Génération Identitaire: Stop the boats in the Mediterranean, Close the Borders

Last week about thirty members of Génération Identitaire were arrested after they blocked a bridge near Calais to prevent the further arrival of illegal immigrants. In the video below a member of the group discusses the necessary actions as advocated by Génération Identitaire.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   The solutions are essentially political, i.e.: immediate expulsion
00:04   of all illegals of the Calais Jungle. No (illegal) person has the right to
00:08   be on French or even European soil. We also need preventive solutions, meaning
00:12   stop this tide of migrants by stopping the boats in the Mediterranean,
00:16   and by closing the European borders, and then
00:20   there is the long-term solution, which is the “re-migration”
00:24   where one returns all these illegals, all these “migrants”,
00:28   to their countries of origin.

8 thoughts on “Génération Identitaire: Stop the boats in the Mediterranean, Close the Borders

  1. Stopping the boats crossing Mediterranean and deporting all the illegal and other islamic migrants is the one and only solution to save Europe and white Europeans from extinction. Wily Erdogan via Eu-Turkey agreement is cleverly making Syrian migration legal and permanent for ever and getting paid billions for his plan to islamize Europe. Satanic hag Merkel is deliberately destroying Germany and Europe in secret collaboration with Erdogan. It is definite either this evil hag Merkel has become mentally sick due to old age or secretly in her heart she has converted to islam.
    Mad hag Merkel must be removed at once and fitting retribution meted out to her for betraying Germany and Europe.

    • “…Merkel is deliberately destroying Germany and Europe in secret collaboration with Erdogan. ”

      You’re wrong!

      It’s not at all secret. They’re very explicit about the agreements. Turkey accepts a few of the migrants back on its soil, and Europe gives Turkish citizens the free run of Europe.

  2. she certainly did betray Germany and maybe Europe. I like that title: satanic hag. It’s very fitting although it could be that she now alzheimers’. Which means she should be in a nursing home and not running Germany.

  3. A viable solution but if the return of all illegals were actually accomplished, we Europeans would have a much more formidable problem to deal with; that of (what I consider) the illegitimate Brussels EU itself. The problems with this run so deep, are so entrenched … first get rid of the sociopaths and psychopaths running the asylum, then it’s easy to set immigration policies straight.

    • “first get rid of the sociopaths and psychopaths running the asylum”

      I disagree with you. There is no way a multi-national government like the EU will act in the interests of the citizens of any European country. The countries have got to dissociate themselves from the EU at the same time as they are taking measures to protect their borders and expel the invaders. Countries such as Hungary are setting up border fences and immigration control in defiance of the EU, so they are implicitly withdrawing from it. Britain is likely going to withdraw from EU membership, but there is no movement by the government to limit immigration.

  4. IMHO Europe got along quite well after WW 2 and before this political debacle of a dictatorship was sold as the ‘miracle’ and a ‘new’ Europe, originally allegedly to be a ‘trade agreement’, sadly was a trading away of sovereignty, national identity and the establishment of a de facto dictatorship in Brussels, of which I refer to as the ‘Throne In Brussels. `

  5. We can’t get the Muslims out of Europe because many were born in an EU country and have right of residence, and most of the recent immigrants have destroyed their papers so we don’t know where to send them back to. The only viable solution is to create a containment zone within Europe and move all of the Muslims there. One of the countries bordering Russia seems like fair game, or maybe the former East Germany, since Merkel is largely responsible for creating the mess we’re in.

    This isn’t a serious suggestion, but I can’t think of anything better right now. Except maybe moving to Australia.

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