Ezra Levant: The Suicidal Madness of Modern Multicultural Sweden

The video below is Ezra Levant’s second report on his weeklong visit to Scandinavia and Germany. The location shots and interviews in this program were all recorded in Rosengård, the infamous culturally-enriched neighborhood of the southern Swedish city of Malmö. As Mr. Levant points out, Rosengård doesn’t actually have any “diversity”, since it is now 90% Muslim.

A series of Malmö residents are interviewed for this piece — a “nice” Somali, a mixed-breed Muslim born in Sweden who would like to see sharia as the law of the land, an Albanian drug-dealer, etc. And then Mr. Levant talks to a native Swedish woman who personifies the denial, stupidity, and madness of Modern Multicultural Sweden:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

43 thoughts on “Ezra Levant: The Suicidal Madness of Modern Multicultural Sweden

  1. Not going to Oslo, now I find that strange. Not as though Norway doesn’t also have the migrant trash, or the associated problems.

    We miss The Sun TV badly, still it’s nice we have The Rebel! But sad Ezra is being victimized once again by the Alberta Law Society.

  2. Hello fom Sweden! This video shows the horrible truth about my country, Malmö is no longer a swedish city but a third world sewer riddled with violent crime, prostitution, filth and decay and people like the swedish women in the video are the root of of evil in this country, we swedes have been brainwashed to be self loathing creatures, two years ago when I got married a female employe of the city hall who was a former school mate of mine asked me “¿why are you marrying a swedish man?” as if I was comiting a monstrous deadly sin! Most people in Sweden are mentally rotten.

    • That is most interesting – the degree to which individual Swedes internalize the insane ideas of the elite. I marvel at how voters all through Europe fail to vote for patriotic parties but instead vote reliably for their oppressors (e.g., idiots like Mona Sahlin).

      I saw a documentary about Sweden a few years ago. If I remember correctly, this Swedish guy interviewed various Swedes and then flew around the world to talk to others. I hope I am not mixing up different films but I remember one particular episode where he interviewed two young men working in an office. He asked them some simple question such as “Are people different?” Whatever the question, it had clear PC implications and it was very amusing to see the men squirm. They clearly wished that they could set their hair on fire rather than answer such a question in plain language. A powerful force was affecting their brains!

      • It seems very odd to me because it’s almost like North Korean brainwashing in a country that’s supposed to be free.

        The more I learn about social cognition the more disturbed I am. I’d be afraid to be a scientist working in that field because I’d be afraid that I was inadvertently improving on brainwashing technology.

    • Hang on in there Hanna. There are signs that people are at last awakening to the ruination of their once proud countries
      By useless political representatives. Indigenous Nordic people are still respected around the globe and our thoughts are with you.

      • Don’t tell Hanna to “hang in there” when there is nothing left to hang on to.
        Sweden is already a failed state but most Swedes won’t realize it until the ugly thruth begins to stare them square in the face.
        Then it will be to late.
        Till then the average Swede preferes to live out his self induced political correct coma.
        My advice to Hanna would be, get out while you still can.

        • Sweden like Germany has been conquered. The apathetic citizens don’t see the light (stuck in stupid). The men stand by and do nothing and will stand by when the killing starts and the women are raped or taken as brides by force.

        • Stay. Sweden like the rest of the Western European multi cultural entities who went wild with lefty refugee murder rapist paedophile mania now are faced with the possibility of waking up to what has real values in life. It ain’t Islam. Things change – sometimes very quickly for the better or worse but change they will. Sweden is still a Christian country. It’s humane when challenged by the dregs of Hell to know that at least you tried before you Cross the line to take care of your own survival and that if your family – and country. I imagine.

    • A Swedish woman here too, what Hanna said is absolutely true, to many swedish people being nordic is a transgression against the rest of the humankind , a crime one must expiate by acts of self-hatred and irrational dislike for our culture and people. Political correctnes and its poisonous derivates like feminism have divided swedish society: swedish women hate – white – men and swedish men fear -white- women; this has resulted in swedish women marrying non european men and swedish men marrying third world women who never heard of feminism.

      • To a certain extend the same thing is going on in the Netherlands.

