italy: Roma Girl: 13: Forced Into Prostitution
» Italy: Corruption Costs Health Care Six Billion a Year Says Cantone
» Italy: Being Leftwing Means Cutting Taxes Says Renzi
» Report: Suspect Arrested in Belgium Was Carrying Biological Weapon
» Scotland: Parent’s Nightmare: Safety Scare Forces Schools to Remain Closed
» Spain Police Find Hidden Weapons Cache, Islamic State Flag
» UK: Councillor Suspended Over Twitter Remarks
» UK: Labour Muslim Councillor Suspended Amid Claims She Called Hitler ‘Greatest Man in History’
» UK: Labour Councillor, 20, Suspended Over Claims She Called Hitler ‘The Greatest Man in History’ In Latest Anti-Semitic Scandal to Hit Corbyn’s Party
» UK: Man Charged With Murder in Missing PC Inquiry
» Violence Sparks in Paris as Tens of Thousands Take to the Streets in 200 French Cities to Protest Against Labour Reforms
» Vivendi to Take Over Mediaset Premium
North Africa
» Libya: IS Seizes Kheshum El Kheyl Crossing South of Sirte and Spreads Out
Israel and the Palestinians
» Mall Construction at Byzantine Church Site in Gaza Angers Christians and Muslims
Middle East
» Given Up for Dead a Year Ago, Izzet El-Duri Launches Iraqi and Saudi Revolt Against Iran
» Putin Creates the National Guard, A New Security Unit
Far East
» Google’s Bipedal Robot Reveals the Future of Manual Labor
» Horror as China Tears Down Thousands of Crucifixes in Crude Bid to Eradicate Christianity
Australia — Pacific
» Diplomats Gone Wild: Saudi Staffers Run Riot on Our Roads With Police Powerless to Stop Them
» Already Under Crushing Debt, Arizona College Forces Students to “Fund Illegal Immigrants”
» Buchanan: ‘Third World is Invading the First World, ‘ if 12 Million Are in Country Illegal, ‘You’Ve Got an Invasion’
» Chaos on Macedonian Border as Migrants Storm Fence
» Erdogan Threatens to Sabotage EU Migrant Deal Unless Turkey Gets Visa-Free Travel
» Natl Border Patrol Council Spox: Obama Created ‘Blueprint’ For ‘Open Borders Catastrophe, ‘ ‘Exactly What We’Re Seeing in Europe’
» Trump Says No to Syrian Refugees: ‘Saudi Arabia Has Plenty of Room’
» UK Equalities Chief Who Popularised the Term ‘Islamophobia’ Admits: ‘I Thought Muslims Would Blend Into Britain… I Should Have Known Better’
» Climate Forecasts May be Flawed, Says Study

A Warning in 1960 by Gen. Carlos P. Romulo

The agit-prop machine, agitation and propaganda, has spent billions of dollars on hundreds of special schools which produced “armies of experts in brainwashing and subversion”

Gen. Romulo described how Russian communists had been schooled in the fine art of indoctrinating and pressuring racial minorities like himself to turn against the West. He had been approached on numerous occasions by East German and Russian apparatchiks assigned to brainwash him. He believed the West was too passive when faced with such endless propaganda which made the “Western ‘colonialism’ the whipping boy in world opinion.” Nothing has changed 56 years later.

According to Gen. Romulo, communist propaganda was “allowed to undermine public morale and sow confusion in the United States itself.” He mentioned former President Herbert Hoover who spoke about a “multitude of citizens who have sunk to the posture of perpetual apology and seeming shame for ourselves.” It appears that apologists never went away, they have mushroomed during the frequent apology tours of the last seven years of this “transformational” administration.

Gen. Romulo believed that American honesty and puritanical background produced individuals with an “inordinate guilt complex. Somehow, it has become the fashion to belittle major American accomplishments, while all Soviet claims, including dubious boasts of future accomplishments, are played up in a groveling spirit.” It seems that this academia-manufactured guilt has grown over the last 56 years to the point where American exceptionalism is squashed constantly while mediocrity and primitiveness of other backward nations are praised and exalted.

[Comment: Recommended reading.]

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An ‘Establishment’ Always Evolves Into an All-Powerful Oligarchy

An oligarchy is no different than a violent street gang. It just uses different weapons but for the same reasons … control. The guns of the street gang are replaced with the political power the oligarch’s wield through the passing of laws and the enforcement of those laws. The laws they pass are in many cases tied directly to their drug of choice, money. The money and lots of it, comes from those who demand favors of the oligarchs. In short, the oligarchy eventually becomes just as corrupt as the street gang and can become just as violent, taking the oligarchy to the extreme of a Soviet Politburo.

“The Establishment”, of either party, is by any definition, an oligarchy. What “The Establishment” fears most is a potential or new politician rising from out of nowhere with the support of the people … a man or woman who has no master and cannot be bought. Trump, right or wrong, is just such a man.

With Trump’s rise in popularity, the fear in the ranks of “The Establishment” was so great it could be cut with a knife. They oozed with Trump loathing. “The Establishment” immediately began to close ranks around a plan to prevent Trump from ever getting anywhere near the nomination. The wagons circled and the pocket books opened up to the tune of millions of dollars for super pacs and national ad campaigns attacking Trump. Some in “The Establishment” even endorsed Ted Cruz just to stop Trump, while holding their collective noses.

Many in “The Establishment” are hoping that the Republican Convention in July will turn into a free for all, where Trump and Cruz will most likely lose on the first ballot. In the place of Trump and Cruz, they will advance a candidate that belongs to “The Establishment” and gerrymander the delegate votes to control the outcome. The millions of people who voted for Trump and Cruz in the primaries and caucuses will be thrown to the wolves. What’s left of the Republican Party after the Convention and the November election won’t be worth salvaging. It’s as if the Republican Party has a death wish, split between those oligarchs who want desperately to remain in power, no matter who wins the presidency and those who still believe in the principles for which the Republican Party used to stand.

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Comedian Bill Burr: ‘No One is Leaving the Country if Trump Wins’

A short clip from Bill Burr’s daily podcast on Trump and Bill and Hills Clinton.

“I call bullsh*t. No one is leaving the country if Trump wins.”

Here’s more:

“Where are you gonna go? This is what people forget — when you leave this country, you immediately become an immigrant who’s taking someone else’s job in the country you’re going to, and you get treated as such.”

[Comment: Check out how Mexico handles its illegal immigrants. US should do the same.]

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Donald Trump, American Voter and the Republican Party’s Nightmare

Maybe It’s Just Beginning

Though the Republican National Committee may think it is going to survive the nightmare of what Donald Trump could do to the established power base of both political parties if he became President of the United States, the nightmare may be just beginning.

With the shortsightedness for which politicians and bureaucrats are known, Reince Priebus and the rest of the power-based Republican establishment have only begun to feel the anger from abused constituents they were either elected or appointed to serve. Rather than serving, they have ruled… or tried.

