Women in Östersund Had Better Stay Home at Night, Or Get Used to Being Raped

Östersund is a small town in the northern part of Sweden. Like most such towns, it has always been a placid, orderly, law-abiding place — that’s the Swedish way.

Until recently. Everything has changed since the arrival of “refugees” at asylum centers that are popping up like mushrooms all over the Swedish landscape, even in the most rural areas. In the past few weeks six violent crimes — including rape and attempted rape — have been committed by men of “foreign appearance” against women out alone at night in Östersund. Now the police are advising women to stay at home at night, or at the very least not go out except in groups.

The police chief would obviously prefer not to issue such advice, but he has been forced to acknowledge that his force is unable to protect the women of Östersund. There would have to be a policeman, or possibly several, to accompany each woman when she is away from home.

One of the “New Swedes” might say: “Ah, but there is an easy solution — the women should go out only if accompanied by their husbands, fathers, brothers, or sons!” In other words, the self-enforced practice of sharia law.

Are Swedish women unhappy with this de-facto condition of purdah to which they are now being relegated? Yes, probably so.

Are they angry enough about it to vote out the multiculturalist politicians who forced it upon them without their consent? No, apparently not. Not yet, anyway.

Many thanks to Tania G. for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this Swedish news report:

See The Daily Mail for a report on the same topic (in English).

Video transcript:

00:02   As we see it just now, we recommend that women who go out late at night
00:08   rather not do it without getting a lift, or that they go together as a group.
00:14   In the weekend a rape attempt and an assault was reported in the center of town
00:18   But they are not the only cases.
00:22   Since the 20th of February six types of assaults against women were reported in Östersund.
00:26   I am sorry to say so but I think they need to act out of a “better safe than sorry” principle.
00:30   There was actually a woman on her way to work at 11 in the evening
00:36   who was attacked, so it is not just in the bar environment
00:40   that women are easy prey that they throw themselves over.
00:42   Here was a lone woman and a bit late in the evening
00:44   with nobody else around.
00:48   I think we should act out of a safety principle.
00:50   But it is rather serious that we are asking women to change their behavior.
00:54   Yes, unfortunately that is the way it is,
00:57   but we think it is important.
00:59   We feel a strong concern that this could end with something much worse than an attempted rape.
01:03   The incidents we have had, where women have been assaulted, have been very violent.
01:07   The police have certain leads in the various cases,
01:11   but are also asking the public if they have heard or seen anything
01:14   that could help solve the cases.
01:18   Are the perpetrators lone individuals or are there several?
01:22   In the case of assault and the attempted rape, it has been a group of up to three persons.
01:26   In two other cases it has been individuals.
01:30   What is also curious is that none of the perpetrators
01:34   have been intoxicated.
01:36   According to our knowledge they have been completely sober.
01:41   Which is also odd.
01:44   Have there earlier been similar incidents in Östersund?
01:46   No, there haven’t been.
01:48   There have obviously been some cases over the years,
01:52   but it is normally drunken men fighting with each other and stuff like that.
01:58   This is something new; here it is women who are the target.
02:02   A number of them over a short period of time.

69 thoughts on “Women in Östersund Had Better Stay Home at Night, Or Get Used to Being Raped

  1. When the police give up protecting the public, then the people don’t take the law into their own hands.

    The police put the law into the people’s hands.

    • That would work, except the police have not given up enforcing the law. They now selectively enforce it against the Swedes who try to do something about the problem. Here’s my solution, basically set some attractive girl out there with her cell phone as bait. The people that you have available to make the “citizen’s arrest”, can be waiting a couple blocks away in a car. The first instance of trouble, she can call for help and the perps can get swift justice. Basically go out and troll for the criminals. Even if you did this, the Swedish fascist government would arrest you, and not the criminals. They in turn, would not even be willing to do something as simple as this to stop crimes.

      • To dhans:

        You talk about Sweden, please don’t be so egotistic and self-centered when in reality you talk about ALL Europe. I feel offended by your discrimination against the rest of Europe…. I know, I know, sarcasm is the defense of the weak – perhaps one should say of the oppressed.

