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Female residents of the northern Swedish town of Östersund have been warned by police officials not to leave their homes at night, after six recent incidents in which unaccompanied women were viciously attacked by men of “foreign appearance”. There is no official indication that these brutal incidents had anything to do with either Islam or mass immigration.

In other news, more than 1,300 new cases of Female Genital Mutilation were reported in England over a three-month period, according to the government’s health statistics agency.

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» Illinois Company to Force Tech Workers to Train Foreign Replacements
» Op-Ed: Bernie Sanders is Not a Jew
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Europe and the EU
» More Than 1,300 New Cases of FGM Are Reported in England in Three Months
» NPD Backs AfD in State Elections
» Slovak Nationalists Double Their Vote
» UK: Sheffield Doctor Under Investigation for “Islamophobic’ Comments About Muslim Colleagues
» UK: Terror Police Called in to Investigate Jalal Uddin’s Murder
» Wales: Brothel Madam Lizzy Idahosa to Pay £20k After Forcing Girls to Become Sex Slaves
Israel and the Palestinians
» An Anti-Semitism of the Left
Sub-Saharan Africa
» SA Farmer “Thrown Alive Into Crocodile Pit
» White South Africans Are in Grave Danger; There May be a Solution.
» Could EU Deal Bring Thousands More Refugees to Europe?
» Father is Hospitalised by ‘Sharia Patrol’ In Austria After He Told Them to Stop Threatening His Wife and Daughter for Not Being Properly Dressed as Fears Rise of No-Go Areas in Vienna
» FYROM to Build 200-Mile Fence
» German Govt. Promotes Interracial Sex
» Man Hospitalized by ‘Sharia Patrol’ In Austria
» Mexican Guy Warns Trump’s “Crackers” — “We Own Texas”
» Muslim Rape Gang Victim: They Shouted ‘Swedish Whore’ And Cut My Breast With a Razor Blade
» Women Are Warned Not to Go Out Alone at Night in Swedish Town After Multiple Sex Attacks by ‘Foreigners’
Culture Wars
» ‘Hamilton’ Portrays All American Founding Fathers as Non-White, But Not Evil King George

Extra-Alarm Fire Destroys Flea Market in West Humboldt Park

An extra-alarm fire tore through a flea market on the West Side Tuesday morning, swallowing cars parked on the collapsing roof and sending thick black smoke through the West Humboldt Park neighborhood.

Arriving firefighters had been told at least two people may have been trapped inside the one-story building in the 4500 block of West Haddon Street. Firefighters rescued one person, unharmed, and officials said there were no reports of injuries as of noon.

The fire broke out around 9:30 a.m. and was quickly raised to a 2-11 alarm after crews encountered heavy smoke at the building, which covers two blocks and houses the Buyer’s Flea Market, officials said.

About an hour and a half later, the fire was raised to a 3-11 as cars started fell through the burning roof and fueled the flames, officials said.

Around 11:20 a.m., commanders ordered all firefighters out of the building and raised the fire to a 4-11 alarm as heavy fire and smoke continued pouring from the building.

“Many vehicles and flammable items all members ordered out,” the Chicago Fire Department tweeted. “Now surround and drown.”

Helicopter footage showed flames racing across the roof and parked cars toppling to the floor below.

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Illinois Company to Force Tech Workers to Train Foreign Replacements

Replacements on H1B and other temporary visas

Abbott Labs, a global healthcare company, is laying off about 180 IT employees after signing an agreement with Wipro, a major India-based IT services firm, to take over some IT services.

The employees were told about the planned cuts on Feb. 22; their last day will be April 22.

The workers are expecting to train their replacements, possibly workers on H-1B and other temporary visas.

Abbott is based in Illinois, which is also the home of U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, a Democrat who has been a longtime advocate for H-1B reforms and a co-sponsor of legislation with another visa reformer, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

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Op-Ed: Bernie Sanders is Not a Jew

By: Daniel Greenfield

Bernie Sanders hates discussing his Jewish roots, but that hasn’t stopped his lefty Jewish fans from gnawing at the subject like poorly trained puppies chewing on old tennis shoes.

Think Progress claims that Bernie Sanders is a “devout secular Jew”. “Bernie Sanders Is Jewish, but He Doesn’t Like to Talk About It,” the New York Times coughs apologetically. (And the Sulzbergers ought to know.) A Forward editorial neurotically screeches, “We Need To Out Bernie Sanders as a Jew — for His Own Good”.

But Bernie Sanders likes his devoutly Socialist closet. He prefers to describe himself as the son of Polish immigrants. Asked about religion, he disavows Judaism and embraces Pope Francis. The Times has him embracing the description “Non-Jewish Jew” which was coined by a Marxist in an essay explaining anti-Semitism, including the Holocaust, as a “superficial” reaction against capitalism.

