Riligion (sic)

In his latest essay, MC examines the replacement of our traditional religious heritage with a shallow, irrational, feelings-based substitute that has brought modern socialism into being — and which bears a strange resemblace to Islam.

Riligion (sic)
by MC

Touchy-feely-ism the new religion of Europe.

Those people who are non-Muslims and who support the so-called ‘religion of peace’ tend to be of a secular humanist strain of belief themselves, which does not of course exclude those who are nominally of a religious persuasion.

In this context, ‘Equality’ is a religion in itself, as is ‘Social Justice’, but they are not necessarily stand-alone religions. They tend to come as part and parcel of a package of beliefs that make up either a political religion or a traditional religion.

In the mid nineteenth century, Charles Darwin proposed a route by which organisms may have evolved from unicellular lifeforms to intelligent lifeforms, thus removing scientific dependence upon the metaphysical. In the minds of many, he did away with religion. In reality he founded a new tranche of secular/political religions, and the accompanying hybrids of both.

For the first time it became intellectually possible to view man as ‘god’ without being laughed out of court.

The consequence to the established churches was to de-mystify the holy scriptures, to see them as secular rather than as divinely inspired, and so leaders of churches decided that they had the right to ‘modernise’ belief. If we take the Church of England/Anglican/Episcopalian tradition for example, God and Allah are now deemed to be the same entity, just different shades of the same spectrum of belief. And, yes, they are in this sense: ‘God’, who is an utterly mystical entity hiding behind a very human ‘Jesus’, and whose teachings may be bent, twisted and distorted by anybody with the appropriate and approved divinity degree. But although this is the rather simplistic view of the CofE elite (the synod), there remain many real believers in the grass-roots pews on Sunday.

God disappeared two thousand years ago and has not been seen or heard from since. Allah, on the other hand, is only 1400 years defunct, but both are viable brand names that can be exploded on a gullible public, a public that has been taught to believe almost anything it sees or hears on a TV screen.

School is an agonizing experience for most people. It is so unpleasant that many people rebel against it. When they leave the excruciating agony of enforced education, they never want to open another textbook. So it is contrived that our semi-literate society is not capable of forming an opinion for themselves; and must rely upon the erudition of their ‘betters’ in the media or the pulpit. But when the media is blind, or worse, malignantly religious, then does not the ditch await?

We are binary beings. Each of us has an intellect and an animal instinct, and in each of us these two things form a balance. The point of balance however varies, and the cerebral control over the animalist body can swing on an hour to hour basis.

Emotions are animal. If we get emotional about a subject, then our rationality suffers; we become feral. Western culture used to count rationalism over emotionalism. We went to temple on Sunday and let our emotion run a bit wild so that we could live sane lives for the rest of the week. That temple might be at a football stadium or a ball park, but we could let off steam.

Then came television.

Television toys with our emotions over and above our rationality. It is instrumental in the reduction of Western culture to the banal and trivial. It renders emotion as transcendent over logic.

The superior Western culture, evolving over centuries of rational thought, has been dumped and a driven ‘knowledge’ of good and bad forced upon us by the ever-present media forces. Modern religion tends to be both man-made and emotional, and TV supported by other media has now defined its own religion: a religion of peas (in a pod) where all must be in conformity and sweet as the moment when the pod went kerplonk. One can no longer exclude the bad apple; one must sit quietly alongside the stink and take it home with one. One must watch benignly while the whole family festers and becomes stinky too.

When the group is promoted at the expense of the individual, then that sense of responsibility which is so essential to self-control is immersed by the group responsibility. In the pre-TV age this did not matter so much, because the groups were miniscule and without influence. As the singularity of influence blossomed through the growing and evolving machinery of mass media, so the balance of intellect over emotion moved towards the emotional over the rational.

Thus grew the very dangerous and malignant religion of socialism.

