Off With the Burka!

The “German” woman who was ordered to unveil herself to testify in court showed up to give her testimony, and took off her burka. And was very sad because of it. And hurt. And despondent. The incident probably contributed to “radicalization” of Muslims and may have been one of the causative factors in today’s terror massacres in Brussels.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:13   …yes sure, I’m always writing too much…
0:32   Good morning
0:36   Good day
0:58   She filed a complaint, and as a witness she was once more heard here
1:02   at the local court in Munich.
1:06   In November the accused was discharged and at the time she forgave him
1:11   after he tearfully apologized to her.
1:14   Then, as a complete surprise, there was a second hearing here at the second court,
1:19   in light of the background that the prosecutor wanted my client, the witness,
1:24   to testify with an uncovered face, hence without the burka.
1:28   She was to be forced to do that, and in my opinion this was not about
1:33   the accused anymore, but solely about the witness,
1:37   who was expected to take off her burka, which then she did.
1:41   In the beginning everybody believed that she would cause trouble,
1:44   but here in court, today in court, in front of the prosecutor,
1:49   and in front of the defense, she removed the burka,
1:52   so that her face could be seen.
1:55   She did not do this for the public. She is extremely religious,
1:58   and has been wearing the burka for many years,
2:01   and even though she grew up here in Germany she adheres to this.
2:05   And today was very very hard for her as a witness,
2:09   to have to testify with her uncovered face.

16 thoughts on “Off With the Burka!

  1. She was covered in the hall and YET she tried to cover her face with her hands ON top of the cloth on her head.

    It has occurred to me that she is MENTALLY ill with an acute case of Self-hate after being “burkerized’ for too many years.

  2. Oh dearie me, how awful … it’s just outrageous and offensive to think that a grown woman has been given the opportunity to unwrap herself from the sheet she’s been forced to wear for years, & experience normality, just for a moment.

    That’s obviously far more troubling than the dead bodies lying in the street ….

    • It is a serious mistake to assume that Muslim women are any less fervent Muslims or less dangerous than Muslim males, simply because they are oppressed by Western standards.

      You have the same dynamic for Muslim women as you have for males: the majority support the Muslim (supremacist) community, a smaller group doesn’t want to deal with it and pretends they’re Western until some issue comes up and then support Islamist groups like CAIR politically, and a very small number actively want to leave Islam or actually leave it at the risk of their lives.

      A great number of the Muslims are so inbred that if you took away the burka and the long hair, you would have a difficult time distinguishing the males from the females. This is one of the mechanisms that Islam uses to keep its units in the hive.

      • Para 1 + 2, I agree.

        3 you are totally wrong. Some are amazingly sexy, you would be surprised. At work, I used to deal with an (ex) Saudi woman, who was making up for lost time by putting all her efforts into being visibly sexy. I can assure you that she is one Muslim-ORIGIN immigrant that you would welcome with open arms.

        Obviously, she thinks that all the religious ones should go hang. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s on here, even.

        • I found the Egyptians particularly hypocritical in this regard. They all wear heavy headdress type affairs which are secured at the neck and cover their upper body, all shaped oddly since the hair is in a bun so it drapes out. All this goes with the skin-tight jeans, six-inch platforms, heavy makeup and sexualised general behaviour. The salafis sit and scowl at them.

          No 4 above, like I told Mr Clooney and Hillary, beware, they are treacherous, even the quran is lost out of sight, under a pile of magazines. Find yourself a nice girl who doesn’t need to flaunt it around instead.

      • It is known as the Stockholm syndrome….identification with one’s oppressor as a coping mechanism.

  3. Besides the difficulty of women participating properly in civic society, the mere site of them (for me anyway) is depressing and there is a medical perspective too: the wearing of the Niqāb is unhealthy and contributes to all kinds of health problems. Most needed vitamin D intake comes from sunlight which this medieval garb blocks.

  4. The incident probably contributed to “radicalization” of Muslims and may have been one of the causative factors in today’s terror massacres in Brussels.

    That seems plausible, hence no need for the quotes around ‘radicalization’. The radicalization–a problem in-and-of itself–is a side-effect and result of the problem of Islam. That is what it seems to me.

    • What I failed to include is the obvious problem of adherents of Islam living within Western societies.

    • Hope the cretinous Lawyer NEVER works again! How about the “German” woman just obeyed the law in the first place. Better still Germany just ban the Burka in public areas forthwith.

  5. A couple of weeks ago I called at a pharmacy to collect a prescription. A woman dressed in a burka attempted to serve me. I sent her away and asked to be served by someone with whom I could communicate. After I’d been served I asked to see the manager. I raised my objection to being served by this woman when communication in such a situation is important. The manager blocked out my concern and focused on his, which was ‘equality’. I argued that his priority should be the customer not the ‘religious’ sensibilites of his staff, and pointed out that he had a duty to ensure that his staff could communicate with the customer – particularly in a situation was the subject matter was health. He refused to take this on board and argued that the woman’s garb presented no inhibition to communication.
    When I got back home I contacted the customer services dept of the (nationwide) pharmacy and was met with exactly the same stonewalling. It seems the customer is not always right when some of the staff are Muslims.

  6. We have a marvelous expression in Australia in response to people who do things like react to be told to take off their burka whilst giving evidence in court because they find doing so ” demeaning”, “hurtful” “offensive”, etc. The expression is “Diddums”. It connotes: ‘Poor you, how terrible, you really have it tough don’t you?’

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