Where Obama and Hillary ran on race and gender, Bernie Sanders avoids Jewishness as much as possible. He doesn’t practice Judaism, isn’t part of a Jewish community and avoids the “J” word.[…]

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Trump: BLM ‘Damaging Economy, ‘ ‘Impediment to Growth’

GOP frontrunner claims federal agency’s policies have made cost of land “skyrocket”

The federal Bureau of Land Management’s policies of buying up land and selling it back to the public at steep premiums is damaging the economy and inhibiting growth, presidential frontrunner Donald Trump penned in a recent op-ed.

Published with little fanfare in the Reno Gazette-Journal ahead of last month’s Nevada caucus, the billionaire real estate mogul wrote the BLM’s reluctance to release land, in combination with the failure to enforce immigration laws, is “damaging the economy, lowering the standard of living and inhibiting natural economic growth.”

“The BLM controls over 85 percent of the land in Nevada. In the rural areas, those who for decades have had access to public lands for ranching, mining, logging and energy development are forced to deal with arbitrary and capricious rules that are influenced by special interests that profit from the D.C. rule-making and who fill the campaign coffers of Washington politicians,” Trump wrote. “Honest, hardworking citizens who seek freedom and economic independence must beg for deference from a federal government that is more intent on power and control than it is in serving the citizens of the nation.”

“In and around Clark County, the situation is even worse,” Trump said, referring to the swath of land which, in 2014, was the site of the famous Bundy Ranch standoff in Bunkerville, Nevada.

“Because the BLM is so reluctant to release land to local disposition in Nevada,” Trump said, “the cost of land has skyrocketed and the cost of living has become an impediment to growth.”

Trump said that in addition to rising costs of living, the economic effects of the BLM’s land grabs are being exacerbated by illegal immigration, because “jobs are filled by those who came to this country illegally.”

“Illegal immigration costs the people of Nevada over $1.2 billion a year,” Trump said, getting back to the issue that catapulted his presidential run. “Illegal immigration suppresses wages and undermines the ability of workers to organize and seek better working conditions.”

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More Than 1,300 New Cases of FGM Are Reported in England in Three Months

The latest figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre show that more than 1,300 women were seen by the NHS in a three-month period after having their genitals mutilated.

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NPD Backs AfD in State Elections

The National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) has called for its supporters to rally behind the Alternatief für Deutschland (AfD) candidates in the March 13 state elections in order not to split the anti-invasion vote. Making the announcement today at a press conference in Berlin, NPD leader Frank Franz said that “despite the political and substantive differences between the NPD and the AFD, we recognize that it is now not about parties, but about the future of Germany.”

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Slovak Nationalists Double Their Vote

In the March 5 general elections in Slovakia, both the hardline nationalists of the SNS (Slovenská národná strana, or Slovak National Party) and the LSNS (Ludová strana Slovensko or People’s Party-Our Slovakia), more than doubled their votes compared to the 2012 parliamentary elections. This means that the nationalists now have twenty-nine of the one hundred and fifty parliamentary seats, between them-almost a fifth of the legislators.

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UK: Sheffield Doctor Under Investigation for “Islamophobic’ Comments About Muslim Colleagues

A senior Sheffield doctor is under investigation for allegedly making ‘Islamophobic’ comments about Muslim colleagues.

A formal complaint has been made against Dr Vladislav Rogozov, a consultant cardiac anaesthetist for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, following comments attributed to him on a Czech website.

Dr Rogozov is said to have claimed that “Muslim doctors regularly abandon their patients to go to pray’ and that a Muslim anaesthetist “was reading out from the Koran during an operation and was trying to persuade all the other staff to read along with him’.

A translated version of his interview quotes the doctor adding: “It must be noted that in our teaching hospital, this problem is much less pronounced than in many smaller hospitals. There it is even worse.”

In the interview, Dr Rogozov is also quoted as saying that “many places here look like the streets of Pakistan’ and that the “Islamisation’ of the UK “is already irreversible’.

The trust has confirmed it is investigating a complaint against Dr Rogozov that has been made by Dr Jan Culik, a senior lecturer in Czech studies at the University of Glasgow.

In his letter of complaint sent in January, Dr Culik said he believed Dr Rogozov, who has worked in Sheffield for ten years, has been making “biased, Islamophobic public statements’.

He said the comments “seem to be inappropriate from a professional point of view’ and has also highlighted a number of blog posts that appear to have been written by Dr Rogozov in which other comments relating to Muslims are made.

Dr Rogozov was not available for comment today…

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UK: Terror Police Called in to Investigate Jalal Uddin’s Murder

Terror police are investigating if Qari Jalal Uddin was murdered because he tried to stop youngsters from being radicalised, it has been revealed.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed today (Monday 7 March) that the investigation has deepened after ISIS-connected material was found during a raid last week.

It is being considered that Mr Uddin was targeted because he had made efforts to discourage the youngsters from turning to radical Islam.

Counter-terrorism officers have now been called in to lead the investigation.

A spokesperson from Greater Manchester Police said: “The investigation into the murder of Jalal Uddin is now being led by the North West Counter Terrorism Unit in cooperation with officers from the Greater Manchester Police Serious Crime Division.

