Trump: “Frankly, We’re Having Problems With the Muslims”

Regardless of what I might think of Donald Trump’s other policies, his stance on Islam is enough to earn my vote. With the exception of Geert Wilders, no politician of comparable stature west of the Elbe is willing to confront the danger that Islam — not “radical Islam”, not “Islamism”, but Islam — poses to Western Civilization.

According to The Hill, this is what Mr. Trump said today in the wake of this morning’s massacres in Brussels:

Trump: ‘Frankly, We’re Having Problems With the Muslims’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Tuesday said Islam is the main source of global terrorism, in the aftermath of attacks in Brussels that left at least 34 dead and more than 100 wounded.

“Frankly, we’re having problems with the Muslims,” he told Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

“These attacks are not done by Swedish people. That I can tell you. We have to be smart. We have to look at the mosques and study what’s going on. There is a sick problem going on.”

Trump said the incident shows why the U.S. should be wary of Middle Easterners.

Trump said on “CBS This Morning” that Brussels used to be one of the most “beautiful and safest” cities in the world. “Now it’s a horror show. There’s no assimilation.”

Trump said his main focus is on better immigration surveillance, not a total shutdown.

“I didn’t say shut it down,” he said. “I said you have to be very careful. We have to be very, very strong and vigilant at the borders. We have to be tough.”

Ted Cruz also had some interesting things to say.

Hat tip: Fjordman.

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  1. Referring to Muslims, Trump also said “They don’t work within laws — they have no laws.” This, of course, is completely silly. It takes no account of the dozens of exhortations to violence in the ignoble Qur’an, which certainly have the force of law for its adherents. I am not going to vote for a dinky-fingered ignoramus just because he says something I agree with once in a while.

    • Unlike the rest, Trump is at least capable of learning. Otherwise he wouldn’t be a businessman. I wish we had one like him on this side of the pond.

    • Then there never was a reason for voting at all…you just described all those who strive for voters’ approval. Yep, every dinky-fingered one of ’em.

    • ” I am not going to vote for a dinky-fingered ignoramus…”

      Once again, the ad hominem attack in full bloom.

      Now that you got that out of your system do you feel better now?

      Did you conveniently miss the list of his new advisors? 

      Dr. Walid Phares, adviser to the House of Representatives,  counter-terrorism expert, a Lebanese Christian, 

      Gen.Keith Kellogg, former Army lieutenant general, an executive vice president at Virginia-based CACI International, a Virginia-based intelligence and information technology consulting firm with clients around the world. He has experience in national defense and homeland security issues and worked as chief operating officer for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad following the invasion of Iraq.

      And then there’s Sen. Jeff Sessions, whose credentials are unimpeachable.

      And he’s just getting started.

      That is what a good executive does: hires the best people as advisers, listens, learns and then makes decisions.

      Did you even take the time to listen to his masterful AIPAC speech? I’d bet a fiver you were too busy doing something *much* more important, like polishing up your copper-bottomed pans.

      And all you can do is throw childish insults because he hasn’t studied the Koran, the Hadith and the sura like *you* have?


      • Well, thanks for turning me onto the speech. I had no idea it would be as forceful as it was.

        I was also gratified by the responses of the participants to Trump. I’m rather down-in-the-mouth about the mealy words that the “leaders” of reform Judaism have been saying about Trump, even after the speech in which he offers intelligent and unqualified support for the existence and well-being of the Jewish state.

        Trump intelligently sets up a dilemma: Jews are traditional Democratic supporters, but they cannot applaud Trump’s words and yet believe that Hillary has been anything but a disaster for Israel.

        I hope the participants generalize from their support for the existence of the Jewish identity of Israel, and its physical survival, to support for the American identity of the United States and for the physical survival of its people and institutions.

    • You’d better smarten up and realize whether you like him or not, Trump offers your country hope; who else does, the Clinton liar? (for she will be the Democrat choice)

      You’ve been listening to too much {redacted} from Elisabeth Warren! Trump has been bankrupt, but he fought his way back up; now correct me by all means, but isn’t that the American way? He’s a successful businessman, and isn’t running a business much like running a country?

      USA and Canada are both run(?) by losers, USA by a Marxist/moslem, and Canada by a brainless, petty, meathead.
      FGS, vote in a man who can do the job!

      • I can tell you that this Arizonan voted for Mr. Trump today!

        Without reservations.

        • May sound trite, but as a Canadian, I thank you, because we, north of the border are not unaffected by what happens in the ‘good ol’ USA.

    • It’s called reading between the lines. You missed the gist of his statement. He meant that they are savages. Vote how you want. Maybe [Hillary] is more your type.

    • PW, surely you know by now that the choice is never to pick the best candidate but to pick the least bad one.

  2. I look at it this way:

    Trump is no great genius.