What might the future hold?

If Donald Trump loses the Republican presidential nomination because of rules changes at the 2016 convention, the Republicans will lose the election. Period. Zero chance of it being otherwise. Why? Because voters around the country who, as good citizens voted in primaries and caucuses, have learned that their votes are meaningless. They have now been told by the Republican Party that it, not the people, chooses the Republican candidate for President.

Keep this in mind in the future. We don’t have to take our valuable time to let the RNC and DNC continue their soap opera scripting designed to gain political contributions and voter support for “the big November election” wherein a company owned by George Soros counts the votes. The RNC and DNC control who will be their nominees and do not need our votes…

Delegates are chosen by state and national Republican committees and those selected will very likely support a candidate favored by the party — and that is not Trump or Cruz. Their first ballot votes taken at the Cleveland Convention must reflect the number of delegates earned by each of the candidates in each state via primaries and caucuses. I wrote an article two months ago explaining how the party puts the fix in to achieve whatever candidate result the party wants.


The delegates selected by various Republican committees (county and state) are committed to vote on the first ballot for the candidate who won a specific number of delegates in a particular primary or caucus election, but the delegates are hand-picked by the State Republican parties (which is dependent for financial support on the RNC). They may be selected because they oppose either Trump or Cruz. Some delegates will have to vote for Trump and Cruz on the first ballot because they won the right to those delegate votes. But if no candidate gains the required 1,237 votes on the first ballot, delegates can vote for anyone they (or the RNC) choose.

Without the conservative vote, the Republicans cannot win any election against any Democrat. The Party really doesn’t care because the elitist political establishment from both parties has only one objective: Power. They could care less about political philosophy and principles that flow from the philosophy. As you read the rest of this article, keep that in mind.

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Enel Starts Building Its Largest-Ever Wind Farm

Project in U.S. will generate energy for over 149,000 homes

(ANSA) — Rome, April 8 — Enel Green Power, the renewable-source branch of Italian energy giant Enel, announced on Friday that it has started construction on the Cimmaron Bend wind project, which will be the group’s largest wind farm worldwide.

When finished, the project in Clark County, Kansas in the United States will produce 400 MW of energy, capable of powering more than 149,000 homes.

“This project is an essential step for Enel, given that Cimarron Bend will not only be the largest asset in our portfolio, but will also allow our renewable energy to open itself to new partners and new uses,” said Enel Green Power CEO Francesco Venturini.

The project’s cost is estimated at 610 million US dollars and will be financed entirely by the Enel Group.

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Former Top Obama Official Says Operation Choke Point Had ‘Collateral’ Consequences

“This reaction… is certainly understandable”

One of President Barack Obama’s former top Justice Department officials behind Operation Choke Point said Thursday the program had “unintended but collateral consequences” on banks and U.S. consumers.

“Unfortunately, as the investigations continue, so too have one of the unintended but collateral consequences of such vigilance: mass de-risking,” wrote Michael J. Bresnick, who previously served as executive director of Obama’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force, under which Operation Choke Point was created. “Members of the industry have raised their hands in frustration and simply avoided lines of business typically associated with higher risk. This reaction to [the Justice Department’s] enforcement initiative, and similar matters brought by the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is certainly understandable.”

Bresnick addressed the issue in an op-ed for American Banker.

According to government documents, Operation Choke Point was designed by the Justice Department in 2012 to “attack Internet, telemarketing, mail, and other mass market fraud against consumers, by choking fraudsters’ access to the banking system.”

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GOP Convention Rigging Exposed: Pirro and Trump Rip Apart Republican Establishment, Duel Monarchy

Judge Jeanine Pirro said on her show Saturday night, that “there is still a leader in this race” and it’s not Ted Cruz, referring to Donald J. Trump as the front-runner and peoples pick. Pirro said that she has “had it with the Establishment’s plans for a not so secret convention coup” and is angry with the GOP’s ‘convention rigging.’

During Pirro’s opening statement she pointed out how the GOP is doing everything in their power to pull the ropes, how they want them to be pulled, by taking away the American peoples vote, making up the rules as they go.

Pirro said that GOP elites to the likes of Reince Priebus and Karl Rove are desperate to stop Trump and are even willing to cheat the system to do it…

Pirro went on to talk about the party’s “standing rules” and how they can be changed, which Pirro said allows the Establishment to “move the goalpost wherever they want.”

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Here’s How the US Government Plans to Break the Encryption on Your Smartphone

We’ve got our first proper look at an attempt by US senators to legislate against encryption.

Senators Dianne Feinstein and Richard Burr, both of whom sit on the Senate Intelligence Committee, are introducing a bill intended to tackle the rising use of strong encryption technology that cannot be decrypted by anyone without the correct key — including law enforcement and the companies responsible for creating it.

Burr, a Republican, is the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Feinstein, a Democrat, is the vice-chair.

A discussion draft of the bill began circulating on Thursday.

Key points include:

It forces tech companies to decrypt encrypted data when presented with a court order — or to provide any technical assistance required to decrypt it. It doesn’t provide any technical guidance on how companies can or should achieve this. Companies will be offered compensation for any assistance they are forced to provide.

The Feinstein-Burr efforts received a blow earlier this week when Reuters reported that the White House will not be endorsing it. President Obama has previously spoken out against the alleged dangers of encryption, warning against an “absolutist stance on privacy” and asserting people are “fetishizing our phones above every other value, and that can’t be the right answer.”

However, his administration will not be publicly supporting — or opposing — the bill.

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Justice Department Reveals Controversial Gun Trafficking Sting Documents

Feds cornered on Fast & Furious scandal

The Justice Department met a deadline set by a federal court to provide Congress with documents regarding Operation Fast and Furious, the failed gun-walking sting during which the government allowed approximately 2,000 guns to flow to Mexican drug-trafficking organizations.

The Justice Department had previously withheld thousands of pages of documents from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about the scandal. Consequently the House held then-Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt in 2012. In 2016, President Barack Obama invoked executive privilege to shield the documents.

On January 16, US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, for the District of Columbia, ruled the Obama administration cannot use executive privilege to prevent Congress from accessing information on Operation Fast and Furious.

“The committee has a duty to understand and shine light on what was happening inside Department of Justice during the time of this irresponsible operation. Yet DOJ has obstructed our investigative work for years,” said Jason Chaffetz, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman.

The failed operation first came to light in late 2010 when one of the guns from the program was found at the murder scene of a US Border Patrol agent. More recently, the Justice Department confirmed that, according to Mexican officials, one of the guns found at the hideout of drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera was associated with Operation Fast and Furious.

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Ron Paul Says Cruelest, Most Regressive Taxes Are Hidden (Video)

Former Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams have a new edition of the Ron Paul Liberty Report out. Forget about the excessive income and sales taxes today. They discuss how some of the cruelest and most regressive taxes are either hidden or nearly hidden.

