Voices from a Montana Anti-Refugee Resettlement Rally

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about the forced resettlement of “refugees” in Montana, Nash Montana (who obviously lives in the state) sends these quotes from anti-immigrant Montanans as recorded at a rally protesting the resettlement program:

  • “This is not a humanitarian issue, If it was a humanitarian issue, countries in the Middle East would take care of their own rather than putting the burden on us.”
  • “These people are not willing to fight for their country, and based on that they are not going to fight for our country.”
  • “I think the people in that room have mixed up the victims and the perpetrators of what’s happening in countries like Syria.”
  • “We are very disappointed that the Flathead County commissioners have been misled to believe it is impossible to adequately investigate refugees coming to the United States.”
  • “I was told that if there is enough unease about refugees, the government will not place them in the area. … Let’s make them see and hear the unease.”
  • “I believe it is not in the best interests of Montana and the United States to allow refugees or immigrants to come to the United States who do not agree with our Constitution, our values and the separation of church and state.”
  • “Islam is not just a religion, it is a theocracy that controls every part of a person’s life and requires its followers to put Sharia law in place wherever they go.”
  • “They have Sharia law in Dearborn, we do not want that here.”

  • “The potential impact of receiving a contingent of individuals from an unknown origin, without credible documentation, is frightening to say the least. But we also realize we must ensure the safety of our families and the sanctity of our communities.”
  • “The entire refugee resettlement agenda is a (United Nations)-inspired plan to erase borders and dilute Western culture through mass immigration.”


The Missoulian
The Washington Times

23 thoughts on “Voices from a Montana Anti-Refugee Resettlement Rally

  1. People will be calling them hypocrites, because of Europeans taking over from indigenous Americans. The obvious answer, which I never see in the media, should be “all the more reason not to let that happen to us!”

    • I say that it was an invasion. Do we want to fall victim to an invasion. It evokes stronger imagery, of drastic changes in culture, etc.

    • Just because the present crop of Americans descends from or was invited in by successful invaders (one might say conquerors) doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be entitled to repel any invasion that they think threatens them and their way of life. Same goes for Australians or even the English (who pushed the original British to the margins).

    • It’s beginning to srrm like this is a coordinated plan-though loosly. Muslim groups seem to be taking over areas where land is sparcely populated, insted of cramming into big cities.

      This is very close to what the whites did to the indians. No one to contest the taking over of sparcely populated land.

      But how could a thing like this happen inthe US. I keep checking to see if i’m paranoid. But all I see is a definate historical trend. Such things like tis woyuld have been unimaginable 30-years ago.

      • Would you call Dearborn, MI, or the Cedar Square West complex in Minneapolis unpopulated?

        • No! I mean relativly. Conpared to New York or Los Angeles. But I understand there’re also settling in large cities.

          To expand on the ‘conspieracy’ idea. Muslims seem to go to areas populated by fundamentalist Christians; like TN & TX. and build large mosques.

          Is this to provoke a violent reaction so they can ‘fight back’?…I just wonder.

          • You need to test this idea. We are a country of well armed people, and we are letting it go because we are following laws that will not protect us. Something needs to happen to change our laws to reflect the people’s will.

    • The reality of life on earth. Every single nation has a territory as long as it is willing to defend it. Etc etc etc.

  2. There should have been demonstrations around the world saying “No islam here.” Too late for that now. Most European countries will now need regime change before the invaders can be repatriated.

    • Regime change is the appropriate term. We don’t have governments anymore, all we have are left wing parties, and their propaganda organs’. That is to say the media which is either left wing or very left wing. The latter of those parties just stopping short of outright socialism, the former leaves free enterprise alone, but introduces even ‘gender questions’ for children that are barely out of toddler age.

      Everybody disagreeing with the above is defamed immediately, intimidated by threats, and even attacked. Witness here the campaign against PEGIDA, Britain First, AfD, Gert Wilder’s, etc. The first line of defamation being usually to be called Nazi, followed by racist and so on. Spearheaded by so called AntiFa (Anti Fascist) organizations, with the full support of the media.

      One should note in this context the following quote: “The new Fascism will not say: ‘I am the new Fascism.’ Instead it will say: ‘I am the AntiFascism.’ ” Accredited to: Ignazio Silone – Italian writer and Socialist/Communist(!)

      If this does not cease and democratic rules are being re-introduced, then the result will be revolutions. Anybody doubting that should look at the voter turnouts. Dropping, dropping and dropping. Unless there’s a real alternative like the AfD in Germany. Last elections in which they stood, voter turnout was over 70%, you read that correctly

    • In this respect, Angola and Japan are two of the most intelligent countries out there, for they have banned the RoP completely.

  3. Montanans do get it instinctively, I see this over and over again.

    Funny story. When I came to Montana for the very first time in 1993, I knew no one, I had no clue who these people were, how they ticked.

