Proposed Tennessee School Voucher Program: Teaching Kids to Hate Infidels

Below is the latest newsletter from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice.

Newsletter #195 State Funded School Vouchers Support Teaching Hate for Kaffirs

For the past three years, Governor Haslam and the rest of the establishment leadership have been trying to pass the “Tennessee Choice & Opportunity Scholarship Act.” The bill provides public money known as vouchers that families can use to pay for private school education.

Students at religious schools are heavy consumers of this public financing in states with school voucher laws.

The Beacon Center, the Tennessee chapter of American Federation for Children, Students First and Americans for Prosperity are some of the privately funded organizations that have lobbied hard to get the school voucher bill passed.

For the third time the legislature has not passed this bill. So, it seems the will of the people is not to use their tax dollars to send children to private schools. Maybe there’s a good reason.

Before Tennessee tries to pass this bill again, it should look at what happened the year after North Carolina passed its school voucher law. In 2014, North Carolina’s Greensboro Islamic Academy (GIA) was the largest consumer of publicly funded school vouchers having received 43 voucher applications.

The following year GIA’s voucher applications quadrupled to 170.

Islamic schools in Tennessee would qualify for school vouchers

Had the school voucher bill passed in Tennessee, Anoor Academy (Knoxville), Pleasant View School (Memphis) and Nashville International Academy (Nashville), would have been eligible to receive voucher money. All three are private Islamic schools. All three are accredited by AdvancED, a regional accrediting organization. Once they are accredited these schools get classified as “Category III” under the Tennessee State Board of Education rules. Category III schools were eligible for vouchers under the proposed school voucher bill.

In 2013, Anoor Academy’s promo video showed a row of the textbook What Islam Is All About. This book denigrates Jews and Christians and teaches that the warlord Muhammad is the perfect example to follow. It also states that “there is no separation of Masjid and state,” that “Muslims dream of establishing the power of Islam in the world,” and that living under sharia law is the preferred state for all humankind.

Children in this private school read the following in this textbook:

p. 382 — “…historians of the world recognize that Islamic civilization has been the most tolerant and fair out of all the world’s civilizations.”

p. 188 — “Prophet Ibrahim called all people to Allah’s way of life. The ‘Jews’ don’t call anybody to anything. They subscribe to a belief in racial superiority calling themselves the ‘chosen’ ones and excluding non-Jews as much as possible. Their religion even teaches them to call down curses upon the worship places of non-Jews whenever they pass by them! They arrogantly refer to anyone who is not Jewish as ‘Gentiles,’ equating them with sin.”

“Prophet Ibrahim told people to do good and he forbade the wrong. Many ‘religious’ and ‘non-religious’ Jews and Christians lead such decadent and immoral lives that lying, alcohol, nudity, pornography, racism, foul language, pre-marital sex, homosexuality and everything else are accepted in their society, churches and synagogues. Just turn on the television in any Jewish or Christian community and see what’s ‘normal.’”

Because Pleasant Valley School (PVS) is a private school, there is no way to verify whether they are using the same textbook. That aside, however, educational leadership recruited by the school, all have deep Muslim Brotherhood roots.

In 2010 PVS announced on its website that Dr. Hamed Ghazali had been hired as “the new consultant for PVS’ Islamic Studies, Quran & Arabic.” Dr. Ghazali serves as Chairman of the Muslim American Society (MAS) Council of Islamic Schools (MASCIS), recognized as Muslim Brotherhood affiliates.

In 2004 MAS’ Secretary-General admitted in court, under oath, that MAS was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. MAS’ own archived website details its associations with the Muslim Students Association, ISNA and NAIT — all named organizations in the Brotherhood’s Explanatory Memo.

On page 12 of the Explanatory Memo it states:

“We have a seed for a ‘comprehensive Dawa educational’ organization: We have the Dawa’ section in ISNA….the center run by brother Hamed Ghazali…”

A Hamed Ghazali is listed individually in the Muslim Brotherhood telephone directory introduced into evidence during the HLF prosecution.

