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The news feed is light tonight, for some reason. Most of the important stories are about Brussels and the aftermath of the attacks; I recommend the Drudge Report for a good selection of links.

Today the Polish government announced that it has reversed its position in the wake of the Brussels massacre, and will not accept any of its allotment of “refugees”.

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» Trump Sick & Tired of US ‘Leading Potential Third World War Against Russia’
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» Brussels Terror: 3 Suspects Identified, Suicide Bombers Were Brothers, Media Reveals
» Italy: ENEL Profit Up 324% to 2.2 Bn
» Italy: PD Meeting Scrapped Due to Spain Bus Crash
» Italy: Four Albanians Convicted of Murder of Marche Man
» Italy: Alfano Urges Approval of EU Passenger Register
» Teacher Gets Police Visit After Tweeting About Muslim Children Celebrating Brussels Attack
» Trump: British Muslims Not Reporting Terror Suspects
» Brussels Dead Due to ‘Buonismo’ Says Salvini
» Poland Won’t Take Refugees After Brussels
» Top Jew Slams Euro Patriots

Italy to Seek EU Budget Flexibility in 2017

Audit Court sees ‘weak’ economic recovery and high taxes

(ANSA) — Rome, March 22 — Italy’s spending-review commissioner Yoram Gutgeld said Tuesday the government would seek budget flexibility from the European Union again in 2017. “We requested and obtained the concept of flexibility last year (for the 2016 budget) and so we will obviously continue on this path,” Gutgeld said.

Separately on Tuesday, Italy’s Audit Court said an economic recovery is underway, but may not have much staying power. “On the one hand, the Italian economy appears to have left the recessive phase behind,” the Court said in a public finances report. “On the other, the recovery is still weak and may have trouble consolidating. Uncertainties weigh on the 2016 outlook due to slowing international trade and turbulence on financial markets”. In its report, the Court said the nation’s pensions system “is balanced, as long as Italy returns immediately — albeit gradually — to a path of moderate growth”.

It added that Italy has the second-highest labor tax rate in the European Union. “Tax withholding on job income is equal to 42.8%, almost eight points above the European average,” the Court wrote. Italy ranks third in the EU in terms of business income taxation of 26%, or “over 50% higher than the EU average”. The way taxes are distributed in Italy “place a burden on productive factors (work and business income) that is significantly higher than that placed on consumption and on capital,” the Court wrote. It also found that tax rebates and other breaks and benefits are on the rise, as is their impact on public finances.

Compared to 2011, the Court found “a significant expansion in both number (of tax breaks, 799) and loss of tax take (313 billion euros),” the Court wrote.

Italy’s Audit Court said in a public finances report Tuesday that intervening on the Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods and services would be “preferable” to other changes to the country’s taxation system. Such a measure would be “justified, given that Italy’s VAT take lags behind in the European classification”. The Court said “the priority should be a wide-ranging reorganization of taxable income” as a way to cut down on what it termed “areas of erosion” in the tax take.

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“Naked Mrs. Trump” Ads Backfire

An anti-Trump advertisement set up by a pro-homo activist within the Republican Party featuring a 17-year-old glamor shot of his wife, has completely backfired. The campaign, set up by Republican Party “strategist” Liz Mair, uses a picture taken in 1999 of Melania Knauss before she married Donald, posing in her soon-to-be husband’s private jet.

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Epic Video: Cop Backs Down After BMX Biker Lays Down the Law

Officer cowers when citizen demonstrates knowledge of his rights

A police officer in California backed down after a verbal confrontation with a BMX bike rider who exemplified a vast knowledge of the city’s public park laws.

In a viral video uploaded to Youtube Saturday, Long Beach Police Lieutenant Mark Cobel approaches two BMX bikers and demands they stop riding in the park.

“If you’re up here and doing tricks and… I don’t care, but once you get off of this you can’t ride your bikes down here,” Lt. Cobel tells the two riders.