“Whilst the investigation is yet to establish a firm motive for the murder, the NWCTU are better placed to provide the expertise necessary to successfully investigate this crime and any associated offences.

“The investigation team continues to remain open as to the reasons why this tragic incident occurred but we are continuously reviewing the evidence to establish whether this killing was motivated by hate or religious extremism.”

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Wales: Brothel Madam Lizzy Idahosa to Pay £20k After Forcing Girls to Become Sex Slaves

Lizzy Idahosa, 24, (shown) made more than £186,000 out of the Nigerian women, who were terrified with black magic and made to see a witch doctor for a sinister ‘juju’ ceremony, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

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An Anti-Semitism of the Left

by Roger Cohen

LONDON — Last month, a co-chairman of the Oxford University Labour Club, Alex Chalmers, quit in protest at what he described as rampant anti-Semitism among members. A “large proportion” of the club “and the student left in Oxford more generally have some kind of problem with Jews,” he said in a statement.

Chalmers referred to members of the executive committee “throwing around the term ‘Zio’“ — an insult used by the Ku Klux Klan; high-level expressions of “solidarity with Hamas” and explicit defense of “their tactics of indiscriminately murdering civilians”; and the dismissal of any concern about anti-Semitism as “just the Zionists crying wolf.”

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SA Farmer “Thrown Alive Into Crocodile Pit

[WARNING: Disturbing Content.]

Update: It has been brought to our attention that this incident occurred in February 2015, not February 2016. The facts are still valid. march 2015.

Four blacks-one a Zimbabwean-will appear next Monday in court for a brutal farm murder in South Africa in which the bound white victim was thrown alive into a crocodile pit, the Maroela Media news service has reported.

According to the report, Dr. Louis John Botha, 64, a game farmer from the north east Swartwater area, Limpopo, was brutally murdered by four attackers over the last weekend of February.

The former medical doctor had started game farming in the region fifteen years ago, and was attacked sometime on the Saturday by the gang. He was alone at the time, as the rest of his family was in Pretoria.

When he failed to communicate with anyone through to Sunday, his neighbors were alerted and came to investigate. They found Dr. Botha’s house standing open. Inside, the safe was open and there were bloodstains on the floor and walls.

A search was launched, and his body was discovered the next day in a water hole only seven hundred feet away. His hands had been bound and he had suffered a severe blow to his head, but was alive when thrown into the water pit, where crocodiles had fed on him, according to his daughter Riëtte.

“They were waiting for him in the house,” she said. “He was tied up and hit several times with a spade and sticks, and then thrown into the pit and left for dead.”

She said it was apparent that he had tried to swim to the banks of the water hole even though his hands were firmly bound, but had failed in his attempt as crocodiles had eaten chunks out of his body.

Police spokesman Colonel Ronel Otto said that the four “suspects” had been arrested the following Friday in the town of Groblersdal following an intensive investigation.

“A firearm and a cell phone which had been stolen during the attack were found in the suspects’ possession,” Otto said.

The four blacks will appear in court on the same day that Dr. Botha’s funeral will be held in the local church.

[Comment: There is no future for whites, especially white farmers, in Communist South Africa. They should leave (even if it’s just with the clothes on their back) before it gets worse.]

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White South Africans Are in Grave Danger; There May be a Solution.

Things are very bad in South Africa. When the scourge of apartheid was finally smashed to pieces in 1994, the country seemed to have a bright future ahead of it. Eight years later, in 2002, 60 percent of South Africans said life had been better under apartheid. Hard to believe — but that’s how bad things were in 2002. And now they’re even worse.

When apartheid ended, the life expectancy in South Africa was 64 — the same as in Turkey and Russia. Now it’s 56, the same as in Somalia. There are 132.4 rapes per 100,000 people per year, which is by far the highest in the world: Botswana is in second with 93, Sweden in third with 64; no other country exceeds 32.

Before the end of apartheid, South African writer Ilana Mercer moved, with her family, to Israel; her father was a vocal opponent of apartheid, and was being harassed by South African security forces. A 2013 piece on World Net Daily quotes Mercer as saying, with all her anti-apartheid chops, that “more people are murdered in one week under African rule than died under detention of the Afrikaner government over the course of roughly four decades.” The South African government estimates that there are 31 murders per 100,000 people per year. Or about 50 a day. That would make South Africa the tenth most murderous country in the world, outpacing Rwanda, Mexico, and both Sudans. And that’s using South Africa’s official estimates — outside groups put the murder rate 100 percent higher. Choosing not to trust the South African authorities is a safe bet — South Africa’s government, which has been led by Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress since the end of apartheid, is outstandingly incompetent and corrupt.

Of course, de facto one-party rule doesn’t promote integrity. Unemployment is 25 percent, but President Jacob Zuma, of the ANC, recently spent $24 million of public money to add a pool and amphitheater to his private home. Not long after the story broke, he was elected to a second five-year term. Think-tank theorist Leon Louw, who helped defeat apartheid, calls the crime and corruption “a simple manifestation of the breakdown of the state. The government is just appallingly bad at everything it does: education, healthcare, infrastructure, security, everything that is a government function is in shambles.”

