German Media Manipulation: Leni Riefenstahl Would Be Proud

The mainstream media now have the tools to distribute manipulative propaganda at a level that their predecessors in the 1930s could only dream of. However, thanks to the ubiquity of cell phone cameras and the multiplicity of sites where videos can be uploaded, such fabrications are equally easy to debunk.

The following video is one such debunking. It concerns a dishonest presentation by a major German TV network about the poor, poor “refugees” trying to get across the border from Greece into Macedonia. First we see what the media people wanted us to see, and then we see the reality — a lot of aggressive invaders, most of them young men, violently breaking down the barriers at the border.

The English text was previously added to this video. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for translating the German audio, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:20   This fence destroys the dream
00:24   of a better life for all those stranded here in Idomeni.
00:28   At the Greek-Macedonian border, the situation has been extremely tense for days.
00:32   At noon it escalates. The trigger
00:36   for the escalation is a rumor that the Macedonians will open the border
00:40   completely, but this is not so. However, nobody wants to miss this chance
00:44   to continue on their voyage. They press against the fence, while this woman collapses.
00:48   A further 15 people need medical attention.
00:53   Stones are flying, the police use tear gas.
00:57   Many try to find a gap in the fence.
01:05   Open the border
01:09   Open the border
02:06   The police use tear gas. Many try to find a gap
02:10   in the fence, but the Macedonian police forces them back to Greece.
02:14   In the evening, the situation is a little more relaxed.

21 thoughts on “German Media Manipulation: Leni Riefenstahl Would Be Proud

  1. 8 billion euro!!!, germans are forced to pay by law, under threat of law by the organisation named “GEZ” ( germans call them Gezstapo)

    You are forced to them huge fees even if you have a tv set that is not used and stored in u basement, any device you have, cell phone, laptop, whatever, the chase after people sending out threatening lntimidating letters telling people
    To pay them, they even visit peoples homes, knocking on doors, listening to hear if you have tv set or radio set, to catch people who dont pay these goebells nazi scumbags.

    I lived in berlin for a while, soon as i moved in i started recieving letters from gez demanding money from me, even a pocket radio, they are forcing people under threat of fines and jail to pay them

    You see how they using this 8 billion euro, a huge huge amount of money
    To manipulate the truth, and lie to the german people, propagandise millions millions of citizens, this is how they manipulate voting and opinions,
    They figured out how to brainwash and control the vast majority of people,
    And if you dont buy there lies, propaganda, they call you a rught wing nazi, and racist!!!

    We must smash down these institutions, they are operating the same, even worse Than hitler.

    They have a formula, to control people through fake presentations and edited
    Video lies in order to engineer public opinion.

    Its getting very scary, who are these people doing this???
    Who are the persons directing this propaganda??? Making these video lies???

    The Prince

  2. It’s not just the German media. It’s all European media. They search out crying women and children who represent about 1% of the migrants. The only mistake the troops made was not firing tear gas as soon as the fence-battering began.

    • The only mistake the troops made was not firing live rounds as soon as the fence-battering began.

      • Yes. The Israelis have a very aggressive border control. They mine the areas around their borders, which is not a bad idea also. But, they aren’t going to fool around with teargas if groups of people are rushing their borders. As a consequence, masses of people pushing up against the Israeli border fences is a video you are NOT going to see.

        In the end, border control is a matter of life and death for any country, and not simply crowd control. Systematic border incursions should be treated as an invasion, and not a riot.

    • They could film me crying with fear when I see those vicious aggressors destroying a border!

  3. If Dr Goebbels had had the capacity of CIA and NSA etc…

    If Adolf had had droners, deplated uranium amunition etc…


    You can better, GoV!

  4. I has been said “a picture is worth a thousand words, even when it is a lie”. Nothing is stronger to sway opinion than edited photos and staged scenes for the purpose of propaganda. Many in the MSM (the government media complex) are masters.

