If You Want to Understand What Happened in Brussels, Read the Koran

In the following video, George Igler discusses the nature of the information war that is currently being waged against the West by Islam. The “kinetic” war — the military campaigns of the Islamic State plus mass terrorist attacks, the most recent of which happened last Tuesday in Brussels — is only a small part of the total war. The information war is arguably the most important front in the conflict.

Mr. Igler advises his audience to study Islamic scripture and law in order to better understand our enemy and be able to counter him effectively:

George Igler is the Director of Discourse, the institute studying conscience and risk in Europe, which is a registered non-profit organization.

10 thoughts on “If You Want to Understand What Happened in Brussels, Read the Koran

  1. 100% correct ! It’s all in the ‘Muslim Manifestos’ the Quran, the Suras and the Hadeiths. BTW even when we read the ‘English edition’ it is loaded with hatred and violence. I’m sick of hearing that it is ‘misinterpreted when read by unbelievers’.

  2. Are 14 centuries not enough to understand islam and its brilliant achievements?

    If you haven’t there is an opportunity in the next massacre:
    1. If you die in the attack you won’t learn anything about islam, I guess.

    2. If you lose one leg :

    a. you might learn something
    b. you might still remain naive/humanist and listen to and believe the Traitors.

  3. Excellent presentation, George. How long can our political class get away with its lies?

  4. Begin with chapter 9 (the “Sura at Tawba” cited by the Woolwich killer).
    Remember, the Koran is not arranged in date order: this is the latest chapter.
    As such it OVERRIDES and ABROGATES ALL the peaceful verses elsewhere.
    Every verse is part of Islamic law: death penalty for denying it.

    • Well said. The principle of abrogation and what order the thing is written in needs to be understood. Too many westerners are misled by the cute and fluffy quotes.

  5. I learned all I need to know about “Islam” on 9/11. – “You shall know them by their fruits.”

  6. “It’s a depressing book. It really is. It’s just the rantings of a schizophrenic. There is also the barrenness of the message. It has no ethical dimension.”
    Sebastian Faulks
    “This wretched book … I have been unable to discover in it one single idea of value.”
    Arthur Schopenhauer

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