        Wanna join me in creating a cultural marxist free new Normandië, my dear Alicia and Hanna? 🙂

      • 20 years ago I came across this man who had Swedish (or maybe Norwegian) parents. He was the stereotypical nordic – tall, light blond hair, blue eyes, angular face.
        He had a maori name which I thought odd. Apparently his parents moved here with the intention to adopt a maori child and raise it. Something obviously went wrong with their liberal fantasy because the wife gave birth to a natural son. The lingering self-loathing resulted in him having a maori name rather than a Swedish one or at least a western one.
        What I don’t get about the cultual marxists in places like Sweden is that the classic nordic type is rare, it’s not even the majority in Scandinavia, so the few communities where it’s common are unique in the world. You’d think there would be some semblance of maintaining actual diversity in the world by cherishing these communities instead of regarding them as abhorrent.
        Perhaps the don’t get part is an exaggeration, but I don’t get the mentality of hating your heritage, particularly when it’s a successful one, to the point of wanting to see it destroyed.
        Is it really as simple as being embarrassed about being so much better than other groups that in order to even the playing field you feel you have to handicap yourself or even remove yourself from the field altogether?
        Suicidal altruism seems to be what a lot of this is.

        • It’s insane to think that our culture is better than others, and that’s bad.

          Our culture *is* better than others, and that is A GOOD THING++

          If these people hate *themselves* so much all they need to do is hang themselves from the nearest beam.

          As for me, I intend to live.

          • The ‘left’ has always hated success because their own politico-religious belief system (equality and social justice) is destructive and always spoils ‘success’, which means that they have to aquire the wealth they consider due to themselves by unequal and socially unjust theft and corruption. It is the same with Islam, Allah should bless muslims, and when he does not, and kuffah are successful instead, then it must be at the behest of satan.

      • How do these marriages work out? Do the Swedish women choose men who are prepared to accept equal rights? Or do the Swedish women in these unions submit to sharia-type rules?

        • Muslim abuse of society in general and women in particular with no so called feminist exceptions and the Stockholm syndrome all dovetail nicely. Nice guys come last in war and peace. If our good old animal instincts don’t kick in soon we are all dead or converted halaled meat.

      • Jesus! This is incredibly sad, I lived in Sweden for 10 years (I am Czech) and women there were GORGEOUS! I could not believe my eyes! but what Alicia says is true, one often hear men complaining that swedish women are race traitors and mix with non europeans but swedish men are hardly angels, in fact if anyone takes a walk on a sunny day in a park in Göteborg or Stockholm would see lots of blond men holding hands with latina/asian/african women, this sight is more common than swedish women with non european men, I am shocked everytime I saw this because Swedish women are the pinnacle of human beauty.

        • Andrej-

          With all due respect it sounds like you’ve never been to Norway.

          Swedish women aren’t even in the same league.

      • As, the video points out, men have been complicit in this.

        The biggest problem right now is zero-sum class (gender) warfare which makes this a completely one-sided battle. A society with universal suffrage certainly can’t survive if there is anyone who you are not allowed to criticize.

  3. I didn’t watch all of the video. Are we entering what for many is a lull before a storm of historic proportions. The Muslims are now freer than any Christian will be again for quite some time – if ever. Islam is Islam sex deprived perverts dragged home by moonied drunks. The Muslim screaming victim while waving flags of jehad and bashing flag poles on the heads of retreating cops. Threats of jehad forced conversion and death on taxpayers already paying the jizya. The barracks and the terror directors with bayonets fixed brain wash the unwashed already high on ignorance tribes with hate filled Koran tripe. Millions more true believers in hijab, the burka, the beard ‘be heading’ our way – to-day. Khartoum comes to Europe.

    • So if you didn’t watch the video what are you responding to? It is a very good video, Ezra Levant is one of the last true to journalism. I suggest you go back and watch the video in its entirety and then if you have a comment, by all means, make it. Your opinion matters, but try to stay on point.

      And it’s spelled jihad.

      • Thank you. Gee had I known. I must pay more attention to my spelling when referring to racist Muslim attack speak. Otherwise who will have a clue as to what one is going on and on about?

  4. I have to say I don’t think video journalism is the best way to prove the points Levant was making. It’s a very good way to illustrate them, but not to prove them.

    The reason is that he necessarily chose a very few people for intense scrutiny to make his points: the shiftless, sociopath Albanian Muslim drug dealer, the brainless female liberal who thought the Muslim invaders would be the only ones to empty her bedpan when she is forced into a nursing home; also, the Muslim Somali native Swede who preferred Islamic law to legislative law.

    The Muslims he interviewed are doubtless people that you want out of your country, and the Swedish lady he interviewed is almost too stupid to exist on her own: nevertheless, there is a problem in showing only a few individuals. The viewer is dependent on the integrity of the broadcaster that they don’t cherry pick unrepresentative individuals. A good example of that is the US media searching for actual white racists to illustrate the “problems” of the KKK. Once they find an actual white racist, they can intensely scrutinize that person and generalize him into a serious social problem.