Sure, there may be a 15 percent income tax or a five percent sales tax, but when you add up all of the other taxes your tax bill runs up 50 percent (and that’s for the middle class).

Here is the video:

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Senate Bill Draft Would Prohibit Unbreakable Encryption

Government attempts to dismantle Internet security

A draft version of a Senate bill would effectively prohibit unbreakable encryption and require companies to help the government access data on a computer or mobile device with a warrant.

The draft is being finalized by the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., and the top Democrat, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California.

Their goal, they said in a statement, is to ensure adherence to any court order that requires helping law enforcement or providing decrypted information. “No individual or company is above the law.”

It was not immediately clear when they would introduce the bill.

[Comment: You can have EITHER secure encrytion OR backdoor encryption. Not both. Backdoors lead to insecure networks — especially to hostile states who have the resources to develop ways to enter the backdoor. Banksters just want to monitor the population so they can suppress future dissidents, and they are using their puppet Senators, under the guise of “protecting the country”, to eliminate real privacy. These Senators are useful idiots or traitors.]

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Stop Being Nice to Leftist Intimidators

Exclusive: Patrice Lewis on ‘why it’s important to shut down the SJWs’

SJWs know that no one likes to be scorned or mocked. Consciously or unconsciously, most people avoid situations where they will be intimidated, isolated, or impugned. By accusations and insinuations, SJWs can intimidate individuals into silence and thus, by default, gain more ground toward their totalitarian agenda. And since the mainstream media are firmly in their court, SJWs can count on the fact that the media will only report their progress in favorable terms (while painting conservatives as buck-toothed knuckle-draggers, of course).

The only way we can stop the SJW agenda is to deny them the ability to shut us up. How? For starters, when you are called an “-ist,” don’t rise to the bait.

Do you hate or disparage a group of people primarily on the basis of melanin content? No? Then you’re not a racist. Do you loath half the world’s population because of their chromosomal makeup? No? Then you’re not a sexist.

Once you have determined, logically and rationally, that you are not the “-ist” that someone has labeled you, then that person is either illogical, irrational, or is attempting to shut you up simply because you are a threat to their agenda. And people like that do not deserve a “civilized” response.

So what should you say?

Consider this brief comment exchange on a WND article:

Male 1: “How did Europeans turn into such a bunch of sissies?” Male 2: “Feminism did it.” Female 1: “Oh, here we go again. Try growing a pair, and women’s rights won’t scare you so bad.” Male 2: “Spare me the shaming tactics. It’s so old school Marxism. People are over it and it has no effect except to indicate the ineptitude of the accuser.”

This brief conservation sums it up well. Two people are minding their own business and having a conversation. A Social Justice Warrior jumps in and throws out an accusation of “-ist.” But this time, the accused lobs back two important bombs: 1) indifference; and 2) disdain for the SJW’s opinion and for the person.

The conversation ended. The SJW was defeated and retreated from the scene.

For far too long, well-meaning decent people have been brainwashed into believing they are the problem. They are told they need to shut up and suppress their innate understanding of right and wrong. They’re told the “truths that are self-evident” are really not true at all.

This is why it’s important to shut down the SJWs. We can no longer afford to be temperate or moderate in our answers. We must, in the cause of decency, no longer compromise our understanding of right and wrong.

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These 200 People Could Decide Whether Donald Trump Gets the GOP Nomination

Unbound delegates could decide to push him over the top

West Virginia looks perfect for Donald Trump: a struggling working-class state filled with the types of voters who have backed him elsewhere and could deliver one of his biggest victories.

But a sweep there might not matter. That’s because as many as 34 delegates — the entire contingent — may be free to back whomever they want at the Republican National Convention.

Much the same is true in Pennsylvania, home to a hotly contested April 26 primary, where there are 54 uncommitted delegates. Other states and territories, from Colorado to Wyoming to Guam, will also send squads of unbound representatives.

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Canadian Prime Minister Has Everything Bad Except the Appearance

What can we say of a head of government whose election is praised by Islamic State? Well, if anyone judges him on the same basis as the so-called filmmakers Eric Ruel and Guylaine Maroist, only imbeciles will be astonished.

The so called film on the Prime Minister of Canada, now available on video, delivers its ugly groveling response to my question, under the title God Save Justin Trudeau.

God save us from being subjected to such torture, which doesn’t lack for praise. Justin Trudeau is the incarnation of the dreams of vaguely egalitarian and confusingly well intentioned liberalism. A cute guy, he presents himself, utterly without modesty, as an athlete who poses for photo-ops doing yoga — as did his father, Pierre Trudeau, who was twice Prime Minister of Canada, for a total of fifteen years.

“I was placed in this planet to do this. I am going to fight and win”, says narcissistically Trudeau, son of the prominent father. “Fight all the way.” he adds. Thus, the young politician won national publicity by defeating in the boxing ring the Canadian Navy veteran, Patrick Brazeau, presented on the film as a Beast of the Right.

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Bilderberg to Meet in Dresden From 9-12 June, According to German Newspaper Report

The Bilderberg conference of senior representatives from politics and business will take place this year apparently held in Dresden. The meeting will be held there from 9 to 12 June the Interior Ministry said, according to the Berlin “Tageszeitung” with. Accordingly, the Kempinski Hotel Taschenbergpalais was not far from the Semper Opera House named as the venue from the environment of a subscriber.

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Ex-Jihadi Says Clerics Are Brainwashing Young Muslims to Build an Islamic State in Britain

RADICAL Muslim clerics are brainwashing impressionable youngsters with their extreme views in a bid to build an Islamic state in Britain.

The chilling warning has come from a recruit to a feared terrorist organisation who explained how he was radicalised in the UK.

As a teenager, Adam Deen joined Al Muhajiroun, which threatens jihad on the West, lured by the “idea that every Muslim should want an Islamic state”.

He says the group, which has been linked to half of the terror attacks carried out or plotted in Britain, carefully tailored its message to have maximum impact on vulnerable youngsters.

The reformed jihadi, who now runs the outreach programme at Quilliam Foundation, told “They made Islam seem relevant.

“As a young Western Muslim, I was captivated.”

[The PM, David Cameron, has said that there is nothing in Islam that could justify ‘radical’ acts like the murder of Lee Rigby. However, being a Muslim, and holding Islamic beliefs, is clearly a necessary condition of someone becoming ‘radicalised’ then commiting ‘dreadful’ acts while shouting out the takbir.]

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Italy: Genoa Police to Probe Nine From Panama Papers

Liguria residents tied to shipping and building

(ANSA) — Genoa, April 8 — Tax police in Genoa said they have started preliminary investigations into nine Liguria residents who appeared on a list of the first 100 Italians named as holding offshore accounts to allegedly dodge taxes, according to a Panama Papers article that appeared in newsweekly l’Espresso on Friday.

