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A man named Mohammed Bhutta was seen wearing a balaclava and brandishing two machetes (some reports say meat cleavers) outside a private school in Glasgow, Scotland. He reportedly chased after a man and threw a machete at him. It took two policeman to subdue the attacker. Mr. Bhutta is now in custody, and has appeared in court. The incident has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

In other news, a record two million immigrants arrived in Germany in 2015, the largest number recorded in a single year since the founding of the Bundesrepublik.

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» D.O.J. Loses Lindsey Graham in Encryption Fight
» ‘It Was Definitely an Inside Job’: The Mystery Surrounding Missing Water Files at Flint City Hall From Conspiracy
» Lead Organizer Who Shut Down Hwy to Trump Rally is “Soros Fellow” From New Orleans
» Reports: Secret Service, Trump Campaign Increasing Security After Threats to Family, Violent Protests
» Resurrecting Sixties Radicalism to Silence Trump
» Trump’s Questionable Endorsement: Anti-Israel Texas Hair Products Billionaire, Palestinian Émigré Farouk Shami
» Trump’s Precarious Path to the Nomination
» Tucson Cop: Anti-Trump Protesters “Most Hateful People I’ve Ever Seen” — Video
» Video: AIPAC Attendee Beaten, Chased by Anti-Israel Protesters
» Washington’s Despotic Lawlessness
» Whites Hated in Birmingham, AL
» You Won’t Believe What a Liberal Protester Just Did to an Effigy of Donald Trump…
Europe and the EU
» “Flemish Culture Too White”
» Council of Europe Targets Hate Speech
» Grief-Stricken Germanwings Families Plan US Lawsuit
» Italy: Rome Losing 4.5 Mn in Unpaid Rents in Centre
» Norway Releases Terror Suspect Wanted by Italy
» Patuano Resigns as Telecom Italia CEO
» Scotland: Private School Placed on Lockdown After a Man Wearing a Balaclava and Carrying Two Machetes Was Found Outside
» Scotland: Mohammed Bhutta in Court on Glasgow Machete Charge
» UK Teachers Report 4 Year Old Boy to the Terrorism Police for Drawing a Cucumber
» UK: Now Students Have to be Shown How to Use the Toilets
North Africa
» Algerian Army Kills Six Terrorists on Border With Tunisia
Middle East
» Istanbul Bomber Said to Have Tailed Israelis From Hotel
» Italian Detained in Istanbul for ‘PKK Propaganda’
South Asia
» India: Telangana: Hindu Radicals Attack Pentecostals, Wounding a Four-Year-Old Girl
» America a Nation of Immigrants: Not Really
» Despite EU-Turkey Deal, 1,600 Migrants Land in Greece
» Erdogan Against EU, Only Closed Doors From You
» Fury and the AfD: Inside the Revolt Against Angela Merkel
» Latest George Soros, Race Wars and the End Game
» Mexico Pushing Citizenship Inside U.S.
» Rama: We Will Not Open Albania Borders
» Record 2 Million People Moved to Germany in 2015
» Sweden: ‘True Vulnerability is to Flee if You Don’t Know You’ll Survive’

D.O.J. Loses Lindsey Graham in Encryption Fight

One of the Senate’s fiercest counter-terrorism hawks just turned his back on the FBI in its public fight with Apple over consumer privacy.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who last December called on Silicon Valley to stop selling encrypted devices, expressed serious concern on Wednesday about the precedent the Department of Justice would set if it successfully compels Apple to break iPhone security features.

“I was all with you until I actually started getting briefed by the people in the Intel Community,” Graham told Attorney General Loretta Lynch during an oversight hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee. “I will say that I’m a person that’s been moved by the arguments about the precedent we set and the damage we might be doing to our own national security.”

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‘It Was Definitely an Inside Job’: The Mystery Surrounding Missing Water Files at Flint City Hall From Conspiracy

Days before the federal government opened an investigation into the Flint water crisis, someone broke into a vacant City Hall office full of documents related to the embattled Michigan city’s water system.

Nearly three months later, officials have confirmed that a TV went missing, but little else is known, according to the Flint Journal.

Without suspects or a firm handle on what else may have been swiped, authorities told the paper last week that the crime may remain unsolved.

No warrants have been issued in the case, but officials don’t shy away from speculative statements that stop just short of conspiracy theories.

“It was definitely an inside job,” police chief Tim Johnson told the Journal. “The power cord (to the TV) wasn’t even taken. The average drug user knows that you’d need the power cord to be able to pawn it.”