The rider filming the confrontation then asks the officer if there had been a law change.

The officer replies, “Yeah, you can’t ride your bike on the boardwalk.”

“When did that law change?” the rider asks.

“Uh… it’s been a law for quite a while,” the officer replies.

The biker responds by citing the city code that allows bikers to ride anywhere in the park.

“16.16.502 is the civic sectional code that states you can ride your bicycles around here, so, I don’t know what law you’re referring to,” the bike rider says.

“Ok, you want to go that way? We can go that way. I mean…” the officer stammers.

“You wanna pull out your civic code and you want to look up the code: 16.16.502 states that you can ride your bicycle out here,” the bike rider demands.

The officer, noticeably perturbed, next asks the biker if he obtained his law degree on Facebook.

“So do I have to have a law degree to be an informed citizen? Is that what you’re saying? It’s wrong to be informed, it’s wrong to know the law, it’s wrong to know your rights?”

“I just want to know where you got it,” Officer Cobel continues.

“I got it by knowing my rights. Is it wrong to know your rights as a citizen?” the rider says, adding that the officer’s job is to support the law, not enforce his opinion.

Lt. Cobel next takes issue with the biker’s assessment that the officer is harassing citizens, asking, “Oh, this is harassment now?

The biker replies, “When you tell someone to not ride their bike when they’re legally able to ride their bike, yes, that’s harassment. Your opinion is irrelevant. The law states we can ride our bike. Now do you have anything else to say, or are you going to leave us alone?”

In the end… well, just watch the video.

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Let Me Show You Why Trump is Right on Trade Agreements

Those who suggest slightly lower prices are worth destroying a few million American households you’re an idiot

Free trade is a great concept, as are free markets and freedom. The problem is none of these things exist in practice because they don’t provide sufficient advantages to the ruling class. The Fed and HFT systems now dominate global markets, western nations systematically overthrow any (freely elected) foreign government that doesn’t bow down to them and free trade agreements are put in place to ensure investors maximize profits no matter what the costs to society. Let’s focus on this last one.

You see rarely do nations turn away capital investment inflows. And so trade agreements are not created to allow for the free flow of capital as is generally touted. That is perhaps the biggest fallacy in the public’s perception of ‘free’ trade agreements. If a US company wants to build a factory in Vietnam and employ 200 workers there they will be welcomed with open arms. So then if these trade agreements are not meant to allow the free flow of capital what is their purpose?

It’s very simple. In microeconomic terms, it boils down to risk/reward. That is, all investments will generate some expected cash flow but will face some risks of realizing those cash flows. One way to improve return on investment is to lower costs, everything else equal. So if I can reduce my costs yet maintain my revenue and risk structures then I am better off. Corporations realized that one very easy way to reduce costs is to move labour to undeveloped nations where labour costs are only 5% to 10% of those in developed nations. That means I can greatly improve my returns to investors if I go ahead and move my operations overseas.

The caveat in the plan remember though is I have to be able to keep my revenue and risk structures the same. And this is where corporations realized they need a trade agreement. You see moving hundreds of millions in borrowed capital to a nation that has poor contract law and unstable governments adds a tremendous amount of risk to the investment model. And so the added risk (which significantly lowers the probability and thus value of future cash flows) creates new costs that essentially negate the reduction in costs obtained through cheaper labour. This means ROI doesn’t improve, which was the point of moving operations overseas.

Additionally I have a risk here at home that if a trade deficit becomes too wide with any particular nation, Congress (via its trade agencies) will impose tariffs to balance out that deficit. Now while corporations are very keen on employing workers at $5 a day they are acutely aware those wages will not support the purchase of the items being manufactured. This means that corporations still want to sell their products into the developed world where consumers can sustain higher priced items and thus maintain revenue structure.

And so again, we see a need for trade agreements to ensure tariffs will not get in the way of revenues here at home. Have a look at our trade deficit post NAFTA and Uruguay Round of GATT (which added services and IP) around 1994.

