Knife Attack in Paysandú, Uruguay: “I Killed a Jew Because Allah Ordered It”

An adherent of the Religion of Peace stabbed a Jewish leader to death on the streets of Paysandú, Uruguay. Witnesses report that the alleged perpetrator proclaimed did it in the name of Islam, but the police are hedging their bets — all they will say is that the disturbed young man, who may have a history of mental problems, has not admitted a religious motive for his deed.

Many thanks to Fausta for translating this Uruguayan news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:04   A businessman and leader of the Paysandú Jewish community,
0:08   David Fremd, age 55, was stabbed to death in downtown Paysandú. (…)
0:16   Sergio Gorsi, head of the Uruguayan Israelite Center, said it appears to have been an anti-Semitic attack,
0:22   based on the first words of the attacker, who stated,
0:26   “I killed a Jew, because Allah ordered it,”
0:33   according to a witness. — I was heading to the gym, and was near
0:45   Jeans Center, when I stopped to chat with the guys unloading a truck for the supermarket (…)
0:55   when I heard a lady scream “Help him! Help him!”
1:00   so I hurried, thinking she was being mugged.
1:09   What did you see? — I saw when the murderer grabbed him by the arm to turn him around,
1:15   since they were already arguing,
1:18   and he pulled his hand like so,
1:22   and I thought he was going to punch him,
1:25   and then I saw he was bleeding.
1:30   Where did he stab him first? — In the back… I think that’s the one that caused his death.
1:40   Did the victim fall then?
1:43   He was still defending himself standing up,
1:49   and his hands got cut, too, and when he fell,
1:52   he still kept fighting back,
1:56   and when (the victim) turned his back, his son came,
2:00   and threw himself (on the assailant) and made him fall down.
2:04   and tried to grab him, but he cut his hand.
2:10   I couldn’t cross the street from the traffic.
2:15   Lots of people not helping. (…)
2:20   By the time I could get across, he had dropped the knife
2:28   and took off up España Avenue towards downtown,
2:32   And you chased him?
2:35   And I couldn’t find him.
2:38   Had you heard what he said, words?
2:41   No, the first I heard was the woman screaming,
2:46   but at that moment I didn’t hear what he said.
2:51   And when you chased him? — I chased him for three blocks, almost four, and got him,
2:55   and he told me “Let me go because when I testify they’ll let me go.”
3:00   Who knows why he said that.
3:04   And that’s when he said it was because of the Muslim religion.
3:08   Yes, I grabbed him by the back of his collar.
3:12   And he wanted to escape, so
3:16   the harder he tried, the harder I held on.
3:20   So he told me that, and he told me, “If you knew what they had done to me,
3:24   you would have done worse.”
3:29   As if he had been mistreated. He told me they discriminated against him because they were Jews.
3:36   He also told me he was with al-Qaeda, and that he had bombs and all that.
3:40   And he said all that? — Yes.
3:44   Was he calm? — Yes, calm, very calm.
3:48   He knew was he had done, he was aware of what he was saying,
3:52   When you testified, did you mention that?
3:55   Yes, exactly what he told me.
3:58   What else did he say?
4:01   He implied that his religion commanded him,
4:04   that he had to sacrifice a Jew, so he’d go free.
4:08   So I told him he won’t go free because that’s not how things are done.
4:12   The accused had a history of
4:16   repeated acts of violence.
4:20   His name is Abdullah Omar.
4:23   Not only did he stab the businessman to death,
4:27   but also stabbed his son. He had also been taken to the hospital
4:32   twice for psychiatric treatment. Abdullah Omar admitted that
4:36   for the last ten years he has frequented a mosque in Montevideo.
4:40   The perpetrator confessed that he acted
4:44   under divine orders, while police
4:47   investigate through intelligence
4:51   possible foreign links and the knife intifada.
5:00   Has the crime been solved? — Yes, the person has been charged
5:04   on three counts: Premeditated homicide,
5:10   a hate crime with religious motives,
5:14   and personal injury against the son of the deceased.
5:18   Why was it investigated if he was sane or not?
5:24   It’s a complex case, grave situation,
5:29   the accused was in a very particular situation,
5:35   and we needed to ascertain his legal competence.
5:39   Did he confess to a hate crime?
5:44   He never confessed or admitted to the act he committed.
5:51   He denies? — Would not admit to it.
5:55   To what? — That he was motivated by religion.

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