MAS is one of the organizations the UAE included on its terrorist designation because it is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

During the joint MAS — ICNA 2012 annual convention, Hamed Ghazali told the audience in Arabic that “Allah gave us the Jews” as the primary historical and religious example of those who “take the wrong path.” A recent article described him as “taking a moderate approach to Islam.”

On April 8, 2012, PVS announced that Dr. Mohammed Malley was hired to be the new principal. Dr. Malley was the President of his university’s MSA. He later served with the Brotherhood’s, MAS- Austin Chapter.

Dr. Malley was introduced at a PVS fundraiser keynoted by Kifah Mustapha, an active member of the Chicago-area Muslim community. Mustapha was dismissed from serving as the first Muslim chaplain for the Illinois State Police after his ties to the HAMAS-support network were discovered. It was disclosed that he had been a paid employee for the Holy Land Foundation and is listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF prosecution.

The Nashville International l Academy (NIA), was established by the Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN) whose warranty deed shows a shared address with ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), a Muslim Brotherhood organization and one of the named unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing prosecution.

In 1999, under the guidance of the ICN’s Imam Abdulhakim Mohamed who had served at the radical al-Farooq mosque in Brooklyn, New York, the school was renamed the Nashville International Academy and ICN advertised for a principal with the Muslim Brotherhood’s ISNA organization.

Awadh Binhazim, Abdulhakim Mohammed, Mohammed Ahmed

Even though the school did not meet Tennessee’s statutory criteria to be recognized as a school, the State Board of Education approved their application in 2007 for this purpose.

In 2012 the warranty deed for NIA showed the owner as D.B. Client Service, LLC. Devon Bank in Chicago created D.B. Client Service to manage special clients. Devon Bank has been involved with sharia compliant financial products since early 2000. In 2008 it was reported that sharia compliant products made up more than 75% of the bank’s mortgage portfolio.

Devon Bank products receive their Shariah compliant blessing from the Sharia Supervisory Board of America whose Vice-President is Mufti Usmani. Usmani is a jihadist who has ties to the Taliban and has called for jihad against the West. He is a central leader with the madrassa that produced the Taliban leaders and he has publicly endorsed suicide bombing.

No doubt that students in these schools recite the Al-Fatihah multiple times in the same day. As part of their five daily prayers, they plead not to become like the Christians or the Jews:

“In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,
All praise and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of all that exists,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,
the Owner of the Day of Recompense.
You we worship, and You we ask for help.
Guide us to the straight path,
The way of those upon whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (that) of those who earned your anger (Jews), nor of those who went astray (Christians).”

Who in their right mind would want public money to pay for this???

13 thoughts on “Proposed Tennessee School Voucher Program: Teaching Kids to Hate Infidels

    • I think rather, that the problem is Governments throughout the Western World are controlled by men and women who are asleep at the wheel. What it will take to awaken them I’m afraid I don’t know.

      • As a requirement to run for political office at any level, make the use the same public transport with the rest of us. Take away their cars, planes and their security details. 😉

  1. I’m sure that this is happening in Canada also. In Halton Region in Ontario there is an Islamic school way out in the boonies.

  2. It would be very interesting to have sharia law as the sole law of the land. The only time liberals are taught anything is when they are inconvenienced, and sharia law would tame many a liberal’s foul mouth. Under sharia law glazed-eyed progressives would appreciate very quickly the freedoms they seem to hate. Gays would be put to the sword, en masse, in a public square; feminists, forced to submit to rapine, would fearfully cower in darkened underground chambers; agenda-driven splinter groups like Black Lives Matter would be gassed, rounded up and silenced forever. As sharia law became dominant the streets would be filled with the blood of confused progressives. “How can this be!” they cry. “We welcomed Islam as the lamb of peace!” Yes, I’m starting to like sharia law if only to reveal what evil incarnate really looks like. I have seen the face of evil and it is here. Evil is what Islam is all about.

    • Most likely but as they cannot blame Muslims, and especially not when under Sharia , their frustration building up will be directed at us whom they will blame. I bet that, and they will betray us wherever they can. Never in a million years will they blame themselves for allowing Sharia to take over.