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Trump Sick & Tired of US ‘Leading Potential Third World War Against Russia’

“The oligarchs, neocons, and Trump-loathers… collude to destroy the GOP ticket…”

Donald Trump has outlined what The Washington Post describes as “an unabashedly noninterventionist approach to world affairs.” Speaking to the paper’s editorial board on Monday, Trump questioned the sacrosanctity of the US’s global military commitments, and asked why Washington is so insistent on leading a potential third world war against Russia.

Trump, in an interview summarized by the Washington Post, “said [that] he advocates a light footprint in the world,” and that “in spite of unrest abroad…the United states must look inward and steer its resources toward rebuilding domestic infrastructure.”

When asked about his views on the NATO alliance, Trump explained that while he sees “NATO as a good thing to have,” he doesn’t understand, for example, why the United States has to lead the alliance into dangerous adventurism, which in the case of Ukraine has led to the risk of a direct military confrontation with Russia.

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US Arrests Iranian Turk in Florida Implicating President Erdogan in a $100 Billion Gold for Gas Deal With Tehran

Patrick Goodenough’s CNS article chronicles this latest expose of corruption by Turkey’s Islamist Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a $100 billion dollar gold for gas scheme, discovered in 2013, evading UN and US sanctions against dealing with a Nuclear Iran Iran-Related Arrest in Florida Could Have Political Implications for Turkey’s Islamist Ruling Party. Goodenough gives credit to the investigation team at the Washington, DC based Foundation for Defense of Democracy research uncovering this duplicity, while the Administration was actively pursuing negotiations over an Iran nuclear pact. Goodenough writes:…

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“Many More Involved… Some Still on the Loose”

Following the Paris and the subsequent San Bernardino shooting we warned that open border policies allowing unfettered, undocumented immigration would undoubtedly lead to more attacks. The evidence was clear, as not only have a probable tens of thousands of Islamic extremists already entered Europe as “ refugees,” they have been stockpiling war-grade weapons and in another incident in December, were found by Swiss police to be transporting chemical weapons of mass destruction.

Today we awoke to news reports that at least 26 people are dead in Belgium following two separate explosions.

But if you think it’ s over, think again, because according to officials, there are more terrorists still on the loose…

And while European leaders across the region have renounced the violence, the fact is that they have only themselves to blame.

Germany’s Prime Minister Angela Merkel may as well have strapped on the suicide vest herself.

The worst part of this latest attack is that literal millions of Europeans and Americans knew it was coming and were powerless to stop it. Moreover, it should be clear that this is the new normal, because now that Europe and America have opened the Pandora’s box of forced cultural assimilation it can never be closed.

According to reports, terrorists have already been captured on the southern border of the United States.

These attacks are premeditated and are being carefully planned. One FBI terror expert has warned that Paris was just a test. The successful attack in Brussels has confirmed for terrorist organizations that Europeans are sitting ducks.

[Comment: This was the intent of banksters. Using muslim foot soldiers to destabilize nation states. Cock puppet politicians supporting the mass migration are useful idiots or worse — communists and traitors.]

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7 Strange Questions About the Brussels Terror Attacks That the Mainstream Media is Not Asking

The horrific terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium on March 22, 2016 are going to reverberate in our memories for years to come, and perhaps that was the intention. Terror attacks are designed to create fear and to get attention, and these attacks have definitely done both. On Tuesday morning, two huge explosions ripped through Zaventem Airport in Brussels as travelers were getting ready to board their morning flights. You can view some raw footage of one of the bomb blasts right here. Just a short while later, another huge explosion was reported at a metro station just yards away from the European Commission headquarters. At this point, CNN says that at least 30 people have died and about 230 people are wounded as a result of these bombings. But what was the real motive for these attacks? The following are 7 strange questions about the Brussels terror attacks that the mainstream media is not asking…


Will the terror attacks in Brussels be used to justify a ground invasion of Syria?

