Polish Prime Minister: “I Do Not See a Possibility for Migrants to Come to Poland”

Yesterday, one day after the Islamic terrorist massacres in Brussels, Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło announced that her government had reversed course and would no longer be willing to take in any of the “refugees” that had been assigned to Poland as part of Merkel’s Folly.

Below is a brief video clip of the prime minister’s statement. Many thanks to Green Infidel for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Green Infidel has also translated the bulleted items from the Polish TV news channel Superstacja:

  • After the attacks in Brussels, the Polish government is sharpening its stance concerning the acceptance of immigrants from the Middle East — “I do not see a possibility for immigrants to come to Poland at this moment,” underlined Prime Minister Beata Szydło, in a conversation with Superstacja TV.
  • “The previous government declared that it will take part in the acceptance of immigrants. It agreed for several thousand people to be taken in by Poland, of its own free will,” Prime Minister Beata Szydło said in a conversation with Grzegorz Jankowski.
  • “28 EU member states agreed to tackle this problem using resettlement. However, I will state very clearly: I do not see a possibility for migrants to come to Poland,” underlined the Prime Minister.

Green Infidel adds his own observations:

From what I can see, this declaration sounds very much like the declaration by the Polish government after the Paris attacks in November. At that time it was also stated that Poland would not accept any immigrants. However, after an outcry in the EU, a few days later the government changed its mind. Later on, its stance became “We need to fulfil the previous government’s obligations,” and it agreed to accept its quota of “refugees”.

Currently the Polish government is under great pressure from the EU regarding changes to its constitutional court and state TV. Under the pretext of “defending democracy”, sanctions have been threatened by the EU — and my rather skeptical guess is that if the EU notices this latest statement (which undoubtedly it will) and protests, after a few days the government will backtrack, and quietly revert to their previous stance and agree to accept the refugee quota, just like after the Paris attacks… However, perhaps I’m being overly-pessimistic.

Besides, contrary to what Szydło implies, “immigrants” are already in Poland — in Warsaw, on almost every major street corner there are Muslim-run kebab shops, while many other Muslims come in as students, and others enter from the borderless Schengen area.

While Poland may not have the levels of enrichment of Molenbeek in Brussels, it’s also not a closed kingdom, and I’m not yet convinced that Szydło is another Orban. She is generally regarded as a puppet for her party leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski. In contrast with Orban, Kaczynski has always been very unpopular, and perhaps the only reason his party won the election so convincingly was that the previous government was regarded as being too close to the EU on migration. However, many people are also not convinced of this government’s competence, and I’m becoming concerned not only with the 7,000 migrants that Poland is due to accept, but also the long, porous and largely undefended and remote border that Poland shares with the Ukraine. If the “refugees” can’t reach Merkel’s Promised Land via the Balkans, will they try via the Ukraine and Poland? If that happens, the number reaching Poland might not be 7,000 but a few million. Again — I hope I’m wrong.

Video transcript:

00:04   The previous government declared that it would take part in the acceptance of refugees.
00:11   It agreed that several thousand people could end up in Poland, on a voluntary basis,
00:17   as this is very important for us to underline,
00:21   that we, continuing these declarations
00:25   just like the other 27 countries of the EU…
00:30   So 28 EU countries agreed to solve the migration problem by resettlement.
00:42   To try to resolve this issue, which is the number one issue in Europe.
00:50   But I say very clearly:
00:54   I do not see a possibility for migrants to come to Poland, at this moment in time.

19 thoughts on “Polish Prime Minister: “I Do Not See a Possibility for Migrants to Come to Poland”

    • Indeed, when people say stuff about Merkel on account of her being a female, they should remember that there are other types, too :-).

  1. Given the numbers of Chechens refugees already in the country, given the issues and troubles linked to them, it is a relief that Poland has put a line under a whole load more being settled at a price for local citizens.

  2. I wouldn’t look to her to be a Viktor Orban in a skirt.

    The bible says in 1 Timothy 2:12 “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” Yet, all of the Christian nations can’t get enough of women running things.