    Most of the others are morons.

    In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

    Right now, Trump is the one-eyed man.

    • Trump is not a bookish intellectual, but he’s plenty smart, smarter than probably any President since Nixon. He doesn’t cite Islamic doctrine like, say David Wood or Robert Spencer, but there is no indication he doesn’t thoroughly understand the canonical thrust of Islam…not to mention the details of international trade that the other candidates for the Republican nomination had no understanding of.

  3. True that he’s at least looking at the problem. I had to sigh at “These attacks are not done by Swedish people” though. That is exactly the problem: some jihadis are 2nd and 3rd generation ‘westerners’ by now.

    • It doesn’t matter; they are never, ever, Swedes, Germans, Americans or Brits, they are only and always

      moslems living in the west.

      • Thank you. This is a point I have made over and over and over again (as have a number of excellent pundits). There is no magic dirt. There are no magic papers. DNA matters. Assimilation is not wearing jeans and learning pidgin English; it requires genetic similarity, intermarriage, and time – generations.

    • Sorry. Regardless of generation, if your loyalty is not to your nation and fellow citizens, but the instructions in a hateful book that is contradictory to that nations values – you are not of the nation you are abiding in and never will be.

      • Your sure is very unsure. He meant, second, third generations of Muslims living in Sweden. Sorry

  4. I will vote for the one who promises to protect our country. I would be even happier to vote for the one who is like Charles Martel and defeats these Fricking backward people and drives them back to their home land, where they belong.

    They have no place in modern civilization (such as it is) and they belong back in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere in the desert. It is where they come from. So go home. Now.

    Don’t say good-bye and don’t let the door hit you in your rear — just go!

    Is there any chance this could happen? I say hell yes. Quit giving them goodies, quit letting them become welfare parasites. What is wrong with Europe? I guess I could say what is wrong with us, as well.

    Sorry, just wondering. It doesn’t make any sense to me. After watching this morning’s news, my first thought was that if Europe had any brains at all, they’d be lining up airplanes and shipping all the Muslims back to Saudi Arabia, which is the country that deserves them. We know what they do, so let them deal with the dear Muslims. Just get them out of civilized countries and back to their hinterlands and that would be Saudi Arabia, which I have read fund so much of this disgusting crap.

    Actually, on second thought — what I thought when I woke up to this morning’s news, that a few well-placed bombs might make a difference but who has the balls to do it in this wussified world we live in today?

    Bomaba is in Cuba making nice with Castro and the world is going to hell. What a president. NOT.

    • The sad fact is that the pre-condition for Muslim invasion is liberalism, and its fraternal twin, cultural Marxism — which prepare the soil for the shock troops: Muslims in all their guises, peaceful and otherwise.

      Just an observation. With this not-so-rare insight: liberalism takes root (in the West) where Christian belief is on life-support.

      • Amen. In Europe there is only one politician, who has the gumption to stand up to the uninvited masses to occupy his country. He has been branded, crucified, but on the end proven to be right. He is the Prime minister of Hungary Victor Orbán. He has been telling the brainless heads of the European Union, for a year, that their actions are suicidal to let in people by the thousands daily, without properly identifying them who they are, where they are coming from. They are coming from all over the world without any ID.

        It is asking for trouble, at the least. Now we experiencing terrorism in any form. Raping women, children, robbing stores and mass murdering innocent people, who have taken pity on “poor refugees”. It is time to ship them back here they come from. If I had a right to vote I would vote for Trump.

    • Western elite’s pockets are overflowing with moslem money. The “elites” of some town in Idaho were whining yesterday about losing all the money that moslem students bring to the local university. Like the social cost of moslems is less than the money they gain by having the slime there, huh? Maybe, if we ever wake up from this liberal stupor we’re in, we’ll find better ways to make money than by importing the scabby vermin of the Earth.

      • Free Speech-

        This is exactly it. The Western elite are addicted to the river of money flowing from the Gulf states. They are more than happy to sell out their families and communities for another briefcase full of bucks.

  5. Best part: commentators are saying he so far has been a pro-Merkel enabler. So if even he is waking up now, perhaps there is hope…

  6. Regarding the crybabies against Trump:

    Sometimes the world doesn’t need another hero.
    Sometimes what the world needs is a monster.
    Dracula Untold

    • I’ve been saying this in various comments:

      To fight monsters, you have to be(come) a monster yourself. What we fear much more than our enemy is what he turns us into. We’ve been through hell and back within living memory, that makes it even more difficult to imagine a repetition.

      • Well, it will appears that you have a choice to make . . . or you can go back to slowly slitting your wrists over events that [probably] happened before you were born.

