Jeppe Juhl on “Catastrophic Multiculturalism”

The video below is a recent edition of the Danish “NewSpeek” program featuring Jeppe Juhl. In this episode Mr. Juhl discusses the recent hidden-camera documentary that revealed what imams tell their congregations inside mosques. It wasn’t a surprise to anybody with half a brain who has been paying the slightest bit of attention. However, that evidently doesn’t describe most Danish gutmenschen, who are now in a tizzy over all of this.

Many thanks to Tania G. for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Welcome to NewSpeek. My name is Jeppe Juhl.
00:06   TV2 is showing these days a documentary series entitled “The Mosques Behind the Veil”
00:12   which shows life in Danish parallel societies.
00:15   Women, it is only permitted to spill a Muslims blood for three reasons.
00:18   The first is fornication. If a married or divorced woman fornicates, and she isn’t a virgin,
00:25   and commits and act of whoring, she must be stoned to death.
00:28   We have to give TV2 high praise for the three programs already shown.
00:31   So far, with the help of two very brave “moles” it has been revealed
00:35   how primitive desert customs in the form of sharia law exist
00:39   — very much alive and well in Muslim communities in Denmark.
00:44   We have received reports of sharia councils, social control, the praising of stoning and flogging,
00:49   the encouragement of polygamy, the embezzlement of public funds,
00:52   the systematic encouragement of benefits fraud, etc. etc. etc.
00:56   Now we are just waiting for “disclosures” about the systematic hatred of Jews and homosexuals —
01:02   but but but I say of course “disclosures” in quotation marks
01:06   because of course these are in no way “real” disclosures.
01:09   These things have been known for a long time by anybody who has the tiniest bit of curiosity about the subject.
01:14   The revelations about conditions in Denmark are completely identical
01:18   with similar disclosures made in both Sweden and England,
01:22   and I am still awaiting an intelligent answer as to why devout Muslims
01:26   should behave any differently or think any differently in Denmark than elsewhere in Europe.
01:30   Three whole authoritative studies have been done within the past eight years
01:35   that have revealed what the — and I repeat — majority of West Europe’s Muslims think and believe .
01:41   And it’s absolutely hair-raising reading. Over 70% of Muslims in Western Europe believe
01:46   that there is only one interpretation of the Koran.
01:49   Over 60% put religious laws — i.e. Sharia — OVER secular law.
01:53   In Denmark it is even worse. Here, in 2006 a total of 62.4% of Danish Muslims
01:57   were of the opinion that the Koran’s instructions were to be followed to the letter.
02:02   The figure in 2015 actually increased to 77.2%.
02:06   It is clearly going in the wrong direction.
02:09   On our app and on our YouTube channel (NewSpeek) you can read these studies.
02:12   It is deeply depressing reading.
02:15   And deeply disheartening for the minority of well-integrated cultural Muslims
02:19   who want to be a part of Denmark, who would like to live in a modern society
02:23   and who really want democracy. They are held hostage in all of this and let down by
02:28   desperate politically correct leftists who lacked an enemy after the fall of the Wall
02:33   — and a paralyzed right wing that still doesn’t have the backbone
02:38   to denounce the UN conventions that prevent us from putting an end to this imported madness.
02:44   Even more depressing are our “surprised” politicians who are now literally falling over each other
02:50   trying to signal their willingness to act.
02:53   That was supposed to have happened a long time ago!
02:56   Instead they, together with the cultural elite, for years and years
02:59   persecuted and mocked the far too few people with a voice in the public arena
03:03   who have had a sense of reality. People who have had the civil courage
03:06   to point out the madness of the insistent adherence
03:09   to an unattainable, utopian and disastrous multiculturalism.
03:13   A multiculturalism that will inevitably lead to the nation of Denmark’s end as a Danish country.
03:20   A multiculturalism that will inevitably lead to the collapse of the welfare state.
03:26   I mention here some of these people: Søren Krarup, the late Jesper Langballe, Ole Hasselbalch, Lars Hedegaard,
03:33   Karin Jespersen, Ralph Pittelkow, Pia Kjærsgaard and many many more decent and concerned people.
03:39   The people I have just mentioned have been systematically labeled “haters” and often prosecuted
03:45   for saying what has now suddenly come as a “shock” to the “elite”.
03:50   You really have to shake your head.
03:53   Imagine — the imams who are hired to proselytize an evil,
03:57   vile and inhuman desert religion,
04:01   well…they preach evil, vile and inhuman messages.
04:05   What a big surprise!
04:09   The apparent “new” reality raises a whole series of very difficult dilemmas
04:13   for a modern democratic constitutional state where religious freedom, free thought
04:17   and free speech are taken for granted.
04:22   This the topic that NewSpeek will discuss in the coming days, and we actually have a suggestion for a solution.
04:26   And it will be the solution that will inevitably come sooner or later
04:30   as the madness reaches the majority and the politicians are forced,
04:34   within just a few short years, to react in order to avoid extreme polarization and civil war.
04:39   The longer the politicians wait the worse it will get. Within just a few short years.
04:44   The solution is drastic. You can hear about it here tomorrow at NewSpeek.
04:49   I am Jeppe Juhl. God save Denmark —
04:56   but not the catastrophic multiculturalism that makes a 15-year-old Danish convert girl
05:04   to make bombs in order to kill children.