  5. Hi All,

    bit off topic as well as heavy ON TOPIC, in general terms. Particularly for Americans, election 2016 & Clinton emulating Merkel, and Europeans, Germany’s election 2017.
    Attention Borgias: READ & LEARN!

    Angela Merkel – a resumee & CV

    Right after the November 1989 demonstrations in Berlin against the SED – regime, Angela Merkel joint the “Demokratischer Aufbruch” (democratic start/begin), an initiative of the CDU. Here, it somehow became apparent that the current spokes person was a former member of the Politbureau, who had consequently to resign; and Angela Merkel, who herself was the former FDJ secretary for Agitprop, advances immediately to the position of spokes person. Quick promotion, is it not? (translation: FDJ = Freie Deutsche Jugend – east Germany’s version of the Hitler youth; Agitprop = “Agitation und Propaganda” {same in English as in German})

    Next step in her career, Angela being dutiful and democratically minded, informed the press that the current chairman, Schnur, had previous connections with the STASI. Schnur had to resign, and surprise: Angela Merkel was now chair person of the Demokratischen Aufbruch.

    The 1990 spring election in east Germany was decisively won by the east German CDU, headed by Lothar de Maizière, who is now one of her ministers. Then came the reunification, and the east German CDU was absorbed by the west German CDU. And, miraculously Mrs. Merkel advances immediately to the position of spokes person of the now all German CDU, and becomes a member of the CDU’s Bundestags Fraktion. An eerie similarity to previous events, no?

    Helmut Kohl discovers her, and appoints her to the position of Minister for Family, Youth & Women – even though she doesn’t have any children, and lives in divorce. But that’s just a minor handicap for a highly competent career woman. And all that after only 14 months since she left her job in the FDJ (Freie Deutsche Jugend) as secretary for Agitprop. A political rocket-dragster if there ever was one.

    Remember de Maizière? Yes, the leader of the former east German CDU, and now the vice chairman of the all German CDU, that is the 2nd man after Chancellor Kohl; yes, him. You will be amazed to learn that suddenly rumours began to circulate that de Maizière too had been working for the STASI. Dear oh dear, he just had to resign. You wont believe this, and his job was taken by – you never guess – Angela Merkel. You think there’s a pattern here? What, with Mutti (Mammy) Merkel?

    That cannot be. But wait, whilst in her new position, somehow bad blood began to develop between Kohl and his minister for the Environment, Herr Töpfer. Yet, for a long time they were such good pals, Kohl and Töpfer. Naturally, he had to go. And Kohl therefore anointed his new successor. Yes! Angela Merkel… Why, could you actually think of anybody else?

    Now Kohl was chummy with Angela, he called her: Mein Mädchen, meaning: My Girl. If he had at least the faintest bit of prophetic powers, he’d called her – something else. But why should that be?

    Perhaps, because unfortunately for Herrn Kohl there developed a problem, some minor irregularities about monies from donations, somehow through an unknown source that become known. Somehow, any guesses? What did Kohl’s Mädchen do to support him? Nothing, on the contrary. She sat down and wrote an article in the very influential FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) and demanded Kohl’s resignation for moral reasons. Yes, for ‘moral reasons’ (sic!), she actually demanded and wrote that, her very words.

    So, like everybody else who was in Merkel’s way, Kohl had to go. Obviously. And so he did, he resigned, like other friends and mentors of Angela before him, Who, coincidentally of course, were also in her way. How does the old saying go? Don’t change a winning formula. Obviously, she doesn’t like change. As she emphasizes, stability and consistency.

    And so, after repeating the same pattern over and over again, she became the boss of the CDU. Which she is to this day. She rearranged the CDU, which is now practically left from the SPD (Social Democrats), her former boss de Maizière is back in business – as her underlining, he learned to toe the line. Well, he’d better,

    So what happened next?

