Our Blood-Letting Feud

This post is a [partial] mirror from The Z-Man’s website. He calls his essay “The Attack of the Dirt Monster”. I lifted my title from the body of the post, as you can see.

But there are other fascinating posts, such as this one, on the cult of anti-racism. Or, as we say around here, WAYCISM (you have to use your Elmer Fudd voice when you say that one).

A snip [sans the embedded links, which you can find on that second one]:

In some countries, you can be thrown in jail for being rude to members of a protected class. Every day we see news stories from Europe about someone being hauled in front of a judge for the crime of hate speech. In France, they are hauling the leader of a major political party into court under suspicion of bad-think.

In America, your career is at risk if you violate any of the sacred taboos. If you fail to show proper enthusiasm for the one true faith, you run the risk of being expelled from polite society. The term of art is “Watsoned.” Now, the social media giants are “disappearing” people for violating the new religion, by banning their accounts. Robert Stacy McCain is the most recent example.

This new religion is not a reaction to or even a response to the traditional Christianity it seeks to replace. Instead, it is just a collection of aspirations cobbled together in order to fill the void where Christianity once existed in the culture. It’s often completely irrational. The NBA is hailed for its diversity, while the Oscars are pilloried for their lack of diversity.

He’s joined an alternate to Twitter, called Quitter. I don’t know whether to join them in solidarity, or wait until they do what they did to R.S. McCain.

I like McCain: he’s brash, bright and spicy. I liked him even more when he stood up for Diana West. He’s the place to go for an overview of what’s being said in the swamps of our Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (thanks, Hillary, for yet another insertion of your strange ‘thinking’ into the American lexicon when you gave us VRWC). Where would we be without Hillary? Bill’s satyriasis seems picayune in comparison to his wife’s destruction of MENA…

[Yes, I do go on…] Here’s my excerpt from the Z Man. Any emphases are mine, as are the asides:

The feuding and blood letting we are seeing in the American political class is one of those rare chances to [peek] behind the curtain of power, at what really is going on with our rulers. The other day the NYTimes dropped a bombshell report on how Chuck Schumer, Marco Rubio and Roger Ailes tried to hoodwink conservatives into buying off on amnesty*. The gist of the story is it was an orchestrated effort to have Fox News sell a Democrat policy to conservatives.

As much as this damages Fox News, it also damages the Left. Their voters loathe the idea that the fix is in and that both parties plot in secret to hose the voters. Liberals hate this more than conservatives, who tend to suspect it anyway. In the past, this is the sort of story that would never be reported, but today the lines are breaking and it is a free-for-all. The NYTimes is taking a shot at Fox, even if it helps Trump, who they hate.

Of course, the on-going implosion of conservative media offers the best glimpse into the reality of the so-called conservative movement.

[NOTE & ASIDE: I finally lost my Conservative virginity when these felons and climbers attacked Diana West for her definitive exposure of FDR’s clique. There is no one so angry as a ravaged former Conservative virgin who thought her heroes reeked of authenticity when in actuality they were of a different order of stink altogether. They turned out to be little more than pushy peniscrania with a bad case of hamartia. We need a 5th Act Shakespeare history to sort out the villains. Except they’re not dead, even though they smell mighty like fishwrap — D.]

We see some of them pledging to support Hillary Clinton. Others have broken into the old liberal chants from the Bush years. Still others are claiming Trump is a member of the KKK, the Nazi Party, the Italian Mafia and a Progressive Democrat. I guess that’s what George Bush meant when he said he wanted to be a “uniter” not a divider.

The shocking part for many Americans is seeing people who have spent decades claiming to be their champion, suddenly turn on them and call them morons and fascists. But, it’s what happens when the lines break down and there is no longer anyone around to maintain order. We see the true nature of the combatants. In this case, most of the people in conservative media never cared much for their customers. The audience is just there to be farmed, like cattle.

[NOTE & ASIDE: Yeah, what we have now is a whole lot of formerly docile cattle crashing through the fences. The first of us to leave the farm, people like the above-mentioned Stacy McCain and Diana West, took the most pain from the electric fence when they broke through. We who followed could step into the open in the places they’d broken through. On the other hand, when Gates of Vienna was slammed and shamed by Pajamas Media for our “racist” commentary in a descriptive essay by El Inglés, that was our prodromal shock.]