  7. Trump said that he would comply with the law and move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. He also said that he would secure our borders against known existential threats, Muslims being the chief of them. That the Quran speaks out of both sides of its mouth, was rewritten 80 years after the death of Mahomet, and then rewritten again so that no verifiable autographa exists, (ask Jay Smith) makes it a manual on making the best of circumstance and as such is lawless. Trump is correct on all three counts. Not bad for a Real Estate Broker. At least he does his homework. I will vote for him because of his promise to recognize the capital of Israel as being Jerusalem by moving our embassy there, and I will hold his toes to the fire to make certain that he keeps the only reason that I will vote for him.

    • Heaven forfend you vote for an American presidential candidate because of anything he promises to do for America.

    • Actually, Jay Smith makes the point that there is no evidence whatsoever for the existence of Muhammad. The Koran was produced decades after Muhammad’s supposed death: there is no document on any aspect of a Koran before that.

      Just to follow that train of thought, though, there is another argument that says if Muhammad was pulled out of thin air for the purpose of consolidating a freshly-conquered Arab empire, then why did they compose such a disreputable and vile character as Muhammad? You’d think they would make him more respectable, rather than the type of person you’d cross the street to avoid.

      • If the ultimate moral role model has little to no morals then it won’t be very difficult to live up to such a low standard.

        Basically, set the bar low enough and it isn’t much of a challenge to step over it.

  8. I would guess this topic has been mentioned here before. In this link is what remains of a movie from 1919, Ravished Armenia or Auction of Souls. So it isn’t real footage. It is a production. One of the people in the movie was there. Although it wasn’t the same nation as Turkey today, Turkey has never acknowledged the genocide. I don’t know when the subtitles were added to the movie or if they are original. Aspects of the story sound so much like today that it is completely disturbing. It sounds like ISIS. Turkey was where the last caliphate was located. I have to wonder if even though they had been secular for a long time if deep down they really couldn’t admit it because they identified with Islam.

    And Israel’s refusal to acknowledge it doesn’t speak well of it or the US either. So I don’t know enough to know if some detail is off on this but after watching the movie from 1919 and looking at things happening today and the things said today, all I can say is EU is screwed unless they assert some authority and annihilate ISIS.


      This talks about the book. There is correction Aurora Mardiganian who survived it makes about the movie. The details were changed because it was so awful. Maybe it was 100 years ago but I am feel like I am staring into an abyss after reading what they did. This is after hearing all the stories about ISIS and rapes in Europe.

    • Recognizing the Armenian genocide will bring back the victims, just like endlessly rehashing the Holocaust will bring back the dead victims.

      Israel doesn’t officially recognize the Armenian genocide because Israel is a political player in the region, and doesn’t want to have another reason for bad relations with Turkey…not that Turkey is a friend of Israel as it is.

      The US government officially recognizes the Holocaust. Does that give the victims any advantage? Does it enhance the lives of Americans, or even of American Jews?

      It could backfire big time to get bumbling governments to dote on the various holocausts that have been committed in recent memory. It’s an entirely realistic scenario to see a Muslim uprising in European countries or a Muslim multi-pronged attack on Israel. There is no doubt at all that should the Westerners have the luck to begin coming out ahead, the specter of “genocide” will be used as an argument for armed intervention by the West.

      Quite frankly, events that occurred that far in the past do not need government celebrations and should be left to the communities directly involved.

      • My point in bringing it up was to demonstrate the similarity in culture then to now. To see the same attitudes then and now and some of the behaviors portrayed. Not just of the Kurds and Turks but also of the priests. They tried to keep their people calm and under control. It just got them killed.

        Having a reason doesn’t make it right. Lying to your population out of fear doesn’t make it right.

        • I understand where you’re coming from and I appreciate it. Like the Jewish population of Europe prior to World War I, the Armenians were civilized and productive.

          I take somewhat different lessons from history than you do.

          My take on events is that genocide is fairly common in human history, particularly before the development of urban societies. You tribe moves in on the territory of another tribe. If you let them stay, they will fight you when they feel they have a chance of wiping you out. Therefore, my speculation is that tribes that didn’t commit genocide on hostile tribes in the same territory didn’t survive.

          The lesson for us today is not that governments have to own up to events 50 or 100 years ago. The lesson is that genocide is a very real possibility, especially when you’re dealing with a culture as violent and unwilling to share as Islam. The Islamic State is a modern example of genocide, and it’s not that different from other Muslim supremacist groups by a long shot.

          These people are playing for real. The losers are not only going to be extinct; their civilization artifacts will be systematically pulverized.

          I’m aware of some official commemorations of the Holocaust, and almost uniformly, they’re extremely destructive…because the lesson they are used to teach is that refugees are to be protected and given asylum at all costs.

          One exception is Yad Vashem in Israel. They take exactly the right lesson from Yad Vashem: keep your powder dry.