He adds — citing “anecdotal data” — that “most people don’t bother to report crimes.”

It appears that South Africa is about the most dangerous place you can be outside a war zone. What’s more worrying is the chance that it might become a war zone. Nelson Mandela was able to hold the “rainbow nation” together, but he’s passed on. Now, according to the human-rights organization Genocide Watch, South Africa is at pre-genocide stage 6 of 8: “Preparation.”

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Could EU Deal Bring Thousands More Refugees to Europe?

Negotiations in Brussels broke up after more than 12 hours of discussions without a final agreement, but EU leaders (pictured) hailed a potential deal that could be finalised next week.

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Father is Hospitalised by ‘Sharia Patrol’ In Austria After He Told Them to Stop Threatening His Wife and Daughter for Not Being Properly Dressed as Fears Rise of No-Go Areas in Vienna

Austrians fear parts of Vienna are becoming no-go areas after a father was attacked by a ‘Sharia patrol’ when he told them to stop threatening his wife and daughter for not being correctly dressed.

As various factions of migrants stake claims to territory in the city, it has been reported that the self-styled Sharia patrols have been visiting clubs and bars in the Millennium City area to make sure Chechen women were properly dressed and acting appropriately.

However, when one Austrian man tried to step in to stop the patrol from hassling his Chechen wife and daughter, he ended up being hospitalised.

It came as violence escalated across Vienna at the weekend, with more than 50 young men from the Afghan and Chechen communities clashing in the city centre.

The gang had attacked each other with planks of wood, iron bars and knives. Two of those injured are in intensive care and their condition is described as critical.

Police say that the row — which involved around 40 people from Afghanistan attacking 10 from Chechnya — had centred around a social media row on Facebook…

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FYROM to Build 200-Mile Fence

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) is to build a two hundred mile long steel fence along its border with Greece to halt the ongoing nonwhite invasion of Europe…

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German Govt. Promotes Interracial Sex

The German government has set up an explicitly-illustrated website dedicated exclusively to promoting interracial sex between the nonwhite “refugees” and Europeans. The new website, called “Zanzu-My body in words and images”-was set up by the Federal Center for Health Education, in cooperation with a Belgian-government funded “Expertise Center for Sexual Health” called Sensoa.

[Comment: Conversion to Islam by “marriage”, progeny will also be muslim.]

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Man Hospitalized by ‘Sharia Patrol’ In Austria

Migrants stake claims to territory in city.

Austrians fear parts of Vienna are becoming no-go areas after a father was attacked by a ‘Sharia patrol’ when he told them to stop threatening his wife and daughter for not being correctly dressed.

As various factions of migrants stake claims to territory in the city, it has been reported that the self-styled Sharia patrols have been visiting clubs and bars in the Millennium City area to make sure Chechen women were properly dressed and acting appropriately.

However, when one Austrian man tried to step in to stop the patrol from hassling his Chechen wife and daughter, he ended up being hospitalised.

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Mexican Guy Warns Trump’s “Crackers” — “We Own Texas”

“If these people get what they want, Trump in there, I guarantee you — you think the Mexicans are going to lay down that easily? We don’t ever say nothing,” said Ronald Gonzales, a resident of Dallas, Texas.

Gonzales was part of a small group protesting against a Donald Trump rally in Fort Worth.

He said “You really want the Mexicans to really, really stir, really get mad? Y’all don’t understand — we aren’t the minority anymore. We own Texas. Texas is Mexican-made. I’m five generations deep right here.”

“What do you think? You think the Hispanics are going to sit back and let these people come and take our parents away?”

“I’ve never called y’all crackers or nothing like that until this time, y’all call us Mexicans, spics and all that.”

What we have here is a perfect example of why “multicultural” societies don’t work, and usually split into several countries.

A country is a similar group of people. Texas, California, and all the other states which have allowed mass Hispanic immigration are no longer American. They are Mexican.

Unfortunately, the Western elite are total fools who religiously force “diversity” on White suburbs. What they are doing is legally classified as White genocide, and their agenda may end up splitting America into different countries (and most other White Western countries as well.)

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Muslim Rape Gang Victim: They Shouted ‘Swedish Whore’ And Cut My Breast With a Razor Blade

[WARNING: Disturbing Content.]

“They beat me black and blue and cut into one of my breasts, while shouting at me that I was a Swedish whore.”

Another glimpse into the future of Europe, and of the United States as well, unless these disastrous immigration and refugee resettlement policies are halted and reversed.

“Taharrush victim Nathalie, 29: They shouted ‘Swedish whore’ and cut my breast with a razor blade,” Fria Tider, March 6, 2016:

Inrikes. Nathalie Hager, 29, was on her way home from a bus stop when a group of Arabic-speaking men suddenly attacked her outside a church. She managed to fight her way out of a gang rape but was left badly injured.