The nine listed have ties to shipping, real estate, oil and building in the northwestern Italian region, and tax police said they will verify whether or not the men were involved in ‘self-laundering’ or administrative crimes.

The men under investigation are: Giovanni Battista Baglietto, Gioacchino Di Feo, Diego Iuraca, Andrea Nucera, Gian Angelo Perrucci, Sergio Senesi, Marco Sturlese, Paolo Taroni, and Santiago Vacca.

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Italy: Renzi Says Dozens of Projects Unblocked, Saving Billions

‘Not wasting what we have is the first rule of the game’

(ANSA) — Rome, April 8 — Premier Matteo Renzi on Friday said that his government has unblocked dozens of public and private projects that “otherwise would have cost Italians billions”.

“Not wasting what we have is the first rule of the game, since we’ve been in government,” Renzi said in his weekly e-newsletter.

“If a project in the public interest is blocked, it’s not that no one pays: on the contrary, we all pay”.

Renzi also highlighted government interventions in criminal justice.

“We made punishments tougher for those who bribe or are corrupt, we made the national anti-corruption authority operative choosing Raffaele Cantone, we introduced environmental crimes that weren’t provided for previously in the laws”.

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Italy: Prosecutors Ask 14 Years for Alleged Pedophile Priest

Abused boy for over nine years

(ANSA) — Rome, April 8 — Prosecutors on Friday requested a 14-year prison sentence against a priest they say repeatedly abused a little boy who had been entrusted to him by his parents.

Vito Beatrice, 71, is a priest at Sant’Alessio Church in Rome’s tony Aventino neighborhood.

The priest is charged with sexual assault on a child aggravated by abuse of authority while he was the alleged victim’s spiritual tutor between Easter 1995 and October 2004.

The alleged victim, now 28, tried to kill himself by jumping out a nightclub window into a river in February 2010. He then told his girlfriend and his parents about the abuse, finally reporting the priest in 2011.

Sentencing is expected at the end of the month.

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Italy: Teachers Protest Roma People Eviction

‘Strong indignation at sudden, savage’ measure

(ANSA) — Naples, April 6 — Teachers and school principals in the Naples-area town of Torre del Greco on Wednesday protested against what they called a “sudden and savage” order to evict a Roma people camp in a move they say will put Roma school children at risk.

The eviction order was given “without providing alternative lodging as per European Union regulations”, Principals Maria Josè Abilitato and Lucia Massimo and teachers from the G.Falcone-R.Scauda and G.B. Angioletti schools said in a statement.

“On behalf of the five families of the eight students who regularly and profitably attend school, we urge city officials to suspend the eviction order at least come up with a different living solution,” they said.

The educators called on city officials to “allow (the Roma children) to finish out the school year so as not to render vain a highly successful literacy and integration process”.

Prosecutors on April 2 impounded the area where some 35 citizens of the Roma ethnicity live, giving them until April 12 to vacate the premises or be forcibly evicted.

The educators expressed “strong indignation” at the measure “distancing Roma children and their families from schools — the only place where the principles of dignity, right to an education, and integration into society are actively practiced”.

“In the last decade, those Roma families who chose to send their children to school did so with commitment and sense of responsibility,” the statement said.

“Students from the Roma community — often working without the benefit of school books — achieved particularly positive results,” the educators said.

“(We) intend to speak for those who have worked hard to affirm a culture of receptiveness, integration and mutual exchange, against prejudice and intolerance”.

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Italy: Roma Girl: 13: Forced Into Prostitution

‘Beaten, left naked if refused’

(ANSA) — Rome, April 7 — A 13-year-old Roma girl was forced into prostitution by her family and beaten and left naked in a camp in Rome’s Trullo district if she refused to go with men, police said Thursday.

The case dates to 2014, they said.

The girl is now in a shelter and five people including three aunts and her paternal grandmother have been served arrest warrants.

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Italy: Corruption Costs Health Care Six Billion a Year Says Cantone

Cantone says all sorts of criminal target health

(ANSA) — Rome, April 6 — Corruption in the health sector takes away up to six billion euros in funding that could be spent on research and patient care, according to a report released on Wednesday. The report, complied by Transparency International Italia, Censis, Ispe-Sanita’ and Rissc, said that 37% of Italy’s health agencies had experienced episodes of corruption in the last five years that “were not addressed appropriately”. The report was prepared with the help of a survey of managers at 151 Italian health bodies. Raffaele Cantone, the head of anti-corruption agency ANAC, said Wednesday that the health sector was being targeted by a wide range of criminals. “Given the enormous amount of business involved and the fact that in a time of crisis the sector cannot be underestimated, the health sector is a territory of raids for criminals of all kind,” Cantone said at the presentation of the report.

Education Undersecretary Davide Faraone said Wednesday that around two million Italians have paid bribes in the health field and around 10 million paid for examinations under the table. “The health sector continues to be one of the worst-hit by the virus of corruption,” Faraone said at an event for the first national day against corruption in health. “Over two million Italians have paid bribes to receive favours in the health field and 10 million have had specialist examinations on the black market. “The finance police uncovered fraud and the waste of public health spending amounting to 806 million euros between January 2014 and June 2015. “We are fielding many initiatives to fight this plague.

Last year parliament approved the anti-corruption bill. In addition to reinstating the crime of false accounting, we also gave more powers to anti-corruption agency ANAC”.

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Italy: Being Leftwing Means Cutting Taxes Says Renzi

We’ll transmit this message through PES

(ANSA) — Rome, April 4 — Being leftwing means cutting taxes for business and boosting public and private investments to grow the economy, Premier Matteo Renzi told an executive meeting of his centre-left Democratic Party (PD) Monday. He said Italy, having achieved key reforms, now had the authority to transmit this message to the whole of the EU via the European Socialist caucus (PES) in the European Parliament. “Before now we didn’t have alternatives, we were stuck between a rock and a hard place”, he said.

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Report: Suspect Arrested in Belgium Was Carrying Biological Weapon

The suspect arrested in Belgium three days after the Brussels attacks was carrying a makeshift weapon meant to spread “deadly diseases, such as cholera and typhus,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

According to the reports, the weapon was not used.

[Where did a weapon like this come from?]

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Scotland: Parent’s Nightmare: Safety Scare Forces Schools to Remain Closed

THOUSANDS of children will get an unexpected break from lessons while education chiefs await the outcome of safety inspections of Edinburgh’s schools.

It is understood that more than 9,000 students from primary, secondary and special needs schools across the capital will be affected, including many who are due to sit vital exams next month.

The emergency closure of 17 schools, announced late on Friday, has landed parents and guardians with massive childcare problems.

There are also concerns about the the impact the move will have on senior pupils who have spent months studying for examinations that begin on May 4.