    • “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” Yet, all of the Christian nations can’t get enough of women running things.

      [Material that I deprecate]. Most UK citizens accept the last real, competent, Prime Minister we have ever had was a woman. Her name was – Thatcher ! She very competently ‘usurp(ed) authority over the men’ and definately wasn’t prone to silence !

    • It would seem that nowadays, to beat a Merkel, you need a Szydlo, or a Petry. Women voters are key, and as long as the leaders have the right ideas, and a backbone to match, it doesn’t matter what their gender is.

  3. When Greek uses the ‘construct ‘the man’ it means ‘the husband’ It says elsewhere in the NT that in the ‘anointed’ there is neither Greek nor Jew, bond or free, male or female, Paul himself also acknowledges the authority of Phebe a Deaconess and his co-helper Priscilla….

    There is no justification in the scriptures for treating women as 2nd class citizens. We have Deborah, Ester, and Anna the prophetess, all of them figures of authority.

  4. As far as I know the current Polish government did not previously make a firm statement that it would not take the quota, rather that it was not exactly happy about it but would stick to the previous regime’s commitment. Now they seem to be backing away from that – and good so, as the previous lot deliberately broke solidarity with the V4 on the matter in order to curry favor in Brussels and Berlin, and this struggle right now is the key one, for the future of Europe and the West, and Poland must stand firm along with other nations of sense against the suicidal-ethnocidal madness of Merkel and her cowardly cronies, and not allow in the wedge that will be used down the track to prise open the gates even further for the agenda of Islamizing Europe. They must think long-term, and realize that unless a clear stand is taken now to decisively defeat this whole ideology of ruin, then future treason-cliques will finish what this current lot of scoundrels has started. Poland and the rest need to realize that this is an existential struggle and key hinge-point of history, and be willing to go all the way including EU exit to preserve their identity and sovereignty from what has become a naked assault on both from the Eurocrat tyrant traitors and their business-leftist-Islamist backers. They must not be cowed by threats nor bought off by bribes, and not make the mistake of allowing partly manufactured tensions with Russia to influence them towards submission to an even more dangerous threat. They have to look seriously at forming their own bloc, between Russia and the West, though still in NATO, and remember that this current constellation and circumstance will likely never repeat, and it could well be the last chance ever to form a viable lasting front against those who seek to subvert and even destroy them as independent nations and peoples. No dount they are waiting for the results of the British referendum and the US elections, but they need to be planning now for all contingencies, and not lose the margin of time still available. This is it – by 2020 it will be too late.

  5. Yes, I’m been harping on this of late. With World Youth Day (WYD) in Krakow this summer – with Pope Francis mingling with near toa million Catholic youth – how will the event address the *migrant” (islamlization) issue. Will Pope Francis use the occasion to muster up a crusade against Europe’s islamization, or will he (utilizing the template of the last WYD in Rio, where his “Who am I to judge” remarks set off its own firestorm) call for (NGO like) the further “welcoming” of “migrants” (that is, Islam)?

    Has the Polish PM considered that Pope Francis – with a million Catholic youth at his side – will use this event to shame Poland into yielding to the EY (and, therefore, their demise as a nation).

    Difficult to belief that no one in Poland (the parties, movements, media) has not given any thought to this.

    • Yes, fair point. And given that those against welcoming refugees are more likely to be young Catholics, the visit by Pope Francis may well be significant, and could indeed be used to “shame” Poland into being “more accepting”… that’s unless more Brussels-style attacks by that time convince the organisers to postpone the whole thing.

  6. If I was a Pope Francis ,I would rather avoid to “shame” Poland.
    For many Poles suspect him to be an Antichrist since his statements of Jesus Christ being a sinner and Koran being equal with Bible.
    Polish Christians who are known as main protectors of Christianity for centuries may show a lack of respect and turn against Pope Francis. It would destroy his credibility in eyes of the rest of Christianity.

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