“They beat me black and blue and cut into one of my breasts, while shouting at me that I was a Swedish whore,” Nathalie told Fria Tider.

The attack took place near the church in the pittoresque [sic] town of Nora, west of Stockholm, late Tuesday night. Nathalie Hager, who has suffered memory lapses because of the hard blows she received to her head during the attempted gang rape, had followed a friend to the bus stop.

Later, she went back to the bus stop again, since her friend thought she had forgotten her gloves there. When Nathalie was walking home for the second time, she noticed a group of men walking briskly behind her. She called her boyfriend and started to run, but after a chase of about a hundred meters the men caught up with her.

“They pushed me down on my stomach and dragged me by my hair up a paved hill and into an alley. I have no memories of them beating me, but my face is all blue and swollen. They also cut into one of my breasts with something that must have been a carpet knife or a a razor blade, the wounds are long and narrow. I also have big black marks on my arms where they held me.” Ms. Hager has no recollection of what happened until when she saw the men pulling their trousers down.

“Then I came around and noticed that they had ripped up all of my clothes. Somehow I managed to get away, I guess I must have beat them and clawed my way free because my hands are blue and black and swollen. I also had blood under my nails, which has been sampled by the police.

While running away Nathalie saw her boyfriend 50 meters away. At that point, the men departed from the scene. Soon thereafter, at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, she contacted the police. She went to the police station to report the assault.

According to Nathalie, who has worked with Arabs, the men were about 30-35 years old and spoke Arabic with what she believes is the Syrian dialect. One of them was wearing a white baseball cap and the others regular winter caps.

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Women Are Warned Not to Go Out Alone at Night in Swedish Town After Multiple Sex Attacks by ‘Foreigners’

Police in Östersund, north Sweden, made the unusual move to ask women not to go out after dark, after reports of six brutal attacks by ‘men of foreign appearance’ in just over two weeks.

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‘Hamilton’ Portrays All American Founding Fathers as Non-White, But Not Evil King George

‘Hamilton’, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers, is being performed on Broadway.

You know it’s going to have political undertones, when you read that the first act is titled: “Immigrants : We get the job done!”

In addition to Alexander Hamilton, Miranda’s musical also casts Aaron Burr, George Washington, James Madison, John Laurens, Marquis Gilbert de Lafayette, Thomas Jefferson, Angelica Schuyler, and Eliza Schuyler all as non-White.

In fact the only White leading actor is King George III, which American audiences identify as the bad guy.

When the musical was first performed in 2013, it even had a Black guy playing King George III as well, but I guess they had to cast the bad guy as a White man or else the musical would be deemed to be some kind of evil ‘hate musical’, and would never make it on Broadway.

Anti-Whites have re-written a lot of history, all to make White people look like some kind of super-evil Nazi race which caused all of the world’s problems.

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32 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/8/2016

  1. Finally Newobserveronline made it to Gatesofvienna. Have been reading it for some time now. When time comes, don’t expect minority rights for whites. Expect to be treated like Afrikaners are being treated today. It’s not a faraway day, and they’re working very hard on it. Whites are minority in the world, less than Asians, less than Blacks, and we are portrayed as the evil majority. It is so easy today: close the borders. We have been brainwashed to believe that closing borders equals to genocide. Who is doing this to us? Coudenhove Kalergi, the designer of the flag of EU, and of its “national” anthem. Such a respectable person must be taught in school, no, his books are prohibited for republication. I can only guess what jewels are hidden there that we the unwashed masses cannot properly appreciate.

    • To preface: I don’t have much sympathy for people who run/ran an apartheid style system, and didn’t design it in such a way as to allow those in the “other” group who want to join them to have the possibility of doing so, somehow. This, in my opinion, was their major flaw. The “petty apartheid” aspect of it, if you will and the brutality directed at the “other”.

      This being said, Afrikaners don’t deserve to be eliminated because they went at it the wrong way.

      I think that apartheid was an ill-thought out system, but one of whose major drivers was *cultural* preservation, and *that*, I don’t fault them for. I only fault them for how they went about it.

      If one looks north to Rhodesia, one discovers that the “apartheid” system there was quite different. It wasn’t explicitely racially based, but culturally based, with an educational qualification worked in. At least at some periods of that regime, blacks who met the educational qualification (theoretically) had the same status as whites. There were a few thousand blacks that did qualify. It’s quite conceivable that if the system hadn’t been overthrown, that this number would have grown over time to include a majority of the electorate, but WITHOUT threatening the social order, which they would have been a part of.

      That was actually a more decent way of doing it, because it allowed for mobility and inclusion.

      It doesn’t, however, take away from looking at what is happening to white people, especially Afrikaners, in South Africa as a warning of what may happen to Europeans in Europe. Afrikaners did a lot of bad things, but they don’t deserve this nonetheless.

      Christians in Lebanon are in a similar pickle.

      Secular Jews in Israel are also at risk of it.