“It was somebody that had knowledge of those documents that really wanted to keep them out of the right hands, out of the hands of someone who was going to tell the real story of what’s going on with Flint water.”

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Lead Organizer Who Shut Down Hwy to Trump Rally is “Soros Fellow” From New Orleans

Yesterday Far left open border activists SHUT DOWN THE HIGHWAY leading to the Trump rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona for two hours.

The protesters parked their trucks across the highway to block traffic.

Protesters lock to car doors by the neck at street shutdown to Trump Rally. Shea blvd and Eagle Mountain #stoptrump

– Puente Arizona (@PuenteAZ) March 19, 2016

LEAD ORGANIZER Who Shut Down Hwy to TRUMP RALLY Is “ Soros Fellow” from New Orleans

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Reports: Secret Service, Trump Campaign Increasing Security After Threats to Family, Violent Protests

“You have counter-assault assets, you have counter-sniper assets, this says to me that this is a grave threat.”

The Secret Service and the presidential campaign of Donald Trump are increasing security for the candidate and his rallies after threatening letters were received by Trump family members and violent protests by leftists broke out at a string of several recent Trump rallies.

“The Secret Service is ramping up their presence around Donald Trump as the joint terrorism task force investigates a suspicious envelope with powder that was delivered to Trump’s son.”

The NBC report aired before it was revealed that Trump’s sister, federal appeals court judge Maryanne Trump Barry, had also been sent a threatening letter that was received Friday but did not contain any powder.

NBC’s Katy Tur reported the Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating a white powder letter sent to Eric Trump postmarked in Massachusetts demanding his father drop out of the race. Preliminary testing of the powder was negative but the letter reportedly said the next letter would ‘not be fake’.

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Resurrecting Sixties Radicalism to Silence Trump

Yesterday the news hit that Eric Trump’s wife received mail containing a white powder and a threat to the family, unless Donald Trump quit the campaign. Law enforcement agencies are investigating the threatening letter sent to Donald Trump’s son, Eric, at his Manhattan residence that said the GOP presidential front-runner’s children are in danger if he doesn’t drop out of the race. The letter stated, “If your father does not drop out of the race, the next envelope won’t be a fake.” It was signed “X,” according a law enforcement official who saw it. [Link]

What so few of the ignorant and brainwashed commie protestors don’t know is that the entire Trump family is not only generous to a fault, but gives more to society than any of the other candidates. Remember Cruz hasn’t even given 1% of his income to charity. The Eric Trump Foundation alone has given over $20 million to St. Jude’s, the children’s cancer hospital who does not charge the parents, and who treat youngsters with the toughest cases. Often times they find cures.

The 60’s Commies Are Back!

Dr. Rich Swier had an article out today that exposed the 187 organizations directly funded by George Soros who are attacking Trump. Take a look at this amazing article.[link]

As I write this, there are protests at Trump Towers in New York and protests in Arizona. I hope the police will cart them all off, but this is a different time; it’s not the time of JFK or Reagan.

The highway was blocked by a few dozen people, and closed for over an hour with cars lined up for miles trying to get into Trump’s rally in Maricopa County, Arizona. Protesters were arrested for blocking the roadway, but there weren’t that many of them. Sheriff Arpaio who was there to introduce Mr. Trump, said, “The main mission is to make sure Donald Trump is secure, protected, and also everyone else in the town.” [Link]

In New York, the protestors, which included (illegal) immigrants’ rights activists, students and socialists, (read Communists) gathered in Columbus Circle near the Trump International Hotel and Tower. Understand that Soros recruits these protestors by paying them $10 to $15 an hour. They come from areas of deep unemployment, and these people are easily manipulated by the lies of the MSM.


This short film is eye opening and shocking. If you want to know the true intentions of the Chicago protestors that shut down Trump’s rally, then you need to hear it straight from their mouths. It’s nothing more than radical leftists attempting to silence the opposition.

Rebel Pundit’s, Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus, directors of the motion picture Hating Breitbart, documented the “protest” on film, including an interview with Bill Ayers, a founder of the violent Weather Underground, who discusses the motivation behind the premeditated and well-funded demonstrations.

Watch this seven minutes of exposed filth if you can stand it. Their message? We all have to live under their choice for president:

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Trump’s Questionable Endorsement: Anti-Israel Texas Hair Products Billionaire, Palestinian Émigré Farouk Shami

GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump had an endorsement from Farouk Shami. Shami is a self made Texas billionaire hair products, a Palestinian émigré with anti-Israel views with a family connection to Hitler’s notorious WWII House guest, Haj Amin Al Husseini. Al Jazeera this weekend published an article about Shami’s connection to Trump, “Donald Trump and the Muslim hair magnate:”…

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Trump’s Precarious Path to the Nomination

George Orwell told us, “The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” Donald Trump has spoken powerful truths to America on immigration, trade policy, foreign wars, media integrity, and Republican competence. The political establishment has responded with tidal waves of vitriol and mendacity. Consequently Trump’s path to the GOP nomination is now racked with dangerous pitfalls and hate-filled Rinos waiting in the bushes to smear his image in any way they can.