24 thoughts on “Jeppe Juhl on “Catastrophic Multiculturalism”

  1. Oh I do so hope that the Danish gutmenschen are in a tizzy about this. That would mean that at least they have had to look at it.

  2. I agree with the assertion that ” These things have been known for a long time by anybody who has the tiniest bit of curiosity about the subject.” It seems most people are not interested in it until they get raped, beaten, or robbed. Possibly all three. Then and only then they begin to understand what has happened to their countries. Then comes a mourning period as reality sinks in, and then WAR! It`s the only realistic outcome. You cannot possibly legislate your way out of this one.

    • Nick, I am a member of the Vlaams Belang party in Belgium.

      My party has been shouting this from the rooftops FOR FORTY YEARS.

      Long, long, long before Sverigedemokraterna, UKIP, Wilders’ PVV, FPO et al there was the Vlaams Belang already, although prior to 2004 it was called Vlaams Blok.

      The whole process of appalling demonization in the media, schools and universities, the cultural sector; political intimidation, downright undemocratic countermeasures, the banning of VB ads from newspapers, denying VB politicians airplay on radio and TV, political prosecution based on tailor-made “anti-racism” laws, throwing VB members out of unions, thrashing banners during elections, ruining cars of top VB members…

      …. constitutes after forty years such a body of evidence that a fascinating book could be written about the subject.

  3. I wonder what the solution is?

    Needing to swear allegiance to the Danish constitution as the primary source of law within Denmark, in order to be eligible to vote?

    Welcome to Taqqiya!

    The only reasonably humane way out of the mess that Europe is in is:

    (a) Partition;

    (b) Encouragement of the native population to have children. I would go for cash bribes, in the crudest possible fashion: if a couple hasn’t been on social assistance for more than 6 months of the previous 5 years and they have a child, I would offer EUR 20K/year for the next 3 years as an incentive for the first child, and for the next 5 years for any subsequent child. This is enough to take time off work, to put the kid in daycare, or even to hire a (foreign-worker!) nanny full-time. I’d make it a financially attractive option to have the extra child. The hint would be clear: space out 3-4 kids nicely, and you can have a 15 year “career” raising them or having a nanny, and the state will make it NOT a financial hit;

    (c) Encouragement of assimilatable immigration within reason (0.5-1%/year). Some could come in the form of the foreign worker nannies… Denmark is a nice country, and if you drop people from a reasonable culture into it, they will WANT to assimilate at least into the “public” part of the culture, and that’s what matters in the end.

    It’s drastic, it’ll be expensive, but it’s the only way to solve the problem.

    • Mike: We certainly need to encourage the working population to reproduce. In the UK we do subsidise child bearing – but the greatest subsidies (a free home, free appliances, a bearable living subsidy) go to those who are unmarried or have never worked. The result is a native underclass full of feral children.