Following Friday’s announcement by the City of Edinburgh Council, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called a meeting of the Scottish Resilience Committee which pledged backing for the local authority.

The crisis was deemed so serious all 32 councils were ordered to carry out urgent safety checks on every school in the country.

Angela Constance, Scottish Education Secretary, said the safety of pupils is “paramount” while Eileen Prior, of the Scottish Parent Teacher Council, said: “For parents in Edinburgh whose young ones go to these schools it is a real nightmare.

The City of Edinburgh Council said it was a “precautionary decision” to shut all of the premises built by Miller Construction and has been unable to say when the schools will reopen.

The schools were constructed through the city’s private finance programme, which was signed in 2001 as part of a £360 million deal.

A statement on the council’s website read: “The decision has been taken after remedial works taking place earlier today (Friday 8 April) at Oxgangs Primary School uncovered new issues relating to the school’s construction.”

“The Edinburgh Schools Partnership (ESP), who manage and operate the schools on behalf of the Council, and their technical experts were unable to give the Council sufficient guarantee that the schools are safe to open on Monday.”

Council leader Andrew Burns said: “Clearly we have every right to expect these schools to have been built to a good standard and in accordance with industry practice.

“We now know this isn’t the case. ESP have let the council down but more importantly they have let the children, parents and staff of this city down.”

Concerns were first raised in January after part of a wall broke off Oxgangs Primary School during Storm Gertrude.

The school was closed last month following an investigation that discovered problems with the stability of the walls. Three more schools were closed within a few days.

Further issues were found by contractors on Friday, leading to the closure of all schools built under the contract as they were deemed no longer safe to occupy…

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Spain Police Find Hidden Weapons Cache, Islamic State Flag

Four pistols, two Scorpion sub-machine guns, ammunition and a variety of knives

Police said on Saturday they had discovered a hidden weapons cache and a home-made Islamic State flag in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in Morocco, and are investigating a possible connection to Islamist militants.

The cache of four pistols, including an air gun modified to shoot live ammunition, two Scorpion sub-machine guns, ammunition and variety of knives, was found in perfect condition and buried on wasteland on Thursday, Spain’s Interior Ministry said.

Spanish police have detained 15 people with suspected links to Islamic State militants so far this year and 102 people on the same charges last year after police stepped up security measures following attacks in Paris.

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UK: Councillor Suspended Over Twitter Remarks

A COUNCILLOR has suspended herself from the Conservative Party after saying online that nobody but the English Defence League (EDL) “sticks up for the English”.

Bournemouth Conservative Sue Anderson has referred herself to her party’s disciplinary procedures and the standards board.

She made the comments on Twitter on Saturday night and her views were retweeted by more than 20 people.

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UK: Labour Muslim Councillor Suspended Amid Claims She Called Hitler ‘Greatest Man in History’

A LABOUR councillor has been suspended after claims she made a string of anti-Semitic tweets and called Hitler “the greatest man in history”.

Aysegul Gurbuz’s disgusting comments saw her reportedly call for Iran to use nuclear weapons to “wipe Israel off the map”.

The 20-year-old from Luton became the youngest councillor when she was elected last year.

[Luton appears to be a smashing place to live. I don’t know what Tommy Robinson has been complaining about all these years, eh?]

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UK: Labour Councillor, 20, Suspended Over Claims She Called Hitler ‘The Greatest Man in History’ In Latest Anti-Semitic Scandal to Hit Corbyn’s Party

A labour councillor has been suspended for shockingly offensive anti-Semitic tweets, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The discovery of Aysegul Gurbuz’s vile comments is the latest in a series of anti-Semitic scandals to hit the Labour Party.

The 20-year-old student is alleged to have called Adolf Hitler the ‘greatest man in history’ and said she hoped Iran would use a nuclear weapon to ‘wipe Israel off the map’.

Miss Gurbuz, who is Muslim, became Luton’s youngest councillor when she was elected to the High Town ward last year.

But last night Miss Gurbuz was suspended after the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism found a series of disturbing posts on her Twitter account from 2011 to 2014.

One tweet, written in January 2013, said: ‘The Jews are so powerful in the US it’s disgusting.’

Another post, in October 2012, said: ‘Ed Miliband is Jewish. He will never become prime minister of Britain.’ And Adolf Hitler was praised as the ‘greatest man in history’ in a tweet in October 2011.

Miss Gurbuz last night denied she had written the tweets and claimed her sister may have posted them.

A Labour spokesman said: ‘Councillor Gurbuz has been suspended from the Labour Party pending an investigation.’

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UK: Man Charged With Murder in Missing PC Inquiry

A man has been charged with murder following the discovery in a London flat of human remains thought to be that of a missing police officer.

Police said Stefano Brizzi, 49, had been held after the remains were found at his Southwark home on Thursday.

He will appear via video link at Bromley Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

PC Gordon Semple, 59, from Greenhithe, Dartford, was last seen in CCTV footage on 1 April. An officer for 30 years, he was reported missing the same day.

He was originally from Inverness and had worked for Bank of Scotland before joining the police.

On the day he went missing he had a work meeting at the Shangri-La hotel in the Shard, which he left at about 12:30 BST.

He was captured on a security camera in Great Guildford Street at 15:00 BST and his partner reported him missing later that day…

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Violence Sparks in Paris as Tens of Thousands Take to the Streets in 200 French Cities to Protest Against Labour Reforms

Violence has erupted in cities across France as tens of thousands of people took to the streets in the latest protests against labour reforms seen as threatening workers’ rights.

Several people were injured when police and protesters clashed in Paris, western Rennes and Nantes, as demonstrations took place to keep up pressure against the reforms, which will make it easier for struggling companies to fire workers.

There were today protests in some 200 cities over the changes to the rules governing layoffs and France’s 35-hour working week…

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Vivendi to Take Over Mediaset Premium

Pier Silvio Berlusconi denies family leaving media business

(ANSA) — Paris, April 8 — French media multinational Vivendi S.A. announced Friday it has reached “a binding accord” to take full control of Mediaset Premium via a 3.5% stock swap with the parent company, Silvio Berlusconi’s Mediaset SpA. This is “a key strategic industrial accord”, the French company said. The two firms have “agreed to develop an industrial partnership with an international vocation” to include development of an online TV platform, Vivendi said in a statement. “We are very satisfied,” said Mediaset CEO Pier Silvio Berlusconi, son of the company founder and former prime minister of Italy. “This was a strategic choice, which we absolutely sought out”. He also denied the deal was a first step in the Berlusconi family’s divesting from the media businesses. “Absolutely not,” he told a board meeting.

“We want to invest and push forward, and I say so with conviction — this is the first step in an opening onto the European market”.

Mediaset added 5.36% to close at 3.50 euros a share while Vivendi rose 0.85% to close at 18.42 euros a share in Friday’s trading.