Winning the GOP nomination is hard enough for a traditional candidate who doesn’t rock any establishment boats. But The Donald is about as “traditional” a candidate as William Wallace was an English royalist. Trump is a quintessential rebel antagonist. Thus his run for the nomination must be far stronger than those of the past if he intends to win.

What this means is that Trump must get the necessary 1,237 delegates before Cleveland. If he does not get them ahead of time for an automatic first ballot victory, he has little chance to get the nomination.

This is because after the first ballot is taken, most of the delegates will then be free to vote for another candidate. A second ballot will encompass immense arm twisting and bargaining. All the forces of the GOP will be pitted against Trump at this point. All bargaining will be geared toward drawing supporters away from Trump and committing them to Ted Cruz or John Kasich, which would keep Trump from getting 1,237 votes on repeated ballots and create a deadlocked convention. It is then that a compromise establishment candidate (e.g., Paul Ryan with Kasich as his VP) would be offered to solve the dilemma. Weary Republicans would give in and accept such a compromise to break the deadlock.

This would be a disaster and divide the party, thus guaranteeing a Clinton victory in November. It doesn’t have to happen, however. In light of Trump’s impressive start in the primaries he does have a clear path to the needed 1,237 delegate majority and the nomination before he gets to Cleveland.

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Tucson Cop: Anti-Trump Protesters “Most Hateful People I’ve Ever Seen” — Video

“I could not believe what I saw”

An African-American Tucson cop who attended a Donald Trump rally on Saturday as a neutral observer described the anti-Trump protesters who crashed the event as “the most hateful people I’ve ever seen”.

Tatum said he wanted to personally attend the event in order to get a first hand experience of what it was all about instead of relying on media perception.

Describing what he saw as “very very shocking,” Tatum said anti-Trump protesters were “verbally violent,” swearing and yelling at people who were attending the rally.

Speaking about the Trump supporters, Tatum said, “everybody seemed to be peaceful, there wasn’t a lot of hatred and maliciousness going on,” and that Trump supporters were not lashing out at protesters.

Challenging the media narrative that Trump is ‘inciting violence’ against protesters, Tatum said he heard an announcement before the event which told attendees not to become involved in altercations with protesters who were being unruly.

“That was another thing I don’t see portrayed in the media, is that they gave a disclaimer, don’t hurt these people, you don’t need to do this”.

Tatum goes on to explain how protesters were yelling “f**k Donald Trump” in front of children and that one parent had to cover her daughter’s ears because “these people are just outlandish and out of control”.

Despite being a police officer, even Tatum said he felt uncomfortable and that “at any moment I could get sucker punched by somebody”.

Although it was the protesters who were accusing Trump supporters of being hateful, Tatum asserted, “These people are the most hateful, evil people I’ve ever seen, I could not believe what I saw…I thought at some point it was going to be a full fledged riot because these people were acting so outrageous.”

“I had no problems when I was there, I’m an African-American man, I had no problems with people going against me,” added Tatum, again countering the narrative that Trump supporters are racist.

Tatum concluded by noting that the media rarely portrays the protesters in a negative light, focusing instead on violence committed by Trump supporters after they have been provoked by demonstrators “spitting and yelling in people’s faces”.

[Comment: This is what happens when people are guided entirely by their reptile brain — ie totally emotionally driven.]

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Video: AIPAC Attendee Beaten, Chased by Anti-Israel Protesters

UPDATE: The “journalist” is ANSWER coalition member Mike Prysner. Far from a journalist, he is in fact with the organizers of the Anti-Israel protest. He is also with an organization called “March Forward,” which calls for the immediate dismissal of the entire Officer Corps of the US Military.

Allegations are flying after a violent altercation outside of the AIPAC Conference in Washington, DC. But the journalist who is claiming he was attacked by an AIPAC attendee seems to forget that I filmed him threatening two conference attendees.

The first video is the incident itself showing AIPAC members fleeing an angry mob.

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Washington’s Despotic Lawlessness

Washington is out of control. Legislators, judges and unelected bureaucrats want to control our lives, livelihoods and living standards, with no accountability even for major errors, calculated deception, or deliberate, often illegal assaults on our liberties and on citizens who resist the advancing Leviathan.