At the heart of socialism is the belief that theft (or anything else for that matter) is OK as long as it is done by the state, and that the state is the god of the socialist nation and can do no wrong. Socialists also believe that capitalism is wrong, and set up a state cartel to take its place. Cartelism is the hallmark of the advanced socialist state. In the communist model the state cartel is owned and controlled by the people state, and in the Nazi model the state cartel is controlled by the state. In either regime not one nut or bolt is produced without state sanction, and not one wage paid without state sanction. Enemies of the state are enslaved or are executed.

At the heart of Islam is the belief that theft (or anything else for that matter) is OK as long as it is done in infidel lands, and that the prophet is the god of the Ummah nation and can do/did no wrong. Muslims also believe that capitalism is satanic, and so set up a Shariah cartel to take its place. Shariah cartelism is the hallmark of the advanced Islamic state. In the moderate model the cartel is owned and controlled by the Ummah Caliphate, and in the Islamist model the Sharia cartel is controlled by the Caliphate. In either regime not one nut or bolt is produced, and not one wage paid without submission; enemies of the state are enslaved or are executed.

Does it work? Not really; both regimes are too destructive of human reason. There is in a human a very fragile dominance of mind over matter; our bodies are physical and animal with rampant lusts and desires. This animal should be controlled by consciousness and rationality, which is delicate and elusive. Consciousness cannot be explained in terms of the physical and animal, and for society to prosper it must always support the rational over the emotional/animal. Only consciousness can rationalize the good from the evil. When this ability is compromised, then the animal/emotional takes over.

So primal idiocy takes over from rational thought. We welcome our murderers into our house because we are no longer capable of the rational, and must abide by the emotional. We think we are displaying ‘humanity’ by harbouring and nurturing wild animals, but those whose animal is dominant are no longer human; they are feral creatures seeking the primal needs of food, warmth and sex at the expense of the benign societies around them.

Do we think animals are grateful? Do we think that animals like us? Do we think they will not turn and bite the hand that feeds them if so motivated? Are we deluded?

Socialism is a religion defined by men, just as surely as Judaism is a religion defined by Rabbis. But where is the wisdom of socialism? Is it in a book that goes back thousands of years? Or is it in an as yet unproven manifesto less that two hundred years old? Where is the glowing example that shows us that socialism is the way forwards? Does it lie with Stalin and 100 million dead, or Hitler with only 20 million dead? Or maybe with Mao with 70 million and rising?

Islam is a religion defined by a dead prophet, a religion frozen in time and centred upon the outrageous behaviour of a man devoid of humanity. A man-wolf leading a pack of rabid dogs to all excesses (and here I am insulting the wolf in the comparison). Do the 60 million dead in India rate as progressive?

“Oh, I like human beings — all kinds. It’s my profession to study them, for without that the practice of the law would be a lean affair. There are hordes of people like the Giffens — only not so good, for they really have hearts of gold. They are the rootless stuff in the world to-day — in revolt against everything and everybody with any ancestry. A kind of innocent self-righteousness — wanting to be the people with whom wisdom begins and ends. They are mostly sensitive and tender-hearted, but they wear themselves out in an eternal dissidence. Can’t build, you know, for they object to all tools, but very ready to crab. They scorn any form of Christianity, but they’ll walk miles to patronize some wretched sect that has the merit of being brand-new. ‘Pioneers’ they call themselves — funny little unclad people adventuring into the cold desert with no maps. Giffen once described himself and his friends to me as ‘forward-looking,’ but that, of course, is just what they are not. To tackle the future you must have a firm grip of the past, and for them the past is only a pathological curiosity. They’re up to their necks in the mud of the present… But good, after a fashion; and innocent — sordidly innocent. Fate was in an ironical mood when she saddled them with that wicked little house.”

— From “The Runagates Club” John Buchan (1928)

It is interesting reading pre-WW2 literature, written at a time before intellect was poisoned by the need to appear to be non-Nazi. Writers like John Buchan could express their opinions in a non-toxic environment, an environment where self-expression was more important than following the politically religious straight and narrow.