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Libya: IS Seizes Kheshum El Kheyl Crossing South of Sirte and Spreads Out

The move, announced by civilian sources, took place as other IS forces head west, showing that the terrorist group plans to seize the entire region.

Sirte (AsiaNews) — Civilian sources told AsiaNews that the Kheshum El Kheyl crossing, south of Sirte, fell into the hands of the Islamic State (IS) group.

Libyan sources report that erday, a great movement of vehicles loaded with IS fighters and heavy weapons travelled south of Sirte.”

Some IS units were deployed along the southern road that connects the village of Abu Hadi with the town of Waddan.

IS troops were also seen moving towards the Cancialo pass*, close to Al Jufrah, not far from Waddan, which indicates that IS might be planning to seize the entire region (central and western Sirte), as far as Bin Jawad in the east and Al Jufrah in the south.

IS officially began to send its mercenaries to Libya in the fall of 2014, boosting its presence by opening local training and recruitment centres, to join its foreign mercenaries, mostly Tunisians, as well as members of Ansar El Sharia Libyan branch, once close to Al Qaeda,

IS was already present in Derna in eastern Libya as the best organised anti-Gaddafi Islamist group, as well as Benghazi, where it claimed responsibility for the attack on the local US consulate in 2012, in which US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other people were killed.

In early 2015, the terrorists from the self-proclaimed Islamic Caliphate attacked a luxury hotel in Tripoli as well as oil installations.

In February of last year, they released a video showing the beheading of Egyptian and Ethiopian Copts on a beach.

Since then, they have consolidated their hold over the Sirte area, taking advantage of the fact that factions fighting for power in post-Gaddafi Libya had abandoned it. (PB)

* Deformation of the Italian word ‘cancello’, i.e. gate.

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Mall Construction at Byzantine Church Site in Gaza Angers Christians and Muslims

After workers uncover the remains of an ancient Byzantine church at the site of a planned shopping centre, local authorities remove remains and allow construction to go ahead. Both Christians and Muslims protest in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Source told AsiaNews that economic interests are more important than the territory’s history and culture.

Jerusalem (AsiaNews) — People in Jerusalem and parts of the West Bank have voiced their anger against the decision by Gaza authorities to continue the construction of a shopping mall at a site that contains the ancient ruins of a Byzantine church.

A Christian source in Gaza, who asked his name not be used, told AsiaNews that “across the West Bank, Christians and Muslims have forcefully called for a stop to the construction in order to evaluate the findings.” For many, “the ruins are a major discovery, but little is known about what has become of the artefacts.”

Last week, construction workers found the remains of the 1,500-year-old church in Palestine Square in Gaza City. This is important not only for Gaza Christians, but also for all the people of the territory.

In spite of the discovery, neither Hamas, which rules Gaza Strip, nor the Palestinian Authority stopped construction to prevent further loss of artefacts. Instead, plans to build one of Gaza’s largest shopping centres will remain on track.

Among the reasons for the decision to continue work is the impossibility — according to the authorities of the Strip — to sustain the costs of research for other finds and their conservation. Although Palestinian authorities have great interest in preserving the remains, they cite a lack of resources to do so.

“The site we are talking about is 2,000 square metres and 10-metres deep and requires hundreds of workers and millions of dollars to carry out proper excavation to extract pieces and read the texts,” said Abu Rida Jamal Abu Rida, head of the PA Antiquities Ministry. Hence, the decision to remove all the remains found so far and cover everything up.

However, this has infuriated the Christian community. “We do not know what happened to the Byzantine cross, column, and other objects,” the source told AsiaNews. “Some government officials must have taken them away.”

“This is not a sectarian or religious issue,” the source said. “It’s just about economics, business. The mall is tempting, which is why they want to continue at any cost.” In any event, “the government does not care about historical, religious, or artistic matters. They cordoned off the area, and gave the go-ahead to lay the foundations.”

In reality, the finding “was a blessing for the city of Gaza,” said the source, for both Christians and Muslims “who live together in the Gaza Strip, help each other, and nurture bonds of friendship. For now, there are no sectarian tensions.”

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Given Up for Dead a Year Ago, Izzet El-Duri Launches Iraqi and Saudi Revolt Against Iran

In an Al Arabiya video, the former commander of Saddam Hussein’s army slams the US and the “Iranian domination” in Iraq. With “religious” overtones, says hunt is on for “Iran’s collaborators”, in alliance with Saudi Arabia. He is considered one of the leaders of jihadists conquest of Mosul and Nineveh Plain.

Baghdad (AsiaNews) — Former Iraqi Vice President under Saddam Hussein, Izzet el-Duri, given up for dead in 2015, reappeared yesterday in a video in which he urges Iraqis to rebel against the “Iranian domination” in the nation and to ally themselves Saudi led coalition. The video was broadcast by the pan-Arab Al Arabiya, close to Saudi Arabia, and posted on You Tube on the Youtube page of the Saudi newspaper Ukaz.

According to reports from the Iraqi and Western press in 2015, Izzet El Duri died in the east Iraqi province of Salah Eddin, near the Allas oil well.

The international US-led coalition that invaded Iraq, had drawn a deck of cards with pictures of the 55 most wanted of the Baathist regime. Izzet el-Duri was the “king “ clubs, among the top six most wanted men.

After the liberation of Iraq by the coalition, Izzet el-Duri disappeared and a ransom of 10 million dollars to anyone who would capture or kill him proved fruitless. Izzet El Duri led the resistance north of Baghdad in 2003 by creating the Army Nakshabandi, active mainly in the Dora area, carrying out military incursions against the government that succeeded Saddam and which he considered stacked with “traitors and collaborators with the invaders.”

The announcement Izzet el-Duri’s death in 2015 as a result of “intense fighting” conducted by the Iraqi army and popular armed groups, had been commented at the time, as a “major blow” against the militants of Salah Eddin province. Izzet el-Duri is believed to have been one of the commanders who led the Isis militiamen to their victorious conquest of Mosul and Nineveh Plain.

In yesterday’s video, the former vice-president, a Sunni, appeals to the Iraqi people to side with the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, in fighting against Iranian hegemony in the region.

Here is the complete translation of his speech:

“We consider that all that Iran is doing today in Iraq, the actions of its agents, its militias and its military and security organs is the fault of the US administration. It is important to take action to save Iraq and the Iraqi people from the hegemony, domination and occupation by Iran and stop the flow of blood, destruction, demolition and demographic change [preventing] further clashes and fighting”.

“O sons of Iraq, o knights of resistance, if you do not join the Arab front, fight under the banner of the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, sooner or later you will be burned by the Persian fire and you will be cursed by Allah and history”.

“There are only two ways to drive out the Persians and liberate them from Yemen: the first, the safest and fastest is to oblige Iran and its agents to submit to the resolutions of the UN Security Council issued in this regard and [follow] the conclusions issued by the national dialogue under the patronage of the legitimate national government and the Council of Cooperation of the Arab Gulf nations. The second way is to step up the hunt for Iran’s collaborators, putting an end to their power and capabilities”.

