8 thoughts on “Cheer Up; Things Could Be Worse

    • The karma dude will have his way with you, that’s the reason…hear that hollow, echoing laughter as you contemplate getting up off the floor again? It’s the karma dude and his [expletive deleted] boomerang.

      • Reminds me of the receiving line at my late GFs funeral. One not very close friend shook my hand and said, “I believe everything happens for a reason.” And my immediate thought, though I said nothing, was – “Yeah, she got hit by a truck. What a thing to say, I don’t really care right now what you believe.”

        Sometimes things happen because people, good or bad, do them. Something things happen simply because [stuff] happens.

        • Was trying to reply to The Countess, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s out there.

  1. Who does the “expletive deleted” on this site? I’m guessing it must be the Baron since even Dymphna got the hammer. I don’t feel so bad now, since I’ve been hammered too.

    Hope you all are having a nice day in your state. I’m recovering from some flu thing which is truly a pain since there is so much outdoor work to do at this time of year. And of course, it’s a lovely day to be doing it — more dang karma.

    • I think Dymphna gave herself the hammer for emphasis. Oh, I’ve been hammered a few times and I try to censer myself using square [editor’s] brackets myself. In fact, I find some of the censorship to be very creative.

      If anyone gets too far out of hand it will be the Baron, but I’ve only had a brush with that.

  2. Maybe our age is so deeply sunk in various secular apocalyptic scenarios that it’s too depressed to do anything about the jihadi threat.

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