Timeline of Brussels Attacks

Our English correspondent Seneca III compiled this record as a series of notes starting early this morning and then sent them to us at noon (his time).

0715 GMT   Body count up to 17 RT — BBC well behind the ball, probably debating how to play it down so as not to offend the ROPers!
0718 GMT   Third explosion, Maalbek Metro Station, central Brussels — whole of Metro closed down.
1020 GMT   KIA now 23 (…28 at 1120 GMT — 15 at Maalbek, 13 at Airport ) Comments below it now 570+. The following series of comments […] is about 170 into the comments section to the original article and they have not been moderated! I’ve never seen anything quite so threatening published and then left in the public domain before.

3 hours ago


my daughter came through there last night….CAMERON if she is harmed by your scum mates I am coming for you or your family whatever the cost to me personally!! I couldn’t give a sh@@ what file you start with this comment. I will get you! If people don’t vote OUT then I class them the same as you porky! traitorous scum!

2 hours ago

Red Tick Allert

I shall be at your side — hope she is safe

2 hours ago


thanks…picked her up at 11pm last night!……she has to return in a week…I will pick another route to vienna……the people here the trolls…just will not accept what is happening to the german /austrian cities.these scum are like sewer rats. Whites are afraid to go out at night…….merkel and cameron is to blame.these people were animals anyway so its not their fault.if they were dogs they would be put down!! Coming to you soon, after porky has agreed an EU army!!

2 hours ago

just my opinion

Myself and a few million more would be with you. It’s going to kick off very shortly and these so called moderates who only voice anger over cartoons and captured terrorists will soon find themselves running for their lives. We can only take so much and it’s now becoming obvious that European leaders are signing our death warrant and it all starts in the Belgium capital.


1020 GMT

2 hours ago

scorpion 33

We are with you Baza they can’t lock the lot of us up. Filthy traitors the lot of them.

54 minutes ago


Same here bud. Anything happens to my family, I’m coming for the politicos. […]

    Also, this, and the comments are again interesting.

14 thoughts on “Timeline of Brussels Attacks

  1. We’re fed up to the back teeth of this scenario being repeated over and over again – and more expected in the summer.

    Bust into every no-go zone without prior warning and [intemperate recommendation redacted]!

    Destroy the imam class by banning the preaching of Islam as hate speech. And then [intemperate recommendation redacted].

    • Deporting the Imam class would be a good start. I recommend Saudi Arabia, whether they agree or not.

  2. I would prefer to see politicians tried before a jury for treason rather than be lynched. We do not need to stoop to their level.

    • MC, I have great respect for your comments, but while I would agree re. trial for treason, I fear your last sentence, if followed, would see us losing.
      Only my opinion, but I think we must fight fire with fire–PC is killing us.

      In wartime we rounded up the Japanese, we are in a war–as you know.

    • In Europe there is no death penalty because the ELITES remember the French Revolution.

  3. Peter35

    You are absolutely right! It’s time to take the gloves off and start bashing heads, as needed. I am an old woman but I feel very furious at what’s happening and I’d like to see people fighting back, dammit. I can’t do it and of course — sigh. I live in Kansas USA, so I’m not in the thick of it but if I were I would do every damn thing I could.

    This is war and people are still not awake enough to realize it.

    • Mariadee, well we two oldies won’t see how it ends, which is a bit of a bugger, but I agree with the Baron–it won’t end well, since our side stubbornly refuses to wake up.

    • Peter35, you are right in the thick of things here in America. Islam is at war with America and their plans here are the same plans they have for Europe. They are just further along in Europe, that’s all. So, as you say, start doing “every damn thing.”

  4. Now we will wait a week and there will be reports of….(can you guess already?)…………………….ISLAMOPHOBIA!

  5. I hope our ruling elites have infested our European nations with followers of the most foul belief system ever created as part of some grand, insidious yet enormously machiavellian plan. If not they really are the most dumb (insert some stuff yourself) group ever to gain any form of authority.

    • Sadly IMHO they are not dumb, they are following the ‘orders’ of their globalist masters.

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