Now we cannot use the n-word unless we are ‘n’ ourselves, or the ‘c’ word if we personally have a ‘p’. But on the other hand, Jooos, a.k.a Zionists, a major victim of Nazism, are fair game, and Israel, the Jewish/Zionist state, is to blame for all evil. Like Twain, Buchan (from Scotland) uses the n-word in its context as describing a skin colour and without malice, he uses the term “Polish smoozer” in exactly the same way that a Litvak (Lithuanian Jew) might. There was no venom in the usage.

Riligion (sic) changed all that, based upon the hypothesis that all wars have been caused by religion (white supremacy/Judeo-Christianity). The socialist group of riligions, the main warmongers of the 20th century, were able to advocate ‘peace’ by removing religion from the intellectual mainstream.

However, along with of the removal of Judeo-Christianity went the removal of those religious traits springing specifically from Judeo-Christianity, the “love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, meekness, faith and temperance” (see Galatians 5). But the biggest baby to be thrown out with this bathwater was trust.

Western Civilisation was built upon trust, a trust that made self-service supermarkets work. One hears that the Aldi supermarket chain in Germany is finding it difficult to deal with the high levels of theft from migrants in small towns. To stay in business they will have to punish their indigenous client base.

We allow our 10-year-olds to go to the swimming pool because we trust that they are not sexual targets, and that if they are assaulted, then there will be serious consequences for the perp. For violating that trust. These things are our cultural norms, the assumptions that underpin our everyday life in the West. But these are not the cultural norms further East.

In a metaphysical religion, it is the duty of God to apply correction as He sees fit independently of mankind, but in a physicalist religion, the man-god must apply any corrections himself. Islam falls into the latter group, because Muslims believe that they have to fight god’s (Mohammed’s) battles for him. So we get gulags and gas chambers, chop-chop squares and stonings.

The socialist religion brings to bear the full irrationality of human ‘touchy-feelyism’ but enforced with a rod of iron. To be non-touchy-feely is to be a dangerous, war-mongering demon worthy only of damnation and isolation. Real people are ‘in touch’ with their emotions and just know that we all have to lurve one another and make up for many centuries of white oppression.

The religion of socialism thus believes that skin colour alone is of primal importance.

This begs the question of course, was Western culture superior because of Judeo-Christianity, or was it superior because of white skin colour?

I don’t think anybody really doubts that there has been and still is a ‘white superiority’, but the big question is what was its causality? To believe that there is superior merit in having a white skin is somewhat naïve, and one should be looking more deeply for another factor.

Could it be the Judeo-Christianity? If so, the Marxist religious war against Judeo-Christianity would cause the end of civilization and a return to barbarism.

Is this what we are observing?

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

34 thoughts on “Riligion (sic)

  1. MC, you should know that you’re one of the people living on the very front line, the town of Sderot.

    It *is* as you say.

    In many ways, Israel is more representative of Western civilisation nowadays than the majority of “Western” countries. Gaza is a terrorist entity. There is probably no place where the division is much clearer.

    When a rocket lands in Sderot, it lands on ALL OF US.

    • A magnificent expose MC.
      Only you on the “front line” will see the long term prognosis for a hollowed out, shrunken west that craves an enemy to surrender to.
      That`s why we desire the jackboot of the European Union, the blustering postures of the UN.
      My thinking is that Islam is a blame culture, Christianity a guilt culture…with the West having chosen to boot out the Jewish root and eternal debts that we owe to Israel and the Hebrews that gave us our Old Testament, and Jesus the Jew.
      Where I`d take issue with you-in a friendly way over a decent Israeli wine and falafels-is you saying that “God has been silent” since the death of Jesus era.
      The prophets of the Old Testament obviously nailed the notions of Godless pretences inviting the barbarian hordes to remove the abomination that the Franchised people of God had become in His eyes.
      The Western Churches no longer study any of it-a tragedy, although we know that God secretes his people around without us knowing it( 1 Kings 19.13-18).
      But the likes of Martin Luther King, Francis Schaeffer and Billy Graham are as good as we`ve been give in my lifetime…and there are no such public apologists known to the TV Nation anymore.
      The West is being improved or removed as we speak-largely the latter, but Islam respects an aggressive blowback to its evils-while our “leaders” do all that they can to prevent it, serving us up as Socialist halal.
      It won`t happen, but it`s far worse now that it need be.
      That we chose to replace feelings and showground emotings for reason and a working knowledge of history (to pass onto our kids who would need this) is one hell of a betrayal. Child sacrifice in fact, as the Old Testament tells us all about(Ezek 20.26 etc).
      God Bless you and your country…and, as I say, a great article you wrote.