These attacks have produced a tremendous amount of outrage in the western world, and already many prominent voices are calling for a U.S.-led invasion of Syria in order to finally put a permanent end to ISIS.

In fact, a former top adviser to Hillary Clinton started calling for a Syrian invasion within just hours of the attacks…

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Belgian: ‘I’Ve Been Pretty Leftist My Entire Life’ But ‘I Am Done Defending’ Islam

In the wake of the Brussels terror attacks, a Belgian Reddit user wrote that though, “I’ve been pretty leftist my entire life … I am done defending” Islamic culture.

Responding to the “Reports of explosions at Brussels airport” thread, the now deleted comment — which was screen captured and re-shared on “The Donald” subreddit — explained that “enough is enough.”

“I’m all for integration and tolerance, but something is rotten to the core when it comes to Muslim culture within Europe,” the post continued. “Djihadis, fundamentalists, whatever you want to call them are either too plentiful or have too much influence. Whether that was our fault due to not giving them the tools to integrate or theirs for refusing to take advantage of those tools is besides the point.”

[Comment: one leftist out of how many? Others are probably trying to pin it on Donald.]

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Brussels Terror: 3 Suspects Identified, Suicide Bombers Were Brothers, Media Reveals

Belgian police have discovered that the alleged suicide bombers in the CCTV footage at the Brussels airport were brothers, Khalid and Brahim El Bakroui, both residents of the capital and connected to Paris attacks’ key suspect Salah Abdeslam.

The two brothers and one more suspect, believed to be Najim Laachraoui, 25, were caught on the airport CCTV before the explosions, with Laachraoui thought to be the one who planted the explosive charges, according to Belgian newspaper DH.

Reports now indicate that Brahim was the airport bomber, while Khalid was behind the subway attack.

According to local broadcaster RTBF, citing a police source, the apartment raided by the police last week in the Forest borough of Brussels was rented by Khalid El Bakroui under a false name. The raid last week found weapons and an Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) flag, as well as fingerprints belonging to key suspect Salah Abdeslam, who was detained three days later.

According to RTBF, the link to terrorism was only made by the Belgian police in the wake of the Brussels attacks, despite the two brothers being on the radar for some time. The Bakraoui brothers also had criminal records for violent crime. Brahim was sentenced in 2010 for firing a Kalashnikov at police officers in the course of an armed robbery. He was released before serving his full sentence.

Earlier on Tuesday the police got a major break in the case when a taxi driver, who had unwittingly driven the three suspects to the Brussels airport, came forward with information.

The driver had recognized the trio after driving them to the airport early in the morning, HLN reports. He recalled them trying to fit too much luggage into the car, more than it could take. They were forced as a result to leave some bags behind, something they were visibly angry about. He tried to help them with the load, but was ordered not to touch anything.

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Italy: ENEL Profit Up 324% to 2.2 Bn

Writedowns weighed heavily in 2014

(ANSA) — Rome, March 22 — ENEL on Tuesday posted a 2015 net result of 2.196 billion euros, some 324% up on 2014’s 517 million euros which was heavily influences by writedowns.

Earnings were steady (-0.02%) at 75.6 billion euros while the EDITDA was 2.9% down at 15.297 billion.

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Italy: PD Meeting Scrapped Due to Spain Bus Crash

Directorate billed as showdown between Renzi, rebel minority

(ANSA) — Rome, March 21 — An important meeting of Premier Matteo Renzi’s centre-left Democratic Party (PD) that was set to take place later on Monday has been cancelled in the wake of Sunday’s bus crash in Catalonia, in which seven young Italians were killed, PD sources said. The gathering of senior PD officials had been billed as a showdown between Renzi and members of a minority hostile to many of his government’s reforms and to his methods of running the party.

The divisions are long-standing but tension has been especially high since rows over primaries this month in several Italian cities, including Rome and Naples, to select the centre-left mayor candidates for local elections in June. Recently former premier Massimo D’Alema went as far as to moot an alternative centre left to the allegedly rightwards-creeping and increasingly autocratic PD under Renzi.