    Levant does emphasize another very critical problem: state supported media, whether by actually public funding as in Canada, or through the indirect support in the US by means of excessive regulation and legal harassment, are pretty much mouthpieces for the propaganda of the parties in power. You will not see an unconventional examination on the major media outlets.

    This is the reason the federal government is always trying to increase the regulation of the internet through tools like the “fairness” doctrine. The more regulation a communications media is under, and the more expensive it is to function, the larger the organization has to be to survive. The mom and pop shops, like the Gates of Vienna, that tell the truth as they see it, and operate on a shoestring, are forced out of operation.

    However, currently different views are available to anyone who is interested, and will be as long as the internet remains free. As a result of this, cultural and national interest groups are coalescing, both intellectually and through organization.

    My own opinion is that both Canada and the US are going to break up in the next 20 or 30 years, into areas that are more culturally and politically homogeneous within themselves. It will be like the split of Europe into the suicidal Western European countries and the nationalistic Eastern European countries.

    • “… culturally and politically homogeneous within themselves”:

      But … but, diversity, multiculturalism, all those wonderful values our pluralistic societies have struggled so heroically to attain over the last several decades – are these great societal achievements just to be tossed aside like worthless detritus?

      More seriously, I actually hope that you’re right – at least about Canada breaking up (I would like to America strong and united, if at all possible). But I’m not that optimistic, personally, that even Canada will split into smaller and more “natural” states, not in the foreseeable future anyway.

  5. That is a sad reflection of what will happen in America if President Obozo is allowed to bring in thousands of Muslim immigrants, possible millions. It sickens when Leftist condemn Trump for wanting to put a temporary ban on Syrian refugees till we can vet them better and claim he hates all Muslims. It’s the slow stealth Jihadist I worry more. I also fear that the globalist will use the terrorist to take away more of our civil liberties. Alex Jones explains on http://www.infowars.com. I we you had a link to post this video on my Facebook

  6. The EU will either descend into civil chaos or Brussels will create a dictatorship forcing co-existence on its native population at the cost of turning the EU into an armed camp. Liberty has already been destroyed by the restrictions on freedom of speech and the imperious banning of demonstrations.

    This is the Roman Empire model where every diverse people can receive citizenship at the cost of the Tyranny of the Oligarchs. But having already invited the barbarians in, it won’t take much for them to destroy all civil society and take over with the help of their rotten friends in the Muslim hell-holes of the world.

    • Bruxelles may find itself out there all by itself. Those plush empty offices being plundered by camelots for sale until the nation states come back and clean the Islamic dial once and for all. No taqiyya.

    • Brussels has already created the dictatorship of eurabia. And mad Merkel, the wicked witch of the west, is their mouthpiece.

  7. The great Robert A Heinlein predicted such an outcome in his novel “Friday” (1982). Hope he was wrong; the world needs a strong America, whatever its flaws.

  8. Ronaldb
    you pose a few interesting questions but I sincerely hope that America is not yet so suicide-prone as Sweden is. Sweden is dead, it just hasn’t been buried yet. Oh, wait. Maybe it won’t be! Maybe it will be Muslim North!

    Too bad there is not a new country for people who are fed up with this [olfactory nuisance]. Oh, I guess there is the moon, please cue Robert Heinlein.

    Argh. It does make me sick that so many western Europe countries seem determined on a death march of suicidal proportions. Why they would do this, I do not really understand, unless it is the idiotic PC of all things today.

    Thank God for Eastern Europe, Viktor Orban and his opposite number in Poland — the Eastern Europeans are not going to the easy pushover the westerners have been. Poor Angela Merkel, she will be hated for generations for what she has done and I really do believe that. The people will wake up sooner or later and then it will begin.

    I do apologoize for the political incorrectitude. But I think Chesterton and Mencken are on my side. And I believe I am on the right side of history — it’s never a good idea to welcome in the hordes and history has proven that, over and over.

    Sorry, preaching to the choir. Again.

    • Let’s not get drunk before the party starts. It’s not Eastern Europe, but the V Group of Hungary, Poland and two other spoonful countries. Romania is a large country there but they are totally at the mercy of Bruxelles, while Bulgaria, to celebrate the liberation of the Balkans from the Ottoman Empire in 1878 by Tzarist and Romanian armies, is inviting Erdogan! Serbia was the first to lose their cleansing war and will try again only with Russian support. The rest, like Macedonia for example, would be wiped out (again) from the map and would have to go back to their sheep, which would keep them safe as food providers for the halal globalists.

