Forget the Garden Gnomes — Look for Counterjihad Ornaments on This Lawn in Peoria

Only in the USA — the homeowner in the video below would have been arrested for “inciting hate” in any Western European country, and possibly in Canada and Australia, too. But we haven’t gone quite that far down the tubes here. Not yet.

The fellow who made these cutouts understands the nature of Islam exactly. Yet somehow the talking heads on TV and the politicians in Congress and the statehouses, despite their expensive educations, can’t manage to get a clue.

By the way — the imam interviewed for this news clip was dissembling: that turban does not look like a Sikh turban. Despite its not having a visible “tail”, it’s not wrapped the way the Sikhs wrap their turbans.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

7 thoughts on “Forget the Garden Gnomes — Look for Counterjihad Ornaments on This Lawn in Peoria

  1. As I have stated before IMHO “it is not Islamophobia, but Islamophilia where the Muslims are always portrayed as victims”.

  2. This IMHO, is not hate speech, as he didn’t call for any violent activity to be taken. Just described his personal view of the Qu’ran-be that correct or not. The speeker in should have presented some statistics on the number of violent verses and quoted a few.

    There is documented hatred against atheists and GLBT people in many countries. And this is official policy

    The Imam deliberately threw in that portion about the Sikhs to make the guy look stupid. ‘He’s not only bigoted by misplaced in his racism’, sort of thing.

    This is the kind of responce I knew the Imam would use.

  3. This so called imam is another shifty Muslim mocker terrorist from the Islamic sewer lying and talking down to the locals and media. Any Muslim in any neighborhood is a very real and present danger. Surely the Western European experience would be a warning for elsewhere?

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