That DoS Attack

When the Baron left this morning, the site was already fading out. Here we are twelve hours later and it’s finally back. He thought originally it would return in a few minutes…

So, just as well he wasn’t here. He’d have worn himself out moving gravel around on the driveway to smooth out the winter’s depredations in order to avoid thinking about the enforced silence.

He told me it was a DoS attack and that Vlad was experiencing something even more intense. Ah well, one of the professional hazards of having publicly declared oneself a member of the Counterjihad.

I hope none of you were too inconvenienced. As for me, my chaise longue, an honest-to-Betsy real Victorian fainting couch, arrives on Monday.

8 thoughts on “That DoS Attack

  1. I guess you must be doing something right if you’re getting dos attacked.

    When does the harpsichord arrive?

    • I was more thinking of a lute, Nimrod.

      Seriously, it’s coming because it isn’t good for any human being to have to spend so much time in bed…I wonder if a hammock in the corner of the room would do…

      • A beautiful instrument, Dymphna. Do you sing? There’s a huge Renaissance repertoire. Dowland comes to mind.

        • As me daughter, Shelagh, famously said one time as she stopped in the kitchen to hear the B and me singing while we did the dishes, “Love isn’t blind, it’s deaf”…and it still is. Yet our son is an accomplished tenor. Go figure…

    • BTW, it’s because we don’t have Geller and Spencer levels of protection that we experience more attacks getting through. I’m sure there are many more attempts on their sites, though. Gabriel Marcel said once that the bad thing about poverty is that it limits your options…one of his many stunning aphorisms.

      The most famous one was cribbed often and claimed by others: “life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived…”

  2. At last a lady who can spell chaise longue correctly :). I get very frustrated with furniture shops spelling it ‘lounge’.

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