  2. I sent an email to President Putin with regard to the situation of Afrikaners. I don’t expect an answer, but this is how much I can. Good that Georgia is taking some Afrikaners. Hope Bulgaria and other countries take some more. Let’s save what we can. In the following comment is the message that I sent to President Putin.

    • If the right wing were ever to take power in the Netherlands, I suspect that they would look towards encouraging Afrikaner immigration as a partial solution to their demographic problems and as a ready source of right-wing votes (echoes of what the left-wingers do?). With the language barely having diverged, they would be easy to integrate.

  3. Dear President Putin,

    I am Ilia Toli, PhD in mathematics, studying for a second PhD in chemistry,
    lecturer of mathematics and chemistry in the US and a US citizen.

    I have a humble proposal. Accepting into Russia some or all South African
    farmers. They are living a genocide right now, and are abandoned by
    everybody. If accepted in Russia, they are eager to completely assimilate
    within few years, and will propel Russia to a big farming superpower. That
    will ease the Russian demographic problem as well.

    I admire You as the true leader of the free world. This is the reason for
    my address to You. I can only hope that my grievance will receive Your

    Best regards, Ilia Toli, PhD.

    • Excellent letter to Putin. There’s no doubt he will consider seriously your proposal for Russia to accept Afrikaner Boers. They would be an asset to any country smart enough to give them refuge. First class people as. obviously, you are as well.

      Cheers from Canada

      • The point is, more people must push for this. Point out Boer success stories. Point out that Georgia is taking them in, Bulgaria and Hungary is considering. Also, people must push towards Brazil and Argentina. They too have vast farmland eager to fill with talented farmers. Russia too. I just did it to do something. I realize my smallness in this world, but that’s not an excuse to do nothing.

        • There are other African countries that have also been taking in some, like Zambia, which actually doesn’t seem like too horrible of a country, really.

          But in general, I fully agree that “The Boer” would be a huge asset, especially to countries with an ageing farmer population.

  4. The solution proposed for Afrikaners is more fantasy than anything else. It would have been so easy for the White military in 1994 to keep a large swath of land, all equipment and everything, and declare an independent country. I am sure that they made it look like everything was going to be fine. How much they regret that now. How much will we regret later. The South African government deliberately disarms Whites, to leave them lambs for slaughter.

    • I think that it would have been a fair and proper solution for Afrikaners to have an independent “homeland” as security, somewhere in the new South Africa. Not a huge chunk, but 20-50,000 km2, or something like that. Along the lines of what they created as “homelands” for blacks, really.

      That is what should have happened, in a fair world.

  5. Another thing that I have noticed. These people working hard to exterminate us are all too happy when some white person protrudes a little bit too much and speaks. Look at the Czech doctor. This is the same like Nazis were all too happy to see resistance, and exterminate people in the process. Whatever the case, waiting in line in a civilized way to be orderly exterminated would be really stupid. Now think Noel Ignatiev. What credentials did he have to get a full professorship in Harvard? This only shows how bad things really are. I remember my Jewish girlfriend in Tampa, 2011. She used to say “evil white people” all the time and was very eager to see us disappear. And we don’t want to be rowdy and ruin the decorum of our own demise. Would consider emigrating to Russia, if that were an option.

  6. How impressive is it that evil white people are paying the bill for their own extermination. Lived in France in 2004-2006. Enviously, Arabs are called “the youth”. Does it make any economic sense to have them there? None. They vegetate and collect the unemployment benefits. Statistics bear me. French people are paying these guys to breed and turn France into an appendix of Algeria. At independence, Algerians chased away 1/3 of their population, the French pied noir. They didn’t apologize for it, although the pied noir have been living in Algeria for 150 years. This situation was so similar to the Afrikaners. Who thinks of pied noir as the good guys? Who thinks of the Afrikaners as the good guys? Although Afrikaners are feeding the country. Look at Zimbabwe how it ended once it got rid of its whites. Do they care? Pied noir are already forgotten. How long that Afrikaners will be forgotten? They are already telling us today, in our face, that we are evil white people, and that it would be delightful to see us go from this world.

    When France occupied Algeria, it wasn’t for the farmland, it wasn’t for the oil. It was because Arabs were very efficient pirates, constantly terrorizing all of Italian coast, plus French commercial fleet in the sea. I left France because it was really depressive to see hordes of Arab youth yell allahu akbar in the middle of Lyon, and terrorize all French in the process. Attended many theatre shows while there. It has sunk in the conscience of French people that they are being systematically replaced.

    • I’ve lived and worked in Algeria for the past 3 years.

      I came here with an open mind and a, “why can’t we call just get along mindset.”

      Now my constant refrain is that this country never had it so good before or since their days as a French colony. Though I think the Romans probably did quite an impressive job in these parts as well.

      • “Why can’t we all get along” was uttered by Rodney King. A very unlikely candidate for sage, given that he was the spark that ignited the race war in 1993. A sign of things to come.