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Putin Creates the National Guard, A New Security Unit

The body is outside the interior ministry and reports directly to the President. It is formed by troops of the Interior Ministry, anti-riot police and ‘swat’ teams. Officially it is tasked with countering terrorism and drug trafficking, but according to experts it will be a “praetorian force” aimed at suppressing protests and possible control of the elite.

Moscow (AsiaNews) — On April 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the creation of a new security body, the National Guard, which will have the task of combating terrorism, drug trafficking and organized crime but also, as the Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov has clarified, unauthorized protests.

In a meeting with the Interior Minister, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, and others responsible for the national security Putin explained that the new force will be born from the merger of the troops of the Interior with the anti-riot police (OMON) and the emergency teams (SOBR). A as explained by the head of the Kremlin, the agency for the fight against drugs (FSKN) and Immigration Service (FMS) will also be incorporated into the structure of the Ministry of Interior.

The Russian president has not provided any information on the size of the National Guard, nor on how it will coordinate with the secret services, the FSB (the former KGB). The new body — headed by former head of the presidential guard and deputy interior minister, Viktor Zolotov — reports directly to the Russian president, and has special powers for the exercise of its function, which according to experts, it has in common with the FSB , of which Putin himself was once a member.

According to analysts, the new organization will have the task of coping with the risk of riots triggered by the economic crisis that Russia is facing, also in view of the September parliamentary elections. Speaking to press Peskov explained that the National Guard can participate “in efforts to ensure public order, for the maintenance of public safety and emergency management”, but ruled that his institution is in no way linked to the upcoming referendums and then to presidential of 2018.

According to some experts, the move effectively resizes the group of so-called ‘siloviki’ (strongmen: intelligence and security services). According to the Kremlin spokesman, however, there is no crisis of confidence in this regard.

The American expert Mark Galeotti, who specializes in the Russian security services, believes that the National Guard will become “a powerful paramilitary security force with elements throughout the country.” While adding that he will only be able to make a more detailed analysis after the new units enter service, Galeotti noted that “there was no real reason to create this body (which was discussed in 2012) outside the Interior Ministry troops, if not that those in power are seriously concerned about public disorder “.

According to the expert, the new unit will be a real “public security force”, a sort of “praetorian force” headed by a Putin loyalist, Zolotov, who will be responsible not only for controlling the masses but also the elite.

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Google’s Bipedal Robot Reveals the Future of Manual Labor

Google recently put up its Boston Dynamics robotics unit up for sale, but that doesn’t mean that the company is getting out of the automaton business.

A new bipedal robot from Google’s Schaft robotics was shown off on Friday at the New Economic Summit conference in Tokyo, Japan on Friday.

The small robot is shown walking in a number of situations that can be challenging even for humans, including a sandy beach, a rocky terrain, snow, and a steep, narrow staircase.

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Horror as China Tears Down Thousands of Crucifixes in Crude Bid to Eradicate Christianity

CHRISTIAN communities in China have been left horrified after the government started tearing down THOUSANDS of crucifixes in a crude bid to eradicate the faith in the country.

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Diplomats Gone Wild: Saudi Staffers Run Riot on Our Roads With Police Powerless to Stop Them

Imagine driving at 135km/h past Parliament House at 2am on a Tuesday, leading police on a pursuit, failing to provide a valid licence, blaming your behaviour on a lack of antibiotics and getting away with it.

That’s exactly what happened to one diplomat at the royal embassy of Saudi Arabia who used his immunity to escape a $1811 fine and six demerit points.

His exploits are just one chapter in the latest chronicle of diplomats behaving badly, dutifully archived by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and released under freedom of information laws.

Another Saudi diplomat was caught speeding through an intersection at 107km/h in an 80km/h zone. Officers attempted to stop him as he approached, but he sped right past them.

Officers eventually caught up but he again refused to pull over despite sirens and lights blazing in his rear view mirror. Eventually, police gave up due to fears for public safety.

Another Saudi, who was caught at 126km/h in an 80km/h zone, told police he was driving his father’s car and was speeding “because he needed to go to the toilet”…

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Already Under Crushing Debt, Arizona College Forces Students to “Fund Illegal Immigrants”

Will students at colleges across the country soon be forced to pay for the higher education of illegal immigrants, even as most will already have to struggle for years to repay expensive and burdensome student loans?

That’ s what is happening at Prescott College, a private institution in Arizona, and it could become the trend everywhere.

Unbelievably, as good jobs become more and more scarce, the next generation will be forced to support foreign workers who will also serve as competitors in the market place.

via Campus Reform:

Prescott College in Arizona has decided to charge students a $30 annual fee to finance a scholarship fund for illegal immigrant students.

The fee was originally proposed by students and faculty from the Social Justice and Human Rights program, according to Fox News, and will automatically be added to each student’s $28,000 tuition bill starting next semester unless they take advantage of an opt-out provision.

[… ]

Prescott College is a private institution, and does not receive either state or federal funding, but some experts warn that the school may yet face pushback over the new fee and scholarship, even as it seeks to bolster the fund through private donations.

College campuses have become sanctuary grounds for many undocumented immigrants seeking a better life, and liberal academics and students have often been willing to back their interests.

But for the average student legally born in this country and attempting to build a better life, it is a slap in the face from both sides — as mandatory contributions for scholarships to illegals pile onto the extreme levels of debt that education imposes, all while the competition for decent employment becomes stiffer.

“It is beyond absurd that this college is going to force all the students to subsidize the education of a student who is in the country illegally,” added Jessica Vaughn, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies. “It’s a shame these students and faculty don’t have the same drive to help some of their fellow citizens who can’t afford college and who are forced to compete with illegal workers for job opportunities.”

“At a time when student loan debt is over $1 trillion it is irresponsible for Prescott College to offer this privilege at the expense of other students,” Andrew Kloster, a legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Legal & Judicial Studies, told Fox News. “While the dollar amount seems small per student, the fee does send a message to potential donors to Prescott College that the administration is less concerned with sound financial management than it is with making a political statement.”

Like President Obama, these colleges have put a premium on a protected minority group at the expense of ordinary Americans who have seen their living standards decline significantly with economic decline and globalization.

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Buchanan: ‘Third World is Invading the First World, ‘ if 12 Million Are in Country Illegal, ‘You’Ve Got an Invasion’

Columnist Pat Buchanan stated, “the Third World is invading the First World, part it coming through Mexico, up through Mexico into the United States” and “If you had 12 million who have walked into your country illegally and stay, or overstay their visas, you’ve got an invasion” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Buchanan said, “I think Tom’s term, existential crisis, is exactly right. What is happening is, the Third World is invading the First World, part it coming through Mexico, up through Mexico into the United States. In Europe, they’re coming from the Middle East, Africa will have 2.5 billion people by mid-century. They are coming across the Mediterranean, and people are not going to start shooting them. And right now, fences —.”