These themes animate Republican and conservative politics because they are happening-regularly.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is renowned for its annual Ten Thousand Commandments reports on federal rules. A scary but mesmerizing new analysis now maps how the Washington bureaucracy lawlessly imposes agendas that all too frequently contravene or disregard what We the People support, what is best for the nation, and even what Congress has enacted or refused to encode in legislation.

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Whites Hated in Birmingham, AL

Scores of black residents of the city of Birmingham, Alabama, lined up to scream and shout their hatred of whites at the Birmingham City Hall this week during a council meeting meant to discuss development projects in the 80 percent nonwhite city. One after the other, blacks spoke in the council chamber against the idea of allowing any whites “back” into the city, saying that this would “destroy everything that was fought for in the 1960s.”

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You Won’t Believe What a Liberal Protester Just Did to an Effigy of Donald Trump…

Liberal protests against Donald Trump are becoming increasingly violent. On Friday, I warned that this would happen, and over the weekend we witnessed extremely disturbing confrontations in both Arizona and Utah. No matter whether you are a supporter of Donald Trump or not, what we are watching unfold should deeply alarm you. Are violent protests, riots and confrontations with police going to become a daily occurrence until the election in November? Will this become the spark that sets off widespread civil unrest all over the nation? Unless Donald Trump wins the election, I have a feeling that he is going to end up deeply regretting running for president, because now his entire family lives under the threat of constant attack. Is this what “political discourse” is going to look like in this country moving forward?

Just consider what we just witnessed in Salt Lake City. Liberal activists strung up an effigy of Donald Trump by a noose, and then one of them proceeded to behead it. I have posted video of this incident below…

Remember, this happened in one of the most conservative states in America.

If this kind of thing is happening in Salt Lake City, what kind of scenes will we see in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles by the time election day rolls around?…

It would be quite difficult to overstate the gains that the radical left has made with our young people. Millennials are far more liberal than any other adult age group, and they are turning out to support Bernie Sanders in droves. In some states, Sanders is winning more than 80 percent of the Democratic Millennial vote.

I just want that to sink in for a bit. These young people are so radical that not even Hillary Clinton is liberal enough for them. They are angry, they are frustrated, and they are willing to act out in very violent ways.

Personally, I am convinced that we are on the initial edge of a wave of civil unrest, chaos and violence that is absolutely unprecedented. What we are going to see in the months and years ahead is going to completely shock this nation.

[Comment: This was the goal of “dumbing down America” education system. To create mindless drones and useful idiots for the push towards communism. How many of the millenials are graduates/students of the communist indoctrination centres (aka universities)? This is why the communists infiltrated the education system as “educators”. ]

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“Flemish Culture Too White”

Flemish culture is “too white,” an official subcommittee from the Belgian government’s Department of Culture, Youth, Sport, and Media has announced. The report also revealed that Flemish theaters and dance houses were to be denied grants because of their “lack of diversity.”

[Comment: Flemish people should separate from the fraud of a “unified” state of Belgium and create their own independent state outside of EU control.]

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Council of Europe Targets Hate Speech

The Council of Europe, Europe’s top human rights institution, has urged its members to adopt specific guidelines to curb hate speech and to support those targeted by it.

A report by the council’s European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) that was made public Monday lists a number of policy recommendations including the withdrawal of financial support from political parties that actively employ hate speech, criminalizing its most extreme manifestations, and promoting self-regulation of media.

The recommendations to the 47 members of the Council of Europe were published on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, on Monday.

The report urges media organizations to adopt a code of conduct aimed at eliminating hate speech, accompanied by sanctions for non-compliance.

“When necessary, the deletion of hate speech from web materials, the disclosure of the identity of hate speech users, and the obligation of media to publish acknowledgments that something they ran constitutes hate speech should be required,” the report said.

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Grief-Stricken Germanwings Families Plan US Lawsuit

The grief of families who lost loved ones when a suicidal co-pilot crashed a Germanwings plane into the French Alps has long turned to anger, a year after the tragedy that claimed 150 lives.

Many relatives have banded together with plans to take the airline’s parent company Lufthansa to court in the United States, arguing that the depressive 27-year-old Andreas Lubitz should never have been allowed to fly a plane.