    She allied with Friede Springer and Liz Mohn, and so got an excellent press, and they don’t come more excellent than that. Axel Ceasar Springer was Germany’s equivalent to Rupert Murdoch, Bild Zeitung, BZ, Morgen Post etc. etc. For the benefit of those who don’t know Germany, there are actually newspapers that don’t belong to the House of Springer – and that is really true, not a rumour. Liz Mohn, that means Bertelsmann Verlag, Europe’s largest publishing house. In other words, her PR side was covered, as in: COVERED! With the support of these two, opposing her amounted to political suicide. (BTW, check Zuckerberg (Sugarmount), facebook and where facebook reports Islamophobic hate speech to, complete with addresses and names of posters – check, in connection with Bertelsmann)

    Come 2005, prior to the election she attends together with the then reigning Kanzler Schröder, of the SPD, the Bilderberg Conference. Where she supported the Iraq war, which Schröder opposed, and thus gains the practically unified support of the other Bilderbergers. Her pro-war speech was printed in the Washington Post. Come the election, full support of the Bilderbergs. And equally important, the unlimited support from Springer and Bertelsman, plus a few others; zero internal opposition from within the CDU/CSU, she won. Zero internal opposition from within the CDU/CSU – could you imagine anyone opposing her?

    So she became chancellor of Germany. Any opposition, say in Europe? Indeed there was, by a flamboyant Italian fellow, he was as tough as nails and Teflon coated, got away with everything, controlled a large chunk of Italy’s media. He defeated courts, swung public opinion, you name it, everything. The guy was unassailable, invincible. He took her on, even insulted her, he was finished a few months later… Then there was a Frenchy. Head of the IMF, I think, anyway, brilliant prospect for the French presidency, what’s his name? Strauss Khan, yeah, he wanted to take her on, criticised her. Didn’t even see the election… Dumbass.

    Angela Merkel, former FDJ, secretary for AgitProp, that’s Agitation und Propaganda. Good SED (Former East German Communist Party) connections, thus STASI. Hmh, could she have found sufficient material in there to foster her unusual career? Always with the same method?

    Europeans, that is our Queen. Her upbringing is also interesting. One cannot help but wonder what a psychologist or sociologist would make of her. Her father a Protestant Parson, her mother a practising Jew. Conversely, her wider social environment, a fiercely atheistic, or even anti-godly political doctrine, namely Socialism-Marxism. With herself being so active in the ‘youth-movement’ of that ideology, that she rises to secretary for Agitation und Propaganda. Meaning stirring things up and spreading falsehoods, disinformation and lies.

    Americans, take note: Hillary Clinton does not want to orientate herself on Merkel. No, she wants to emulate Merkel, to copy her. See:

    To all of us westerners, if the leading power of the west will be run by a copy, an emulation of Angela Merkel, God have mercy on us all, we’ll need it!

    For sources and more info just copy the links below and
    do a google search on
    (you’ll need the google translator app for your browser):

    Angela Merkel FDJ – Google Search
    Angela Merkel und Demokratischer Aufbruch – Google Search
    Angela Merkel und Schnur – Google Search
    Angela Merkel und Töpfer – Google Search
    Angela Merkel und Kohl – Google Search
    Angela Merkel und Stasi – Google Search
    Angela Merkel und Firede Springer – Google Search
    Angela Merkel und Loz Mohn – Google Search

    Pictures, current and in her youth, FDJ, etc Look at her eyes….
    (Generally, just copy into your browser. Though, some
    of you may have to add the http-double slash bit… sorry)

    Spokes person………….
    Want to cross her? ……….
    And another…………

      • Hi Sally,

        Thank you for comment. I gather you are interested in the issue, or threat, of Islam, otherwise you would not post here. So I take the liberty to approach you, by referring to your comment as follows:

        Yes, I am writing, unfortunately it will be almost a book, but sectioned. So that each section can stand on its own. However, most people wont read something that’s 8-12 pages A4. An experienced journo who can help to focus, put in emotions, and reduce it to a few pages of boulevard/broadsheet would be very helpful to reach the wider public.

