They Didn’t Understand

The following look at Sunday’s regional elections in Germany was posted at Politically Incorrect and translated by JLH. Because it’s somewhat insider baseball, the translator has included detailed footnotes explaining the politicians and media people described in the article. You can’t tell the players without a scorecard!

They Didn’t Understand

by An Inmate of Diversity Land

The political earthquake of the provincial elections[1] was only a few hours past when the most important questions that could be asked beforehand were answered. No, they didn’t get the point! No, they will not listen to the voters! And yes, they will keep on with the insanity! Anyone who had thought that the SPD[2] could not make a result of just over 10% look good, and that the Union[3] could not try to sell its seismic losses as a success, learned their lesson. They could.

On Maybrit Ilner’s [TV talk] show, the chair of the SPD contingent in the Bundestag, Thomas Oppermann, made the start. Despite double digit losses in Baden-Württemberg and Saxony-Anhalt, which degraded the erstwhile major party to the fourth power, he spoke of a “mixed” result, in which happiness at the success in Rhineland-Palatinate was decidedly more important. That the (success) had had more to do with the personality of Malu Dreyer[4] than with the SPD was of as little interest to him as the fact that the historically poor showing in Baden-Württemberg in 2011 had been almost halved, and that the AfD can now beat the SPD in the West. Peter Tauber, too, who can rightly be labeled the most incompetent general secretary in the history of the Union, was not impressed by trifles like his party’s losses in all states or its abasement in its heartland, Baden-Württemberg. No, the Union had demonstrated that it was a major party. Period.

A full alert is called for, when even the inanities of a Katrin Göring-Eckardt[5] no longer stand out, but fit right in. The woman who has often given the impression that she did not exactly shine in her school years and that she has learned nothing since then, opined that 80% of voters had voted for the chancellor’s refugee policy. Aside from the remarkable circumstance that a Green feels obligated to a CDU chancellor, we really don’t want to know any more about how she reached this conclusion. The Greenie school dropout also had a solution for the public voting barometer showing that a majority of Germans have had a bellyful of asylum fakers, crimigrants and Islam in general: visa-free travel for 70 million Turks, so they can take a good look at democracy in Germany. No, in this cycle, no one except the editor-in-chief of the Zeit, Giovanni di Lorenzo, has any idea of what the voters have presented them with.

That seemed to be the ultimate, but it was topped on the show of Ilner’s colleague, Anne Will. Ursula von der Leyen[6], who had already managed to make the German armed forces the laughingstock of the world, chalked up an even bigger achievement this evening. She made Göring-Eckardt look like a pragmatist.[7] Applauding the Union in all states during the tsunami success of the AfD, she estimated the approval of the chancellor’s planned course at 90%, and doubled down on this idiocy with the lunatic proposition that the electoral successes of Malu Dreyer (SPD) in the Rhineland-Palatinate and Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) in Baden-Württemberg were attributable to Angela Merkel’s policies. Incredible!

Ralf Stegner[8] too, who brought his customary good humor into the session, was unwilling to see the election as a defeat for the SPD. Even after repeated probes by an unusually caustic Anne Will (unaccustomed against a non-AfD politician), he saw no SPD responsibility for the defeats or for the demotion to the status of a splinter party. It was the “mad-as-hell citizen” who was responsible, and there was no way to have any sympathy for him. No point in asking now if this attitude may be what led to this electoral result. The question will not come from Ralf the Omniscient, who cannot grasp that he is to a great extent perceived as a political and personal cipher. Voters, he added, are not the ones who need sympathy, but people who are fleeing bombs. Stegner will never in his life comprehend that most of the illegal immigrants have seen just as few bombs as he has at home in Schleswig-Holstein.

No, with the Ilner and Will shows, it became clear that the CDU, SPD and Greens increasingly see themselves as a unit, pushing all disagreements aside in their anxiety for their sinecures and positions, unwilling to concede even a piece of cake to the “grubby neighbor kids”. In this parallel dimension, there is no recognition that such wheeling and dealing is a main reason for the punishment meted out by the voters. AfD vice chair Beatrix von Storch — who didn’t even try too stifle her laughter at the purveyors of unreality surrounding her — called this the “arrogance of power” that the voters had punished, and therewith she gave the evening its meaning.

