Ingrid Carlqvist in Helsinki: The Deliberate Deconstruction of Sweden Through Muslim Immigration

A week ago Ingrid Carlqvist of Dispatch International was invited to speak in Helsinki. In her talk she described the transformation of Sweden from a successful, prosperous, homogeneous nation into a crime-ridden multicultural nightmare. Thanks to the continuing mass immigration of hostile Muslims, Sweden is rapidly on its way to being a third-world failed state:

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  1. It’s good to hear what they are feeling over in the Nordic countries. One wonders how they cannot change their present direction if enough folks feel as Ingrid… unless their democracy disintegrates and their voices are no longer effective.

    • Spot on speech – “I want my country back” should echo throughout the EU. I have discussed the situation with people and have been called names too, but persist anyway. From small acorns mighty oaks grow, never give up!

    • The ‘forced marriage’ simile was very apt. How many Europeans really knew what they were in for?

  2. A speech that was delivered by one who is articulate, thoughtful, and much better informed than the public. Ingrid’s speech in the latter half seemed like a starburst fireworks going off every minute, brilliantly sharp, but brilliantly depressing in the reality revealed. Each starburst morphed from brilliance into the dark face of devil after devil, symbolically.

    Truth be told, they have no “democracy” but rather a dictatorship with the appearance of democracy, mostly titular, actually having a ruling class, that cows, deceives, and lies, and threatens, knowing (actually nothing, but they think they know far more than the citizens they dictate to, ALWAYS thus so in dictatorships).

    The people are somnolent, like the dyeing frog, the temperature is being raised only slowly, less and less pension, less and less of all that was good, robbed a little from each stream, to pay the freeloader conquerors, which is 1400 years their wont as thieves of fraud superiority, nearly always of no or low education, owing to a fake fraud founder and his imaginary big pal.

    For now, and a little while, the intended victim countries live on false national pride, and imaginary false cries of “all is well, we know what we’re doing” from their new masters, their governors. It is as though a psychological sickness has swept over the victims, who have lost all self pride in their ancestors achievements, for gullibility, a variety of “Stockholm” syndrome.

    Many in America have become subject to it as well, and wherever permissive left liberal radical progressives, and socialist-marxists are allowed credence, due to lack of learning of their proud heritage, of the victims.

    They have now no democracy, let alone Republic, as they have already sipped and drank deeply of socialist dictatorship, on the way to full dictatorship, perhaps a short time of marxist style, and then the full deep theocracy of the real devil who is islam. Then depression and terror resides in all the land.

    Islam is no music, no beauty, no education, corruption, unimaginable brutality, constant worry, fear of dancing to the whim of every hierarchy of men, blonds in black bags, all belonging to some male or other, ruled with harshness, constant fear of being disobedient, and not having even the known stability of the harsh rules of an English seamen of ancient. They will wish either to be dead, or that they had not been lazy and complacent at learning.

    • A little correction and addition to the end of my comment, seems important, to remind of reality of heroism and history.

      Islam has no music, no beauty, no education, no national history, minds and sight stripped of all heritage that could be a source of pride other than islam, corruption, unimaginable brutality, constant worry, fear of dancing to the whim of every hierarchy of men, blonds in black bags, all belonging to some male or other, ruled with harshness, all children abused, physical, mentally, sexually, in some way, as well as indoctrinated in searing hatred, everyone in constant fear of being disobedient, not being good enough, and not having even the known stability of the harsh rules of an English seamen of ancient. They will wish either to be dead, or that they had not been lazy and complacent at learning.

      It will be nazism on turbo steroids. Remember them too (the national socialists-nazis), another “socialist so called democracy”, slipped into dictatorship of “der teufel” –hitler-sig heil-salute the teufel.

      Only people who were willing to risk their all, as every one of America’s founders realized they must, and were learned enough and determined to do, and paid the prices mostly (themselves and-or their families), can avoid such tragedies, for the many. Sacrifice and thinking of the greater good, heroism, in other words, is a requirement, sadly in all history. Gravitas requires it, of those who would stand.

