The Solution!

After this morning’s deplorable massacres in Brussels, the European Commission hastily appointed a Countering Violent Extremism Task Force (CVETF) and assigned it the job of preventing future incidents of the same type. The CVETF convened and worked feverishly all day long, finally arriving at a proposed solution.

The following sign will in future be posted at all airports, railway stations, sports arenas, cinemas, and other public places where large numbers of citizens gather:

Suicide Bombing Prohibited in This Area!

Yes, yes; it’s satire — I made it all up. I wish I could say that my humorous confabulation is far removed from the truth, but unfortunately I don’t think it is.

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  1. Also they could put together a lighting plan for national monuments when there is another Jihadi mass attack on innocent people. That would indicate universal sympathy for the dead and wounded. That would help a lot.
    And a twitter account so people can tweet that they know it has nothing to do with Islam and we are one with Muslims.
    That would save a lot of post killing bother.

    • Actually I should add now the Obama has said US flags to half mast. The new CTEVF could also list inane and meaningless, yet very public “concern/sympathy statements” that imply no action to stop attacks in the future:
      1. A script of public expressions of sympathy and concern, ordered according to the number of killed and proximity to the politicians expressing concern for use by politicians, press and ‘community leaders’.
      2. Facebook page to express solidarity with the victims and compassion to the misunderstood killers.
      3. of course flags at half mast – a big one that.
      4 A list of key terms to stop any conversation linking the attacks with Islam: Religion of Peace, Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, Bombing of Syria, USA, CIA, British Imperialism….
      5. A candle lit vigil
      6. A song expressing “love” with a chorus.
      7. A march down a main street linking arms with Muslim leaders.

      there’s more ….. I am sure….

      • Yes- cartoon characters crying.

        First time ok. Second time you look weak. Animals attack the weak -even of their own pack.

        • Yet again the political pygmies of the West spew their meaningless platitudes, “we are in a generational war, we stand united, we are as one, Je suis Bruxelles” blah, blah, blah. They cannot have it both ways, where is the rage, where is the anger, where is the desire for revenge. The apathetic public are equal culprits in this too. No amount of lighting candles, rainbow flags, free hugs, chalked pavements will make one iota of difference. For God’s sake give it a rest with the John Lennon’s cretinous dirge “imagine”while we are at it. Imagine if there was a massive retaliatory air strike today as REVENGE on those gleefully celebrating the awful deaths and injuries inflicted on our fellow Europeans. Imagine what could have been prevented if two of the culprits had remained in jail where they belonged and not released early.
          Imagine if we had proper leaders in charge more concerned about their own citizens and not preoccupied with whining about islamaphobia.
          Imagine if each country reinstated and defended their own borders. Imagine if the mad mutti Merkel was jailed for exacerbating the migrant crisis is with her grossly stupid invite to the third world. Imagine a Europe with the moral courage to finally say enough is enough!

          • Spot on. They daren’t even define their enemy – the ‘so-called’ Islamic state, indeed.

      • Well, TWITTER did ban the hashtag #stopIslamnow.

        Meanwhile, ISIS however continues to TWITTER away…

  2. Baron, I have followed this site for some time and have refrained from comment until today; frankly, I see the “muslim problem” as ultimately solveable only by [intemperate recommendation redacted], since the differences are too great to ever be resolved by talk or compromise.

    You have done much to sound the alarm; the modern-day night watchman as it were… What say you as to the solution to the irreconcilibility of the islamic and western world?

    • I don’t think Islam is at all reconcilable with the West. Not in the slightest.

      • And then there is Marx, who never criticized everybody except for the richest man of the time, his third degree cousin, Rothschild. He usurped the whole socialist movement before him, naming it “utopian socialism” and naming his own gibberish “scientific socialism”. On how many levels this is preposterous? Nothing to see guys, move on. Marx wrote against Jews as well.

        • I meant criticized everybody except for his cousin. Then, my comments on the glories of Einstein (the smartest plagiarist) and Sigmund Fraud were erased.

  3. ?????????