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Chaos on Macedonian Border as Migrants Storm Fence

Heavily armed Macedonian police deployed tear-gas launchers, rubber bullets and stun grenades at the border with Greece this morning as an organised migrant invasion attempted to force the fence.

Thousands of anonymous leaflets written in Arabic had been in circulation at the 11,000-man Idomeni migrant camp, calling on the inhabitants to rise up together this afternoon and to charge down the fence stopping them from moving north into continental Europe. A rumour had also been circulating that the border was to be opened by Macedonian authorities at 9am this morning.

Declaring “Today we either break the border fence or die”, large groups of up to 500 migrants moved to the fence, with reports by journalists on the ground showing tear gas grenades being dropped on the Greek side of the border by Macedonian forces, and patrolling armoured cars. Migrants hurled stones at police.

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Erdogan Threatens to Sabotage EU Migrant Deal Unless Turkey Gets Visa-Free Travel

Turkey’s president has threatened to pull the plug on the European Union (EU) migrant deal should the EU fall short on any of his demands — including visa free travel for 70 million Turks by June.

In exchange for the return of “irregular migrants”, Brussels also agreed in late March to provide up to €6 billion in aid, fast track Turkey’s accession into the EU, and bring thousands of extra Syrians over from camps in Turkey.

Deportations slowly began this week, with just over two hundred Pakistani economic migrants returned across the Aegean. However, any slip up or delay on the EU’s part could see the gates flung open once more.

“There are precise conditions. If the European Union does not take the necessary steps, then Turkey will not implement the agreement,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned in a speech at his 1,000 room presidential palace in Ankara.

However, Turkey still has 72 conditions of it’s own to meet before it can secure visa free travel, relating to such things as recognising Cyprus and press freedom. If the EU wavers in these, Turkey could be receiving “discounted” EU membership analysts warn.

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Natl Border Patrol Council Spox: Obama Created ‘Blueprint’ For ‘Open Borders Catastrophe, ‘ ‘Exactly What We’Re Seeing in Europe’

Shawn Moran, Spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council, which has endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, stated that “President Obama has created a blueprint for an open borders catastrophe, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing in Europe” on Friday’s “Risk & Reward with Deirdre Bolton” on the Fox Business Network.

Moran said, “I don’t things are getting better. I think the — I’m going to call it what it is, it’s a lie that the numbers are down. Apprehensions are up. They’re up dramatically. And for what you would term exotic illegal aliens, people from Middle Eastern countries, special interest countries, is what we call them, they are up significantly. So, we’re seeing people from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, just places that we normally don’t see regularly, agents are now reporting that we’re seeing more and more. So that is a concern. And it should be concerning to the administration.”

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Trump Says No to Syrian Refugees: ‘Saudi Arabia Has Plenty of Room’

Saudi Arabia has banned Syrian immigrants from its country due to security concerns.

On December 7, 2015, after the San Bernardino Islamist massacre, Donald Trump called for the total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until officials understand “what the hell is going on.”

The Social Justice Warriors lost their lunch. Paul Ryan ran to the microphone and whined: “This is not who we are.”

On Friday Donald Trump tweeted out — “Saudi Arabia has plenty of room.”

Of course, Trump is right.

Saudi Arabia has banned Syrian immigrants from its country due to security concerns.

Over one million migrants will relocate to Europe this year.

But the wealthiest Muslim nations — Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Kuwait have accepted NO SYRIAN REFUGEES!

The wealthiest Gulf nations argue that accepting large numbers of Syrian refugees is a serious threat to the safety of its citizens because terrorists could hide themselves among civilians. [Comment: Those countries did not sign onto the UN’s Refugee resettlement program. UN decides the definition of a “refugee”. Hint — If you are a Christian you are not a refugee.]

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UK Equalities Chief Who Popularised the Term ‘Islamophobia’ Admits: ‘I Thought Muslims Would Blend Into Britain… I Should Have Known Better’

The former head of Britain’s Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), Trevor Phillips, has admitted he “got almost everything wrong” on Muslim immigration in a damning new report on integration, segregation, and how the followers of Islam are creating “nations within nations” in the West.

Phillips, a former elected member of the Labour Party who served as the Chairman of the EHRC from 2003-2012 will present “What British Muslims Really Think” on Channel 4 on Wednesday. An ICM poll released to the Times ahead of the broadcast reveals:

  • One in five Muslims in Britain never enter a non-Muslim house;
  • 39 per cent of Muslims, male and female, say a woman should always obey her husband;
  • 31 per cent of British Muslims support the right of a man to have more than one wife;
  • 52 per cent of Muslims did not believe that homosexuality should be legal;
  • 23 per cent of Muslims support the introduction of Sharia law rather than the laws laid down by parliament.

Writing in the Times on the issue, Phillips admits: “Liberal opinion in Britain has, for more than two decades, maintained that most Muslims are just like everyone else… Britain desperately wants to think of its Muslims as versions of the Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain, or the cheeky-chappie athlete Mo Farah. But thanks to the most detailed and comprehensive survey of British Muslim opinion yet conducted, we now know that just isn’t how it is.”

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Climate Forecasts May be Flawed, Says Study

Predictions of unprecedented rainfall extremes in the 20th century driven by global warming turned out wrong, a study said Wednesday, casting doubt on methods used to project future trends.

A massive trawl of Northern Hemisphere rainfall data for the last 1,200 years revealed there had been more dramatic wet-dry weather extremes in earlier, cooler centuries before humans set off fossil fuel-driven global warming.

This is problematic, said a study in the journal Nature, as the same data models used to anticipate that global warming would cause record rainfall extremes in the 1900s, are the basis for projections of things to come…

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  2. “The former head of Britain’s Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), Trevor Phillips, has admitted he “got almost everything wrong”

    Of course, in all these surveys, what indigenous Britains think of Muslim immigration does not matter a jot to ‘liberals’ like Phillips (I believe of Jamaican origin).

    The British people are of no consequence and can be told what to think by the BBC and other tame media.

    Just keep you heads down looking at your iPhones Oh Janet and John, keep looking down whilst Hussein and Amina take your land and all you have from you…..

  3. “Chaos on Macedonian Border as Migrants Storm Fence”

    You mean FYROM or better and more correct Vardarsca Banovina.

    It is not difficult to remember.

  4. Now seriously, who in their right mind would vote in a 20 year old moslem baghead ‘know nothing’ as a councillor?

    No wonder England is sinking fast!

  5. This Muslim folly and all the lies and treachery by media propaganda and governments in cahoots with the Muslim fifth column is going to cost many millions of innocent indigenous lives. Turkish visa free re-enforcements on the way. Our ancestors must be vomiting.

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