  2. very good and spot on. If I am ever in Israel I would like to look you up and buy you at least lunch.

  3. I love this article and it rings so true. I’m a Christian myself and non-white and I can truly assure you that whites have more contempt for Christians than for minorities, much more than where I come from. It is so strange for me. When I came to Europe I expected it to be secular, of course, but to have respect and some warmth toward Christianity, but boy was I wrong! Somehow I get the feeling being a Christian here is sort of viewed as a consequence of being a redneck or having been sheltered (none of which I am, actually I’m pretty far from that), but belonging to almost any other religion is way more respectable, perceived as having some exotic traditions and mysterious wisdom. I guess the Judeo-Christian faith needs to pay for the “white guilt”…

  4. We are about 4 km from Gaza city, another hell-hole where Hamas runs a feudal society dedicated to the obliteration of Jews (and by default Christians) financed by money from Iran, Qatar, the EU, Norway and the USA.

    Each of those missiles that come over is, in theory, a war crime paid for by the tax payers of the above counties, this is of course why the ICT is more concerned in prosecuting innocent Serbs that dealing with any reality:

    Note that the same deceit as was used to induce Clinton et al. to bomb Serbia on behalf of the KLA, is now being used to demonize Israel. And the same idiots are falling for it despite all the evidence to the contrary, and the same pols are exploiting it to further their utopian agendas….

    • I followed your link, which turned out to be a real eye-opener for me. I had taken the reports on that incident at face value. It reminds me of another prequel to the international treatment of Israel now, based on an incident in days past. Remember the pretext that led up to Munich in 1938? It was Czechoslovakia’s alleged mistreatment of the poor Sudeten Germans, who in fact had full citizenship, representation in Parliament, etc. yet the Nazi propaganda machine portrayed them as victims, quite successfully. Not content with this, after the war, the Sudeten Germans (as well as some leftist Jews) wrote a fake history about the Czech’s that really rivaled the Palestinian history of Israel in the lies, distortions and malice. To give one example, Tomas Sowell cites this history to explain that the Czech nationalists went into rebellion because they felt at a disadvantage for having to learn German in order to take advantage of the opportunities available. He likes to cite this example because it fits into some theories that he has, which I more or less agree with. In real life, the Czech nationalists were German speakers who had to learn Czech by going to the remote villages where it was still spoken. Czech was in fact heading for being a dead language, until the nationalists resurrected it, or so we were taught in Czech school. Some of my ancestors came to the U.S. from a small village in Moravia back in 1874. Also, when my grandparents visited us during our time in Prague back in the 1950’s. It became very obvious that their brand of Czech learned from their immigrant parents, was loaded with “Germanisms”.
      I have always thought that the Czech tendency to support Israel, and be skeptical of the muslims is based at least in part on their own experience. They knew what is was to have the world against them.

  5. This is a splendidly educational article. People involved with practical philosophy, as distinct from academic philosophy, say that true revelation is when the truth within recognises the truth without. For this reader, the article repeatedly demonstrated that phenomenon. Many thanks to the author.

  6. And yet the Left goes into paroxysms of sentimentality as a bird alights the podium of their saviour.

  7. It was the commonality of Judeo-Christian ethics in the English-speaking North American nations that allowed the society they formed to be so law abiding. The high social trust engendered by those ethics provided an incredible boost to the conduct of business because the laws requiring honesty in business dealings were soundly buttressed by the predilections of the vast majority of the people in that society.