  4. Love the satire, Baron. And your signage is well worth a try. However, the jihadi teams are already in place in Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere and awaiting the green light. The past eight years have given terrorists — including Iran — ample breathing room to plan, organize, and implement horrific attacks. Anticipate chemical bombs of the suitcase variety, EMP attacks, and shrapnel devices. It’s odd how I feel a sense of calm in writing this — not unlike staring Death in the face. Hillary butchered those men in Benghazi but she could be the next president; Obama is watching a Cuban baseball game as Brussels sifts through the carnage; the American people cannot agree on anything. Perhaps it’s time that Western civilization goes the way of Rome. Let the Dark Ages begin.

    • No, No,No. Do not give up. We have something worth fighting for – to the death if it happens. It is our Humanity which these nihilists do not have. I’m English, female and old enough to know life before the EU, before PC, before this filth that is infiltrating our lives. Never, never give up. Give me a pitchfork if I can have nothing else – but I will never ever give up my civilisation to these tosspots. And we are legion.

  5. Countering Violent Extremism Task Force

    It’s the truth, unfortunately. When we get angry and feel helpless that’s the natural we if expressing our frustration.

    Your satire remind us of the recent fake EU- Turkey false agreement, urging Turkey to help Europe out of its own stupidity. Similar agreements and Jizya were paid to Libya, Tunisia. . . to stop muslim invaders of Europe. They did not work.

    Do Traitors really think that Turkey will help stop the invasion of Europe?

    Or these “agreements” are intended not to work but the blind the native Europeans into thinking that EU traitors are doing “everything in their power” to save Europe.
    Indeed they are doing everything in their power to lavish Euros on Turkey and Palestinians. EU voters were asked about granting money to Turkey and Abbas , democratically, and they don’t have to agree. They will give them billions anyway.

    And better still how money votes know about the billions given to Turkey and Billions to Abbas.

    Whenever stabbing spree begins against Jews on their way to work, the EU increases the payment to Abbas as a way of encouragement.

    Pictures of terrorists were shown. But pictures of real Terrorist/Traitors who brought those criminals to Europe were inside the hearts of those invaders who were flashed around the globe. Result: more copycats.

  6. All my friends from the former countries behind the Iron curtain had a saying.

    The saying varied a little depending what part of the East you lived. It went like this:

    Communist leaders made problems and then claimed they had fixed them.

    Communist bosses at factory invented non real problems and claimed to fix them to get a bonus or higher job.

    I think the EU works like too. However, sometimes they pretend MOST problems do not exist and act all shocked when the PROBLEM jumps up and bites their tail.

  7. So spot-on I made it my avatar. Hopes that’s ok with you. Will remove immediately if you object.

  8. I think you are absolutely spot on! May I suggest you forward your drawing to Chancellor Merkel? Undoubtedly this will prevent an occurance in Germany!

  9. Earlier this afternoon listened to that despicable cretin Andy Burnham, Labour MP(UK), talking on BBC 5live radio news about the latest Muslim atrocity. He said, “…now is the time to for everyone to join together in opposing Islamophobia and other forms of extremism…” Incredible.

    • Unfortunately I also had the “pleasure” today at lunchtime to watch not only Andy Burnham, but Theresa May bicker in the House of Commons over something called “Daesh”. Not only did it all seem hopeless, but also wholly inacurrate, as from what I know the Arabic acronym “Daesh” stands for “the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”. Now that the Islamic State is not limited to Iraq or the Levant, but is also present as far afield as Libya, Nigeria, the Philippines, and also places like Bosnia and the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek, surely a description like “Daesh” or even “Isis” does not describe the problem? Surely the most accurate description is the “Islamic State”? Yet for people like Theresa May, even this would be a step too far…

  10. Did they stop teaching history in Europe?

    Ferdinand and Isabella had the solution, so did Charles Martel, Jan Sobieski, Nikola Šubić Zrinski, Theodoros Kolokotronis, Frederick II, Santiago the Moor-slayer, Afonso Henriques…

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