      On the other hand, the middle class burdened by high housing costs usually delays having children, and ends up with one child per family – squeezed in as the mother hits forty.

      • Personally I blame a value shift toward consumerism (the idea that acquiring material goods is the primary objective). The socialists would of course blame “capitalism” but as usual they fail to realize that the economic (and socialist political) machinery just responds to demand.

        I don’t know for sure why so many people were successfully convinced that having children is “demeaning” to women. Only thing I can figure is that maybe competitive pressures convinced some people that maximum economic output was needed to win the Cold War (where consumerism got pushed) so it was necessary to get as many people as possible into the workforce. This meant redirecting women from having children to working instead, and this was done using the usual manipulation tactics.

        After a while though people ended up in a trap where both husband and wife (assuming anyone even gets married) both have to work to afford the lifestyle they expect.

        Now reproduction is below replacement rate, or close to it, and the solution that the economic-political machinery has come up with is: import third-Worlders and not just third-Worlders but the most troublesome ones with the most intolerant religious ideology that are least useful economically. But it solves the political problem of how to stay in power so who cares.

        Maybe someone will invent robots that can produce things and babysit the third-world(ers) while everyone else dies out.

        • Nimrod, I’m a bit late catching up with your comment, especially the second para, but hope you see this and find it relevant.

          Brits will be familiar with Dame Joan Bakewell, writer, journalist and Labour peer (b 1933). She was on the radio a few weeks ago, talking about her mother, an intelligent woman who stayed at home to raise the children; this was not only expected, but often regarded as a liberation from the drudgery of work.

          Dame Joan said that her mother’s, and other women’s, resultant depression, due to lack of intellectual stimulation or fulfilment (I’m paraphrasing a bit) led directly to her own, and many contemporaries’ involvement in feminism. I sincerely doubt whether she was “manipulated” in the interests of consumerism. Anyway that genie is now well clear of the bottle.

  4. The government of Russia is trying to populate its Far East. This would be a golden opportunity to move some or all Afrikaner farmers there and save them from the ongoing genocide. It might click nobody’s mind. Please give the idea some publicity in GoV. Afrikaner farmers are very eager to assimilate in a society like Russia. They don’t mind to go to the Russian Far East.

    • Anybody with half a brain would have left SA a long time ago. The only people that remain are the clueless, brain dead liberals, the extreme poor, and people so stubborn that they would rather die than change.

      • I think the farmers are unable to sell their land and equipment thus remain tied to their farms and stay hoping for the best. It is not easy to become a poor refugee. Unless you have lived it, you don’t really understand it.

        Besides, why the double standard, if the Africans are allowed to live and prosper in the West why should white people be allowed the same in Africa? We should be less tolerant of the Black and Brown racism and demand that they behave towards us with respect they want from us.

        • Why the double standard? Do I really have to answer that? There always was a double standard, they just don’t say it out front how truly racist they actually are. They use the argument of anti-racism as a mask to further their agenda of domination. Never mind they are going to destroy the economy in the process, and are too stupid to run a Easter egg hunt.

        • Double standard? That’s because locally it has much greater political utility.

          What you’re talking about is another example of what I call “think locally, act globally” (the opposite of those bumper stickers).

    • Move Afrikaner farmers to Eastern Siberia? From bountiful South Africa to the coldest inhabited place on earth–some move for farmers; less than two weeks ago it was still around -50C there!
      I agree with dhans; South Africans with any sense (including my doctor) got out long ago.

      • Your doctor carried his wealth in his head. A farmer cannot do it.
        But I agree that transplanting Africaners to Siberia is silly. It is the place where people were sent as a punishment to work hard and die.

    • How many are really interested in living among a bunch of mongols? Western Russia is ok, but Eastern Russia? Not very tempting

  5. Wait for it. The smooth-talking imams are going to say it was an aberration, not the normal practice of their religion that goes on in the mosques. They will promise earnestly that they will clean up the behavior and that everything will be taken care of. No need to worry. And the public will go back to sleep.

    • Not if the left wing lovies and politicians, along with the compliant Muslim loving press are made aware fully aware that there will be retribution for them in the not to distant future for the ruination they have caused to their once great and respected nation.