Scrape away the ranting and raving and what you see is…

that all of them have been committed to the open borders project.

[NOTE & ASIDE: In other words, at some level, these traitors are Soros puppets, new-world-order-with-promises-they’ll-be-on-top opportunists. That’s the Occam’s Razor explanation for otherwise inexplicable tawdry behavior. Either that or they’ve been bitten by some virus-spreading mosquito.]

Mickey Kaus pointed out a year ago that the simplest way to derail Donald Trump was for the party to adopt the polices of Jeff Sessions. These are wildly popular with voters and well within the traditions of America. They could not do it. They were willing to go to war with their own voters in order to save the open borders dream.

There are plenty of examples from history where the ruling elite has decided that a popular belief had to be purged. Wodinism was purged from the British Isles by force. Whole villages were forcibly converted to the new religion. This only worked because the people doing the converting were believers too and their new religion offered something of value to the converted. If Christianity was good enough for the king, then the people could go along with it.

The fantasy of open borders turns this on its head. The managerial elites live in bunkered communities, immune from the costs of open borders. They live in these Potemkin villages that resemble college campuses, where the diversity is only skin deep. Everyone has an advanced degree, a job in government and a worldview to match it. The people they plan to forcibly convert are the people they intend to stick with the cost of it, while the elites plan to enjoy the benefits.

The insanity of this plan is that it assumes things about humans that, if true, would spell the end of the managerial class. After all, if people are willing to go along with having the value of their citizenship vaporized, that means they no longer see it as having any value. How in the world will the managerial class command loyalty from the people when there is no longer any point in being loyal? After all, you can’t have patriotic duty without patriotism and you can’t have that if it no longer has any value.

What we are seeing here is something about how the Cloud People view the Dirt People. Loyalty to a society has always been anchored in loyalty to the people in that society. A man is willing to take up the sword on behalf of the king, because the king is doing the same for his subjects. In other words, you’re not fighting for the king, you’re fighting for what the king embodies, what the king represents. Loyalty flows in both directions.

What’s happening is the a realization on the part of the Dirt People that the Cloud People hold them in contempt. What started out as some small skirmishes over the last decade, have now turned into a full blown war and the lines of the political establishment have broken. We’re getting to see the ugly truth that lies behind them. For most people, this is infuriating and that’s why they have flocked to the evil dirt monster that is Donald Trump.

It’s also why the bellowing from conservative media over Trump has backfired. The people are angry at the Republicans for their treachery. They are hardly going to listen to the party’s propaganda organs lecture them on the need to be loyal in the fight against the dirt monster. If anything, like the peasants in the Italian countryside when Alaric approached Rome, they will side with the wrecker.

* Get your hot dirt right here.

Hat tip: WRSA.

49 thoughts on “Our Blood-Letting Feud

  1. small problem with that is Trump only ACTS like a Dirt Monster. he is in actuality the Foil the Elite have put up to limit the choice while conveying the fiction of a populist alternative. He is a Real Estate Broker, and a failure as a Broker at that. The consensus down here is that is a con artist first, a Broker second and a power mad megalomaniac third who thinks he can buy the election with enough money and the correct words, and then do as he pleases once he is behind the velvet ropes. In all actuality, he is the reciprocal of Obama, same message, different audience. The church-going Christians don’t wish to have anything to do with him.

    • OK I’m not American, but I see Mr Trump as a very successful businessman–something I’ve always said a President or PM should be, for obvious reasons.
      Seems to me a successful businessman is a far better quality to have than a Marxist/Islamic community organizer. (or in the case of this country, Canada, a what? Part time drama teacher, or a, um, er, gee I don’t really know–you see Trudeau has never really been anything…..)

      One thing seems obvious, (to me at least) the once Grand Old Party in the ‘Good Ol’ USA is doing it’s level best to self-destruct–at the worst possible time.

