Austrian Identitaires: “The Multicultis Have Brought Terror and Chaos to Europe”

Last week we posted a brief news report about the interruption of a play in Vienna by the Austrian branch of Génération Identitaire. The video below from the Austrian Identitaires explains the reasons for their protest, and why they chose that particular play for their target.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Elfriede Jelinek is an Austrian author
00:04   who hates Austria.
00:08   In an interview 2003 she answers the question
00:12   “What gives you the strength to write?” with: “It is a truly agonising, naked hatred
00:16   towards this country.” The left political culture showered Jelinek
00:20   with prizes. 2013 she wrote the play
00:24   “The Vulnerable” (Die Schutzbefohlenen), an angry chorus of complaint about the plight of refugees.
00:28   This play is a piece of propaganda for open borders and mass immigration.
00:32   The Multicultis adored it and again she was showered with prizes.
00:36   Then, in 2015, the borders were opened. Since then
00:41   we have experienced the terror of Paris and Brussels and the rapes of Cologne.
00:45   The Multicultis have brought terror and chaos to Europe.
00:49   Their “vulnerables” show their true colors. Despite that, they have learned nothing
00:53   and show no insight. The victims of the Bataclan, Brussels and Cologne,
00:57   they forgot them long ago.
01:01   The Forgotten Ones
01:05   But we forget nothing. It is the year 2016.
01:09   Today, 14 April, at 8.25 pm
01:13   after Cologne, Paris and Brussels “The Vulnerables” is going to be
01:17   performed again at the Vienna Uni Multimax, a power demonstration of the
01:22   Multiculti ideology. But today
01:26   things will happen differently. At 7 pm activists from the
01:30   Generation Identitaire meet near the University.
01:34   Their aim: to bring the blood of the Bataclan onto the stage of the Audimax.
01:42   They want to stand up for their future and show their faces.
01:50   They want to face a whole generation of Multicultis and tell them what they really are:
01:54   Hypocrites! This protest is not directed against
01:58   the people on the stage.
02:03   We are the youth of Europe without an immigrant background.
02:07   unclear (Bataclan…)
02:11   Banner unfurled by the Identitaires reads: “Hypocrites”
02:15   Nazis ‘raus’ — Nazis out
02:19   Nazis out
02:39   “The Truth: High Risk” Elfriede Jelinek After our aesthetic intervention
02:43   a storm of indignation broke out. The ’68ers (May 1968)
02:48   did obviously not like the taste of their own medicine. They responded
02:52   with absurd accusations and swung the Nazi club. But we are not Nazis.
02:56   We are YOUR children, we are the youth without
03:00   an immigrant background, and we want a future for us in this country.
03:04   Join us in the Identitaire Movement.
03:12   “THAT’S NOT ON!”
03:16   YES IT IS! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Austrian Identitaires: “The Multicultis Have Brought Terror and Chaos to Europe”

  1. Good for them. Nice to see the Austrians youth standing up to these Nazis of the left.

  2. Muslims cannot be honestly described as vulnerable. No group in history has been better able to take care of itself or more hostile to people outside the group. They are as vulnerable as a pack of wolves or a school of sharks.

    • Which makes them vulnerable to a general uprising and crushing by a totally exasperated populance?

  3. Brave, courageous young men and women to stand against the putrid poison of Marxist ideology and the manipulators of open borders policies! Deepest respect for them from this Australian.

  4. Why aren’t there more Europeans like this? I am a middle aged English woman who sees what is happening to my country and despairs. The government of the last 50 years has emasculated us with bread and circuses. Football, faecal TV, welfare and loans, have made us into a nation of dumb beasts, happy when the farmer puts a bit more hay down for us. Has Animal Farm ever been so prescient?

  5. I notice she is Jewish, like so many prominent pro immigrant activists. Maybe it is time someone addressed their involvement in this issue.

    • mexicano: By the same token, maybe it’s time that antisemitic [epithets] like you recognize that the VAST majority of those in Europe clamoring for open borders and the acceptance of mass migration from Muslim lands are of white, Christian, European ancestry.

  6. I am totally, 100% opposed to this disruption of a play with which the Génération Identitaire disagrees.

    They claim that the issue is important enough, the consequences deep and long-lasting enough, that this device is necessary to publicize in this way.

    This is exactly the argument of the Antifa, the anti-fascists, the left, and even the Muslims who consistently disrupt events and gatherings. The primary argument against these disruptions, the necessity of freedom of speech and individual security, has been demolished by this disruption of a legitimate play. I don’t care if the author of the play is an ardent open-borders advocate, or if she hates the Austrian nation, which she obviously does.

    The people attending the play, if they’re not street-wise youths, would obviously be intimidated. The leftist thugs in attendance would simply be validated in their methods, and the fight goes not to the most logical or sensible, but to the better-organized street fighters.

    This is not where I want to be going.

    • So, RonaldB, if the Left, the Multiculturalists, the Antifas can do as they will knowing full well that people like you *will* *not* *strike* *back*, who then is the “strong horse”? The one, as OBL put it, that people will follow?

      Will you wait until nothing can be done? Until only when the situation “absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part!”?

      I ask because it seems to me that the time is getting kinda late for your right-wing “virtue signalling”, but maybe you know of an upcoming conference somewhere in which some really significant anti-immigration measures will be discussed – out loud even – and agreed to. Boy, won’t that be something?

      • Your method of fighting back against attacks on people peacefully assembled is to attack other people peacefully assembled?

        I have no objection to fighting when attacked, or fighting the people who carry out attacks…like, if I have no real objection to beating up Antifa groups.

        It seems to be your view is long on rage, but short on cognition. You despair of getting your views out peacefully, so attacking plays you don’t agree with is the order of the day.

  7. ‘Not where we should be going?????’ We are not talking about ‘hypocrites’ we are talking about utter traitors in the act of destroying these young people’s lives and futures. From where I see it, without Civil War in Europe – not a ghost of a chance.

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