    What will only be understood once it is gone is that the law itself was worthless without the full support of the society that it governed. People in high trust societies govern themselves; people in low trust societies believe that no one can be trusted and that the only law that exists is the corrupt one deriving its legitimacy only from the power to coerce. The people coming from low-trust societies to high-trust societies are a burden on the high-trust societies because they cannot be trusted to act in accord with high-trust society norms. They will rob, rape, kill–whatever they wish–as long as they believe they can do so without suffering penalty, because that is how they are accustomed to living in the societies they came from.

    The people in the high-trust society are totally unprepared for this activity and soon find themselves the victims of horrific crimes. At that point the high-trust society has two choices: stringently enforce their laws on the people from the low-trust society, or become a low-trust society. The worst irony of all is that the largest difficulty the high-trust society faces concerning protecting itself from the low-trust invaders is overcoming its own innate predilection for treating all people the same way they treat other members of their high-trust society. They don’t want to have to be harsh to defend themselves. Unfortunately, retaining their own mores will require it because the invaders force them to make the choice between fighting for their own values or surrendering to those of the invaders.

    Simple analogy: if you have one gallon of filthy water and one gallon of clean water and you add them together, you have two gallons of filthy water.

  8. The “front lines” have been extended to Europe, which I too experience first-hand. Any independent thinking person don’t have live in the ME or other predominantly Muslim cultures to understand what we are up against . But the “new religion” , call it what you will, multiculturalism, the religion of socialism, fall under the umbrella, the Age of Stupidity, after WWII Europeans got lazy and stupid, and fell under the delusion of permanence. Television is still one of the primary weapons of the establishment to program our minds.

  9. You conflate socialism and communism. The former, of course, operates by consent, and was successful in Sweden until recently.

    • No, it does not. Socialism and communism are the same thing. They are based on envy – the contravention of the Tenth Commandment. They both take from the disfavoured and give it to their anointed priests . . . with a few crumbs to some of the stupid adherents to keep them interested. If there is a difference, it lies in the readiness to use force/violence; but in the end, there will be no real difference.

      • Your point about the 10th Commandment is spot on. Envy is serpentine; it writhes and winds its way throughout one’s whole being. Each age has its own failing. Envy is ours – thus the desire for fame one sees arise in little kids, the gnashing of teeth over what we don’t have, the inchoate longing for More…and the whining, whingeing “it’s not fair”. As though life is supposed to be fair.

        One can spend a lifetime untangling “fair” and “just”…

      • “Socialism and communism are the same thing”.
        Absolutely not. MarkH is entirely correct, as anyone who lived in Sweden, Norway or Denmark from say the 50’s until 1975 or 80 will know. Their brand of socialism worked beautifully, as I saw in Norway.

        However, it only worked because the people were who they were, and scrupulously honest–those days are gone now, probably forever, or at least until the foreigners can be got rid of, one way or another.

        • Socialism is communism without absolute power. It is an interim state whereby the forces of communism are fighting for dominance, using any tool to hand including importing men of fighting age which can then be used as a sturmabteilung to create communist/Nazi feudalism

          Is this not what we are seeing in ‘benign’ socialist Sweden?

          • The analogy may be found in the first year of the Russian Revolution. Socialism corresponds to the Alexander Kerensky phase of the Revolution, when the “moderate” Socialist Revolutionaries were in charge. Communism, of course, corresponds to what happened next: the Bolshevik Revolution in November (October, old calendar).

            In general, Socialism either evolves into totalitarianism (Russia) or decays into a different kind of system (China).

            Western Europe may be considered a special case, since it was protected in hothouse conditions for half a century by American military might. That allowed it to evolve into the sclerotic nightmare that it is today.

          • The Sweden of today is not the Sweden I knew 50 years ago.
            Nor is Norway, or Denmark. Of the three countries Norway has perhaps changed the least, but I repeat their brand of socialism worked beautifully, until the MENA trash appeared on the scene 30-40 years ago and the Nordic people were (and still are) completely unable to cope with a people so totally unprincipled.

            As we now see, people in the rest of Europe fare little better, if at all. I had hoped North Americans and Australasians would prove different, alas, just look at the leaders of USA and Canada; and I’m shocked at the extent to which OZ has gone halal.