      • The problem is Trump is NOT a successful business man it is his connections with Big Govt. and Organized Crime that have kept him in business. Add the fact that he is a compulsive liar, bully and socialist and we have a perfect storm of Liberty Destroying Psychosis buying his way to the WH

        • Ah, yes. The old standby ad hominem attacks.

          The last refuge of a lost argument from a know-nothing.

          So good of you to enlighten us.

        • This is EXACTLY what the MSM and the Establishment Republicans have been saying… almost to the word. And I’ve still not yet seen any details… Must be a coincidence…

          Or merely propaganda at its “best”.

        • Ever buy CONCRETE in NYC?–you deal with the MAFIA.

          Ever get a Building Permit (or ANY kind of permit) in NYC or New York–You deal with elected/unelected crooks and incompetents (who want their $$$$$$$$$$$$, too).

          Ever deal with ANY of the bazillion unions and politicos–ANYbleepingWHERE at all?? AND WIN?? Please–get a grip!

          These are the kinds of people on the national and international scene WHO HAVE BEEN EATING OUR LUNCH for far, far too long.

          If you think little Nancy Nice Ruuubeeoh (OR Crusee) with their bazillion Illegals is going to take them on (PTTT????) you’re NUTS!

          We will need somebody who has been there-done that–bought the T-shirt AND BEEN SUCCESSFUL.
          ………..AND is on our side.

          Wake up.

        • ensitue- is your name really Mitt Romney? Certainly, you seem to have drunk a few pints of the GOP old guard kool aid.

        • A winner is a winner in any given environment. They learn the rules of the game and then play to win, losers whine that the rules aren’t fair. I imagine a big L libertarian freak doesn’t get very far in real estate in Manhattan . Who is to say what Trump would be in a different environment.

    • After that, I’m for Trump even more. Bet I’m not alone. Thanks!

    • Acuara sounds just a neocon troll I saw on Breitbart news, toting that line to discourage Trump supporters. It didnt work. I voted for Trump in my state of Massachusetts on Tuesday and have no regrets. Nor do any of the people I know, including faithful, church going Christians, evangelicals, and Catholics. We reject anything establishment related, and that includes Ted Cruz. This is our last election to save our nation, we can’t be timid. Senator Sessions was correct, and we have to make a choice. Sessions is the real deal. He is a true constitutionalist, and he wouldn’t have endorsed Trump blindly. Look at how the neocons now attempt to demean and try to cheapen him. I’ve been appreciating Diana West’s blog articles as well.

      oh btw, evangelicals, faithful, church going ones were shocked by what appeared to them to be Cruz’s attempt to hint that he was Christ come again. Others were shocked learning of the Cruz’s Dominionist cult, where like Judas they believe in a kingdom on earth, not heaven.

      • I am not a neocon troll. I am a real estate appraiser who has worked very closely with realtors and Brokers over the course of my career. What I have observed in dealing with realtors and brokers is a behaviour pattern that consistently plays to the audience at hand, whether it be buyer or seller. I have met, and know personally, a few highly ethical brokers whose market analyses I would trust, but sadly, they are an insignificant minority.
        As for being a businessman, Trump is a failure as there have been at least seven business bankruptcies and two property foreclosures, most notably that of the Atlantic City Taj Mahal. This sort of pattern indicates poor or impulsive judgment that seeks to make the best of the moment without regard for the long term. That is precisely not what is wanted at this time. We are facing multiple threats and we need policies, foreign and domestic, that would enable this country to stand up against these threats with a message and posture that is consistent, coherent, and above all, credible.
        As for the other candidates, or at least those that remain, there isn’t a one of them that I would vote for, especially after Cruz’s remarks. Yes, you are quite correct. Judas thought Jesus would set up Heaven on earth but when Jesus said what He did at the Last Supper, Judas thought Him to be a delusional mountebank that preferred self-destruction to ignominy once He was shown to be the ‘false hope’ that He appeared to be to Judas. What is noteworthy is that it was written that Satan entered Judas and Jesus ordered Satan out of the room before He and the remaining eleven shared what we now know as communion.
        As for Senator Sessions, maybe he would be a good VP for Trump and work to keep him on a short leash. As for the prophecy buffs, they will know that the Rapture is near if Trump is elected, as it is written, “At the sound of the last Trump….”