  9. Twenty five years ago I visited Brussels on a warm summer’s day. Cafes, bars and restaurants full of contented people enjoying themselves. It was wonderful.

    Paris and London, all other major European cities were the same.

    These days the Muslim Brotherhood plan to destroy our civilisation is well under way (This is not paranoid delusion when it is so clear to see).

    Our capital cities at least are no longer under our own control.

    Demographic jihad, purposeful insinuation of muslims into positions of authority have led the way to the point where now we have acts of terrorism against our people, cheered on by “moderate” muslims. Whilst of course our own people who in a common sense way point out what the source of the problem is or criticise a lack of effective response to Islamisation are suddenly enemies of the state!

    Islam, like Nazism has to be removed from all civilised nations. Its intrinsic nature is to do what it is doing. It is a parasitic, colonising and self perpetuating cancer whose only successful trait is to destroy civilisations.

    • ” purposeful insinuation of muslims into positions of authority ”

      I don’t ever expect to have the answer to this, but I would love to know if explicit bribes or blackmail was involved in the support of Muslim infiltration by so many leaders in the West…or, was it just their general degeneration and weakness?

      • I don’t think the payola was explicitly tit for tat. But I do believe it has been strongly implied for over a generation that there would be rewards for giving Islam ingress into the West. University endowments, Presidential libraries, etc.

  10. “We have to look at the mosques and study what’s going on.”
    Yes. With Walid Phares advising him Trump will be able to learn.

  11. Personally, I would have used Trump’s comments as a footnote and Cruz’s as the headline.

  12. If Trump becomes president, I am giving serious thought of moving to US. It will be harder to get vengeance on the traitors and orks here then but I gotta look out for my family first.

    • With the huge dead and buried vote that the left is able to rally I fear for Trumps chances. I greatly fear we will be under the dictatorship of Hillary the insane.

      • I agree 100% , ‘Uncle Joe Stalin’ was to have said “it is not who votes, but who counts the votes’.

        • I can assure you that ‘Crook’ County IL and Hudson County NJ have no discrimination as to ‘voting’ the dear departed, the bogus address, the vacant lot, and all others have ‘equal rights’, ‘vote early and vote often’ is the rule of the day.

      • ” I greatly fear we will be under the dictatorship of Hillary…”

        That may be, but I still will be happy if Trump wins the nomination.

        The Republican Party prior to Trump has been supporting immigration, Muslims, and amnesty. Electing a Republican like Bush (whose wife may not be comfortable speaking English) may or may not put off the demographic upheavals being caused by immigration for 2 or 4 years … but will most certainly not stop the current mass migration into the US.

        So, Trump is the “Hail Mary” play. Without him, you die a slower but very certain death. With him, you may get Hillary and game over, but at least you’ve got a shot.

  13. I listened to an interesting clip from the Rush show the other day. He was discussing why Democrat participation in the primaries is down over 20%.
    He thought it was because of voter ID laws and that fraud is much harder to commit when asked to produce a picture ID.
    I think that might be true but also, maybe the Democrats hate their front runners so much that they stay home.
    I think it is both.
    My husband was cleaning out the fish tank while this clip was going and he remarked that we should go to putting your index finger in the blue ink…

    As for Mr. Trump; I don’t know what to make of him. I heard him talk on the Larry Kudlow show about a month back and he was extremely lucid about repatriating corporate money back into the US in order to spur investment in the US and job growth. Other things he has said seem ridiculous to me.

  14. Oh dear God. Are there no sane people left in the USA? just wondering, of course.

    If we don’t wake up soon, it really will be too late. Unfortunately, I don’t see much sign of any waking up.

    BTW, Trump can’t possibly do any more damage than Obama has. The Armenian genocide is ancient history at this point. What I think is important? Prevent another genocide. That would be good and eternal. Why keep repeating history? Do we never learn from history? That seems to be the problem — nobody learns from history so we have to keep repeating it, forever.

    God, we are doomed if this keeps up. I feel like that guy guy wandering around with a lighted lantern, trying to find some enlightenment. It is out there, you just have to search it out and do some rational thinking. At least that is my view.

    Thank you. I pray for my country and for the rest of the world (most of it, anyway).

  15. I do not trust Donald Trump, and I do not yet believe that he will back up his rhetoric with actions should he reach the White House… But I give him a big point, at least he is willing to say what no one else will in US Politics (or anywhere else) and if he doesn’t act, at least he will bring the issues to wider attention, and give some much needed information to those who will…

  16. I do know that Donald Trump is “Street smart” having made a fortune, lost it, picked himself up and regained it again and would appear to be prepared to put America and it’s people first! Let’s face it Donald Trump would be a better option for the American people, rather than the odious Clinton woman, mired in scandal, after the worst American president in history, namely Obama!

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