  10. People’s basic presuppositions are the cause of how we behave in the world. This is what is NOT being looked at by governments taking in refugees, except for Australia and now some eastern European countries. An Algerian writer lately said that just changing a refugee’s surroundings will not fix the problem, because it is his “soul that needs asylum.”

    I highly recommend Vishal Mangalwadi’s The Book That Made Your World. He makes some profound arguments for this and more. Coming from India, he has even more insight into the world situation.

    • I’ve read Mangalwadi’s blog a number of times and came away impressed. I’m misojihadic myself (miso–Greek for “I hate”).

  11. I can talk for myself.
    I’m Kantian/Popperian liberal, secular humanist and that is it.

    I reject Stalinism, Nazism and Islam, in my view they are all versions of the same totalitarian, oppressive, archaic hell.

    I’m also aware that both wild (“Dickensian”), and modern nomenclature capitalism are bad things, because they rely on their own industry of enslavement.
    That doesn’t contradict my views.

    Read Amsterdam Declaration to learn from source what is Secular Humanism –

    Can somebody please explain, what is purpose and even subject of this article.

    • It has to do with how the ego (me me me) moves in to displace the transcendent aspects of soul which religion encourages. You can learn about this in secular psychology, too. Certainly there are agnostics and athiests who can expand coherently and constructively on the concepts discussed and that would be welcomed. Being condescending isn’t worth much to anyone but maybe that’s just secular humanism for you. I don’t know.

  12. This entire thing is being fed by psychopathic, lying elitists with a diabolical agenda!

  13. If you also do not know about the coming MASS unemployment due to AI, then you are either ignorant or you are being willfully ignorant!

  14. MC,
    Of the three novels that sought to define the age of consumerism, 1984, Brave New World, and Fahrenheit 451, the last one pointed up the unholy alliance of business and entertainment. Written by Ray Bradbury in 1950, Fahrenheit 451 spoke of a time when books could not be read, even though you could have a library, and all you were allowed to think about was what the sponsors of the televised entertainment wanted to sell you.
    Just as newspapers rely upon their advertisers for their revenue and as a consequence will not print that which their advertisers might object to, so it is with television, but even more so. Growing up in SoCal during the 1960s while television was in its infancy we had radio, especially AM Radio, where the same songs were broadcast repeatedly 24/7. To wit, I can recall, and passably whistle “Love me do” with very little effort. Even Marshall McLuhan warned about the medium being the message.
    The result of this nearly 70 year alliance of business and entertainment that has dictated our wants and desires to us in its choice of what is published and what is made available for purchase and consumption is a population that is as mindlessly amenable as was foretold in the books I mentioned that warned of what was to come were we to continue down this primrose path. As such, I am surprised they were published at all, or maybe the publishers thought that they wouldn’t be taken seriously.
    You are correct MC, our baser animal instincts have been played to and encouraged so much so that rational discourse is well nigh impossible. Just try sometime to discuss the logic involved in the Gospel and the means of Salvation with someone whose god is their gut. their response is apt to be tantamount to the barking of an angry dog as what you are presenting threatens everything they know. A tipping point may have been reached as the ‘progressives’ are endorsing and fostering the ‘muslims’ to bring about a ‘liberal’ caliphate. We see it in England and now in Belgium, and coming soon to an American near you, the religion you have all been waiting for! 🙁

  15. Before television came a man named Edward Bernays, hauling with him a load of notebooks written by his uncle Sigmund, combined together with a boat load of money provided by bankers intent on making just as much money as could be imagined created the greatest wealth producing propaganda machine ever engineered and put into circulation upon the mortal world. Where do we go from here? it appears that now everything we read, listen or watch on the idiot box will be tabloid.

    • These same people hijacked capitalism and replaced it with their form of cartelism. Capitalism, like democracy, is not perfect, but it is better by far than anything else around, but it is easily turned into cartelism when money/power/politics is used to deny individuals access to the markets. Bernays destroyed capitalism by making expensive advertising and propaganda a prerequisite to coming to the market. Thus an entrepreneur must seek venture capital before he/she can sell a product, and from who does he get venture capital? From the bankers, and at a hugely inflated price.

