From Journalism to Jihad in One Easy Lesson

A few days after last week’s terror attacks in Brussels it emerged that one of the three suspects caught on camera at the airport — “the man in the white coat” or “the man in the hat” — was named Fayçal Cheffou. Unlike his companions, who detonated their devices and died in the blast, Mr. Cheffou fled the scene and was arrested later.

Fayçal Cheffou is said to be a former freelance journalist who became a mujahid. However, as far as anyone can tell, his sole journalistic contribution is the video report below from 2014, in which he laments the cruel, sadistic treatment of Muslim inmates at an immigrant detention center during the month of their Ramadan fast.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a report from The Independent describing Mr. Cheffou’s part in last Tuesday’s massacre and his previous career, such as it was:

Faycal Cheffou: Who is the ‘freelance journalist’ charged with terrorist murders after Isis Brussels attacks?

A man who once claimed to be a freelance journalist has been charged with “terrorist murders” following the Brussels attacks.

There is growing speculation that Fayçal Cheffou could be the fugitive “man in the hat” seen with the two airport bombers on CCTV but prosecutors have not confirmed his exact role.

A statement on Saturday said that he had been charged with “participation in the activities of a terrorist group, terrorist murders and attempted terrorist murders” in connection with the explosions at Brussels Airport and Maelbeek Metro station.

Belgian media report that Mr Cheffou is the man pictured wearing a distinctive white coat and hat alongside suicide bombers Najim Laachraoui and Brahim el-Bakraoui in the departures terminal on Tuesday morning.

The suspected Isis militants died when they detonated the suitcase bombs they were wheeling on luggage trolleys but the third and most powerful device, believed to be the third man’s, was found unexploded after he fled the scene.

Little over an hour later, Khalid el-Bakraoui blew himself up at Maelbeek Metro station.

A taxi driver who drove the trio to the airport identified Cheffou as one of his passengers from photographs, Belgian newspaper Le Soir reported, but prosecutors have not confirmed the claim.

Cheffou was arrested near the federal prosecutor’s office in Brussels on Thursday evening alongside a man and woman who have since been released.

Their relationship and the reason for their presence in the area was unclear.

A search conducted at Cheffou’s home found no weapons or explosives, according to the federal prosecutor’s office.

Little appears to be known about the man, who has no Facebook profile under his name and despite apparently claiming to be a “freelance journalist”, is known for only one report.

In a video uploaded to YouTube two years ago, Cheffou reports from outside an immigration detention centre in the Belgian province of Steenokkerzeel.

With shouting and banging clearly audible from the building in the background, he claims the migrants and asylum seekers are protesting inside because they have not been fed.

Video transcript:

00:04   Repression in detention centre 127bis. Humans deprived of food 15.7.2014
00:08   We are in front of the centre. If you hear the detainees in revolt, it’s because
00:12   they have been mistreated throughout the evening, we hear.
00:16   We are in communication with certain persons who are in the centre,
00:20   and we will try to find out more.
00:24   (not clear)
00:49   Hello, yes.
00:53   Hello, Faycal Cheffou speaking, I am a journalist. I’m here to find out
00:57   a little more. You must contact
01:01   tomorrow… ehh… someone in Brussels.
01:05   Well okay, I will, but now, I want to know what is happening now.
01:13   It is better to come tomorrow. Yes but you can’t
01:17   tell us what is happening? No, no, I cannot.
01:21   I’m sorry. OK, you don’t have a spokesman?
01:25   Good evening. We are in front
01:29   of the centre 127bis in Steenokkerzeel. The cries you hear behind me
01:34   are cries of the detainees who are dissatisfied because
01:38   they are forgotten and they have been refused food. The majority of these people
01:42   are fasting, it’s the month of Ramadan.
01:46   They are fasting and the prison’s policy is to serve
01:50   three meals per day, and after 7pm this stops.
01:54   These people only eat starting at 10pm, so they
01:58   find themselves without food, completely forgotten by the rest of the world.
02:02   I am in front of the prison, and there is nobody, except
02:06   me and my camera man. We are all alone,
02:11   while there is no politician, no media, nobody.
02:15   So the cries of these people —
02:19   it’s only a field that can hear these cries. I find this
02:23   totally disrespectful of human rights,
02:27   and the information we have received is that two people were transported to the hospital.
02:31   One or two people are in
02:35   a dungeon, simply because they have protested and asked that they be fed.
02:39   I am perturbed by the noise and the cries I hear behind me,
02:43   because it’s a call for help to the world, but it seems that one forgets
02:47   them completely. We just had elections
02:51   where the politicians promised us many things, but we cannot find even one
02:55   today. I call upon all human beings
02:59   who wish to defend human dignity of every
03:04   human being. These people are illegal residents in Belgium,
03:08   and are completely forgotten because their only crime
03:12   is to be without documents.
03:16   It’s really…what will we try to do…? We will try
03:20   to make contact with a person who is inside. What I can tell you
03:24   is that there is repression inside. The prison management refuses
03:28   to communicate, refuses any element.
03:32   so I will be back in some minutes trying to find out more.
03:36   Can you explain what is happening inside?
03:40   (unclear)
03:44   (broken French) …no giving meals to people…
03:48   (unclear)
03:52   …no eating… (unclear)
03:56   So if I have understood correctly, the prison
04:01   refuses to give you food while you are fasting.
04:05   (unclear broken French)
04:09   (unclear)
04:13   …not eating…
04:29   OK
04:33   We have filmed everything.
04:37   we have filmed everything you said; we filmed your cries.
04:49   Good, what we will try to do
04:53   is to alert a maximum number of people
04:58   to your situation. This video, insh’allah, will be on the internet tomorrow.
05:02   What message can you give us? And there I will ask for a little silence from everyone
05:06   so that we can hear your message. What do you want to say
05:10   to the people who listen to you? OK understood.
05:14   (unclear)
05:18   (note by translator: the rest of the message is unclear)