        • The Rapture? Seriously? Well by all means, let’s bring it on.

          But Donald is not the last Trump: look at his children.

          Nor is Hillary the last wildebeest, despite her best efforts at criminal real estate dealings, illegally procuring federal employee records, probable involvement in the removal of Vince Foster’s body, and a whole list of shady deals to quell those bimbo eruptions. She has taken lots of Chinese money for the Clinton machine money laundering corporation. She’s not the last because she has a delusional daughter in training, who in turn has another daughter. We need us a malign female dynasty, sure do.

          People who stir together an unholy mess of politics and religion together show their ignorance of both. Jesus made the distinction clear – preachers stay out of Caesar’s bidness.

          Secondly, those who use eschatological language from another epoch simply end up with wet powder and a useless weapon. Read the same gloomy doom messages at the turn of the last millennium. They were so sure all the portents showed the end was near. It wasn’t then and it’s not now.

          Though BHO is leaving us in the worst mess since WWII with his “treaty” handing over so much to Iran, the biggest terrorist threat to MENA ever. I hope whoever is next in the Oval Office has the manly accouterments to deal with those imams – the latter have thoroughly mixed religion and politics, leaving their people fearful and poverty-stricken.

          • Indeed.

            “And Jesus answering said unto them” render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s. ” And they marvelled at him.”

            It’s the basis of any modern day Western democracy -the separation of church and state.

      • I don’t think acuara is a troll. I have similar concerns, especially the “says one thing does another” problem which I would contend is always a problem with politicians.

        As the Baron said, Trump is a vote against the network of de facto oligarchs more commonly called the establishment. Disrupting this network may actually be more important than what Trump does. Unfortunately, not being part of such a network makes his specific behavior difficult to predict. I’m sure we can’t predict it based on what he says.

        For some of us, things seem bad enough right now that even a dice roll is better than continuing on the same path. Others think that the ship can be slowly steered in a different direction, but I’m unconvinced.

    • — power mad megalomaniac third who thinks he can buy the election with enough money and the correct words, and then do as he pleases once he is behind the velvet ropes. —

      The politicians over the millenia that that describes would sink an aircraft carrier.

      The ironic part is that Mr. Trump has not had to buy much of anything. Only if Elvis rose from the grave would someone get more free publicity than Trump has.

      ¡Jeb! and the constitutionally-disqualified duo…now there are some guys who were or are hoping that cash would or will propel them forward with quickness. Mr. Rubio is said to have a certain Mr. Adelson on speed dial.

      • — power mad megalomaniac third who thinks he can buy the election with enough money and the correct words, and then do as he pleases once he is behind the velvet ropes. —

        The politicians over the millenia that that describes would sink an aircraft carrier.

        I was thinking exactly that. Honest.

        • 🙂

          “Narcissist” is another favorite. As are “inexperienced” and “reality show host.” Only Trump has the first two defects. The other candidates are experienced shrinking violets I guess.

          Cruz did a pretty good Elmer Gantry imitation in Iowa I thought but Rubio blew his lines, as Christie instantly noted. So it’s not like politicians are shy about that “all the world’s a stage” stuff.

          At this juncture, I can only say Lord preserve us from the experienced, sophisticated vote counters and sail trimmers. They have all but destroyed the U.S. with their law, business, and “public administration” degrees. They are like the Alcoholics Anonymous speaker who recounted at a meeting a personal story of utter catastrophe and then said, “And my best thinking got me there.”

          Personally, Ivy League geniuses should be barred from public life and the closer a candidate resembles an O’Reilly Auto Parts clerk the better I like him (or her). Now we are talking real competence and people sense.

  2. Call me an anti-establishmentarian. Call me a constitutional originalist. Don’t call me a conservative. The word has lost all its meaning politically because politicians and pundits who aren’t really conservative co-opted the term to mislead and deceive their “conservative” base. We’ve seen the same sort of exploitation of the TEA Party label with many so-called TEA Party candidates immediately falling in with the Vichy Republicans of the Washington cartel. The Democrats did the same thing with the term “liberal” and completely turned it on its head; now we have to say “classical liberal” to mean what von Mises meant by the unmodified noun.