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Italy: Rome Losing 4.5 Mn in Unpaid Rents in Centre

Report also highlights ‘ghost’ properties, rock-bott

(ANSA) — Rome, March 21 — The city of Rome is losing around 4.5 million euros in unpaid rents on properties in the historic centre, a report said on Monday. It said that around 85% of tenants of city apartments and shopkeepers who rent city properties in this area do not pay. The report was prepared by Rome’s I Municipio (Borough I) upon request by Extraordinary Commissioner Francesco Paolo Tronca following a scandal on paltry rents paid on many city properties. Rent arrears total 357 million euros overall when taking into account the city’s more than 28,000 residential and commercial properties.

Of these, 574 are located in the historic centre. The report found a wide disparity between personal income or earnings from commercial properties when compared to rents.

A property where income was 700,000 euros was revealed to have a 220-euro rent, while one with income of more than one million euro had a rent of 380 euros, the report showed.

“We need to change approach — the public administration can and must have the situation for which it is responsible under control,” Tronca said.

“Today we are discussing a working method. A methodological analysis that allows all individual situations to be monitored.

I hope the next administration might continue to follow this method because in this way I believe it is possible to have a full picture of all the situations,” he added, ahead of city elections in June. The study also identified a number of ‘ghost’ properties that did not appear in city records, illegal occupations, and rock-bottom rents.

These included 1.81 euros per month for a flat near Termini station, just over 5 euros per month for one near Campo de’ Fiori and 32 euros per month for a flat overlooking the Colosseum.

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Norway Releases Terror Suspect Wanted by Italy

Infamous Norway-based fundamentalist preacher Najmuddin Ahmad Faraj — better known as Mullah Krekar, was released from police custody on Thursday after a Norway court ruled that he did not make threats during a television interview last year.

The 59-year-old Islamist still risks extradition to Italy, however, where a terror charge awaits him. Krekar is listed as a terrorist by the United States and United Nations.

In November, Italian police swooped on a European jihadist network that was allegedly planning to try and spring Faraj out of detention. Seventeen people were targeted in the raids across Europe — 16 Kurds and a Kosovan.

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Patuano Resigns as Telecom Italia CEO

Resignation pending corporate bodies approval

(ANSA) — Rome, March 21 — Telecom Italia said Monday that CEO Marco Patuano had tendered his resignation. “Telecom Italia announces that Chief Executive Officer Marco Patuano today handed in his resignation, which will become effective subject to the relevant corporate bodies’ approval of the pertaining terms and conditions,” a statement read. “Marco Patuano qualifies as non-independent executive director; as of today’s date, he owns 70,000 ordinary shares and 30,000 savings shares in Telecom Italia S.p.A.”.

Telecom Italia’s share price had posted strong gains in early trading on the Milan stock exchange after a statement was released saying that Patuano was in talks to step down.

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Scotland: Private School Placed on Lockdown After a Man Wearing a Balaclava and Carrying Two Machetes Was Found Outside

A man wearing a balaclava and carrying two meat cleavers has been arrested after roaming the streets near a private school in Glasgow.

Parents taking their children to St Aloysius’ College were told to stay inside while police pursued the man.

Janitors from the school are understood to have chased the man down the street and helped catch him.

There were reports the man threatened a lollipop man and tried to attack a caretaker at the nearby Glasgow School of Art that was badly damaged by a fire two years ago.

Parent Michael Brett told STV News he and his two children were ‘ushered into the school’ by concerned teachers.

He said: ‘He was roaming the streets. Some of the parents taking their kids to the same school as my kids saw what was happening and alerted the police and the school.

‘When I got there with my two kids everyone was ushered inside and there were quite a lot of worried-looking teachers.’…

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Scotland: Mohammed Bhutta in Court on Glasgow Machete Charge

A man has appeared in court charged with brandishing machetes near a school and throwing one at another man.

Mohammed Bhutta, 27, is alleged to have assaulted Elliot Roberts on Hill Street, Glasgow, near St Aloysius College.

Other charges include presenting a machete at Mr Roberts, possession of two machetes and resisting arrest.

Mr Bhutta appeared in private at Glasgow Sheriff Court and made no plea or declaration.

He was remanded in custody and is expected to appear again next week for a full committal hearing.

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UK Teachers Report 4 Year Old Boy to the Terrorism Police for Drawing a Cucumber

The unintended but entirely predictable consequences from the UK’s disastrous Counter-Terrorism and Security Act keep on a-coming. You will recall that this handy piece of legislation tasked teachers with weeding out possible future-terrorists amongst the young folks they are supposed to be teaching. This has devolved instead into teachers reporting children, usually children that would be peripherally identified as Muslim children, to the authorities for what aren’t so much as transgressions as they are kids being kids. It has even turned some teachers into literal grammar police, because the universe is not without a sense of humor.

