Mittens and Rage Boy Have a Bridge To Sell You

Mittens and Rage Boy are tag-teaming on Trump, calling him a phony and blah blah blah

They refuse to recognize that Trump isn’t running away with the voters because of his record. Say it once more: Trump is drawing huge crowds because of his firm commitment to build a wall and to slow up the flood of immigration. He has a track record for building stuff.

[Of course, Obama was elected and Nobel-ized on the strength of his airy-fairy potential to perform miracles and then it turned out that all he could do was change wine into fetid water. But his past record was either sealed or non-existent.]

The nerve of those two! The last two front-runners for the GOP(e) presidential nomination want us to believe Trump would be bad for the country. Or summat like. You’d think the shame of their own previous performances would have induced some humility. Yeah, you’d think…

This would be doubleplusungood if either of them were ever to lead the charge again, but that’s not the case. The fact that they’re willing to badmouth Trump is merely a sign of the desperation inside the Beltway.

Look back at good-soldier Mitts in 2012, when he was running that inept campaign, following all the RNC talking points. Part of that plan was securing Trump’s endorsement. Get a look at the political footsie here:

In other words, Trump was a moment of convenience to be used to prop up Romney… for all the good it did. Now they have to pay the price: Romney and McCain are hoist on their own petard.

Back in 2012, even as hairline cracks were beginning to be seen in the hull of the GOP(e)’s latest version of deck chairs on the Titanic, people stalwart and true wanted to believe that a man who could clean out the Augean stables of the corrupt Olympics could also clean out the bloated federal behemoth. And he might have, had the GOP(e) not envisioned a different outcome, one where he lost and they kept their perks. Looking back it was obvious they wanted to be Number Two. Good heavens, they’re still at it, and just as smelly as ever.

Karma is dogging them now. The RNC cut out the Tea Party at the very start of Romney’s turn on stage. They prevented any official grassroots organizing to counter the many agencies devoted to Obama’s victory. And BHO’s first term was such a mash-up of executive orders and broken promises that, as the pundits said at the time, the race was Romney’s to lose. So lose he did; what should have been his base — the white guys — stayed home.

Romney lost because he worked to lose. And now the insider idjits are so desperate they have plans to disinter him, inflate him a bit, and send him out to do battle against the Witch. Nope. It ain’t gonna happen, boys.

Besides, what has Romney done since his loss to Obama in 2012? No doubt he’s continued to work the financial sector. Big Deal. How has that made the country more productive?? The RNC’s 2.5 version of this campaign appears to be to inflate the Romney bounce-back toy and send him into battle against Hillary’s long knives. He’ll be armed with lots of gee-whiz sticky patches to repair her thrusts. Yep, that’ll work.

I wonder if the bookies in Las Vegas are taking bets on the likelihood of such a pathetic meet-up.

Or if they’ve yet begun to give odds on a possible date for the ritual suicide of the Republican Party.

Be sure to read The Conservative Treehouse take-down, and his explanation of Romney as the final tripwire. Most instructive. And definitely follow his links.

And go back to his much earlier rationale for his support of Trump, from July of last year. Sundance lays out the betrayals and the me-toos of the Republican Progressive Party.

Too bad, John and Mittens. Many voters are tired of your sermons, repeated ad nauseam. Same old virtuous outrage, same old misplaced hauteur. What’s that you say? Trump has had gargantuan failures? Look in the mirror, boys: try to convince us you’re one whit better.


When Trump wins, join the other liberals and progressives in the march to Canada.

21 thoughts on “Mittens and Rage Boy Have a Bridge To Sell You

  1. IMHO Mitt delivered a real hatchet job, a character assassination, at the behest of the utterly corrupt party bosses and establishment elites. These Bozos are in fear of losing their grip on the decades of power and all of the goodies ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ etc.) bestowed upon them by the horde of lobbyists ( who BTW expect much in return) that infest the inner reaches of the beltway. To them Mr. Trump is viewed as an interloper.

    • He’s more than an interloper — he’s an interloper who can’t be bought. Not so far, anyway.

      They say everybody has a price. Evidently the GOP has not put in a large enough bid.

      • You are so right Baron.

        Trump is just PRICELESS! See old Romney in 2012 was begging for his help, his $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
        I have had all I can stand of my Senator Rubio.
        He is a hack and I actually hate his absentee behind.

        Cruz is so preachy that he make me want to stick a bar of lava soap in his mouth to get rid of that fake goody -two-shoes smirk!

        • It doesn’t help that Cruz sounds like Mr. Haney from the old TV show Green Acres.

