Woman-in-the-Street Interview: More Foreigners than Germans — That’s Not OK

In the latest of a series of man- and woman-in-the-street interviews, the interviewer talks to a long-time immigrant to Germany who does not approve of the current wave of mass immigration, or the way the government is handling it.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Fine! I think that’s fine. — Why?
0:04   Because there are too many of them already.
0:07   I find that, I am an immigrant myself, but I’ve been here 40 years already,
0:12   and I think it’s good that immigration is being limited.
0:18   I mean, no matter where you go, train, subway, on the street, (…)
0:24   more foreigners than Germans, and I don’t think that’s OK. That is all.
0:30   The AfD gets increasingly stronger. What has to change in politics?
0:34   Politicians have to think ahead, not after the fact. That’s wrong. Don’t you think?
0:40   Don’t you think? They have to think ahead, what COULD happen, no,
0:48   but they’re not thinking, anything they do is spontaneous,
0:52   and the people are suffering because of it.
0:55   All of us who work here, paid our taxes, and those others they just come
1:01   and they don’t do a thing and they now get the money.
1:04   One should fight in his country, for freedom, not in another country,
1:09   that is not a fight. Don’t you think so?
1:16   It is right that things are limited and controlled that people who really are in need,
1:25   can come, but not everybody. That is just too much.
1:30   No matter if they come from Africa or another continent.
1:34   We too are a small continent, we are not big,
1:38   and they all leave their countries? We don’t have gold lying on the street.
1:43   We have to work here, too, and when one asks, “Why don’t you work?”
1:48   they answer it’s too hard. And I don’t think that’s good.
1:52   I have worked for 25 years in Germany, I have — my husband was German —
1:59   he is not, unfortunately, with us anymore, but both of us we worked hard,
2:05   and we lived in a small apartment for 25 years, with two bedrooms,
2:10   it was very small, small bath, and we were OK that way, all right?
2:15   And we have done our work. And those others should do that, too.
2:20   No matter how long they’re gonna be here, they have to go to work, too.
2:25   I find that OK. So you also tell the politicians.

6 thoughts on “Woman-in-the-Street Interview: More Foreigners than Germans — That’s Not OK

  1. She gets it. They come to Europe with a list of demands. They do not want to work. They want something for nothing and they are deluded enough to think we owe them.

  2. Sounds like we really are responsible and you know what happens to people who are irresponsible? We give Muslims a complete list of demands if they don’t already have one. We make sure they understand that they will be better off not to work. Benefits pay more than work. What’s work? A job is only another opportunity to mess with the filthy kufars mind. The unclean Kufar know they have to pay the Muslim race the owed tax as soon as he shows up. All this and more we accept like fearful natives on the shore. We comply without question. When did subservience ever work for anyone. We are responsible.

  3. Just what does one do with an illegal? For Europe to survive illegals must be removed, but the question is can this be done in a humane way in keeping with our civilizational values, or do we have to become as barbaric as the ‘enemy’ thus compromising our own society?

  4. Obviously this person does not understand that the invasion was planned, at least in part. It appears that most Germans still do not understand how they have been betrayed.

    Of course the same is true for many people in the U.S.A. When Obama has a 50% approval rating you know that much of the public just doesn’t get it.

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