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Italy: Four Albanians Convicted of Murder of Marche Man

Shooter gets 18 years

(ANSA) — Teramo, March 23 — Four Albanians were convicted Wednesday of murdering a Marche man after a bar squabble near the Abruzzo city of Teramo last June.

The shooter, Arjan Ziu, 50, got 18 years while his three accomplices — his brother and two nephews — got 17 years and four months each.

Ziu shot Roberto Tizi, 35, twice in the chest and the accomplices kicked him brutally while he was dying, the court found.

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Italy: Alfano Urges Approval of EU Passenger Register

Interior minister says EU countries must share intelligence

(ANSA) — Rome, March 23 — Interior Minister Angelino Alfano on Wednesday called for “immediate approval” of an EU-wide directive regulating the use of airline passenger information collected by airlines called passenger name records (PNR).

Alfano warned against the issue becoming a “European soap opera” and said he thinks now “is the right time” for moving forward.

Alfano also called for European countries to share their intelligence information.

“Information should be put in the European data banks and none of us should be possessive about our own information,” he said.

He said Italy already does so and sharing intelligence “will make everyone stronger”.

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Teacher Gets Police Visit After Tweeting About Muslim Children Celebrating Brussels Attack

A Belgian yoga teacher who tweeted that Muslim children were celebrating the attacks in Brussels later received a home visit from the police.

On the same morning that the attacks unfolded, Ivar Mol tweeted (translation), “How do you remember lesson if there in your class is applauded by Muslim children?” The tweet was accompanied by the hashtags #aanslagen and #zaventem, a reference to the suicide bomb attack at Brussels airport.

Mol later told RTL, “I heard messages from friends in Antwerp and Brussels representing the class that there was applause for the attacks.”

Four hours later, Mol tweeted that three police officers had visited his house and that he would “no longer” be tweeting…

The story once again emphasizes how the issue is not just with a tiny minority of fringe extremists and that support for terrorism is in fact far more widespread amongst Muslim populations.

The fact that authorities are supposedly overwhelmed by the sheer number of terror plots and jihadists in Belgium yet have time to visit a yoga teacher over a tweet within hours is also chilling.

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Trump: British Muslims Not Reporting Terror Suspects

British Muslims are failing to report suspected terrorists, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has said in his first UK TV interview.

Mr Trump told ITV’s Good Morning Britain that he would also hit Islamic State “so hard you wouldn’t believe it” in the wake of the Brussels terror attacks, and called on British Muslims to report extremists in their midst.

“When they see trouble they have to report it. They are not reporting it. They are absolutely not reporting it and that is a big problem,” he told Piers Morgan, the programme’s presenter.

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Brussels Dead Due to ‘Buonismo’ Says Salvini

‘Potential criminals mustn’t come into our home’

(ANSA) — L’Aquila, March 23 — Anti-immigrant Northern League leader Matteo Salvini said Wednesday that the 32 people killed by terror attacks in Brussels Tuesday “are the children of the ‘buonismo’ at all costs of (migrant) reception.” ‘Buonismo’ is a derogatory term from ‘buono’ (good) used to describe what might be called “bleeding-heart liberalism”. Populist rightwinger Salvini also said that “it’s time to say that the potential criminals mustn’t come into our home”.

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Poland Won’t Take Refugees After Brussels

Previous government resettled around 7,000 refugees

(ANSA-AP) — TRIESTE — Poland’s government says it is not prepared to accept any refugees following the deadly attacks in Brussels.

The ruling party, Law and Justice, is staunchly anti-migrant, but had previously indicated it would respect a commitment by the previous government to resettle around 7,000 refugees.

But government spokesman Rafal Bochenek indicated Wednesday that Prime Minister Beata Szydlo’s government is reversing that position.