      Many people criticize capitalism in error, because they are unaware that the phenomenon they are seeing is really cartelism. Capitalism dies in the West at the beginning of the 20th century. What Marx advocated in place of capital was state cartelism, something that proved to be much, much worse.

  16. Excellent essay, MC. However, how do we rid ourselves of these animals? There is much finger-pointing and intellectual discourse but the damage must be undone. We need answers! Here’s a solution: Immigrants integrate or get the hell out — and then back that up with force. These feral, two-legged beings we call Muslims have demonstrated who and what they are, now parameters must be set and enforced. Same with politicians who act like gods, notably Merkel who is an insignificant public servant. No-go zones are dismantled and a heavy armed forced installed on every corner. Here’s some socialism for you: It’s called the will of the people! And the people have decreed that this Muslim BS is over! This insidious, lifeless creature we call Obama(remainder of this post has been deleted by author)

  17. The irony is that islam stands for everything that liberals/progressives/multiculturalists (whatever brand you may want to call them) are up against: islam is discriminating, mysoginist, supremacist, anti-multicultural, and (this being a big issue nowadays, go figure) homophobic.

    There’s not a single value that islam and true liberalism share, with the possible exception of Jew-hatred. Liberals claim to hate wars and violence; islam promotes war and violence. Liberals are certain there is no God; islam gets you decapitated for even considering it. Liberals stand for caring for and respecting animals; islam loves animal cruelty. Liberals believe in childless unmarried couples; islam promotes for men to conceive 6, 8 or more children with as many wives as possible. Liberals believe (or claim to believe) in freedom of expression and freedom of thought; islam penalizes and crushes any individual freedom.

    This association of “liberals” with muslims is sick and improbable. Yet it is one of the biggest paradoxes in our times. Clubs of feminists join the mysoginist muslim associations when condemning Jews. Christian churches and its infidel members join the virulently anti-Christian muslims in condemning Jews. So-called democratic Europeans and Americans happily join the blatantly anti-democratic muslims to demonize the only democracy in the Middle East. Journalists and writers expose their lies against Israel joining the hordes of muslim savages who are not allowed a free press ad free speech in any of their forsaken countries. Rock stars and singers join the cultural boycott against Israel to side with muslims that ban any form of artistic representation.

    A twisted, convoluted, upside-down world indeed it is.

    • Not a single value that islam and true liberalism share yet

      Is it not possible that the left is also practicing taqqiya? They may have none of the values that they would have you think.

      Surely many Americans recall being told that if they liked their doctor they could keep their doctor. This is not a new behavior. In 1919 or thereabouts the Azerbaijanis were told by the reds that if they liked their independance, they could keep their independance. The reds got at least verbal support by the Azeris and you know the rest of the story.

      The world may be less confusing than the lies are.

  18. I can’t find my comment on Machiavellianism so I’ll post here since this post discusses the willful blindness of the personal ego (the little satan) as it morphs into the collective madness (the big satan).

    Did you know that the Chinese are investing in renewables like crazy. They, like us, don’t believe in global warming and even if they did, they certainly don’t care. They are creating alternative energy sources for strategic purposes. They look around the world and think, hmmmm, let’s aim for energy independence.

    Meanwhile, in America, the Democrats under Obama have kicked global warming into overdrive. This infuriates the right, who love nothing better than to shout from the rooftops how dumb the left is and how they want to cripple the US economy with their ridiculous calls off oil. And we see what Obama did in his latest budget and we dig our heels in and fill our tanks with cheap gas and shake out heads at their stupidity without the slightest comprehension that we are reacting to the global warming farce like clockwork. And when Isis cuts off oil to the US, people gonna know all about it.