And now we learn that these part-teacher-part-security-agents may be incorporating art criticism into their repertoire, having reported a young Muslim boy of four years old to the authorities because of his inability to properly illustrate a cucumber.

[Comment: Until police start charging these teachers with filing a false police report this won’t stop. Don’t these “teachers” have any common sense any more? The four year old child mispronounces cucumber…]

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UK: Now Students Have to be Shown How to Use the Toilets

Top university puts up bizarre warning signs in campus loos after complaints about ‘awful’ mess

Their students may be among some of the brightest in the country.

But that hasn’t stopped the University of Sheffield from telling their scholars how to use the toilet.

For, the Russell Group institution has been placing illustrated cards in campus loos after cleaners complained about the mess.

The signs explain basic toilet techniques, such as: ‘Do not put toilet paper on the floor’ and ‘put toilet paper in the toilet bowl and flush.’

Some also demonstrate the rules through graphics.

One card, shows students how to sit on the toilet and urges them not to stand on the seat as it reads: ‘Please leave this toilet as you wish to find it. No standing on seats.’…

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Algerian Army Kills Six Terrorists on Border With Tunisia

Big anti-terrorist operation in El Oued region

(ANSAmed) — TUNIS, MARCH 21 — The Algerian armed forces have launched a large-scale anti-terrorist operation in the border region with Tunisia, the Algerian defence ministry said Monday.

Six presumed jihadists were killed in armed clashes with the army and the operation still is under way, the ministry said.

The security forces seized five kalashnikovs, three machine guns, two 4X4 vehicles and a large quanity of ammunition of various calibres.

It was the second such operation in less than a week in the el Oued region of Eastern Algeria where smugglers and terrorists frequently cross the borders to and from Tunisia

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Istanbul Bomber Said to Have Tailed Israelis From Hotel

The suspected Islamic State bomber who killed three Israelis in Saturday’s bombing in Istanbul followed the tour group from their hotel to the restaurant, and waited outside for them before detonating his explosives, reports said Monday.

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Italian Detained in Istanbul for ‘PKK Propaganda’

Woman being held at centre in view of expulsion

(ANSA) — Istanbul, March 21 — A Italian woman was detained on Saturday by Turkish police in an Istanbul Internet café for allegedly publishing propaganda in favour of the Kurdish group the PKK, which Ankara considers a terrorist organization, consulate sources said Monday. The woman, Giovanna Lanzavecchia, a 24-year-old from Milan, is being held at a detention centre for foreigners in Istanbul in view of expulsion, the sources said.

Turkish press sources close to the government said that Lanzavecchia — who arrived in Turkey a few days ago and was staying in a hotel in the Sultanahmet district in the historic centre — is accused, among other things, of publishing photos of armed PKK militants.

Monday is the Kurdish New Year celebration Newroz, for which celebrations are banned in nearly all of Turkey, with the exception of the city of Diyarbakir, the main Kurdish city in the country’s southeast.

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India: Telangana: Hindu Radicals Attack Pentecostals, Wounding a Four-Year-Old Girl

A mob of 40 Hindu extremists stormed a prayer service, seized those present and set fire to their prayer hall. They also tore a clergyman’s cassock and then snatched and trampled copies of the Bible because the temporary prayer hall did not have the “right” permits.

Nizamabad (AsiaNews) — A mob of 40 Hindu radicals attacked and beat members of a Pentecostal community in Gopanpally, Nizamabad (Telangana).

During the attack, they also set fire to temporary Pentecostal prayer hall. Six of the victims were taken to a hospital, including a four-year-old girl with a broken leg.

“This is a serious criminal incident,” Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), told AsiaNews. “The mob of suspected Hindu radicals attacked Christians and burnt their prayer room. The radicals made baseless and fabricated accusations of forced conversions”.

The attack took place last Friday (18 March) when the still unknown criminals stormed the hall, seized those present and then set fire to the place.

According to the local police superintendent, the village council (panchayat) had objected to the hall, claiming that it was not properly built. After this, a mob rushed to the site to stop the prayer.

“It was a very scary scene,” said Rev Nitin Kumar, the Pentecostal minister. “They tore my cassock and I received blows, punches, and kicks from all directions as I was their prime target. Bibles were snatched from us, then torn and trampled. Believers ran in all directions chased by the mob”.

What happened in Telangana is just the latest in a long series of acts of violence perpetrated by Hindu extremists against Christians.

Recently, 15 men — probably from the Bajrang Dal, the militant youth wing of the Hindu ultranationalist Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) — attacked another Pentecostal church in Chhattisgarh.

