Filip Dewinter on Islam: A Culture Where Women Are Second-Rate Citizens

In the following speech, Filip Dewinter of the Flemish separatist party Vlaams Belang questions Deputy Belgian Prime Minister Jan Jambon about the massive assaults by large groups of refugees in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. The speech was given on January 11, 2016, just after the news of the Groping Jihad in Cologne first appeared in the media.

Many thanks to H. Numan for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:01   Chairman, Mr. Minister, I’m embarrassed as a men to ask this question.
00:10   But I do that as a man, as I am aware that this doesn’t have to do a lot in the relations between men and women,
00:16   but much more with the attitude, the values, the way people interact,
00:24   in a culture such as ours and in another culture, notably Islam.
00:31   What we experience today in a number of German cities where women
00:38   are attacked by groups of men, groped or worse.
00:45   That is a problem of the multicultural society.
00:49   Multiculturalism stands, for the last couple of months or even years, for multi-conflict.
00:56   For multi-problems. For multi-criminal.
01:01   I know, it’s about refugees, about migrants, about illegals.
01:07   Young testosterone-bombs they are called. But it’s much more about people
01:15   who didn’t adapt their behavior and manners to our values concerning women.
01:24   To the respect one should have for women and everything related to that.
01:34   No matter how, we cannot be politically correct about that:
01:39   Islam is a women-unfriendly culture, where women are utilitarian objects, also sexually.
01:49   Subjected to the wishes of men. My question to you is an easy one. What do you do about it?
01:56   An etiquette course in asylum centers, as Mr. Franken plans, won’t do much.
02:04   A few lessons, a few pages of paper, this won’t change generations-old cultural behavior,
02:11   of a religion, or a society.
02:15   And, when they commit these kinds of crimes, moving them
02:19   from an open to a closed refugee center won’t help, either.
02:24   What really should be done is to make these kinds of people understand they don’t belong here.
02:28   That means they have to return to their own countries.
02:33   And you point out to the responsible culture that we will never accept that women are chattel.
02:44   That women can be discriminated against on whatever grounds, specifically sexually.
02:48   And that we will never accept their values.
02:54   Chairman, colleagues, as was expected: a lot of verbose and empty words!
03:01   For the umpteenth time big hollow words!
03:07   You say we have to address the problems, but nobody does it.
03:11   You lapse into generalities, without saying what it’s really about.
03:15   Cologne is about groups of refugees who fled to us from Islamic countries
03:21   that have an anti-women culture.
03:25   A culture, Islam; to be crystal clear — which nobody here dares to do,
03:30   not even the minister — where women are second rate citizens.
03:34   Where women are chattel for sex. Where women can be discriminated against, Mrs. Almachi.
03:40   It’s written in the Koran. It’s written in sharia law. That’s the reality.
03:44   As long as you don’t address this, Mr. Minister, nothing will change.
03:48   And if you’re not willing to do something about this, for that is what is going on in Cologne,
03:54   Hamburg, and other cities, at least give women the means to defend themselves.
04:01   I’m handing you a canister of mace. In other European countries
04:06   these weapons which don’t have any lasting legal effects.
04:13   If the government is not capable of protecting women against
04:18   these kinds of men, at least give women the possibility of doing it themselves!

16 thoughts on “Filip Dewinter on Islam: A Culture Where Women Are Second-Rate Citizens

  1. “My question to you is? What do you do about it?”

    Chirp chirp chirp chirp.

    Oh no, wait. Integration Minister (God knows you country is scr*wed when you need an integration minister) Theo Francken organized courses. A 16-year old fella who followed just such a course raped an employee of a caterer a couple of weeks back.

    FYI… since yesterday Filip Dewinter receives police protection 24/24. NOT because he asked for it. No, he was himself unaware of something specific coming. Police acted on “very credible classified intel”. Just last year, on a taliban website, Dewinter was specifically mentioned for holding up a koran copy in this very same parliament about one year ago and telling our moral betters that the koran includes a “licence to kill”.

    Maybe it’s got something to do with that.

    Filip Dewinter, the West’s most unsung hero, Belgium’s most vilified politician.

  2. Feminism won’t save Europe. If women had remained subordinate to European men, non-Europeans would not be assaulting them today. Subordination is compatible with dignity. Women, of course, are fully human, and lots of them are very smart as well as cute. But note that Europeans don’t assault their dogs, or each other’s dogs.

    • WWI, WWII – plenty of attacks on women. Besides, statistically women have a higher average IQ, so it makes sense for women to have the same career opportunities. Otherwise it’s a big waste of brainpower. Men are more represented at the extreme IQ ends: more geniuses, more idiots.

      This problem wasn’t caused by equal rights before the law but by bleeding-heart multiculti believers.

      • Yes I absolutely agree with you. The sooner men are required by law to have periods and give birth to babies, the better it will be for the entire female race. Bring that up group discussion your local Community Center – errr Mosque.

        • Check what Robert Spencer understands by equal rights before the law. Perhaps you’d respect his thinking.

      • Guest: you explained comment of mr. garr blaming feminism allowing Europe to be invaded, plain and simple. Mr Garr doesn’t see that multiculturalism, neo marxist leaders, and gov. education have accomplished their agenda to destroy Europe completely as a long term globalist agenda world wide. European men need to be real men and take responsibility for their families future by standing up for their culture and future, and quit blaming women for being liberated and having jobs. The twenty first century has no room for wimpy sissified men.

        • Well which will it be? The seventh century has no place for kinky manly women and out of work heterosexuals. Sissified or otherwise. Get real before real gets you – and a lot of innocent bystanders.

        • Agreed Laura: equality before the law doesn’t mean that men need to be weak or wimpy. Of course a man should use his strength to protect family and community. Just as a woman uses her ability to have children. Garr doesn’t seem to understand that this doesn’t mean women should be ‘subordinate’.

          Garr: if less strength means one should be subordinate, are you subordinate to every man (or woman) who is stronger than you?

    • If women had remained subordinate, etc… (male) Europeans would be assaulting them today. In marriages; as masters upon servants; legalised (or excused) rape. Not on the same scale as in other cultures, notably (but not only) Islam. Not excused by religious texts. I’m not saying we shouldn’t condemn and try to prevent such behaviour, of course-

      Actually Garr, on rereading your post, I shouldn’t even be bothering making my point; your attitude to women is [insulting phrasing redacted].

      • Thank you Mark. You’re a real man and not scared of women with equal rights, because presumably you know you can hold your own in fair competition/cooperation in workplace and society.

    • Feminism won’t save Europe is for sure. The so called feminist movement has been very successful in destroying and continues to be a gift from Allah for the Christian and female hating Muslims. Nary a feminist protesting Islam. How bizarre.

  3. Another sensible but frustrated politician trying his best, however the two lumpen creatures seated at the desk (one with the his arms folded in the classic “angry gorilla pose) couldn’t have looked any more bored or more disinterested if they tried!
    This is the problem with western politics at the moment, all the while politicians and their families remain directly unaffected by the migrant crisis, the general working class people are having their daily lives wrecked by the third world invasion. The same can be said of the equally crass celebs, with their pontifications on the subject, who need to be given a wake up call too. I would just love to see mutti Merkel experience the reality of normal, ordinary German women’s lives for a week or two!

  4. This problem can easily be solved by copying the French especially example. Keep no rape or other statistics relative to the Muslim low IQ invasion. What the peasants don’t know can’t hurt them. Millions and millions of Muslim werewolves awandering London. This time it’s no movie. Welcome to the seventh century.

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