And no, nobody here got it, either. Everybody showed what they thought of the voters: an insignificant mob who should not presume to question the distribution of the goodies that are set out for them; whose opinion at best is worthy of being spat upon by the mighty.

Since this attitude could not have escaped the voters’ notice on election night, the next regional elections are reasonably certain to repeat, if not increase, the seismic activity. The portion of AfD voters who, in protest, put their mark next to a party they did not completely agree with — who wanted to wake someone up, who just finally wanted to be heard — had to recognize that all this did not happen. No one in the established parties is interested in them anymore. They are in fact scolded for exercising their right to vote because they voted wrong. The frustration will rise, along with the rage and impotence. The result will be that the AfD will establish itself as what the SPD gave up yesterday — as a major party.

The arrogance of power was punished. But they didn’t get it!


1.   Germany is divided into 16 Länder — approximately equivalent to U. S. states. In the list below, each is listed with its capital. The three listed alone are large cities that are also states unto themselves. (Cf. for instance “The city and county of Los Angeles”) The Landtagswahlen are elections to the “state” legislatures”. A party which enters into one of these legislatures has passed a very significant hurdle.

1.   Baden-Württemberg — Stuttgart,
2.   Bayern (Bavaria) — München (Munich)
3.   Berlin,
4.   Brandenburg — Potsdam,
5.   Bremen,
6.   Hamburg,
7.   Hessen (Hesse) — Wiesbaden,
8.   Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Meklenburg-Western Pomerania) — Schwerin,
9.   Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) — Hannover,
10.   Nordrhein-Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia, NRW) — Düsseldorf,
11.   Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate) — Mainz,
12.   Saarland — Saarbrücken,
13.   Sachsen (Saxony) — Dresden,
14.   Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxony-Anhalt) — Magdeburg,
15.   Schleswig-Holstein — Kiel,
16.   Thüringen (Thuringia) — Erfurt.
2.   Social Democratic Party of Germany — major party to the ruling coalition.
3.   CDU Christian Democratic Union and CSU Christian Socialist Union (Bavaria) — senior party in the ruling coalition.
4.   Popular first female governor (Ministerpräsidentin) of Rhineland-Palatinate.
5.   Co-chair in the Bundestag of the Alliance 90/The Greens.
6.   CDU, Minister of Defense.
7.   “Realo” — One of two schools of thought within the 90/Green movement: the Realos — believers in Realpolitik — and Fundis, who stuck by the fundamentals of “green” philosophy. Göring-Eckardt was known as a Fundi; Joschka Fischer is an example of a Realo.
8.   Leader in various positions with the SPD.

9 thoughts on “They Didn’t Understand

  1. ” They are in fact scolded for exercising their right to vote because they voted wrong.”

    This is the crux of the matter right across Europe and the UK. The elites do not feel they need to take notice of an election result when they have arrogantly ignored the views of the voters for decades- and, if they are allowed to remain in office, will continue to do so.

    • Totally agree with your post. The establishment has finally given up on selling the trite message that all “migrants” are either brain surgeons or rocket scientists when in fact the vast majority are illiterate and barely able to understand a bus time table! However Rape, sexual assaults and violent crime are still excused as cultural differences. Now, if you do not vote in the “correct” way you are labelled as racist and/or right wing. Merkel has elected herself as de facto queen of Europe and has caused untold damage to the European continent which will take decades to remedy. Her actions have been ILLEGAL, as acknowledged by senior German Constitutional Judges. Yet other European leaders appear to still be in thrall of her! WHY is she still a free woman?

