“No Refugees in Our Squat!” — NIMBY, Antifa-Style

This brief news clip is amusing, at least for those of us with a sardonic sense of humor. Under any other circumstances, the lefties of this illegal “squat” in Berlin would be out there protesting on behalf of the immigrants, proclaiming the migrants’ right to accommodation and sustenance at the expense of the German taxpayer. And maybe throwing a few paving stones and Molotov cocktails at the police whilst expressing their opinion.

But not this time. You see, the proposed asylum residence is planned for the very property where the Anarchist-Antifa types squat. That’s going too far! With the rallying cry of “Not in my backyard!” — and maybe a smoke bomb or two — they’ve been demonstrating in front of city hall against giving up their beloved abode.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Refugees not so welcome. Normally the Lefties are right up there
00:04   at the front in Germany when it comes to demonstrations
00:08   for the rights of ‘refugees’. Here at the Kiefholzstrasse
00:12   in Berlin-Neukölln it is somewhat different. The property
00:16   you can see here in the background has been
00:20   occupied by Left-Alternatives Wagenburg residents without
00:24   residential contract and is now to be evacuated to make room for new
00:28   asylum accommodation. The property is a
00:32   8000 square meter facility where twenty residents
00:36   live under the name “Schwarzer Kanal” (Black Channel).
00:40   The residents, however, do not like these plans in the least, and
00:44   on Wednesday they demonstrated in front of the Neukölln town hall against
00:49   this evacuation. One of their arguments is that this is just
00:53   a pretext to evacuate the area. The [female] mayor
00:57   of Neukölln still hopes for a peaceful solution.

4 thoughts on ““No Refugees in Our Squat!” — NIMBY, Antifa-Style

  1. These “anti-fascists” can’t even see the irony when they behave like Ernst Roehm’s Brownshirts.

    • To use Kohlberg’s theories again, they’re operating at stage 2 (self interest) with plenty of post hoc rationalization. These rationalizations will differ in different situations and the inconsistency will be obvious to anyone examining them. But they couldn’t care less because they’re operating at stage 2 (which is antisocial).

      It’s pathetic, but it’s more evidence that these “antifa” are really just criminal anarchists. No doubt they think it’s “fascist” if they get arrested for theft too.

  2. Poor dears. They’ll probably now have to face returning to their “reactionary” parents. Or find a place where they pay their rent – much like everyone else. We should spare a thought. This must be a very traumatic experience for them…

  3. Have you noticed that leftie anarchist types, you know, the lazy parasitic unemployed bums who have failed in life and hate society for it, and have nothing better to do than protest violently against us patriotic “fascists”, ALWAYS wear hoodies! Now I wonder why that is. Could it be that they know that at any moment they will be throwing bricks and/or Molotov’s and therefore don’t want to be identified by security camera’s. You can spot these types a mile away. They’re the same in every country. I never trust a young man in a hoodie.

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