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America a Nation of Immigrants: Not Really

Up until 1965, 95 percent of Americans became Americans by being born within the United States. Yet, political propaganda tells us that we are a “nation of immigrants.”

In this ongoing series of interviews with former U.S. Army officer, 1st Calvary, George Phelps, he takes a different approach to our nation.

“I’ve been hearing for years that we are “A Nation of Immigrants,” said Phelps. “Not true: it’s propaganda. I decided to research that well-known phrase to see just where that came from. I looked through our Constitution at great length, and I couldn’t find anything there about us being “A Nation of Immigrants.”

“Of course, the Statue of Liberty has a phrase on it that says “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless; tempest-tossed to me I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” However the statue of liberty’s declaration is NOT the law of our land. It’s a philosophical phrase only. And, officials tacked it to the base years after the construction of the statue.

“Here’s what I discovered about the origin of the phrase, A Nation of Immigrants. It first appeared as the title of a book written by John F. Kennedy — -”A Nation of Immigrants.” This was a propaganda book pushing his legislation to end the ‘quota system.’ It was written in 1958 to promote Senator Kennedy’s changes to the immigration system. Later it became a ‘campaign tool’ to pass an Act known as the Hart-Cellar Act. This act was the beginning of the immigration dilemma we’re dealing with today. According to my ‘research’ the ‘phrase’ is political, primarily designed to help pass certain pieces of immigration legislation. A re-issuance of JFKs book, by Ted Kennedy, was a part of the legislation intended to ‘erode’ our borders.

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Despite EU-Turkey Deal, 1,600 Migrants Land in Greece

More than 1,600 migrants have landed in Greece since a landmark EU-Turkish deal on curbing the influx took effect, officials said Monday, highlighting the challenges still facing efforts to tackle the crisis.

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Erdogan Against EU, Only Closed Doors From You

No migrants at Idomeni to be returned to Turkey-EU, sources

ISTANBUL “If we were to follow the EU’s example we would close our border to refugees” said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, quoted by state Anadolu newsagency, accusing western allies of not accepting his proposal for a no-fly zone in Syria to shield refugees. “The same people who did not accept a no-fly zone and a zone free of terror in Syria are now wailing about the plight of refugees, they are hypocrites”.

None of the migrants marooned at the Greek town of Idomeni will be sent back to Turkey, European Commission sources said Monday. Migrants having right to asylum who already are in Greece will qualify for the relocation plan. Economic migrants, since the 14 days foreseen for expulsion under the bilateral Greek-Turkey accord already have expired, will have to stay in Greece with the prospect of returning to their countries of origin when and where there will be bilateral accords, the sources said.

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Fury and the AfD: Inside the Revolt Against Angela Merkel

The success of the right-wing populist party AfD in recent state elections has shaken Germany. It is the expression of growing hatred of the elite among an expanding share of the population. Much of their anger is directed at Angela Merkel. By SPIEGEL Staff

Why do people vote for Alternative for Germany (AfD), the right-wing, anti-immigration party that has stormed onto the German political stage? It’s an appropriate question for Harald Schäfer, the operator of a hotel in Mannheim who grew up in a Catholic family and studied economics. Schäfer is the kind of person one refers to as upright; he used to count among his city’s dignitaries. From the moment he could vote, Schäfer always cast his ballot for the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), which in recent years meant that he was a supporter of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

But a week ago Sunday, in the state parliament election in his home state of Baden-Württemberg — one of a trio of important state votes that took place last weekend — Schäfer did not choose the CDU. Rather, he opted for the people who shout “Merkel must go!” and “our leaders are lying to us!” on the market squares. He chose the party whose leaders have spoken of the need to shoot at refugees to stop them from crossing the border into Germany. He opted for those who reflect on whether Africans have genetically pre-programmed reproductive behaviors that are different from ours; for those who have suggested that the chancellor flee to Chile before public anger drives her out of the Chancellery.

Schäfer doesn’t want refugees to be shot at. Indeed, he disagrees with most of what the AfD espouses. Helping others is important to him, he says, and he goes to church every Sunday. He has even sent out a chain mail calling for solidarity with the people in Syria.

So what happened?

“It’s not witchcraft,” Schäfer says. “I realized that the CDU has increasingly moved toward the leftist mainstream.”

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Latest George Soros, Race Wars and the End Game

Does anyone believe that the people destroying America would give up their power peacefully? Quote from a pro-Trump video…

America should soon have 2 million gang members in the US, the majority of whom are foreign born. The US government does not have a program to deport illegal aliens who are members of violent drug gangs. In fact the US government routinely releases criminals including rapists onto the streets. We know this is true because a recent article said 124 of these men had killed American citizens after their release.

