Jeppe Juhl’s Solutions: Reform, Renounce, or Repatriate

In his latest installment in a series on the Muslim migrant situation in Denmark, Jeppe Juhl discusses his proposed solutions for the current crisis.

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00:00   Welcome to NewSpeek … I’m Jeppe Juhl
00:06   I will now give you NewSpeek’s drastic suggestions on how we can
00:10   minimize the multicultural chaos, the civilizational trap
00:14   our irresponsible politicians have inflicted upon Denmark and the Danish people
00:18   by pointlessly opening up the country for Muslim immigration.
00:22   The solution first. Reflection afterwards — and there are many:
00:28   Here are three English Rs: R for Reform, R for Renounce or R for Repatriate.
00:35   Reform, leave your religion, or leave Denmark.
00:44   Firstly: Reform … that is, reform your religion.
00:48   We must demand that the Islamic Religious Community in Denmark reform their message,
00:52   so that what they preach is compatible with a secular,
00:56   pluralistic and modern democracy.
00:59   And yes … I fully recognize the naivety,
01:03   and even the paradox of this requirement. Because Islam, as described in the Koran,
01:07   is utterly incompatible with democracy, given that it is a religion and law in one
01:11   where Allah controls all human behavior.
01:16   The demand for reformation is therefore a de facto ban on preaching Sharia,
01:21   and thus very, very theoretical …
01:24   but it does not contradict, to the best of my knowledge
01:27   either freedom of religion or freedom of expression,
01:30   Since paragraph 78.2 of the constitution is clearly open to such a ban.
01:35   That is, if you have the courage to admit the obvious mix
01:40   of law and religion, which is the essence of Islam.
01:45   No one can be above, or have special exemption from the constitution by claiming to be a religion.
01:52   That goes without saying.
01:56   Renounce … that is, leave your religion…
02:00   We must demand that cultural Muslims dissociate from their memberships of the Islamic Religious Community,
02:04   if it does not meet the first requirement, the requirement we have just mentioned.
02:08   That would by the way lead to the death penalty in Muslim countries —
02:12   their luck is that they live in Denmark.
02:15   Last, but not least: Repatriate — If resident Muslims
02:20   neither wish to reform or leave these religious “communities”,
02:25   then their eventual citizenship should be repealed and they should get a one-way ticket
02:31   home to the country and the culture from whence they came and which they obviously miss so much.
02:36   Why they came here in the first place is difficult to understand.
02:40   Why they do not embrace Denmark instead of wanting to re-make their new country
02:44   into the same hell-hole they came from is even more incomprehensible.
02:48   Those who are not citizens, we can send home without further ado.
02:54   But it would of course obviously require the termination of a number of conventions,
02:58   but then we will just have to terminate those.
03:02   That is then a fast model for a solution —
03:05   but I am not stupid enough not to know that it is unrealistic right here and now.
03:10   However, in line with increased immigration and increased civilizational clashes,
03:17   new Islamic terrorist attacks on Danish and European soil and general civil unrest,
03:22   this is the reality that Denmark and Europe will face in the coming decades.
03:27   There can be no doubt about that.
03:31   There is attached an infinite variety of very complicated and difficult dilemmas in this model,
03:38   and a number of wide reaching legal decisions to be made
03:43   with regard to, for example, continued membership of the EU,
03:47   which legally hog-ties the self-determination of nations
03:51   plus denunciation of both the Refugee Convention,
03:55   Convention on Human Rights and Stateless Convention.
04:00   Will we compromise our liberal freedoms with the right to think and speak freely?
04:04   Yes, some would argue …
04:09   I would argue ‘No’, and I point to the prohibition of the encouragement to act with violence!
04:14   Do we give up our freedom of religion in order to protect ourselves against a multicultural catastrophe?
04:21   Yes, we do …but only if we only look at Islam as a religion!
04:28   Will some decent people get a raw deal? Yes there will be some.
04:35   But what is the alternative? Self-destruction in the name of decency,
04:40   when self-constructed radical groups of Danes go on the offensive against resident Islamists?
04:47   Yes, a lot of clever things can be sad both for and against these draconian proposals.
04:53   I am quite aware of that, but the discussion has, however, already started.
04:57   Right now many of our “surprised” politicians,
05:00   on top of the “non-revelations” of the documentary series on TV2, (which we still need to praise),
05:05   talk about closing the most rabid mosques.
05:08   The heart says naturally ‘yes’,
05:12   but the brain says ‘no’ unless we do all the preliminary work, as described above.
05:17   Should we arrange for education for imams? is another current debate.
05:23   I’m not going to spend time on that debate because it is stupid; the idea is both absurd and ridiculous for obvious reasons.
05:29   There are ample questions and dilemmas.
05:33   We are going to be hearing about this for many years in the future.
05:37   I know that the negative cultural ballast
05:41   that so many immigrants come here with is difficult to put aside
05:45   just because you happen to be in a different geographical location.
05:50   I understand that. We cannot expect that the first generation of immigrants
05:53   become either integrated, or can’t expect them to be assimilated.
05:56   But what we CAN expect and demand is that subsequent generations embrace Denmark.
06:03   And that has, until now, shown itself to be almost impossible.
06:08   If they don’t do this, then we say … thank you for the visit.
06:13   God save Denmark — but not Islamic darkness.