  2. I can’t look at ol’ insane McCain without seeing that picture of him standing with his “moderate moslem” chums in Syria. The only moderate in the picture was apparently kicked out of the FSA leadership for being ̶a̶c̶t̶u̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ too moderate. The rest ended up in ISIS so McCain is not really someone I’d ever want to take advice from in regards things like personal security, border control, international relations or pretty much anything to do with keeping oneself and community safe. He’s also an open borders advocate.
    During Romney’s campaign one of his own party, Michael Bloomberg (NYC mayor at the time) endorsed Obama over the handling of hurricane Sandy.
    These two twits are like tweedle dum and tweedle dee.

    • Those same “rebels” meeting with McCain were the same ones who kidnapped two Greek Orthodox Bishops two years later.

      The Bishops have not been heard of since. Their driver , a Deacon and another Church member were murdered when the Bishops where kidnaped.

      • Hard to do when Diebold is counting the votes.

        I am continually amazed we can build ATMs that function 99.9999% of the time and print out a receipt with your bank balance, but creating an accurate voting machine that prints out a record of your vote is continually bemoaned as, “too hard.”

        Funny that.

  3. Not quite OT, but not fully OT, either. I’ve stated previously that I do *not* support Donald Trump.

    Per Dymphna: “So lose he [Romney] did; what should have been his base — the white guys — stayed home.”

    Gee; why would they have done that? Could it possibly have had anything to do with his two most damaging statements–given here verbatim, as I heard him say them live:

    1) “Corporations are people, my friend.”

    2) “I like firing people!” (Yes, I know; this isn’t the whole sentence/paragraph, but even with the surrounding words, it’s not much better.)

    The man was completely sans clue with regard to the regular voter in the street, and that voter mostly stayed home rather than vote for such an out-of-touch, wealthy, entitled nabob.

    • To me, Trump is a knee-jerk, he offers an alternative non-PC voice, but is it a wise voice? I don’t know, but then as an outsider I have no say in this.

      10 years ago he supported Clinton(s), who is his ‘master’ now? Is it ‘god’ or ‘satan’?

      If he surrounds himself with responsible, wise adults (and listens to them) then he will prosper as Potus, somehow I think his ego is too big.

      It is humility that makes a good president for no one (wo)man can do the job. Has Trump got the humility whereby he can escape the corrupting influence of the job?

      Too many questions and no answers……

      But then, is there any alternative?

  4. Daoud Kamerov PM of what was the United Kingdom is also to become history we hope. The Trotskyite “Tory” Party is a disgrace. I wonder if Daoud and Teresa May realise they are following a Commie Agenda? We even have sharia territory these days in the City of London- and it’s official too and against the Laws of England. It beggars belief doesn’t it?

    Look at the “Mob” tactics of these oiks, who ban anti EUrosceptics from having access to their own Civil Servants. I have just applied for a new passport and I am told they are now limiting access to them if we do not think permitted thoughts or the new “British values”. Can you believe it? They asked me if I was a British “Citizen”. I replied “No a British Subject, born and bred!” The phone went quiet… then I asked “How long will it take to process?”

    A morose voice replied “Two to Three weeks if we are satisfied with your background….

    “You don’t have an automatic right to one, you know!”

  5. There is a story about the Nazi general Erwin Rommel, that when he learned that the guy he is facing was Patton, he became perturbed. His assistance tried to console him saying that Patton lacked experience. To that Rommel answered, you do not understand, he never failed.

    So I have the words of two guys who’d failed twice each, and big time (Mitt Romney and John McCain), disparaging the guy who has never failed. Who should I listen to and support?

  6. So the 2012 over religious loser and the prisoner of war are declaring war on mr Trump?

    Mr mcain should have killed himself in Hanoi before the commies did that brainwash on him. That would have made him a real hero.

    The other one- that slick loser- should move into a mountain and make himself useful 🙂 writing names in scrolls..

  7. I have no good feelings for Mittens or McCain, but it does not seem to me that Trump is consistent with any of his views. He consistently changes his mind, I don’t know how we can trust anything he says.

    • I’ve had 6 yrs., going on 7, of BO’s lies. – I’d rather trust a person who
      can and is able to change their mind & admit it than one who makes
      up his mind and sets it in concrete in perpetuity. – The Washington
      Gravy Train needs to be derailed. – I don’t know if Trump can do it or
      not; but maybe it’s worth a try. – No government of man is ever going to
      be up to the job. That is why I ultimately look to the coming Kingdom
      of God, with Christ as the righteous King making all things new; the
      Kingdom where the last shall be first, and the first last. Unlike this
      corrupt realm which we now see.

      • Well. Some governments of men are better than others.

        But I will say again that public political discourse isn’t the place for specific religious instruction. Remember what He told you about going into your prayer closet?? Like that.

  8. I don’t have anything good to say about Mittens or McCain, but can we really trust anything Trump says? He seems to change his mind on all the issues including immigration by the day.

    • GOP and Democrat establishment already proved that they can’t be trusted. Trump has to play politics and adjust his tone accordingly to get elected. There isn’t any other candidate option other than him who could fix the country. I say this as a recent legal immigrant.

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