Of course anyone who opposes this destruction of America is denounced as a racist. I have seen videos of Trump supporters being threatened by illegal aliens.

Blacks have noticed that they are being killed for sport by illegal aliens. Some time ago there was a video circulating with Donald Trump and 7 parents of children who had been murdered by illegal aliens. One of the parents was Jewish. The rest were either black or whites married to non-whites who did not have white children. So it is now racist in Obama’s America for Jews, Hispanics and blacks to talk about their children who were killed by illegal aliens?

Under Amnesty Obama has been allowing illegal immigrants into America who are known to be professional criminals, gang members and even confessed murderers. There are now 55 million Hispanics in America and 45 million blacks. 3.8 million of US blacks are immigrants.

Recently, I quoted Catherine Austin Fitts, the former Managing Partner at Dillon Read Investment Bank who said Wall Street stole $40 trillion from us and will steal tens of trillions more. She said she thinks the world economy will collapse under the burdens of Greed and Incompetence.

The people who systematically destroyed America have decided that multiple Race Wars are the best exit strategy for them. If Americans are killing each other, then they cannot come together to demand the arrest of the Bankers and the seizure of the assets stolen from them. I do disagree with Catherine. I think that a lot more than $40 trillion was stolen from the taxpayers…

There is an alternative Exit Strategy. We arrest the Bankers, seize their assets and use the money they stole from us to fund Debt Cancellation.

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Mexico Pushing Citizenship Inside U.S.

(Bloomberg) — Mexico is mounting an unprecedented effort to turn its permanent residents in the U.S. into citizens, a status that would enable them to vote — presumably against Donald Trump.

Officially, Mexico says it respects U.S. sovereignty and has no strategy to influence the result of the presidential race. Yet Mexican diplomats are mobilizing for the first time to assist immigrants in gaining U.S. citizenship, hosting free workshops on naturalization.

[Comment: According to Mexican Law, if your parents are Mexcian citizens and you are born outside the country, you are a Mexican citizen. Period. ]

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Rama: We Will Not Open Albania Borders

Premier: ‘We will assume our part of responsibility’

(ANSA) — TIRANA, 19 MAR — Albania’s prime minister Edi Rama reiterated on Friday that the country will not open borders to a refugee influx, Ata agency reported.

“Albania is ready to assume its part of responsibility in relation to the refugee problem but we cannot find ourselves entrapped by opening borders”, Rama said. He described the management of the crisis in the Balkans as “a sad spectacle”.

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Record 2 Million People Moved to Germany in 2015

In 2015 almost 2 million foreigners came to Germany, making it the year with the highest levels of inward migration in the history of the Federal Republic.

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Sweden: ‘True Vulnerability is to Flee if You Don’t Know You’ll Survive’

A speech by Sweden’s former prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, has gone viral after he suggested cushy Swedes should stop complaining about immigration.

Reinfeldt, 50, who also served as president of the European Council in 2006, was last week hired by Bank of America Merrill Lynch as senior adviser in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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7 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/21/2016

  1. “The Council of Europe, Europe’s top human rights institution, has urged its members to adopt specific guidelines to curb hate speech and to support those targeted by it.”

    Unfortunately this statement will not apply to mosques, immams or islam.

  2. On the other hand, there is the possible idea that there is no such thing as “hate speech” and it is all just free speech, which everyone in this country (USA) has an inherent right to participate in. I am free to hate anyone I want to hate. I am also free to say anything I want to say, as long as I refrain from obscenity (at least in the local paper).

    There is something seriously wrong with Europe and it becomes increasingly visible from day to day. I’m not claiming we have no problems in USA, just saying that Europe is once again a very sick thing. I wonder when they will wake up? Maybe today, after that horrendous attack that took place? I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Russia and China don’t even exist in your distorted narcissistic world.
    Should a solipsist expect empathy from the universe?
    J’suis pas Bruxelles, moi. Not this time, certainly.

      • We here don’t tend to think in your fascistic terms of worse/better, but since you mention it… Yes, perhaps we are better, or at least more important. First, we’re simply bigger. Then again, we are independent and strong, not colonized by the psychopaths from beyond the lake, and our foreign ministers never cry in public. For centuries we tried to talk sense to the European enfant terrible who in turn attempted to intimidate or charm us into obedience and acted unreasonable in every way. For hundreds of years we hoped you would remember our bonds of brotherhood and start acting like a family. You chose yourselves a new set of values and some new next-of-kin. This is your choice, and we respect it. Now you’re on your own, guys. We are watching, patiently and with great interest.

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