    • Revive the “leatherneck” throat-protector. See net. It s devised to protect the US Marines in their war with the muslims, the USA’s first war: same enemy, same ideology, unchanged.

    • The same thoughts crossed my mind. Stay safe Jeppe and all who expose the threat posed by followers of this war doctrine.
      As I watched this clip the question of “timing” kept nagging at me. Why has it taken so long for awareness of this danger to set in? Thoughts then morphed into milestones and anniversaries, which led me to seek a calendar converter to see which significant milestones in Islam were approaching as those dates tend to provide an anchor and impetus for an increase in jihadi violence. A link to a list of significant battles intrigued and provided the following detail which is suitable to mention as it relates to this video clip. Scroll down to near bottom of that link to find another link to an EXCEL FILE followed by a list of Hijri (lunar months) and a column of remarks.
      Today’s date converts from March 12 to Jumada Al-Thani 2 . The battle list link using a different spelling for the month …Jomada Thani, a minor distinction.
      However, the remarks prove far more interesting as they apply to the current ‘migration’ as a mechanism of war:

      1. The word (Ghazwah) is used for a battle that was witnessed by the Prophet (SAW) himself.

      2. The word (Sariyyah) is used for small military unit (e.g. brigade) not accompanied by the Prophet (SAW).

      3. The word (Muhajir) means (immigrant): it indicates the Muslims who immigrated to Al-Madinah from Makkah, generally.

      4. It’s highly essential to understand that Hijrah (immigration) was decided on, in time and place, by Allah (SWT) Himself.

      5. Notice the approach of the Prophet (SAW) of using Muhajirs only for military operations during early stage of state construction.

      6. Hijri months are lunar months, in contrast to Gregorian months (solar). The Hijri calendar was first implemented by Caliph Omar bin Al-Khattab, and the Hijrah of the Prophet was selected as the landmark to start it. An attempt to start the calendar on the day of the Prophet’s arrival at Al-Madinah was unsuccessful, because he arrived on the 12th. Thus, it was satisfactory to select the year of the incident of Hijrah as the first year of the lunar calendar. Relevant to the difference between the two calendars is seen in Surat Al-Kahf (18), verse (25), where Allah (SWT) mentions 309 years, but the Jews disagreed claiming it’s only 300 years, from their knowledge of past nations: they were counting solar years while Allah (SWT) mentioned the count in lunar years, distinguishing in that verse between the 300 years and the added 9 years.

      7. The Hijrah has pivotal importance in the establishment of the state, keeping in mind remarks 4 & 5 above.

      8. Ansar (supporters) are the Muslims of Al-Madinah who adopted Islam and invited the Prophet (SAW) to leave Makkah and join them there as a head of state. They were composed of two sides: Al-Aws & Al-Khazraj.

      This info suggests, yet again, confirmation that the current ‘migration’ – which is composed overwhelmingly of physically capable military aged males – is no mere ‘migration’ as we understand it. It is a doctrinally anointed invasion

  6. “I wonder what the solution is?” The solution is very obvious. We are havimg unnatural intercourse for the cssh and thrills with pure Muslim Evil. Nature will not be mocked by Muslim or budding dhimmi. A pox is decending on both their houses. Win, lose or partition – its war again. Who exactly do we thinl ee are?

  7. I see that the talking head has done the ole’ Mohammadesque Two Step, in referring to those “genuinely diverse-loving- Muslims who want to integrate”, blah, blah, blah.

    To be honest, I have no sympathy anymore for those Danes who subscribe to this wholesale madness. In light of all of the evidence, as presented in those lovely graphs and the frightening “sharia percentages”, I’m left with little else but disdain for the Danes.

    “Disdain for the Danes”. Yes – that’s right. You let them all in and now you complain?

    You will all suffer and die for your foolishness. Your children will curse you and your family names. You – yourselves – will go to your dying bed with “Islam” on your lips, wishing for just one more day, during which you could have done something, said something – to stop the wholesale suicide of your culture and that of Europe’s, as a whole.

    Shame on all of you. Shame. Shame. Shame.

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