  9. That woman he interviews is dumber than a box of rocks.

    “Swedish people are not having babies,” and she laughs.

    Gee, idiot, maybe you can’t build a civilization on the ideas that sex is for fun and children cramp your style.

    And then she tells us that “Swedish people don’t like to clean up after other people,” so they need the Muslims to do those jobs.

    Gee, idiot, maybe a culture of snobs that don’t like labor can’t continue to exist.

    • This is true.

      The Swedes have obviously never dealt with the work ethic of the average North African.

      3 or 4 hours of mild effort is a good day.

      During Ramadan? Forget about it.

  10. They have all bought into the Liberal idea of all we have to do is wish things will be a certain way and that is what will happen. All of this is accepted without proof or thought. Only one cure for this and that is to find out the hard way.

    • Generations hard wired to genuflect at the altar of multiculturalism and it’s spiritual edicts { their new religion } of political correctness at all cost & absolute cultural/social/ideological relativism …….. And these so-called ‘progressives’ will rewrite history { historical revisionism} to match their received narrative . To say or do differently is blasphemous …..

  11. Nice comments here! I’m glad so many people are aware of what is happening here in Sweden, this country is no longer a country but a giant nut house, the atmosphere of political correctness and white guilt is suffocating, a miasma. The list of attrocities going on here is staggering but one of the most satanic antics of the left takes place in swedish schools, I’ve seen in kindergartens boys who are forced to play with dolls in order to “embrace their feminine side”, I’ve seen high school teachers encouraring children to become homosexuals or not fear the homosexual side which according to those psychos everyone have inside.. a kindergarten teacher from Örebro once told me (with much pride) that she didn’t allow white skinned dolls in her classroom because such things make children racist, so only dark skinned dolls were acceptable in the classroom. Children books, even classics have been “sanitized” long time ago in Sweden with preposterous and ridiculous changes , only in Sweden people are stupid enough to think that snow white and the seven dwarfs can turn 4 years old children into bloodthirsty nazis.

  12. After watching this, I was wondering if the Swedish woman, were she to see this, would feel if she was “misrepresented”, or something. It’s what they usually say. But then, I see down in the comments there are not one, but four Swedish ladies who confirm that the country is, in fact, a giant lunatic asylum. Coupled with the responses of the earlier Somalis and Arabs, who say they want Sharia, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world (although unfeasible at the moment), it looks like Sweden is in for a rough ride in the next few decades… what use will be nice scenery, if it becomes the backdrop for beheadings and proclamations of Jihad? (and isn’t the scenery in places like Afghanistan and Iran meant to be spectacular as well?)

    • Btw, I already knew something about Sweden from my uncle, who emigrated there from Eastern Europe a few years ago. One of his sons, before he left for Sweden, described himself on Facebook as “very liberal”, and shortly afterwards posted about receiving lots of awards, going on lots of sponsored trips etc. He was also an activist in some EU organisation, and friends on FB with lots of cultural enrichers. I thought – “that’s it, he’s gone”… but then, something strange happened.

      All of a sudden he started posting on FB things like “close the borders” – and ever more forcefully expressing against mass immigration and cultural enrichment. And now, he’s decided to go back to his homeland – in spite of all the opportunities offered him by the Scandinavian Paradise… my uncle and aunt, btw, also think that Sweden is not all it’s cracked up to be – but since the money’s so much better than back home, they’re staying put. For now, anyway…

  13. Here in Sweden every bad thing that happens or happened in the universse, from the extinction of dinosaurs to the latest outbreak of zika is atributed to the evil white people/white privilege/eurocentrism/nazism etc etc, my advice to my swedish country men move to Latvia, muslims are not welcome there and girls are beautiful and proud of being blonde!

  14. Uhm, no offense to Swedes, but I thought you all (men and women, especially those in politics) wanted the immigrants because you can feel better about yourselves and make money off of ‘social programs’, welfare plantations, and open feel good jobs and expand the bureaucracy for Swedes to babysit the third world. Also, isn’t most of European soccer filled with African players? Not to mention football, basketball etc. How is that feminism’s fault? I am pretty sure it wasn’t women who went to colonize, liberate third world countries and then parade like they are the role models to the poor oppressed POC who then flock to the Whitey countries either for revenge or for social benefits, or combination of both.

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