He said that “at the moment Poland is not able to accept immigrants.” He said the government fears that Europe is not able to eliminate security risks connected to the mass influx of migrants, adding: “for us the most important thing is the safety of Poles.”

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Top Jew Slams Euro Patriots

President of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) Moshe Kantor has slammed everyone who opposes the overrunning of Europe by nonwhite invaders as promotors of “hatred and intolerance.”

Kantor specifically listed Germany’s AfD, Slovakia’s People’s Party, Hungary’s Jobbik, Greece’s Golden Dawn, France’s Front National-and America’s Donald Trump.

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19 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/23/2016

  1. President of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) Moshe Kantor has slammed everyone who opposes the overrunning of Europe by nonwhite invaders as promotors of “hatred and intolerance.”

    For the record: he doesn’t represent THIS Jew.

    • Well said, and more should say that. Google him. Kantor’s given first name is/was Vyatcheslav, and he is one of Putin’s pets. He has twisted the EJC from not so much representing anyone, into an anti-euro, and more specifically, an anti-German forum.

    • For the record, NOT ENOUGH. I have some excellent Muslim friends that I bet they are not plotting against me. Some of them are my family members. That doesn’t mean that Islam isn’t plotting my demise. That doesn’t mean that Rothschild didn’t finance Coudenhove Kalergi, or Marx for the matter.

      Thinking of it now. There was a wide socialist movement before Marx, so powerful that in the First Workers’ International, Marx participated in private capacity, and was irrelevant. Marx dismissed it all as utopia, and called his thing science. Taken at face value, it is witchcraft because it never worked and because it caused hundreds of millions of dead, also paving the way for our colonization today. Thought another way, it actually is science. Maybe this was the intended outcome.

        • Only the ones in which the anti-Jew nastiness goes over what I consider to be the top.

          When you manage to restrain yourself sufficiently, your comment is left as-is.

      • ADL recommends higher walls in Israel, because that works to keep Israel racially pure. Among us [non-Jews], ADL mathematically proves that walls serve no purpose. One for the double standards.

        • If you underwent a religious conversion to Judaism, you too would be considered for cttizenship no matter what ‘race’ you came from. Curiously enough, the Jewish State of Israel is for Jews, a sanctuary after thousands of years of pogroms.

          However you could then no longer travel to Saudi or Malaysia or own land in Jordan and a few other restrictions worldwide.

          “Racially pure” is a strange way to describe Sderot; Russian, Tunisian, Moroccan, Ethiopian, Sudanese, French, American and just a few Brits.

          When America ‘sees’ Jooz it sees Crown Heights and looks no further, but Crown Heights is NOT Israel, and the ADL is not Israeli.

  2. The craven send out that special easy meat scent to the lazy liars of Islam. The grovellers I imagine are the easiest targets and will be the first to be butchered by the ideology of hatred.

  3. If a tiger was to escape from a zoo in Europe, the authorities would hunt it with high power rifles and kill it before it takes a child or other vulnerable victim. They would not wait to see if it was going to become a man-eater or not.

    These KNOWN Muslim terrorists hide behind the protection of the laws of a civilization in which they do not believe, and then attack, mutilate and maim, at what stage do we come to our senses and begin to treat them like the escaped wild animals that they are?

    • Perhaps. If a tiger was to escape from a zoo in Belgium, and eat people, the authorities would swiftly issue restrictions on the keeping of felines, any felines, including house cats. ‘Cause with political correctness you can never know, or name, which kind of cat is disemboweling people, even if the 10 inch wide claw marks and black/orange stripes are a pretty good clue.

  4. Considering how frequently Muslims have carried out attacks on non-Muslims, I think it’s time to stop talking about “hatred and intolerance” because that is not the issue. The issue is safety and stopping these destructive deadly acts.

    I do not understand the Muslim mind-set, if there is such a thing, but when such acts occur with increasing frequency, then even peaceful Muslims must realize there is a major problem and they will have to help solve it.