        Makes one sick, doesn’t it? I think you too feel like living in a tyranny. What do people do who live under tyranny? They speak and talk only with those whom they can trust – and then act together.

        Don’t tell others (whom you meet perchance) what you think. Ask them what they think, get them to talk, meet them again, get them to talk more, then you will know. I think you get the idea…

        • I don’t even need to go to Europe. I am a person of Danish/Swedish heritage that lives in a town in Minnesota that is 6% muslim. Do you think I could write into my local newspaper and say what I say here without being called a racist Islamaphobe by the socialist lunatics? There is a huge effort underway in the US to put an end to freedom of speech.

        • I don’t think we are explaining to the Muslims correctly. We need a real kick ass government. Back to basics.

          • To MHB:

            Agreed, but what if our governments don’t want to [take strong action against enemies]? If/when they don’t want to be populist; that is to say don’t want to follow the wish of they population, their electors? What do we, THE PEOPLE!, do then? At a fundamental level, as a democratic people we have to govern ourselves. Generally, we are doing so via an elected representation of our wills. But if our wills are not only ignored, but acted against, then we have to uphold democracy. That means we have to govern ourselves, carrying out the will of the people. Even if we are forced to do that in small, separate and independent groups, but with the humble spirit of the people in us, we must not shirk from such democratic duty.

            Don’t you agree?

            PS: I wish there would be somewhere governments that we could call “ours” – oh there is one. Silly me. The Hungarians have it. Goodness! There really is a government in the Christian/Occidental/Roman world that actually carries out the will of the voters, of the people. Wow! Who would have thought…

  2. The girls should choose their islamic mates early, pick of the litter so to speak. Otherwise they may end up in a slovenly 60 year old’s harem.

    • Jeff, You are right. That’s what is going to happen in the future. To avoid conflict with the NATIVE muslims of Sweden, and to keep their Sublime Humanist attitudes and intellectual superiority, ( anyone who enslvave themselves to muslims must be a genius), Swedes will force their 9 year-old girls to find a muslim mate, and their humanist mom will help her sit on their lap, preferably those in their 40s, just like the Criminal Pirate and read the Devil’s Book, pray, nay, curse Christians and Jews Five times a day.

      Then and only then there will be no conflict. And the Swedes will say to the STUPID world: Look at us : We told you we were nonpareilly clever.

      • Future? There will be none if we continue down the currently Saudi and Soros money greased skids to oblivion and the endless backwards march down Muslim road.

  3. Unbelievable. What is it the Swedes still don’t get? Why aren’t the local people up in arms and out on the streets demonstrating?

    • You may well ask. Police in most countries throughout Europe claim they are over-run by the ‘refugees’ and can’t control them, yet they seem to have no problem controlling and persecuting their own people–who greatly out-number the migrant trash.

      It would seem therefore, that the Swedes are still milling around in confusion, unable to believe what is happening to them, and still unable to comprehend that if the situation is to change, they must do the changing–by force, if necessary.

      At present they give no indication they are contemplating any such action, so the status-quo continues….

      • Peter35 said: “You may well ask. Police in most countries throughout Europe claim they are over-run by the ‘refugees’ and can’t control them, yet they seem to have no problem controlling and persecuting their own people–who greatly out-number the migrant trash…”

        Spot on my friend. An excellent argument, I’ll spread it.

  4. This is a real-life implementation of the boiling frog analogy. This is how they slowly chip away at our societies character and change it. It is depressing that most in the West cannot see the long game the Ummah is playing with us.

    We are too enmeshed in identity politics and the cult of the self to effectively respond.

    • The political establishment, with the MSM, are controlling the invasion as much as they can, totally, until the demographics have changed in favor of their beloved employer/hostage takers, namely islamic top management and the “religion of peace”

      Then, when it is too late to reverse the colonization, they get their reward, whatever that may be. Mission accomplished.

