I Spit, Therefore I Am

The following news story from Schleswig-Holstein doesn’t mention Islam, the ethnicity of the criminals involved, or even immigration. However, I have no doubt that the average German can read between the lines and determine what sort of perpetrator is most likely to hawk a loogie at the police.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from the Kieler Nachrichten:

Masks to prevent spitting attacks on the police

Spitting attacks against police officers are disgusting and hazardous. The police in Schleswig-Holstein have now acquired 900 masks which can be put over an offender’s head to protect the officers from spit. In individual incidents the so-called spit-protective hoods have already been used.

Kiel — A final assessment by the police has not been submitted yet. The Police Union (GdP) welcomes the acquisition. Again and again it happens that officers on duty aren’t just insulted, kicked or beaten by unruly drunks or disturbers of the peace, but they also get bitten and spat at. The mouth used isn’t just full of microbes; there are also a host of viruses and bacteria present. Should an infection or a disease be transmitted through spitting, it gives cause for a charge of bodily injury, which normally offenders have been forced to accept. Other states have already acquired the masks and have had good experiences with them.

Schleswig-Holstein has now caught up. Spit attacks against officers aren’t individually recorded for statistical purpose with the state police — numbers were therefore not available. In order to protect officers from these dangers, the police have acquired 900 spit-protective hoods. “And so we have closed another potential gap in the area of self-protection,” says Jürgen Börner, spokesman for the state police. The hoods have already been delivered to the individual offices. A final assessment is still outstanding.

The first experiences with the spit-protective hoods are already in. Jürgen Börner did not want to give any numbers. In the past officers had to mask persons from whom a certain potential of danger was expected. “Each single incident was examined, and immediate coercion, in other words official impact through physical force, was applied,” Börner explains. The legal basis for it is provided by general administrative law for the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Under normal circumstances offenders are usually already cuffed.

10 thoughts on “I Spit, Therefore I Am

  1. If there were any doubt that these people come as invaders, their behaviour with the police – contemptuous spitting, complete lack of respect, violent resistance – should tell us all we need to know. If they’re like this now, when they have only been in the country a short time, how will it be when they’re settled and have even more confidence?

  2. Papering over the cracks. Every protective innovation represents a widening chasm of retreat.

  3. It’s just an old-fashioned response to the “spitting problem”, but I can GUARANTEE that it will work.
    It’s called the ‘billy club’.
    A good, hard, sharp blow from the club directed at from whence the “spit” comes will ensure that the problem comes to a sudden, welcome end.
    Cheap, too–most police forces have them in stock already. If needed, a good source is the nearest lumber or forest.
    Give it a try–you have nothing to lose but THEIR SPIT.

  4. If I might add a small design change that zip ties be added for drawstrings
    might solve an additional problem. Pull tight.

  5. The officers have no choice but to resort to such devices but they illustrate that the West will never deal with the actual problem. It is not incumbent upon the West to examine its “European values” and twist them so as to conform to each new and bizarre outrage. The West needs to react so as to prevent the outrage ab initio which is Polish for “at the first sign of trouble.” The notorious street brawler Flip Dewinter can have his testicles squeezed by the Brussels cops while being arrested without penalty. Surely police commanders elsewhere can show a similar understanding attitude regarding cops whose nightsticks accidentally break some of the teeth of the spitters in the course of subduing uncooperative arrestees.

    While that’s hyperbole from this former public defender who understands the value of limiting police discretion, I can’t say I would ever take a civil case seeking compensation for a client who happened to slip on the stairs on to the way to the booking station.

    At a minimum, while we’re observing legal niceties here, there’s no reason to make the law work better. The spit shields should go over the heads of the arrestees not the cops, for starters, and anyone daring to spit should be given long sentences. There’s no reason for countries to keep humiliating and dangerous conduct at the level of a Class XIV misdemeanor.

    But such a readjustment of the criminal law (and immigration law) isn’t in the cards, so what we have is policies that drive the point home that Europeans can only expect their leaders to make cosmetic adjustments when it comes to dealing with the savages they have imported to destroy their lives. It’s almost as though the intention here is to humiliate the officers.

    • “In the past officers had to mask persons from whom a certain potential of danger was expected. “
      If I understand well, the masks are intended for the spitters, not the officers. At least, the dignity of the law enforcement is preserved in this regard.

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