  7. I used to hear discussions of French and Arabs in France in 2004-2006. Arabs were assertive, French were in disarray. One Arab said “chacun son territoire et n’y a pas de probleme”. Translated, “everybody their own territory, and there should be no problems.” Well, they have it now. 200 territories in France that are out of control for French. They only enlarge and augment in number. Impressively, Arabs can get out of their ghettoes, get whatever they want from the rest of France. French dare not enter the territories of the Arabs, on death penalty.

  8. Whoever they are, they have thought it really well, in stages. They have made evil white male so effeminate that he offers no resistance to his demise. Seeing groups of white males in Germany going around dressed like women in protest of the rape and plunder of their own country by the invaders. Now, that will scare the invader away.

    Most evil white people are connected by employment to the government. This is the genial trick. They speak, they become unperson. Here is the trick of big government. I have talked in very private with French university professors. They know full well that they are being deliberately colonized. They just pass day after day after day. What is acceptable today was unthinkable few years ago. What is unthinkable today will be acceptable few years down the road. All the way until evil white men are all Afrikaners. Now get the picture why they want to disarm Americans? Seeing Obama cry in TV after Sandy Hook will convince me to get in line orderly, for my own demise.

  9. “Will trade racists for rapists”. Swedish men are racists because they don’t want to become Afrikaners in their own country. The day is near. Some put it to 2050. With these hordes of 2015 and ongoing, the day is much closer.

    These people supportive of their own demise just don’t know. Nobody will care for their cute smart explanations and righteousness. They believe that you go to work in an office, get the paycheck, go to the supermarket, and it has been forever like this, and it will be forever like this. They don’t know what disruption and demise looks like. They don’t know how fragile they are.

      • What good is it? Merkel will regret one day, I am sure for that. No matter how much psychopath (borderline personality disorder) she is, epiphany will dawn to her that she has been had. The point is, it will make no difference. Today is the day to make a difference. Macedonia is working really hard. Kudos to Macedonia, Hungary.

        • There are crucial differences between psychopathy and borderline personality disorder – the latter is not a subset of the former. They are related disorders in the sense that they’re both ‘contaminated’ aspects of our hard-wired a priori primate aggression. IOW, assertiveness is “normal” and indicative of someone whose attachment in infancy developed normally; it didn’t hit too many bumps or dislocations along the way. However, all of us do experience the slings and arrows of helpless dependency until we can talk. Thus, even the most best mamma cannot take perfect care of her child. Despite being quite normally besotted with her baby to the point she is certain his poo doesn’t stink (she grows out of this apperception once she begins feeding him meat), until he can talk and tell her what he needs, she has always to guess at his needs. It is in these chasms of failure that he hates mamma with all the fierce hopeless energy only an infant can summon.

          First, the long descriptions:

          Borderline personality disorder
          1. Prolonged disturbance of personality function in a person characterized by depth and variability of moods.The disorder typically involves unusual levels of instability in mood; black and white thinking, or splitting; chaotic and unstable interpersonal relationships, self-image, identity, and behavior; as well as a disturbance in the individual’s sense of self.
          2. over-active amygdala (i.e. overly responsive to emotion-related stimuli) (Donegan et al., 2003)
          3. insecure attachment (i.e. history of verbally/physically abusive parent) (Aaronson et al., 2006)
          4. ability to empathize (Fertuck et al., 2009) = intact mirror neuron system?

          1. An abnormal lack of empathy combined with strongly amoral conduct, masked by an ability to appear outwardly normal. They can use charisma, manipulation, and intimidation to control others and to satisfy their own need.
          2. under-active amygdala (i.e. unresponsive to emotion-related stimuli) (Blair, 2008)
          3. insecure attachment (i.e. history of verbally/physically abusive parent) (Saltaris, 2002)
          4. inability to empathize = dysfunctional mirror neuron system? (Fekteau et al., 2008)

          In sum:

          Borderline personality disorder = insecure attachment + overactive amygdala response + functional mirror neuron system => high reactive/impulsive aggression

          Psychopathy = insecure attachment + underactive amygdala + dysfunctional mirror neuron system => high proactive/unemotional + reactive/impulsive aggression

          Note that both originate in an insecure attachment. An underactive amygdala is often an indication of earlier severe stress or abuse. IOW, the adverse experiences of infancy and childhood change the architecture of the brain and tend to flood the whole system with neuronal cascades that fatigue various systems of the body – endocrine, etc.

          Here is a test for what type we tend to be:

          • “dysfunctional mirror neuron system?”

            The answer to that is most certainly NO. See Simon Baron-Cohen’s research.

            A dysfunctional mirror neuron system is a symptom of autism, which has nothing to do with psychopathy.

            What can be perceived as Lack of empathy in convention terms actually has two components: lack of awareness and lack of concern.

            Someone with autism has lack of awareness but typically has concern, perhaps even a greater degree of concern than normal. They may upset someone, not realize it, but then feel extremely guilty once they figure it out. Everyone is expecting them to “just know” but they don’t and this is interpreted as not caring.

