Anyone Who Isn’t “Islamophobic” Simply Isn’t Paying Attention

The following video features a series of public statements made by prominent imams in Canada. If they had been anything other than Muslims, their prescriptions and opinions about the treatment of women under Islamic law would have had them up on “hate speech” charges for “inciting religious hatred”. But it Modern Multicultural Canada, such sentiments when expressed by Muslims are no big deal — they’re just examples of the rich cultural traditions that make Canadians so proud of their diverse and inclusive society.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

15 thoughts on “Anyone Who Isn’t “Islamophobic” Simply Isn’t Paying Attention

  1. I’m sure there will be just as many and as bad on this side of the Atlantic as there is on the other side. Welcome to Trudeau the Second’s new wave of Multiculturalism!!! It’s not going to be pretty!!

  2. Nadezhda Mandelstam wrote two memoirs, the titles of which are generally translated as Hope Against Hope and Hope Abandoned.

    When I wrote my short novel A Separate War, I still had some fragment of hope that Islam could reach the point Catholicism and Protestantism did at the end of the Thirty Years’ War and put religious war behind it.

    But more and more I think that hope is misplaced, that Islam is no more capable of such a transformation than Marxism, and both must go into the dumpster of history. Even the sects that I’d had the most hope for, the Sufis and the Ahmadis, would probably have to undergo such an extensive transformation that they would become effectively no longer Islam.

    Sharia law and the Westphalian system cannot co-exist.

    Sharia delenda est.

    • May I suggest you read Isaiah Berlin’s essays on the impossibility of there ever being a ‘final solution’ to the question of how human beings are to live on this earth, wherein all values are reconciled, and all of humanity lives together in perfect contentment and harmony.

      This fabulous notion is, in Berlin’s terminology, ‘a metaphysical chimera’.

      The first essay in this collection deals with this, for example. The collection is entitled: The Crooked Timber of Humanity.

    • Don’t lose it. We need you….everyone of you. We’ve fought Islam before and have been successful. We love life too much. Freedom and love–what can be more powerful?–will prevail.

    • And remember the change both of those religions underwent too about 100 years-from th reformation 1517 to end of war 1648. And there was a lot of fighting in between. Meanwhile will they just comtinue to live among us.

      The beating o women and kiling of gay is simply not allowed under secular democracy. So what about that transition period? 100 years of this in OUR culture!!!

      THe ideology that permitts this is NEVER discussed in main streem nedia except by people like Richard Dawkins and a few others.

      • In the USA about 15000 are murdered each year
        When jihadists kill 1% or 150 per year maybe then I will take notice
        Until then watch out for those Christian gun lovers!

      • When did the beating of gays stop?
        In the last 50 years or so
        Anyone who has spent anytime in Muslim countries like Indonesia will see gays and trsnsvestites being accepted
        Just listen to all the Christian fundamentalists calling for death to gays
        Isn’t killing gays mandated by the bible ?

        • Yep, in the old Testament it certainly says that about gays and for people that practice bestiality. Funny thing though, no one actually practices that anymore in Christian nations. So your point is what? That Indonesia is getting progressive? Going from outright killing to just caning gays?

  3. When you sit round a table with other parties and are determined to reach ‘agreement’ then compromises will have to be made. The more different parties involved, the more compromises. This is inevitable.

    Eventually, you will have no standards left.

    Only ‘agreement’.

    • It is not a moral decision to compromise with evil. What is moral is to give evil no sanction.

      As Reagan famously said, “Peace through superior firepower.” (if he didn’t, he should have) and his idea of how to end the cold war, “We win, they lose.”

  4. I hope readers of GoV will watch the Munk Debate that Mark Steyn and Nigel Farage participated in at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto the other day. The debate can be found at Mark’s (or Munk’s) website. It’s so good I watched it 3 times.Both “the boys” changed some minds on the final vote!We need more of these events.

    • Until the Canadians rid themselves of the idiot Troudeau, who would appear to be a convert to the Islamic faith already, they, like the citizens of Europe, will find themselves being dragged back into the stone age sooner rather than later.
      Wake up Canada!

      • Wake up indeed! My thoroughly stupid countrymen (and women) only voted ‘meathead’ in a few months ago, and yes you’re right, the idiot is a mosque-hopping moslem hugger.

        Canadians drank the ‘hate Harper’ koolaid, just as the GOP are starting to drink the ‘hate Trump’ koolaid, while Trump and Cruz–who should work together and save the country are at each others throats; or am I getting this wrong?

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