      All the European peoples get, is their own culture destroyed beyond repair. Look to Lebanon! Look to Balkan! Look to anywhere invaded and colonized by “the religion of peace”! Syria, Egypt, India, Nigeria, etc. The list is endless.

    • This really explains the rise of Donald Trump. For years the left has engaged in tribal identity politics, and now the Caucasian portion of America has finally responded with there own version of identity politics. Exactly what the left wants them to do. When they create chaos, they can suspend gun rights, free speech, freedom of assembly, etc. You saw this at last nights Trump rally. Totally organized, professional stoppage of free speech and freedom of assembly by the Marxists at MoveOn.org. This never ends well. Show me one instance of a country with as diverse a population as ours that has engaged in identity politics, and it has not turned the country into something like Kosovo, or Lebanon. Once the left started going down this path, there is no turning back, unless people really demand to live in a truly free democratic nation, and do not except any alternatives. Unfortunately, our country is flooded with “useful idiots” who cannot comprehend where this will ultimately end. They actually think they are doing something positive by shutting down free speech. Never surrender the right to free speech. There is no such thing as “hate speech”.

  5. This is the purpose of the attacks on women in the street and in the swimming baths. To enforce a Purdah on non-muslim women. Aided and abetted by the police, the judiciary and the politicians. Why not cut out the middle man and have done with it and declare Swedish law to be subservient to Sharia law?
    Its easier to boil the frog by stages, if you turn the heat up too quickly, it may jump out of the water. And no I am not illiterate, I refuse to use a capital letter for muslim.

    • I think that saying that is the policeman’s way of getting the message across about whom the perps are, despite having been ordered not to identify the group.

      The cop is probably trying to do his best in a completely crappy system. I don’t think that it’s actually his personal fault.

    • To say that they were not intoxicated is to say that they were in full control of their faculties; it says that they knew exactly what they were doing.

  6. You know, I hate to blame the victim, but any Swedish woman who doesn’t WAKE UP RIGHT NOW and start voting against the people who brought these problems to Sweden *is* partially responsible for what happens to her.

    The only party to vote for in Sweden right now is SD. Are they perfect? No. Do they have unpleasant supporters? Yes. But they’re the only ones that will try to avoid the total ruin of Sweden, so they should be voted for anyway.

    If I were the SD right now, I would start a volunteer “WalkSafe” patrol, where SD members will escort the vulnerable. That would probably get some extra votes. Just a thought to any SD members reading this…

    • That`s a nice idea if this were say 1985. At this point there is no possible way to legislate your way out of this mess. The Muslims will not simply pack up and go home. They are there to conquer! They are playing a totally different game. There will be blood, and lots of it if Sweden and Europe ever want tp be free again. They must also get rid of the communist`s.

  7. “Are Swedish women unhappy with this de-facto condition of purdah to which they are now being relegated? Yes, probably so.

    Are they angry enough about it to vote out the multiculturalist politicians who forced it upon them without their consent? No, apparently not. Not yet, anyway.”

    Actually I am not so sure. I think that women have a built in self-preservation technique (gene?) that allows them to accede to almost any situation as long as they can continue their prime function of nurturing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that women want bad things to happen, but I do believe that when faced with a primal problem they will almost always revert to a primal defense – and that is one of acceptance and a hope for better times ahead.

    Similarly, when in a position of strength, equality even, women will push their agenda as far as they can.

    That is what has happened to the western world over the last couple of centuries. Women have gained strength in society and politics and have pursued their goals relentlessly against white men. White men have been conciliatory and have rightly tried to do their best to accommodate women’s needs and views.

    Whilst white (and as a consequence, all men of mature civilizations) have acceded to women’s views, they have in turn lost some of their own strength.

    In the West women have achieved mighty victories; many of them have been good for both men and women, but many have not. These victories have invariably led to some emasculation of masculine ideals and eventually to the pacification of males in general.