    So yea,h that’s why they play thus ridiculous game because as Alinsky says, the action is never in in what you do but in your opponents reaction.In other words, we want the US to be energy insecure, what can we do about that? The Muslim Brotherhood;s goal: to create economic instability and make them destroy their miserable house by their own hands. Solution: create a situation whereby they’re vehemently opposed all routes to alternative energy independence. Make them hate it like nothing else. Affront their patriotism and their God-given right to exploit the fruit of the earth.

    It’s part of the same strategy as why oil is it 25 dollars a brl. To stop all new exploration and kill shale and make people chill out happy (Yay!) at the pumps, so they wont know whats coming. The global warming hoax is obviously a different aspect of the same strategy.

    I have two further points.

    Could the plan backfire? Would an oil blockage from the middle east just’s what’s needed to take out those islamic hellholes for once and for all.

    How/when will the Brotherhood convince Saudi and it’s allies to follow Iran’s lead and move oil off the dollar.

  19. Global Warming is yet another lie that is meant to destroy Western Civilization and leave us the impoverished people that is portrayed in the Hunger Games. The Idyllic period the Warmists point to is the Maunder Minimum that lasted from about 1050AD until about 1480AD. The earth almost froze over. The atmosphere was too cold for the evaporation/condensation cycle that brings us rain to occur. The American Southwest suffered years of drought and Europe nearly starved as the crops wouldn’t grow as they should. This period of time was rightfully known as the Dark Ages, and that is apparently what the Elite and Warmists want us to return to, all in the name of saving the environment.
    Fact of the matter is we need the earth to be about 1-2 degrees warmer and a minimum PPM level of CO2 of 350ppm for the plants to grow. Fruit trees are very heavy consumers of CO2 so it begs the question why the farmers and growers haven’t risen up in revolt against all of this ‘correctness’ that is being foisted upon them.
    Finally, the progression, or regression, that MC discusses in his essay appears to have its roots in the aftermath of World War I according to the histories that I have studied but interestingly enough, did not get into high gear until after Israel became a nation in 1948. What followed Israel becoming a nation was a sea-change in which things would never be the same. We are now 68 years on and rapidly approaching a tipping point after which those of us who love the Lord Jesus will be called up to join Him in His resurrection. He did say a generation and we know that it is given man 70 years (three score and ten) as a lifespan, so it will be any day now. Once the Bride of Christ is taken up the Muslims will have the earth as their own private hell while eternal judgement awaits them. For me and my household, we are fervently praying for their repentance and salvation as we know all too well what hell can really be like.

    • Gee you really don’t like the earth.

      Where I live the truly sensible are so powered up they’re waiting for a hybrid Landcruiser to go with their shotgun. We don’t trust the government and the government and the oil companies are big mates, you see. It’s a natural fit for Americans, too, but nooooooo.

      Anyway. Good luck with that:)

  20. G.K. Chesterton said that when people stop believing in God they begin to believe everything else.

    Nowadays we see abundant proofs of this statement. The more people reject the otherworldly wisdom of Christian faith, the more they tend to believe in absurd and contradictory ideas.

    DeChristianisation has ushered in not a reign of rationality, but an age of absurdity.

    How can a rational being decry Christianity for violence and in the same breath welcome Islam as a religion of peace?

    Or demand more and more rights and, at the same time, less and less responsibility for his own acts?

    Or declare that physiologically and psychologically unnatural cohabitation of two persons of the same sex is as normal as traditional marriage?

    Or to fight with the same vehemence for gay rights and feminist ideals and against Islamophobia?

    Or to demand that parents should have no right to control their adolescent children’s behaviour but should be obliged to generously pay for their children’s needs and entertainment?

    Even if you do not accept Christianity, you have to admit that it has more internal logic than the motley package of beliefs of which the new dominant religion of progressivism consists.

    And it served as the basis for a great and finely developed civilisation. It inspired the builders of Hagia Sophia, St Peter’s and St Paul’s, the mosaics of Ravenna, the Old Masters, Beethoven and Bach, Tchaïkovsky and Ralhmaninoff, Shakespear and Dostoyevsky… While the art (if you may call it so) produced by the nascent culture informed by the religion of progressivism is, for the most part, crude, ugly, violent and demonstratively meaningless.

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