    • You’re correct on all counts. BTW, the TEA party candidate who defeated Eric Cantor has stuck to his program. And Sessions, who endorsed Trump, had a simple program any candidate could have endorsed to show their bona fides re our sovereignty. Only Trump did.

      You’re spot-on about the debasing of our language by the ruling elites in both parties.

      • Dave Brat has been refreshing and I hope he holds; I think he will. Many of the TEA Party turncoats were politicians to begin with, though not all (Ernst is a big disappointment in Iowa). For some of the newbies Conservative Review (CR) gives Brat an “A” while Ernst is a “F” and, happily, Sasse in Nebraska gets an “A.” I’m also keeping an eye on Bevins in Kentucky, their new governor. Oh, almost forgot, Sessions has a CR grade of “B.”

        • Sasse is looking squishy though I forget the details. Brat has stated that Rs “lost our leverage” with one giant spending bill last year. Which is the usual maddening R fecklessness. Did the Ds force them to do that?

          • At worst, the GOP(e) is an anxious echo chamber of whatever the Dems are pushing. At best, they’re…ummm…I can’t think of a best. Those in charge make a strong case for term limits. Paul Ryan’s cozy arrangement with Obama is creepy. Ryan must have to tip-toe a bit since he took over the vacuum among the leadership caused by Brat’s defeat of Cantor. I don’t know if Brat deserved to win – he hasn’t been there long enough to say – but his opponent deserved his defeat. Cantor couldn’t see that his open borders policy was an Achilles’ heel. He still doesn’t get it.

            Eric Cantor’s loss of a powerful seat was the prodromal beginning of the people’s revolt.

          • Sasse going “squishy” was a concern of mine, too. This impression was based only on some news bit, or sound bite, or pundit’s opinion I had read or heard and little else. I’ve grown to distrust so much of the media, new and old, I wasn’t going to decide if he had or not gone “squishy” without better information.

            I had some knowledge of both Brat and Ernst congressional activity and felt I could make a qualified judgement. I went to Conservative Review (CR) to check their scores to see if they corroborated my own impressions about the two (they did). Sasse is of the same incoming class as the aforementioned and I decided to check his score while I was at it. I was expecting a much lower “squishy” grade: it was quite the opposite, which is why I prefaced my earlier comment on him with “happily.”

            Brat is a 100% “A” at CR; a mighty score. Mike Lee of Utah is the only other one I know of with a perfect score. Rand Paul is 94%, as is Jim Jordan of Ohio. All pretty solid. So when I saw Sasse at 92%, I was pleasantly surprised. Oh, almost forgot, Sessions is an 80% “B” and right on the cusp of a “C.” (If only Milton Wolf had won in Kansas; I bet he’d have a perfect score.)

    • The sheer mendacity and hypocrisy of those who have tried to torpedo Mr. Trump takes one’s breath away. Jonah Goldberg takes the cake where vulgarity is concerned but, no, it’s Trump who’s vulgar (and narcissistic and a megalomaniacal and an “entertainer” – the ultimate insult when you graduate from being an annoyance). As we speak I’m sure Mrs. T is ragging on him to clean up his language but I dare say some of those saintly critics of his are supporting the U.S. war on Syria and our not-at-all-incidental support for the unholy and unclean ISIS and al Nusra fiends…and the loathsome Urgebegone. But perish the thought you’d call that vulgar.

      I have to smile at your opening lines which remind me of the very funny comedian years ago whose schtick was ” You can call me Joe and you can call me Pete and you can call me Tom, but YOU don’t have to call me Mr. JOHNson.”

      Simpler times when the media didn’t hate the country and people didn’t think that every foreigner in the world was entitled to an all-expense-paid life in Vail, Colorado, and three votes to the citizen’s one.

      • I’m afraid all of this stuff boils down to probably one of Groucho’s best lines:

        “These are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have others.”

        • For slightly more cynical take, there was a line from the character Julian Sark in the old ABC show Alias who said, “No problem; my loyalties are flexible.”

  3. acura…Once more:

    You have lots of assertions with no back-up. Give me some links – and not to mainline denomination headquarters. The people in the pews are as estranged from the so-called ecclesiastical leaders as they are the political church of Progressivism.

