Jail or Bodyguards: Ezra Levant Interviews Dan Park, Lars Vilks, and Lars Hedegaard

As part of his visit to Northern Europe, Ezra Levant interviewed three Scandinavian champions of free speech: Dan Park, Lars Vilks, and Lars Hedegaard — two Swedes and a Dane:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

2 thoughts on “Jail or Bodyguards: Ezra Levant Interviews Dan Park, Lars Vilks, and Lars Hedegaard

  1. I think again how much I appreciate GoV for its emphasis on European events, and their relevance to the US. You simply don’t get that kind of information in the main media, which is more performance and entertainment than news.

    Having said that, I have to say that Ezra’s interviews of the victims, such as Park, Vilks, and Hedegaard, works much better than his “man in the street” interviews of Muslim invaders and immigrants. His interviews of Muslims did not really give the urgency associated with the huge sea changes brought about by importing huge masses of savages. In fact,the people he interviewed didn’t appear that threatening. As he himself noted, the really dangerous fanatics in full religious garb avoided the interviews. They knew better than to show themselves publicly.

    The prosecution of Hedegaard for revealing the name of the man who attempted to kill him is noteworthy. It signals the descent of the government into third-world functioning. In the underdeveloped and less-civilized countries, the aim of the bureaucracy is to amass their power at the least risk. It’s not risky to prosecute civilized, law-abiding citizens for minor fuzzy infractions. It’s much riskier to prosecute really dangerous criminals. Therefore, as a bureaucracy descends further into third-world status, they pump up their statistics by prosecuting productive citizens, and leave the gangsters to the streets.

    To pursue that idea a bit further, you need macho police and prosecutors, who see their cities as their turf which needs to be protected. You need someone who doesn’t mind a fight; relishes one, in fact. That’s a necessary condition for restoring safety.

    • Agreed, these interviews point out there is much more than the radical immigrants to be afraid of. By far the greatest danger lies in the leftist political elite. No one can convince me anymore that this is not deliberate, both in Europe, in the US, and elsewhere where European culture is predominate. It is just too big and widespread to be a coincidence.

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