            Someone who is a psychopath is typically very aware of what other people are feeling but just doesn’t care. How do you think that Ted Bundy picked up all those girls that he killed? He didn’t do it by being unaware of how they were feeling, how they emotionally reacted to various things, etc. He knew, used the information to manipulate them, but didn’t care beyond that which is why he’d have no problem torturing or killing them.

          • You’re introducing a third term which isn’t on the aggression scale. Autism disorders are about wiring; it is inborn and neurological in nature, a PPD, Pervasive Developmental Disorder that is not based on attachment disruptions. The parent notices very early on, especially if it’s not a first child.

            Aggression disorders are about attachment and assertiveness…our tendency to (per Karen Horney’s template) move toward, against, or away from the focus of our attachment. We all have some admixture of the three but one of them predominates. In psychopathy it is to move against, whatever ‘surface’ one chooses to display.

            BPD does all three, often in rapid succession. Which is why most therapists will not take on more than one BPD patient at a time. They are wearing. BPD folks don’t have a choice; they’re quite labile, rapidly cycling up and down the scale of attachment in no seeming order. Psycopathy appears to have more autonomy but it is still a derangement of attachment.

          • I know autism not on the same scale, but for some reason “dysfunctional mirror neuron system” is mentioned here and terminology includes autism. I have a very hard time believing that “dysfunctional mirror neuron system” is a factor in psychopathy but it kind of depends on how you define “mirror neuron system” and “dysfunction” so I can see where the confusion might happen. I’m probably assuming a more limited definition than what’s assumed in the criteria you posted.

            Say that someone makes a hand gesture. I see this and my mirror neurons store the information needed to imitate the gesture, but I can do that at my leisure… I don’t automatically make the gesture, I have to intentionally do it.

            Emotions are handled differently though. So if I see someone in pain then I have an automatic sympathetic emotional reaction to some degree or the other. If I don’t then is this actually a problem with the mirror neuron system or something else connected to it that isn’t working or is totally inhibiting the sympathetic reaction?

            I did read a book on psychopathy but it’s been a few years. Nothing there suggested to me that a psychopath has problems recognizing emotions, and there seems to be plenty to suggest that they may be better at it than normal (though that may be due to selection bias in studies). It’s just that the automatic sympathetic reaction of experiencing the same emotion immediately is inhibited. A psychopath would probably have to recognize the emotion then intentionally imitate it just like a hand gesture. That’s my best understanding anyway, and for all I know maybe the inhibition of sympathetic reaction is entirely conditioned.

            So I think maybe the terminology being used is a bit too broad. I’m absolutely sure it’s not a failure of the whole mirror neuron system.

  10. There are people who say that Germany is doing this all in order to wash away the stains of WW2, then to proceed to the fourth reich at the expenses of the other Europeans. I don’t even believe this. This is the same lie that we’ve been telling ourselves forever. “Finland expels Christian Arabs in order to make it clear that Muslims will be expelled as well.” Well, we know that it’s not going that way.

    If really Germany wants its fourth reich, it can have it for really cheap. Mars is there for the taking. No Jews, no Gypsies, no Russians, no Poles. Can be portrayed as a benign achievement for the whole mankind. I have already done research on rocket fuels, and have concluded that it can be done with the available technology, slashed prices. Was supposed to speak at Mars Society 2015 about it, hope they will allow me in 2016. Couldn’t go in 2015 because it overlapped with my qualifying exams.

  11. Muslims must be of the belief by now that murder, rape, pillage and whatever baggage they impose on the hated Christians is all protected by the new Swedish way laws. Will ISIS strike everywhere in open squiring bought and paid for undefended western Europe, or work with their Turkey partners and bleed cash.

  12. A bit like a German Jew approaching an American at the 1936 Olympic Games pleading to draw attention to the daily routine atrocious treatment of the once well integrated. The tourist’s reply is recorded as usually, “Honey, all I see is thst the trains run on time”, plus ca change. I plan to never be one of those ignorant tourists – at home or abroad. Nothing runs on time with a Muslim dominated patch except Christian and Jewish blood. No?

  13. Long story short, they are actually out to exterminate evil white people. I am anxious about how will this story end. Can end very poorly.

    • It doesn’t look good, indeed.

      Of note is that the situation in neighbouring Namibia, which has some historical parallels, seems to be working out quite differently. Namibia actually seems like a reasonably nice place (including for white people).

      • Afrikaners could make Namibia paradise for all Namibians, black and white. Now there is experience that if you don’t have fences, everybody will jump on that paradise. Who has the wisdom to invite in 5 million Afrikaners in Namibia?

          • Strong. German is very much spoken, alongside with English. And there are no race tensions. Same for Botswana, Mozambique and some other African countries. They don’t like evil white people anyway. Angola is seeing an influx of Portuguese taking on qualified jobs in the wake of oil boom. Angolans resent this. They think that all the good job is about is to sit around 8 hours in office and push papers around. They are unqualified themselves, and resent evil white Portuguese coming to make their hellhole a little bit better.

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