  3. If Christian textbooks said anything even remotely similar to what these books declare it would be all over the media and every snoozing politician would be standing up delivering speeches about the repugnance of what these vile texts are teaching our youth our future! I personally find it very interesting that these things are happening in serious Bible belt states. I believe the satanic army of Islam targets these states to weaken Christianity in areas where it is strongest. Still we snooze.

  4. I like school vouchers for everyone in the United States. Sure, Muslims will use them but there is an answer to that (see below). If everyone had school vouchers there would be millions not going to “Unionized Child Abuse Centers” – (thank you Mark Steyn). That would mean millions not indoctrinated with Cultural and Economic Marxism in government schools.

    Muslim Schools the world over are great on the Koran and lousy on general education so you write the law such that the students at Muslim schools are 1) Tested independently outside their Madrassas 2) the tests are in English 3) The tests encompass English, Math, US History, Geography, other subjects 4) The tests are given every year. If 80% (or some very high figure) of the Muslim students do not pass, the students must have 50% female (Gotcha!) the school is closed down and the kids never get vouchers ever again. This will allow Christian schools and Jewish Schools to succeed and Muslim ones to fail.

    I am sure others can come up with other stipulations but that will also work. The Tennessee politicians are craven.

    • This site needs an edit function. In the above under the 80% pass rule I tried to put in Stipulation #5 – that would force the schools to be 50% female.

  5. As a teacher for 22 years in Los Angeles I feel so enraged when people ask for school vouchers. Charter schools receive funding from the states yet are not accountable. When I was hired I was fingerprinted, had a complete physical and TB test. Charter school teachers don’t have to do any of those things if the school doesn’t require it. They can also pay into our state teacher retirement system. They don’t have to be credentialed and they don’t have to be checked at all. In Los Angeles there are several charter schools for black and Latino schools that teach a far left hate-filled anti-white, anti-government curriculum and no one does or says anything. This is what my tax dollars pay for and people think vouchers are the answer. Private schools are worse, most of the teachers are not even credentialed or trained and they can teach any wacky thing they wish. I have visited a couple. And I have met people who taught in them. I was once asked to clean up a religious school-they had housewives teaching-they just had stacks of workbooks and photocopied out of them and passed out the worksheets all day. No idea of state grade level standards. It was scary. I’m not big on government intervention except in education. I want to know what is being taught and by whom.

    • What is even scarier are the children who are graduating from public high schools as functional illiterates. I have met many of them. That experience was what decided us to home school, and then later, we were offered a scholarship to a Friends’ School. We withdrew our son at high school level because the humanities’ curriculum began to turn so utterly Marxist and p.c. that it would have been funny were it not so creepy.

      His high school years were spent instead at a small accredited private school where Shakespeare was taught, where American history classes conveyed the Founding documents and the thought behind what our Founders did.

      There are many dedicated public school teachers who go above and beyond what they’re paid to work with difficult, dysfunctional kids, trying hard to pull them into some kind of normalcy. But it may be that our whole culture is too degraded to permit large public institutions to function well any longer.

      Government schools are as dysfunctional now as the rest of the public sector; I watched one grandchild go through middle school history learning only about the contributions of special groups – native Americans, women, blacks, etc. It was sad. When this child complained about being bullied by several other groups, the teacher pulled the child aside and offered the comfort that such suffering was only temporary. Soon, in the next grade, would be the “gifted” classes where smart kids are safe from things like that. Now the kid is a cynic; I wonder why.

      Those dismal Christian schools you describe, or our own home schooling efforts, etc., are simply work-arounds by parents who are scared for their own families. No teacher can assure the safety of the children under his or her care. Is it any wonder parents are afraid of the system?

  6. Public schools are teaching Islam too. We have all seen the stories of children being indoctrinated either by learning from Saudi funded texts that make Islam look like the religion of Kumbaya and love, to assignments that include reciting the Shehada.

    The answer is not to block the school voucher system; it is important to have in place so that parents can rescue their kids from the leftwing indoctrination that public school has become. The answer it to ensure that the academies of Islam, such as this story describes, do not get accredited and are not schools where parents can spend their school vouchers.

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