The Aussie Woman Who Stood up to Hizb ut-Tahrir

The Australian chapter of Hizb ut-Tahrir treats women in the same way that Muslims all over the world do — they segregate them from the men, even at public events.

When Alison Bevege learned that Hizb ut-Tahrir had required women to sit at the back of the room at a public lecture, she filed a complaint with the Anti-Discrimination Board. Last week she won her case.

This is a very unusual outcome for any legal process involving an Islamic group in Western countries. In most legal cases that include an Islamic group as a party, the group is the complainant, objecting to “discrimination” practiced against it by the kuffar. All too often our modern Multicultural judicial system just rolls over and rules in favor of Islam, which the infidel defendants massive amounts of money in legal fees, court costs, and fines.

It’s rare to see a case filed against an Islamic group, and rarer still to see a judgment go against the Muslims. So this victory against Hizb ut-Tahrir, small as it is, is worth celebrating.

The following news clip about the case was broadcast on Australian TV. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below are more details about the ruling in a piece written by Ms. Bevege for The Daily Telegraph:

Alison Bevege wins discrimination suit against Hizb ut-Tahrir

I took on Hizb ut-Tahrir. And I won

“Get back in the kitchen, whitey.”

Without a hint of irony the next 10 tweets called me a racist. An Islamophobic bigot, a liar and a whore.

It was a swarm.

Hizb ut-Tahrir fans were enraged over an opinion piece I wrote for The Daily Telegraph in 2014 that shamed the Islamist group for sending women to the back of the room at their public lecture on the war in Syria.

I wrote that it was as terrible as Mississippi blacks being sent to the back of the bus in segregated America. And it is.

People should be judged for their character, intelligence, ideas and abilities — not their skin colour or gender.

On Friday, the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal ruled the event’s organisers broke the law when they gave me no choice but to sit at the back section of the room or leave.

The Tribunal has ordered them to make sure that everyone in their organisation understands that gender segregation is not compulsory.

They have to put up signs at their venues and in all published promotional material to make this clear.

Islamists argue that gender segregation is “separate but equal”, and voluntary — a free religious choice.

But secular Muslims exposed this idea as false. Lejla Kuric, a former Bosnian refugee, is among those who have pointed out that women are subject to social coercion if they step out of line in the West — and has written about how in countries where gender segregation is enforced women are severely held back in every aspect of life.

In their Draft Constitution of the Khilafa State, Hizb ut-Tahrir state that they want full Sharia, including gender segregation under a Caliphate. By imposing it at their events they are normalising it.

But the Tribunal drew a line on Friday: the rule of secular law trumps the demands of the religious in the public square.

It was a long road from October 2014 when I was first directed to the back of the room.

After filing the original complaint with the Anti-Discrimination Board there was a long stretch of email mediation with Ismail al-Wahwah on behalf of the group.

I wanted a public apology, a guarantee they would not impose it on the unwilling and for them to donate to charity.

Read the rest for an account of the difficulties Ms. Bevege encountered in actually serving papers on the targets of her complaint. At least one of the defendants absconded to Pakistan to avoid being served.

Hat tip for the article: Nilk.

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  1. While Bevege goes after the Bad Cops and the Good Cops, a Better Cops snares her in with a deeper stealth taqiyya:

    Photos & videos

    Tweets Tweets & replies Photos & videos

    In reply to Atticus_of_Amber
    Alison bevege ‏@AlisonBevege Mar 5

    @Atticus_Amber easy enough to discredit HT – just read their constitution! Especially Article 7c – kill ex-muslims
    6 retweets 9 likes

    In reply to Mrs Hitch
    Alison bevege ‏@AlisonBevege Jan 28

    @MissPuffHitch she also hates Dr Jamal Rifi because he does not fit the separatist Islamist grievance narrative
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    In reply to Craig Munday
    Alison bevege ‏@AlisonBevege Jan 28

    @mundayc @MissPuffHitch also hates veteran and highly respected journalist Tracy Grimshaw
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    In reply to Craig Munday
    Alison bevege ‏@AlisonBevege Jan 28

    @mundayc @MissPuffHitch HD also dislikes malala yousafzai as if that could be humanly possible
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    In reply to GillM
    Alison bevege ‏@AlisonBevege Jan 28

    @Gill_Merman We can support secular muslims in their reform efforts while attacking Islamist theocracy – like here

    From her Twitter page. That link leading approvingly to a typical video by the oily pseudo-reformer Maajid Nawaz (whose sophistry Andrew Bostom has described as “disingenuous drivel” and Diana West has described as “double talk and deception” — )

    • hello just to let you know a few of those tweets might be confusing as they are out of their context.