    In 1993 I was actually meant to go on a sailing trip on Turkey with my parents and my brother, his yacht was parked at the Mersin Marina in Turkey. We had a flight from Zurich to Turkey. The flight was cancelled due to a terrorist threat. Go figure.

    My parents decided to wait out the 12 hours for the next flight. I changed my plans and hopped on a plane to Chicago. It was the next plane leaving. I had no clue what I was going to do. As I got to Chicago, I looked up a tourism office at the airport. I saw a pamphlet there that said, “Real cowboy or not, ride a Wagon Train/Cattle Drive in Montana!”

    So I hopped on the Amtrak and rode it all the way to Williston, North Dakota. I had never been in the US before except as an exchange student in Rupert, Idaho in 1984, but I figured… oh well, I’ll get around.

    Arriving in Williston, the rancher and his wife picked me up in a big old Cadillac they titled ‘the beast’, and said “Well I reckon first thing is we’re gonna get you some good gear”, and they took me to Myers Ranch Supply in Sidney, Montana.

    The rest is history. The reason I am telling this is because I became such good friends with the rancher, his wife, the whole family, everyone up there on the high line in Richland County. It is one of the most desolate spots in Montana. We rode horses every day, all day, one time I was out on a horse for a whole week straight riding and mending fences. And all the time that I have spent up there, I have never met a dumb rancher.

    They were smart. Intelligent. Stepping into their ranch homes, creaky floor boards, old cabinets, old stoves, everything a little bit rusty and a little bit behind, and yet you look at their books on the shelves, and you’ll be surprised.

    My friends who put on the cattle drive, the man of the house Gene, he would sit in his old recliner every day and read three different newspapers from all over the nation. Pre-internet.

    The people are smart. They surprised me over and over again. I learned a lot in all the time I had spent up on the high line. Living in Billings now, I meet a lot of ignorant people. The usual concoction of snooty elitist lefty liberals and ‘don’t give a s**t gimme another drink’ crowd.

    But you can’t fool the Montana country people. I am far away from the Missoula and Kalispell crowd, although I was just there a couple weeks ago to visit some friends, it’s an 8 hour drive. But it’s the same there. They are not fooled by the glossy welcome culture bs coming out of DC and Europe.

    Just sayin’…

    • Same thing with my ancestors from Denmark who homesteaded in rural Minnesota. The reason they are not dumb is that they have to live by their own wits and talents. You have to be able to repair anything that moves basically. Fail to do this, and you just don’t make it out there. Call it Social Darwinism. Once you get into the urban environment, that all goes away. People hire someone else to do their critical thinking type work for them. The welfare state actually creates a de-evolution of the human condition.

    • Nash, I lived near the hi–line in Northeast Montana as a teenager when there was a big USAF base there. You are speaking the truth. I never met so many intelligent, well-read people anywhere. The absolute salt of the earth ghost farmers and ranchers were.

      Please dear Lord, do not let Islam get a foot-hold in Montana.

  4. To my friends in Montana: In November 2011 Gates of Vienna published my thesis “Islam is Fear”. (http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2011/11/islam-is-fear-part-i.html)

    The opening reads:

    Would you wear a T-shirt with a Mohammad cartoon printed on it?

    You might in Montana. Don’t try it in Mecca.


    Because Islam trains a small number of its most devout believers that it’s OK to kill. And Islamic killers have been trained to kill anyone who insults Allah and/or Mohammad.

    In Montana you’d have a good chance none of these Islamic killers would see you.

    In Mecca you wouldn’t last five minutes. One of Islam’s killers would come from out of nowhere and kill you. It is that simple.

    You don’t believe me? Ask any Muslim!

    The rest of the thesis details the risk associated with an ever increasing population of Muslims. As a salesman years ago I traveled throughout Montana. I never saw signs of any Muslims. I read with sadness that Muslims are being “resettled” in Montana.

  5. I often miss Montana. I grew up in Great Falls, spent a lot of time at Flathead Lake as a kid. Met and married my husband in Billings…and you are right, Nash. Clueless liberals. Especially at the Gazette, where every editor and reporter all seemed to be from Madison, WI.
    I have worked and lived in almost every part of the state. My husband and I were ranch hands in Whitewater, (you need a magnifying glass to find it. North of Malta, just shy of Saskatchewan)
    Montanans aren’t PC types. Work can be scarce. Kumbaya might be Bozeman and Missoula’s thing, but instinctively, no one wants the invaders. All you have to do is look north to Alberta, see the moral insanity that misrules them there, and for sanity’s sake…do the opposite, please!

  6. I live in Flathead County,MT and spoke a few weeks ago at the County Commission meeting. Our (3) commissioners voted 3-0 to send a letter to Obama’s State Department saying we don’t want any Syrian/Muslim Refugees.

    I was also one of 120 or so in Missoula the month before at the anti-refugee rally.

    Nash, I used to live in Germany and I thank you for your translations. On April 22 of this year we will have Elisabeth Sabaditsch- Wolff as a speaker in Kalispell. Come on up from Billings.

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