    Whilst that emasculation of men has been beneficial for the goals of many women, the problem arises when a primitive civilization enters the frame. Here, a strong, cruel, and vicious civilization enters the realm of the pacified male in overwhelming numbers. The woman reverts back to her primal defense of acceptance and patience; whereas the emaciated male is no longer able to think as a strong male, but neither can he take the path of the woman.

    This is evident today in society where we still hear the attacks of “liberated”, “emancipated”, “feminist” women strongly attacking men of the west, and because they are treated as equals they are heard; but we hear nothing from those same women when it comes to female genital mutilation, pedophilia, stoning, or rape perpetrated by any race or religion other than men of the west.

    In America today, the right to bear arms is constitutionally enshrined. In many other parts of the world, that right has been stolen from the populace. Unfortunately, everywhere in the western world and sadly even in America, many of the other ideals of masculinity have also been stolen.

    Today, if a 10 year old boy (in America!) holds up two fingers in the shape of a finger gun, he is hauled off to jail in handcuffs (even though gun ownership is legal). If a University invites a conservative like Ben Shapiro to give a talk on freedom the people who invited him are hounded from their jobs. If a nutcase who massacres innocent people is found to have a Confederate flag then there is a hue and cry to remove all vestiges of the Confederacy from history. If there is a statue of Cecil Rhodes in front of the University College he founded then it is bemoaned for being racist, and the list goes on.

    Masculinity is under serious attack in the western world and males are being emasculated at a stunning rate. Western (and I include in that anywhere that western values have been adopted including Eastern societies like Japan, Korea and the Philippines) men’s primal strengths are being destroyed.

    At the same time women’s primal strengths have simply remained dormant whilst the attack on western masculinity has taken place. The woman’s self-preservation gene is still intact.

    I have seen, even here on Gates of Vienna, women crying out for their men to save them from attack, a clear reversion to a primal concept, but I fear that their cries are falling and will fall, not on deaf ears, but emasculated ears; ears that once were strong, but sadly, because of women’s own folly, ears that can no longer help them.

    • I don’t know how much I want to get into this but the problem isn’t just emasculation, it’s also a corruption of masculinity.

      What I’ve seen happening is this. Women (especially the really young ones like teenagers) get socialized into presenting themselves as sex objects. (This can include appearance-related things like revealing clothing and makeup but it’s apparent in behavior even when such things aren’t present.) They don’t realize what they’re doing because they’re just imitating stuff in the media, and they’re getting attention from the boys (and even male adults, mostly the ones in their 20s) so that’s positive reinforcement.

      The boys then end up reacting in a predictable manner, seeing the girls as mostly sex objects. With neither the boys nor the girls having terribly good relationship skills at a young age, the girls get the feeling that they’re not just sex objects, but throw-away sex objects. They internalize this and further treat themselves the same way. This then reinforces the perception of the males, etc.

      What I’m describing is too exaggerated to be generalized to everyone but a small yet critical mass builds up and it creates collateral damage.

      Males who do want relationships get “damaged” by exposure to girls who have decided that if they’re throw-away sex objects then the guys are throw-away utility objects. Their perception of women is diminished to the point that they may not see any point in trying to protect women in general even if they’d otherwise be masculine. “Feminization” just further exacerbates this problem.

      Masculinity gets debased into being about little other than “scoring”. Women have gotten too devalued in their minds to be worth protecting in general or taking responsibility for individually. In some areas the males may think that’s the responsibility of the state, so “not my job” just like crime prevention.

      I’m describing this starting from the worst case but it radiates outward into lesser degrees from this sort of core.

      • This isn’t the product of “oversexualized” women. This is the logical result of a country where ideas such as forcing men to urinate sitting down instead of standing up are given serious consideration. Sweden has intentionally destroyed its men.

        • There are multiple factors involved and multiple behavioral cascades. Some sort of critical mass of hypersexualization isn’t going to lead to emasculation (such as men peeing sitting down), not directly. It will shift the emphasis of masculinity/femininity toward sex rather than responsibility.