18 thoughts on “From Journalism to Jihad in One Easy Lesson

  1. I’m struck by an unusual possible parallel. During WW2 in the Pacific, fanatical Japanese holdouts were very difficult to capture alive. Often they had a hidden grenade, etc., to spare themselves the dishonor of capture. BUT, once they were captured, for any number of reasons, they often did a psychological “flip” and became not only model POWs, but often, collaborators with the Allied effort, even serving as combat translators, coaxing other holdouts from caves and so on.

    The thinking after WW2 was that these men were “dead” in their own minds, at least as far as Japan was concerned. They could never return, having been disgraced by capture. So….if you are dead to your own country, but you find yourself unexpectedly alive, what the heck? A new dawn beckons, a new and unexpected life awaits.

    I wonder if our head shed has explored this dynamic with the surviving suicide bombers, or even the returned ISIS fighters? Have any “flipped?” Recognizing that they are worse than worthless pieces of human debris, they might be useful while they are in this “gift of a new life” phase, and are highly open to clever interrogation tactics.

    • I think the prohibition on surrender and shame on being captured was peculiar to the Japanese. Further, despite the atrocities, following the surrender at the end of WWII, Japan has demonstrated itself to be a model world citizen, and Japanese people likewise. With Japan, the world had to deal with intensified militarism of a civilized people, not with wild desert tribes.

      • Those post-WW2 Japanese holdouts had more honor in the nail on their left little toe than the entire Ummah.

  2. Uh, it’s the Belgian town of Steenokkerzeel, there’s no such province.

    But that’s beside the point, of course.

    Thank you for doing this very good post and beating me to it.

    Meanwhile… it’s clear that the presence of muslims on our soil represents nothing but a financial haemorrhaging of biblical proportions.

    Not only do they consume an overwhelming percentage of welfare, but the financial implications of our security services, police and army being constantly on the lookout, the implementation of Jambon’s “Channel Plan” costing 400 million EUR, sheltering tens of thousands of “refugees” PLUS the lost turnover for thousands of companies, hotels, factories, the delays on our highways, the annulled bookings in hotels the world over (Bruges alone minus 50 per cent)… are unfathomable.

    LUCKY countries like Poland (0.1 per cent muslims) or Japan (even less).

    It has now emerged that the Chief of Religious Police in Raqqa is none less than Hicham Chaib, former lieutenant to Fouad Belkacem of Sharia4Belgium.

    He was one of 11 (ELEVEN) children in a Moroccan family in Antwerp.

    ERGO… with eleven children, I assure you that neither father nor mother had to work, they will have drawn a royal, I mean ROYAL, stipend in child allowances.

    It makes me sick, sick, sick, it makes we want to puke and stop this madness.