  2. I lived in Bremen as an Exchange Student in 1961, observed the self-segregated tables full of men glowering at everyone else, and was told by Vati that they were Turkish ‘guest workers.’ There was a genuine shortage of laborers; WWII had left still-visible scars, and too few German men. I had been somewhat ‘informed’ about history by an Armenian friend of my father’s, and then given a ‘crash-course’ when I learned that I was going to West Germany. I sorta had a ‘hair-standing-on-end’ reaction that Vati observed, and then, literally, gave me a shoulder-shrug, palms up, response. Vati worked for the largest newspaper in Bremen, and was actively following Brandt’s unsuccessful campaign for the Chancellorship. … Long story, but I was, literally, on the train out, to Rotterdam, as the Wall was going up. Turks became a no-issue.

    DTWB/BTWBS. Most always the latter.

    • When I had heard, way back when, about the Turkish guest workers, I had thought, what I great idea! They’ll make good money, learn new stuff including political stuff, and then, when they go back to Turkey, they will alter it for the better. Didn’t work that way. But just imagine… what Turkey could have been, if that pattern had been followed…

  3. Thus the wonderfulness of the EUropean multi-multi-multi party system strikes again.
    It is still waaaay too easy to marginalize a good policy and idea, and always will be. Instead, any problem is left unaddressed–to lie and fester until the system either falls to corruption; or explodes (take your pick).
    As a matter of political FACT, when it comes to the factor of political POWER, 13% of the electorate does not amount to the proverbial hill of beans. You can see this in the comments by the parties that supposedly “lost” in this here election thingy.

    So–a “supposed” 86% OPPOSITION to their illegal Muslim invasion ends up as a ‘huge’ increase to a staggering 13% at the polls.
    Excuuuuse me–but I’m underwhelmed by it all.
    Maybe NEXT time.
    I’m afraid I’ve heard this song before.

    PATHETIC, is how I calls it.

  4. When politicians in a so-called democracy ignore the voting results and stay in power, there is a problem with the system. Apparently, in Europe, the bureaucracies wield so much power and are so independent of political approval, that political power is out of the hands of the electorate.

    This is the objective of the socialist, mega-state rulers of the European Union: the ability to ignore citizens, and conduct affairs as they wish.

    There seem to be some Europeans so stupid as to not see what is in front of their noses: that the refugees are an immediate threat to their safety, culture, and national identity. These are the people who provide enough electoral support for the formerly mainstream parties, that they can continue to show their faces.

    Unless there is an electoral path to change, they may have to change to a revolutionary government able to rule by decree. That in itself carries dire dangers, but there may be no alternative.

    • Why not do what the French and Americans do and insert Muslims in dis-proportionate numbers in at every level of government and the armed forces. This instills a sense of belonging and
      patriotism alongside their
      hated Christian comrades –
      comrade. The French are
      getting some interesting results. Would you believe
      the French muslim forces
      are tending towards ISIS. We have learnt so much from the former Yugoslavia. What a mess.

      • Quite so, it’s absolutely mind numbing how the enemy has been welcomed into our countries, plied with benefits and even given an exalted status–superior beings!
        It would be nice to be able to say “not by the people, but by our traitorous leaders”, and in some countries most of the people have indeed woken up to the cancer in their midst, but in the likes of Western Germany, Sweden, parts of U.K., France and Belgium, there appear to be plenty of brainwashed “useful idiots” only too ready to square-off against their patriotic countrymen. (Pegida, e.g.)

        And yes, the enemy is indeed being welcomed into our militaries, hospitals, schools and governments–places which should be strictly off limits to them.

        They are the enemy, always have been, always will be, and have no place in our countries. It’s understandable that the enemy is making inroads in the U.S.A. given who is President, but that people in this country (Canada) could ditch Stephen Harper and vote in a childish ‘mosque-hopper’, whose aim seems to be to undo everything Harper did, is just despairable.

  5. “Cf. for instance “The city and county of Los Angeles””

    This is neither fair nor true. Los Angeles County is quite large and there a great number of incorporated cities within the county that are quite distinct from the City of LA.

    What would have been a correct example would have been “The city and county of San Francisco”.

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