        If you want to know more, please let me know.

        Kind regards

    • Thank you for this information and the links. Wish it was in the wider domain. We could do with this for using for Brexit.

      • Feel free to use it. It’s my own research and writing. Thus, there’s no copyright.

        • Sorry, what I am saying is this: I am placing this hereby into the public domain. If that needed to be said.

          However, what’s in the links may or may not be copyrighted. I have no control or detailed knowledge about these. These have been merely provided as is. In other words, you may use the links for emphasis or as a basis for further research, or just to find confirmation of what I stated.

          As far as Brexit is concerned, I am Anglo-German. Proceed with great caution. I am writing about the upcoming civil war, its reasons, twists and turns, the resulting all-out war, lots of things.

          One thing you can be more than 90% sure of is this: Brexit = Scottish devolution. Further result: Wales will jump. That leaves England plus NI. You’re sure you want that?

          Well, you will have to do what all people have to do: Follow you convictions.

          All the best

    • Yes. Thanks so much for your VERY interesting post. It is well-researched, well-presented, and gives us a much better picture of Merkel than in almost any other article. My view of Merkel, up to now from what I read, is a somewhat senile, bumbling idiot who is confused and incapable of learning.

      In fact, she is a malevolent, power-hungry sociopath entirely unconcerned with anything other than her own advancement. If she steps on all the people who have helpedr and mentored her through her career, who would expect her to have any concern about the millions of Europeans, whose lives she ruined by infesting Europe with criminals, murderers, rapists, and terrorists?

      You state or imply, quite plausibly, that she had the intelligence resources of the Stasi, which she used to discredit, or possibly blackmail, her colleagues. Of course, every sword is double-edged, and one wonders whether there is information on her that someone is using. It seems, though, that with our current leaders, there is no action so disgusting or destructive that it can affect the public perception of them. Hillary Clinton, with her blatant disregard for the US security through her emails, is an illustration of this. Her supporters simply don’t care that she put the US security at risk, or that her lying incompetence cost the lives of several brave US personnel. Hillary Clinton is blackmail-proof, in the sense that there is literally nothing you can pin on her, other than if she were a capitalist, that would affect her supporters.

      Again, I appreciate your well-documented expose of Merkel, which exposes her for the evil sociopath she is.

  6. Sometimes people shake their heads and can’t understand how media manipulation works. Some think it’s a grand organised plot but for the most part, it’s not. It doesn’t need to be because newsrooms are honest reflections of the collective unconscious. Reporters are like a pack of Rottweilers sniffing out news. Then they have to compete with each other, which means, basically, putting the most emotionally manipulative spin possible on any given story.

    And what is news? News is what the bosses want. Nobody tells you what the bosses want and if you can’t figure it out, you won’t last long. This isn’t a particularly sinister thing. It’s like being thrown on a football team and figuring out which way to kick the ball. You’ve studied long and hard for this and now you have the opportunity to succeed, and in the real world, there are deadlines, performance targets and Important relationships to cultivate. It’s a battle and winning is getting your stuff out.

    Studying journalism and working as a journalist are totally disconnected. Although I wouldn’t know, personally. I switched out of the major after one semester because, as a dumb as I was, I knew instinctively the degree would bore me beyond my reasonable ability to cope. But what will I DO for four years, I thought. Later, I was vindicated. I worked at a daily close to Rhodes University, which hosts South Africa’s foremost journalism program. Interns would arrive with heads full of the most impossible nonsense and they would start telling us what to do. To this day I hyperventilate if I see a copy of the Rhodes Journalism Review in all it’s poncy oversized gloss filled with all manner of left-wing nonsense written by, well, written by academics, a pack of competing Rottweilers themselves, governed from lofty heights and sensing their way with only the smell of blood to guide them.

    The interns that came from the technical school were much better. Their heads weren’t filled with tripe and trotters, and they had at least been taught how to lay out a page and a few production basics.