    I have met many church goers who are indeed voting for Trump and admit it. There are also many who are planning to but won’t tell people like you because they don’t want to endure the judgers.

    The fact of his popularity has everything to do with the GOP(e). If you don’t get that, you’ve missed the main message of Trump’s success and the whole point of this mirrored essay from z-man. You didn’t address one of the issues in the essay. How come?

    Try re-reading Z man’s essay again. Really read it and contemplate what he says rather than jumping in with a pre-formed opinion about Trump.

    Perhaps you’d rather have another member of the elite establishment run us further into the ground? You want the destroyer, Hillary, in place to kill more Christians than she is already responsible for in MENA?? You think the architect of Benghazi is going to be good for this country?

    We’ll get Hillary or we’ll get Trump. Hillary’s reign will be brutal, especially for church-going Christians.

    Trump is the only one expressing an interest in closing our borders to illegal aliens. What, you want Europe-in-America? We can vie for the rape capital in this country in the same way Europe is doing??

    Yep, Trump is egotistical and a loud mouth. Only Ben Carson wasn’t that and I hope he drops out and continues to run his educational foundation, for which his skill set and intelligence is well-suited. The rest are part of the problem we’re facing, not solutions at all.

    No, his message is NOT the same as Obama’s. Obama was a racist divider who promised to make us poorer. He tried his best to take away people’s guns. His programs are failures. There are more unemployed people since he came into office – the Baron being one of them – and the real rate is much higher than he will admit.

    Just google Obama’s failed promises for a long list from a variety of sources.

    Obama has made it plain he doesn’t like America. Trump is fiercely proud of his country.

    Trump’s life is an open book. BHO’s is a sealed file.

    I could go on and on, but Trump can be as whacky as he chooses, and he can fail and come back again as his history displays. That history also displays a willingness to negotiate and work with others, to pick himself up and move on.

    Hillary would be another Obama: tyrannical and poisonously “Progressive” .

    • My only concern is, is Trump sincere or is he merely pushing the hot buttons? Is he authentic? I hope you’re right, Dymphna. He’s certainly taking a great deal of heat from all sides especially from the Republican establishment. But even if Trump is “disappeared” he has rallied the Dirt People and these angry voices will not go away. Z-man’s essay is excellent.

      • Yes, the point is not Trump himself. Trump, like Obama, is just a symptom of the political-behavioral sink into which we are swirling.

        What is significant about Trump is that even though he is an inadequate, cartoonish shapeshifter, millions of people are standing up and cheering for him and packing his rallies because he is the ONLY viable candidate outside the bipartisan establishment. And people want someone outside that establishment — there is a widespread feeling abroad in the land that Business as Usual can no longer continue.

        Trump is simply the best we can do at this hinge-point of history — which says a lot about the sorry mess we’re in.

        • Spot on Baron, and Dymphna as well. At the risk of being accused of self-flagellation I would have to say that we, as a people, are responsible for the sorry state that this country is in as we, by and large, have chosen self-interest over that of the country’s. I am not being a National Socialist, but I am merely pointing out that this nation was given to us as our home. Just as you would care for your home, so also would you care for the country where your home is located. Sadly, for the past twenty years, that has not been the case. With CEOs heaping riches unto themselves to the rest of us greedily holding onto what little remains the soul of the body politic has been corrupted beyond measure. There have been calls for repentance as a nation which have been roundly dismissed by the media and others. However, if our leadership is a reflection of who we are as a country, I believe that it would behove us to take a good long look in the mirror and start there. yes, I am probably preaching to the choir as most of us on this Forum already have, and are taking steps to remedy the shortcomings.
          BTW, this is democracy in action. Reasoned discourse that leads to rational decisions that are implemented for the benefit of all.

          • There have been calls for repentance as a nation which have been roundly dismissed by the media and others.

            I’m one of the others.

            The experience of metanoia is a personal one for Christians. The tension between the individual ‘call’ and one’s life as part of a small community of the faithful must always be rooted in discernment and lived out in humility.