      Where else is such bravery, other than the Robert Spencer’s, the Geert Wilder’s, Baron’s and Dymphna’s, and the rest of the giant contingent of anti islamists, which does include as well a large quantity of apostates, one way and degree or another all of us under threat of death from all the evil people of islam gang.

      Such it has always had to be, witness the example and testimony of Christ, Jesus, example and story, and many against the mafia, nazis, general criminals, fighting, resisting, all evil individuals, the risk of death is implicit, and in this gang it is in writing.

      I’ve never heard of a religion in history, not one, which pedals death, hatred and brutality as solution to imagined reality (reality is that the real soul naturally wants Liberty!), like a doctor pedals pills. Always in reality a gang, always, of course a criminal gang.

  3. The powers that be want a one world government with them in charge. They have told us this.

    Process is simple. Divide, then conquer. Out of chaos, order.

    • By empowering Islam, they may get a caliphate spread over a vast territory, but they will never be in charge. Islam already has its theocratic structure, and the spoiled Eurocrats have as much chance of becoming a Caliph or Ayatollah as they have of flying without an airplane.

  4. I heard her as a guest on the Dennis Prager radio show, brilliant woman, and very brave!

  5. The quoted cost for the immigrants of €25 billion* per year, divided evenly among the 9.6 million (at least 20% of whom can be assumed NOT to be paying any taxes, and that’s not counting children) comes to €2500 per inhabitant of Sweden. With a 1-child family, even with 2 incomes — on top of their other taxes, that starts to run into a lot of money.

    Just by the way, their national debt is about 180,000 SEK per person.

    *She divided by 10 to convert krona to euros for her audience, but the current conversion is actually about 9:1, so the euro cost is about 10% higher.

    • There are also the hidden costs such as victims of crime not going to work, despondency causing drops in productivity, lost revenue from people not going out at night as much, costs to families who are forced to move to safer areas.
      The direct costs are only the costs that can be measured easily, there are far more that society bears which are not so readily studied.

    • It’s interesting you should mention 1-child families.

      Typically, in the West, families have few children and put a lot of effort into raising them. Having a child is very, very expensive in the West.

      In the Muslim culture, children are cheap and plentiful, and not much effort is necessary to have them. If one or two die, they are not noticed.

      What Sweden and virtually every other refugee-coddling country is doing is to give welfare to support the vast number of children who are all but ignored by their biological parents. At the same time, they are taking resources from the productive citizens, who know that having more than one child will impoverish them. In a very real sense, Sweden is spending its human capital for the momentary gratification of supporting non-productive, hyper-prolific refugee-invaders.

  6. Diversity tears a country apart from within. When a country is diverse the people of all races are more likely to do things to benefit themselves instead of their country. Example, muslims are raping Europe even though they have been offered a chance at a better life, they are in it for “what they can get” therefore it causes problems, some people like the muslims and some think the problems that comes with them is not worth it so now there is division.

    First diversity hits home, your children show the first signs of damage from diversity. The schools are loaded with third worlders that don’t care for the native children or their family values as this rubs off on your children the home life begins to crumble. The muslims will put what they want first before they put the European country first now the people of that country lose their pride and respect for their leaders and are not as patriotic as they once were “why serve my country when they give it to others that don’t deserve it” at the same time the Muslims have no love for the country because it’s not their mother land or their people, the country has now entered a downward slide, and the muslims could care less because after all they don’t care for the customs and cultures or the people anyway.

    You will find this in any country,state or city that has more than one race, all races for the most part will seek out others like themselves(their own race and or religion)to associate with. Multiculturalism is a failure just look at all of the problems where this failed program has been pushed, England, France, Sweden and the list goes on.These facts are the truth and I pointed them out so now you will call me a racist for calling it how I see it and if you can’t see this you are in denial for what ever reason and your children will pay the price. Diversity makes a weak fragmented society and a homogeneous society is and always will be stronger and safer for the people and country.

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