    What are we autochtons working for day and night??? We are financing our own destruction!!!

    • In this particular case you take his wife and 11 children and deport them to the nation state where the gentleman in question is fighting against the internationally recognized government.

      So put them on the plane to Damascus care of Assad – and all the extended family as well – dozens of them.

      Rinse and repeat vigorously and the ISIS rat line will vanish along with many other problems you face.

      • One thing you can be sure of is that such a firm, common sense proposal to punish deadly enemies will be dismissed out of hand by the responsible treasonous official. Europe cannot even close a border with Turkey that is a mere 175 miles long.

        It’s a great shame that Dr. Sanity has ceased to write for her blog. Surely such mass lunacy and feebleness has some explanation to the trained mind.

        I believe there is a fatal human weakness in the brain. Like a toy rocket that is placed on the ground horizontally, it will careen forcefully, spectacularly, and unpredictably once the spark of an idea is touched to the fuse. Once the idea catches fire, it does not matter whether it is a ridiculous or an evil idea, only the complete exhaustion of the idea carried to the very limit of the resources of the adherent will stop the flame. It must flame out.

        E.g., Adamites (primal innocence), Diggers (communism), Pilgrims in Massachusetts (socialism), Shakers (celibacy), Khmer Rouge (Western influence), Cuba/USSR/PRC (classless society, socialism, totalitarianism), globalists (open borders, diversity), American blacks (racism, revenge), progressives (elite competence, understanding, and moral superiority), Islam (scientific obscurantism and female/infidel inferiority), and leftists (abandonment of fundamental rights, contempt for law, expediency, violence).

        With healthy people, family, friends, employers, media, law, political or religious leaders, weather, economic necessity, or other aspects of reality moderate the burn or direct the trajectory but if outside influences dwindle in number or influence, the burn (idea) can be destructive and unguided.

        What is different now is the scale of the delusion. And it is a mystery why moderating influences ceased to operate. In the limited instance of chalk markings of “Trump 2016” at Emory University, students went instantly to a pathetic hysteria and adult authorities provided NO moderating counterforce whatsoever. To the contrary, they exacerbated the hysteria. A microcosm of Germany, France, Sweden, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, or Norway.

  3. The Danes may have gotten a substantial reduction in these migrants by reducing their benefits. I have not really understood why other countries have not emulated them.

    In addition, it would be reasonable to give no additional benefits to any parent having a second child which they cannot support. Call me heartless if you like but I think I am being liberal. One childbirth should be enough to enable a person to figure out what causes it.

    • Permanent welfare should be abolished for everyone save the elderly, terminally ill, and those so disabled they are unable to function independently at a job. All people in those categories would need to be native or legally settled citizens of a nation to be eligible.

      Permanent welfare does nothing but make people soft, dependent, and ungrateful.

        • Your question is excellent. It is because of precisely these homegrown non migrant unfortunates that my semi severity on this matter is as much bark as bite. For the recipients who were here before the migrants a change would have to be gradual. I believe that you understand the state of our economy. It seems to me that a serious bark with a mind for a little humanity is what we need on this.

    • The same happens in the USA some states have generous benefits others bare subsistence , unemployment subsidy, and disability plans, folks migrate there just to hop on the gravy train, cut the funds and the horde will subside.

  4. As for the psychological flip, I do remember reading something about that in an ordinary news source which I do not think should have been available to the public. Khalid Sheik Mohammed was said to have been resistant to waterboarding to an extent that he was willing to take credit for and after that became very cooperative.

    This might not exactly address your comment but it may partially confirm it.

    We now call this torture, forbid it, and more often kill suspects by drone than capture or question them.

  5. I could only watch about half of this nonsense, before I start feeling total disgust for this (Ok, I’m lying, I hated him before I started watching the video). Notice how his reporting mimics that of the political left. Coincidence? I don’t think so, it’s all the same strategy.

  6. why not make them sandwiches of material that will hold for 3 or more hours, deliver at 7 and they can eat them when they like. I see no reason to bow down to the prisoners, and this compromise could work. If not, it’s their own fault if they’re hungry.

  7. The UK Press, The Independent report that he has been released for LACK OF EVIDENCE.

    Apparently the cab driver was “mistaken” when IDing him.

    Some folks commented HE MUST BE CIA or MI6.

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