From the Hebrides to the Antipodes: The Response to the Tommy Fund Appeal

The email below just came in from the organizers of the Tommy Robinson Defense Fund.

Update: Denmark was left out by mistake. It’s been added to the list.

Update From Team Tommy

Our heartfelt thanks once again to our generous donors. The total number of donations to date is 967, made up as follows:



GB:   435

USA:   211

Canada:   117

Australia:   65


The remainder have been received from:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Gibraltar
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Malta
  • Martinique
  • Mauritius
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Slovenia
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Thailand

Thank you each and every one of you. Your contribution has made an enormous difference.

18 thoughts on “From the Hebrides to the Antipodes: The Response to the Tommy Fund Appeal

  1. Hooray! Just what we needed to see.

    And, more important, it’s what Tommy needs to see – i.e., that the “pockets of resistance” (as the government calls us and a label I’ll wear happily) are global. None of us can actively protect Tommy but our gifts can pay for that security and for the protection he needs from his enemy. Notice he defines that enemy not as “the cult doctrine” (his words) but far more accurately, the state.

    The state is fast becoming the enemy for anyone who colors outside the lines. Our so-called democratic states are in fact totalitarian democracies. Not far removed from the USSR, though our economy hasn’t yet been swallowed by the government.

  2. It is heartening to see that the number from GB is more than twice the next on the list. It shows that Tommy does have a following in GB, that is great. Still, as there were well over a thousand in the EDL it’s shameful that number isn’t greater. Even the price of a pint would have been help, where is the loyalty? It’s also nice to see the US place high on the list – we have a huge population of affluent citizens and about half of us are still freedom lovers – the remainder are voters for pants suit or the commie from the state of Ben & Jerry, or just too apathetic to know or care what’s going on in the world.

    There is no reason to call the fund raising a Godsend, people did it. People could and should do more … but it’s not over.

    • What’s your problem with calling a sudden outpouring from people who finally had a concrete way to be of real help to TR – what’s wrong with calling it a “godsend”? Are you that sensitive?

  3. Extremely gratifying to the the global response countering the UK state’s persecution of one man’s fearless demand the truth be heard. Very few have that kind of courage. The worldwide support for Tommy needs to be publicized so the UK understands they’re playing with fire if they continue to harass and falsely accuse one of their citizens for exercising his democratic right to free speech. The UK is in peril and it will take repetitive rubbing of the state’s nose is the crap they created to get any kind of response.

  4. Very heartening to read this. I am slightly ashamed that more Americans did not participate since we are supposedly all about freedom of speech (and supposedly rich, dontcha know). But I was happy to see Hungary on the list. The Eastern Europeans have a lot of experience with “the state” you know.

    And I hope and pray that we don’t get a bigger taste of it in this country (USA). We have taken our freedoms for granted and have not been paying enough attention to what is going on around us, not just here, but all over the world.

    If we don’t wake up and soon, we will regret it. Also, Mr. Rick, there is nothing wrong with calling a godsend a godsend. Yes, people did it, but who inspired them? Think about that for a minute. I know who inspired me to do my bit.

    Lastly, Dymphna, your phrase about coloring outside the lines was quite brilliant.

  5. Tommy fights the Good fight. The sick EUnuch grovel out to the Devil’s own mega serpent Turkey is alarming. They say that one of the prices paid for being money rich is that you are guaranteed soul sickness. The casualty lists are going to be interesting for the next decade. Beyond that who knows.

  6. I hope this is not a Stone Age level question, but is there some snail mail address that ongoing contributions can be sent to for this remarkable man and his family? I live in the US and have in the past supported Mr. Wilders as well.
    Thank you very much, and so appreciate your outstanding site, and work.
    God keep you!

    • Me too. I love the web for news but do not trust it for money at all.

      An idea I am working on is getting a credit card with a two hundred dollar limit. My bank told me I can turn the top limit down when I call to activate the card. It might work.

        • Today I got that new credit card.Activating it was all by computer so I could not change the credit limit there. When I called the service number on the back of the card, and after being on hold a while, I got a human being who spoke regular english. Lowering the credit limit to two hundred dollars was no problem. BOA.

          So maybe that will be okey.

  7. I am overjoyed at seeing the variety of countries listed here. Tommy truly does have a global network of supporters, and I have to admit many of the nations listed surprised me. I had no idea that Tommy had such a wide influence, and I daresay Tommy himself hadn’t any idea either.

    I’m also pleased at the top four countries being part of the Anglo world. The ties that bind us together are strong, even if the Mother Country has fallen into serious decline.

    Good job to my fellow Canucks for stepping up to the plate when it mattered.

    • Fellow Canuck here. I’m also gratified to see that we reached for our wallets to protect this courageous man. I’ve wondered whether one day, say 100 years from now, a statue will honour Tommy as a freedom fighter for Britain. One thing for sure, I’ll keep my eye on what else the UK police may try to pin on him. We need a site ‘Friends of Tommy’ where we can get important names, addresses, emails and phone numbers so we can flood the government with letters of support. It rather trims the zeal of the persecutors when they can no longer operate without notice.

  8. Does anyone know how much has been collected? I gave $50. A few days ago I think the figure was $24,000. I imagine it’s continued to rise. I don’t think the State is finished with him yet. I’m afraid they want to make an example of him.

  9. D .. “pockets of resistance ..” funny funny. Glad to see
    this post. TR must have come undone with this
    global list .. great thing here. thank you for guiding it to the
    correct place in Canada.

  10. Wow, even people from microstates like Malta and in a sense Gibraltar and Martinique support the colouring outside the lines.

    We still may have a chance.

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