Ezra Levant Interviews Three Immigrants About the European Migration Crisis

In the penultimate video of a series drawn from his recent trip to Europe, Ezra Levant interviews three immigrants, two in Cologne and one in Sweden. The first one is the Croatian hotel doorman/bouncer Ivan Jurcevic, who hit the news headlines after the New Year’s Eve groping jihad became public knowledge. The second is an immigrant from the Congo who loves Germany and thinks immigrants need to assimilate to German culture. The third is Mona Walter, a Somali immigrant to Sweden who apostatized and converted to Christianity, and as a consequence has taken flak from both Muslims and native Swedes:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

3 thoughts on “Ezra Levant Interviews Three Immigrants About the European Migration Crisis

  1. This is frightening. Because of Merkel and her ilk, islamofascism will take over Europe and possibly the world and we must just stand there and watch otherwise they will invoke the strictures of cultural marxism upon us.

    Lately, I have been reading up on the French Revolution. It should be a lesson to our political elite but as I see it, we will have to force them to learn it.

  2. Amazing, rather than Sweden or Germany promoting such views and publicizing them, they are shunned by the press. Anyone still think something sinister is not happening here?

  3. I won’t place blame for the stupid policies of the German government, or the Swedish government, or any of the other European governments, on the governments themselves, or even the specific individuals representing the governments. I don’t blame Merkel or Hollande or Cameron. I can’t blame them because they don’t deserve blame any more than the people they govern. I won’t blame the corrupt leaders in many of the black African countries or those in the countries made up primarily of Mohammedans. They don’t deserve any more blame than the people they govern. They are really a reflection of the people they govern. Can you imagine a Trump seriously running for the presidency or chancellorship or prime-ministership of those countries? It is not possible. It is inconceivable.

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