17 thoughts on “Jeppe Juhl’s Solutions: Reform, Renounce, or Repatriate

  1. Pipe dreams, Jeppe! Some of these points may come to pass, but not yet.
    Regrettably, many more girls must be raped and murdered, indigenous Europeans hounded and beaten by their own police, and elderly pensioners beaten and robbed before the people REALLY wake up!

    • Pipe dreams perhaps — but it has to said. And the sooner and more often it’s said the sooner and more likely it’ll be considered by others as desideratum. No matter how farfetched it seems to today, one day it may be considered prescient.

      Juhl rules!

      • You have to admire this man, at least he is trying! Simple practical message with the 3 R’s. Need anyone stress the negative 3 R’s for Denmark if both a short term and long term solution is not fought for by the Danish people?




    • It looks like all the Christian and Jew haters in Denmark have to do is keep doing what they are doing and they will eventually dictate terms. They know that. It is going to take a tidal wave of bloody ruthless push back now for any Western European to survive into the next century.

  2. He forgot another possibility for the recalcitrant: pressuring them a bit to move to Sweden, which is lost anyway…

  3. Before any of this can be accomplished, the Danes must first eliminate and neutralise their ruling elite. From there they must bring about their exit from the EU. After that, all else will be possible over time.

    • Tell that to the French. An estimated, (hysterically the French do not keep stats), 25% of teenagers are Muslims. We need a quickening – rapidement. Or maybe we are planning another war to end all wars. If so then just carry on.

  4. But we have won vs Islam, in history, many times. So we, our genes, are not incurably stupid. I believe Europe is going to wake up soon, have victorious small civil wars, but then…ahh… we and Europe and the West go on to face the era of the uncontrolled nuclear weapons. This will be so spectacularly upsetting to the world that it will take humanity a hundred years to recover and heal. Dark Ages II. Every day we should think about Pakistan, North Korea and Iran and worry and vote for fixers and thinkers.

    • Yes, if internal demographics problems are taken care of, after that, nukes are the only real existential threat to the West from Islam.

      North Korea I don’t think is the problem. These dictator types tend to be rational and not want to wake up one morning and find themselves presiding over a radioactive wasteland. We can’t trust the Islamic world to be subject to the same deterrence logic.

    • While it’s certainly true that we have pushed Islam back in the past, something very crucial has changed since then: Your political rulers have learned that they can make you accept muslim immigrants even if it kills your society.

      In the past, any so-called leader who did something so suicidal to his people would be overthrown and killed, but today we’re too civilized to do that. (Rumania killed their dictator but that’s rare.) And the elites know they’re safe from legal action because their friends run the legal system.

      Even Jeppe fails to understand the threat, since he believes muslims can be persuaded to reform their “religion.” Think about that. It can’t happen because reformers are quickly killed by their fellow muzz. Ditto for leaving the faith.

      But other than those, the thoughts are in the right direction.

      • I think Jeppe knows what you said about the “Reform” option. He almost says it if you listen carefully. Offering “Reform” as an option is a required political formality.

        >> In the past, any so-called leader who did something so suicidal to his people would be overthrown and killed,

        Do not rule out that leaders will in the future be executed for what they have done to Europe with immigration. But the damage has to be experienced first.

    • We’re ‘too nice’ now. Our forebears were tough and uncompromising when it came to what they understood as their values. Now human right trump all and until progressives understand that islam contradicts human rights, nothing can happen.

  5. Sigh. I have a wish that Jeppe Juhl get a bunch of bodyguards tomorrow but a sad feeling that it is not going to happen.


    By the cultural Marxist Quisling traitor elites
    Our countries are flooded with migrants instructed to hate us –
    More than a million militant muslim males,
    Who are told they’re the best of peoples raised up for mankind.

    They’re turning our streets at night into danger zones.
    By rape after brutal rape they stake their claim,
    Displacing our nations’ laws with rules of their own,
    As repeatedly told in their menacing hostile mosques.

    “A woman without a scarf is asking for rape”,
    “Their women are yours to take. Why don’t you enslave them?”
    “The kuffar are filthy, ….the offspring of apes and pigs”,
    “You all have to hate them, …and punish their unbelief”.

    Yet all this time our leaders are in denial,
    Again and again they repeat what they did before.
    If anyone tries to object he is roundly blackened,
    His motives smeared, his views reviled and scorned.

    The inadequate mainstream media shares the blame,
    Routinely omitting to cover the problem news.
    Between them they lay the way for conflict to follow,
    Blithely ignoring the warnings, to everyone’s doom.

  7. From Australia I offer the following comment: It is still a matter of immense surprise to me that everyone – from Europe’s political masters to the ordinary citizens – simply accepted as a given that suddenly millions of “refugees” rose up as one body and started pouring into the European Continent, uninvited and unwanted (except by the Marxist inclined few – including the UN and the EU). This question is still unanswered and appears to have been lost now under the debris of mass cultural destruction and social mayhem caused by this exodus from the countries of the Middle East. Does anyone have any clues on this or should I contact George Soros of Open Borders and see whether he has further solutions to what is growing into an unmanageable and
    evil Hydra?!

  8. Question to Danes: how many Danes watch Jeppe Juhl? Presumably he just has an internet channel? What is his influence?

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