    The majority (I think) of people around the world would just like to get on with their lives, their jobs, their children and even have a decent meal now and then. The minority of Muslims seem interested only in achieving heaven through murder. No, I have no bright ideas on how to solve this, but neither does our dimbulb (sorry) president, vice-president, and Mrs. Clinton. Sigh.

    Mike, I am not a Jew but I utterly agree with you!


    This might interest French speakers :

    Thibault de Montbrial : «En France, on trouve des dizaines de Molenbeek»
    « In France, we can find dozens of Molenbeeks »

    “The measures put in place since November in France are going in the right direction. But the priority, however, it is to change your state of mind. We are coming out of a period of seventy years of peace. This time is now over, we are being attacked on our territory and its defence must be totally reorganised in the light of this new situation. ”
    “That means breaking with the lofty naïve optimism, a recurring theme of many elites, including political and media ones, still reluctant to name the enemy. It is also necessary to review the organization of security at the European level. ”

    The countries of Europe are attacked for what they are and what they represent. This is not the terrorism that makes us the war. The radical islamists, who use the means of terrorism to demonstrate the triumph of political islamic politics. It is a war of conquest.

    The situation has nothing to do with the waves of attacks that we were hit in the 1980s or 1990s. Today, the attacks are perpetrated by EU nationals, born and bred here, and who hate us. They are no longer a few dozen, but thousands. They have a significant support of a part of the population, particularly in terms of logistics. In France, there are dozens of Molenbeek, as pointed out in last Sunday by Patrice Ribeiro, General Secretary of Synergie-officers [Police Union]. It is only with a complete lucidity that this phenomenon that we will be able to carry out the security policies and regain our values as necessary.

    Finally, in order to keep on time and avoid a collapse is perfectly possible when we examine our weaknesses, we must also work on resilience: anticipating the risks, know how to react during attacks, to bounce back afterwards. In this regard, the tears of Federica Mogherini are shocking. We won’t come out of this with flowers and candles. It is necessary to be prepared to fight back. This will only be possible by associating and involving the population, by explaining the reality without frills, and in empowering them. Every citizen must be aware that he has a role to play to get through the upcoming trials.

    Some comments on the article:
    “When will there be a strong European military action in Syria with the re-colonization of the conquered territories, and a substantial strengthening of our police forces ?”
    “Here is the result of decades of deception from our elected officials. Impossible to speak of ethnic concentrations : you are a racist. Impossible to speak of lawless zones: you are intolerant. Impossible to speak of the damage and nocturnal urban nuisance: you don’t like the youth [euphemism for certain types of people]. Impossible to talk about the impunity of the thugs and traffickers : you are an extremist. Impossible to speak of the distress of the police, and now police : they are paying for it …
    Who are the big winners : our elected officials have won elections by selling our streets, our safety and our future for a ballot. ”

    I invite you all to take a week of vacation in roubaix (Nord), you will find all the exoticism of a good medium-sized city in France!

    But hey, as some might say in the reading of this text, “FN” and yet I’ve still never voted for them …”

    • More like hundreds of Molenbeeks and counting. They call them ZUS, zones urbaines sensibles. These zones are sensible like teeth after biting ice. It is not clearly understood sensible to what and why. For somebody with some common sense left, they are the bridgeheads for the conquest of Europe, territory that already belongs to Islam. Same in UK. Londonistan itself is gone now, including Paris and Brussels. Now that’s an achievement, to have a country and give it away to hordes, then live in high moral ground.

  6. Maybe we could invite in Chinese mercenaries to deal with the situation. Or maybe Turkey could be beseeched. Western European nations are sinking and drowning ever faster in “Euro values” with each passing series of home runs by the Muslimislamist fifth columns. Did I see a big strong powerful member of the political quota crying?

  7. The top Jew is the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.
    Instead, you spotlight a Leftist rabbit who wants to make wolves into vegetarians and disarm the hunters. The real Jews know what the Moslems want

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