    But once in, reality takes over and you need to give what the bosses they want. I have a good sense of emotional tension and a cunning vocabulary so I settled into a corner where I was given copy to rewrite and headlines to craft. I would make boring old copy “sing”. Whatever the story was, I made it more compelling … and manipulative. Which is what the editor at this German TV outlet has done. It may seem unethical for you to see the woman on the ground who was determined not to be at the scene, but I can guarantee you that this editor thinks it’s perfectly alright because it’s “background colour”, at a similar event that took place recently. Surely there were women at this event, too, even if the cameraman didn’t catch their plight?

    In print, you must write, “a woman was knocked to the ground at a similar event at the Serbian fence last week”, so the savvy reader would know he is being manipulated. But broadcast doesn’t play by those rules because it’s regarded as implicit. That’s the rational because the objective is to create “exciting” broadcast that “captivates” readers. I assure you that whatever they’re pulling in through their licensing fees it’s nothing compared to the ad revenue of 8-million German viewers. And the bosses want to see the riot police out of control. That’s a given.

    Later, when it was my job to choose the stories myself, I knew what the bosses wanted and I was good at that too. You get your recognition from your bosses and peers for a job well done and that’s a perfectly human desire. It means getting the slant and tone pitch perfect as well as meeting deadlines and ensuring technical perfection.

    To go any higher, you really have to suck up to the bosses (and often that means sleeping and/or doing drugs with them) so that was my glass ceiling. All this is why a lot of people have journalism careers of around 10 years and many older journalists are alcoholics. If you have a family by the time you want to get out for your sanity, then you’re stuck. At least in the old days, before there were tens of thousands of older ex journalists around, many living out of their cars.

    Young journalists are ambitious and quite unconscious (read: driven by the need for social justice) so all this happens like clockwork without the need to say a word to anyone ever. And they’re cheap.

    Of course, most papers have the lovely old journalist everyone loves who digs out interesting stories about local landmarks and the like, and who aren’t on the news pages. Many of these types are blissfully unaware of the disfunctional relationship between the bosses and editorial honchos, and local media is a different affair. The bigger the name, the more all this applies.

    • To Sally,

      very interesting post, thank you, it highlights details, personal factors. I think the bosses too are cosying up. Advertisers, mass subscribers such as certain Muslim organizations (100k or 200k subscriptions, to threaten cancellation) plus their political affiliations.

      A witches brew I think. There’s a movie: The second civil war. In a way it describes what you say.

      Talk about the press in movies: Sherlock Holmes is a fraud, the real brains is Dr. Watson. He fires Sherlock, goes to the Strand and talks to the boss, who says the public will never buy it, crime surgeon, crime dentist, what ever. Watson corrects him, ‘crime doctor’. Publisher says: “No, that’s what we build up, that’s what the public wants! Sherlock.” Watson replies: “Tell them the truth!”

      The publisher’s hands are shaking, spilling whiskey, he exclaims: “The truth! The truth you say?! …. This is a newspaper, we don’t do that sort of thing!”

    • What you describe is really quite dangerous for both the journalists and society at large, because what happens is that eventually people figure out that what is being pushed out is nothing more than propaganda, and therefore everything they write now has lost credibility. The question then becomes what exactly is believable, and what source is credible.

  7. American media leads in misleading. Except maybe the sports section. Someone asked recently, “Well if you don’t watch TV how do you know what’s going on in the world?” Reply, “By not watching TV!” No response.

  8. Responding. To Anonymous 25 Mar 6:06 pm; on what exactly is believeable.

    Welcome to the days of the books of Ezekiel and Jeremiah. We are each individually responsible for evaluating what is true and false, and what is good and evil around us. We cannot rely upon our political or religious leaders to get it right, we must evaluate what they offer according to our own best understanding.

    Ones understanding may not be very sharp if one has allowed himself to be pacified by too many hours of media.

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