            In theocracies like Israel, such calls in the prophetic tradition are appropriate. But not anywhere else – unless Islam is your flavor? Poor Mohammed didn’t like it when the Jewish communities rejected his self-designation as a Prophet. It might have been his side job as a caravan brigand that preceded him.

            Anyhow, when one has been designated by his faith community as having the charism of preaching, the living out of that sometimes onerous gift is supposed to be within the framework of one’s own group, not in a public forum like this is.

            I find this pronouncement scary: “Reasoned discourse that leads to rational decisions that are implemented for the benefit of all“. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all.

      • Ingrid said, “… is Trump sincere or is he merely pushing the hot buttons?” I think this is indeed a critical question.

        The only way to approach an answer is to look at a person’s past performance. Trump, until very recently, was an unabashed liberal Dem. He has donated gobs of money to liberal causes, including the Clintons, and he (and his sister) are very pro-abortion. There is nothing even remotely conservative about the man’s past, so how can anyone believe he would act like a conservative as president?

        I am completely convinced that Trump has sought advice as to “what are the hot buttons to push to get populist support at this time?” and has followed the advice to the letter. Right now, he is selling himself, but later, if he is president, he will be making deals to the advantage of no one but Trump.

        How diplomatic is a man who says, in public, “I want to punch him in the nose!”? Is this the man you want making delicate negotiations with foreign leaders? I think NOT!

        • Yes, we’d be much better off if we had someone who bowed to foreign leaders. Now where could we find someone like that…?

    • Dymphna, spot on! I am a Christian minister (38 years) & I fear the RNC elites and the globalist hordes more than an America loving vulgarian. We Christians are far worse off today than when Obama took office, we do not have to imagine what 4 years of Hillary will do to us much less the world, we know!

    • Dymphna-

      Do you have the over or under on whether or not Hillary will have us wrapped up in WWIII, kicking off in Ukraine or Syria, during her first 100 days in office.

      Personally, I’m taking the under.

      • World War III? Forget Hillary. Netanyahu has vowed that Iran WILL NOT have a nuclear weapon. And Israel always backs up its threats.

  4. The following is directed toward all of the deep thinking pundits who detest Trump. For arguments sake assume that Trump really is the ogre they think he is. I ask whose fault gentlemen is it that he has risen so far. His rise is simply a reaction on the part of ordinary Americans to 40 years of being displaced in their own country, to losing jobs (and in some cases having to train their replacements) and to having their culture trashed. And who has connived and profited from this? The very establishment types who are now bemoaning Trump. So the fault dear pundits is not in the stars, or in the American people, but in yourselves that Trump has come so far.

    • I admire the man. He had to know he would face the attacks we’ve seen. That jackass moderator, dripping sanctimony, had to go “deeper” and ask if Trump disavows the KKK. It takes a strong personality to be willing to take on the entrenched powers.

      Granted, he’s not someone’s who drunk deeply from the waters of the Constitution but you can swing a cat anywhere in Washington and hit plenty of those types.

      And the “Conservatives” at CPAC and Heritage and NR have done diddly to stop the looming disaster.

      So we assume “tepid, useless or suspect conservative” in all Rs and go full tilt for the guy who’s terrific as an immigration and trade patriot who also doesn’t think Putin is the Anti-Christ.

  5. At this point I tend to agree with my husband, who says that Trump makes him think of the bus driver in the Colombian joke: A priest has died and is about to enter heaven, but when he approaches Saint Peter, he is told that he will have to wait a few minutes. Then in comes a bus driver, who enters heaven with great fanfare. The priest asks Saint Peter why, after being dedicated to God all his life, a bus driver should be given precedence over him. Saint Peter answered, “Your sermons always put people to sleep, but when that man drove his bus he had everyone on board praying with unbridled fervor.”

    • Hmm…Obama will have quite a reception in heaven, then. They’ll roll out the carpet – a RED carpet, of course.

      Trump is an unholy mess…until you compare him to all the others. All those globalist, open borders folk who don’t have anything to say about our debt, our budget…I recall the strong impression Trump’s voice made on me when he talked in awe about how much we are going to lay out next year. A person who actually respects our economy…

      • That is why I think the situation is frightening enough to scare just about anybody into fervent prayer.

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