          I suspect that the emasculation may be happening as an attempt to render the sex-crazed males more docile. For example, I’ve had more than one women tell me I should wear pink or make some similarly emasculating comment if she feels threatened by me for some odd reason and thinks I’m interested in her. (This is most likely to happen if I say something she interprets as “macho”.)

          So I would bet the large scale emasculation is really just this same thing happening on a larger scale.

      • Pornography has accelerated what you have described. And tragically American culture has been the main facilitator. We shot ourselves in the foot and thus the whole world.

        • There’s also the Internet which makes much more pornography available to many more much younger people. That’s probably put it into overdrive.

    • This comes to us from the country that’s been demonizing men and masculinity for decades. It’s no wonder that their men don’t stand up and fight for their women. Any protective instincts are beaten out of them as children in the name of egalitarianism.

      • If the conditioning breaks and the Swedish men start being violent. Then it is likely to break all the way and become an unfocused bloodbath.

        I.e. Those who have experience in the application of violence can choose the best level of violence. Those without will either under apply and get killed…. Once the half measure is known as a failure option the only option is massive over application to ensure success.

        This won’t be a “orderly disposal” (germany ww2), more Rwanda…

  8. Western Europe is in a state of total chaos,hopefully Eastern Europe will stand strong and reject this deliberate destruction of the European culture, economy, national pride, and highly civilized way of life.

    • Agreed; the Visegrad 4 (and may their numbers increase!) are an optimistic development.

  9. Oh, my. What or whom could it possibly be? Can this man spell Muslim or Moslem? And “persons” don’t commit assault or rape on women. Men do that, mostly of the Muslim persuasion.

    I would feel and do feel, very sorry for the women but the Swedish in general have become stupid beyond belief. You can only take political correctitude so far and then it beomes simply stupid is as stupid does.

  10. Where oh where is the feminist “race”? You know the one’s from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s etcetra et al. One would have thought that by now “they” would be beating the bejesus out of any Muslim rapist murderer who even dared apply for residence?

  11. This is why the right to bear arms is important. None of the women are armed, so all it takes is a few Muslim guys to get together to overwhelm a victim: they need not fear that she will pull a pistol on them and kill or wound them.

    • Agreed, but you’ve got to have a CCW (CCP) to make use of the firearm at need. California simply does NOT issue concealed carry permits/warrants to private citizens. Even Sen. Dianne Feinstein requested one some ten or so years ago and was denied! Which is when I learned how useless a personal firearm is for personal self-defense in California.

      Oh, yeah; I could still (in theory) use a firearm to defend attacks against my house. But against myself, in public? There, I’ve got to rely on my cane, assuming I’ve needed it that day. Or my bunch of keys, fitted into my fingers a la brass knuckles, and hope that I connect with a nose or mouth (even though I’m only 5’4″). Etc.

      A woman *or man* in California will not “pull a pistol on them and kill or wound them” either…. 🙁

  12. After all this excitement (with my breakfast!) I remembered something from long ago, back in the 1950’s. My mother carried a hat pin and she encouraged me to do the same. I never needed it but. . . a hat pin is small but somewhat effective — it hurts because it’s long. Since the modern western European woman is not allowed a firearm to protect herself, a hat pin might help. Sounds silly, I know. But then so does the demise of western civilization.

    • Who cares what the politicians say from behind their gated communities and with their body guards present. If I was a Swede or French or German, I would buy myself a high capacity handgun and carry it religiously. If the pols don’t like what the proles do to protect themselves and their families then walk in their shoes and see the reality.

      • How exactly would you go about buying a gun in any of those countries?

        There are many hunters with rifles here though.
        Not long ago a hunter used his rifle to defend himself in his home. Guess who got convicted…

    • It’s probably illegal to carry a hat pin in Sweden. And if a woman stabs an attacking Muslim with a hat pin, it’s racism and she’ll be prosecuted.

      A Swedish woman who gets raped should do what any good Muslima would do. Either:

      A) Go home and commit suicide
      B) Tell her family, so that either her father or brothers will murder her.