      Some of them were in conversation describing the views of an Islamist (twitter HananDover1) who had been criticising respected people (Tracy Grimshaw, Jamal Rifi) on social media

      to clarify the tweet at the bottom – I do support Maajid Nawaz because he is destroying Islamist theocratic ideology at it’s root. I do support secular, progressive Muslims, together we can beat Islamist theocratic fascism more effectively than either of us can do alone.

  2. OK Alison won, and good for her, but the fact that this nonsense went to court at all in a western country just enrages me and raises my blood-pressure.

    Why, WHY, do westerners just continue to roll over to the constant demands of these cretinous, inbred, bullying sub-humans!

    And in Australia, of all places!!
    This should never have gone to court–the police should have marched in and told the moslems “This is Australia–not Saudi Arabia, you want sharia, go back to your own medieval sand pits!”

    • Not a criminal matter, and therefore not something the police could deal with.

      What I found interesting is that Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia is an unincorporated association and therefore not a legal “person” for the purpose of the proceedings. In this case an individual was found personally liable.

      Although Bevege did not succeed in her claim for $100K (to be paid to charity), the spectre of personal financial liability has been clearly raised (for any similar future matters involving this group).

      For those interested, the full judgment can be found at this link:

      • hello all, just to clarify, I won

        but it was a moral victory only – no $100k to go to charity. They did not award funds as I was not materially damaged.

        That is fine, no problems there.

        However another journalist Tim Blair kindly started a beer fund which has raised over $11,000 (Australian pesos) which will go to the same charities! all of them fighting sharia.

  3. Good result. But why are groups like HuT, which have the state objective of a global caliphate, even allowed to hold such meetings?! Would a Nazi group be able to hold such an event?

    • And she writes about their Facebook page! While Germans complain of having any islam-critical posting on Facebook censored as ‘hate’.

      • it is true – but it is impossible to ban them because they are not a legal entity. Legally they do not exist.

        Instead our governments should admit we are at war with theocratic Islamist fascism. This is a global political movement – but it has a Caliphate.

        We can and should declare war on that Caliphate and pursue those lobbying for sharia with treason laws. That way membership of a group is not necessary. Secular and progressive Muslims are our allies in this fight and we should help them.

  4. Exactly. Australians are kidding themselves. Just look at the rag bag mob of psycho Muslim murderers. These creatures of the dark are interested in nothing less than infecting the whole society with a form of AIDS. The pollution enthusiasts in the government and the meat on the street refuse any protection. How can any society hope to survive for very long with mass importation of rabid sickos.

    • Secular, progressive Muslims are fighting hard against the Islamist theocratic fascists, and we must stand together in this fight. Maajid Nawaz (Quilliam) Muslims for Progressive Values, the Muslim Reform Movement – all are fighting the Islamist theocrats.
      The Muslim Brotherhood has been campaigning for sharia since the 1920s, and they are in every country, organising. This is a global problem but we must fight it together or we will lose.
      Lumping all Muslims together in the one category will only help the Islamists win.

  5. It is clearly wrong and must be a crime in itself to allow these muslim insects to stalk the populations of the free world with impunity. Just axing anothet rediculiously easy sample question.

    • Good on this lady who is at least trying to do something! However it would be a brave muslima who strode to a front seat as their troglodyte husbands or brothers would have brow beaten them BEFORE any future meeting and threatened them with dire consequences. Better the Government banned the display of the black Islamic flag and treat the promoting of jihad or the imposition of Sharia Law as treason, which is realistically what such actions are.

      • There are many brave secular and progressive Muslims who are indeed fighting Sharia. And gender segregation. They are actively fending it off — but in Western countries.

        Why are we even having this battle in Western countries? Surely the price of admission is the absolute requirement to obey secular law. Unfortunately it is not – we have given the religious the ability to flout secular law and this has to end. We will have secular law, democratically passed, with all equal before it.

  6. Thankfully we haven’t totally lost out marbles yet here in Australia – yet. Good on her for having the guts to stand up to these arrogant bullies. I know only too well what they’re like, from bitter personal experience. I’m glad we still have some freedom of speech left as well, unlike Europe. You can still criticize Islam on social media here.

    • thanks a lot! And long may we be able to criticise Islam. Without the freedom to criticise religion there is no freedom of speech at all. No idea is above criticism and no person is beneath dignity.

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