      • Cy-

        I believe conditions in Sweden are more horrific than your proposed choices A & B.

        The are many among the Swedish state, politicians, and Antifas who are effectively transmitting the message that Swedish women should just lie back and try to enjoy it.

        What sad days for a formerly lovely country.

      • Robert-

        Exactly right.

        At some point the 5th column of enabling traitors will need to be dealt with harshly.

  13. 01:36 According to our knowledge they have been completely sober.
    01:41 Which is also odd.

    How is that “odd”? The crimes being mentioned here aren’t being committed by Swedish men. Is this guy oblivious to the obvious? Or is he just playing dumb?

    • He’s making it blindingly obvious that the perps are Muslims, without violating his boss’ dictate NOT to say the word. Everybody knows what it means.

      Don’t blame this cop, who is trying to do a decent job without getting fired. Blame his boss, and his boss’ boss.

  14. This is how Islam works. They are slowly and cautiously preparing the battle space for the kinetic jihad. They have gotten strong enough to become more and more confrontational. When they can rape Europe’s women with impunity, as is now the case, then real violence is about to begin with the Paris attack as a precursor.

    It seems that Islam has won the pre-jihad battle of the wills in Europe. Now comes the mopping up operations. If the European citizens want to maintain their culture and way of life, they need to arm themselves and rid themselves of their “elite leadership” who has brought on the Islamic invasion as they push back Islam out of Europe. This will be difficult to do as the population is almost beaten down and hope is draining away. Where are the few statesmen who will lead them out of the abyss?

  15. I always believed that we have armed forces and laws to protect us from the enemy criminal carrion and not to protect the criminal carrion while they reap the rewards of successful occupation carry out their traditional Islamic victory rape fest. I used to joke about the Turkish army landing in Holland or Germany to protect their own. Not any more. Think Cyprus. Turkey dreams again of Constantinople II. Can’t blame them really. All those other Easterners sitting in Brussels doing nothing more than the politicians equivalent of collectioning benefits, welfare and lots of cash under the table.

  16. Even the passive terrorist barely able to contain ones hijabed or bearded selfie, Christian hating Muslim must be sorely tried by European national flags. Sweden’s is extremely offensive and I imagine will have to go sooner rather than later.

  17. I speak swedish. there wasn’t a single word mentioned in the video about the ethnicity of the perpetraters. not one word

  18. Where are the feminists? How bad does it have to get before people show their outrage and demand that all of these people be sent back. He in Australia we put them in detention centres until we know who they are. We’ve often seen this as inhumane, but seeing what is happening in Europe, it may be just what is needed until know who is who.

  19. Oh ffs, it’s not difficult, the authorities act like security is hard to figure out. It’s security, not splitting the atom. Beef up the police, put security on the street and enforce your damn laws, sweden. And btw, their rather weak response to the brutal rape and torture of of women and children raises the question of how seriously it was ever taken to begin with, pre-refugees.

  20. And what is the role of the King of Sweden? Does he not have a moral obligation to speak up as Sweden is destroyed from within? I know that he is another brainwashed idiot committed to the idiocy of multiculturalism.

  21. The top five consumers of online porn, bestiality, violent rape flics and child Pr0N ARE ALL MUSLIM COUNTRIES with Pakistan coming in at #1 in the entire world for P0Nr ‘hits’ per population.

    • Thank you for the online pR0n statistics. Where online can we read the study? I am a researcher.


  22. Seems to me that ultimately the police in western nations are there to protect the administration not the people.

    • In Europe and the U.K. Yes. In the US we have police under local and individual state control, which does make a difference.

      • Local control is eroding even as it becomes rowdier. States want those federal lands returned to their control. And they’re finding it less difficult to refrain from using the government teat since what comes out is contaminated. The big push back has only just started…but look for more Wacos and such as the permanent bureaucracy hunkers down for the long fight.

  23. If that is the attitude of the Police THEN every time a Woman is molested BEAT up a cop first and the culprit second. After all the cops work for YOU.

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