Ezra Levant Interviews Six Activists of the European Counterjihad

In his final video report on the situation in Europe, Ezra Levant interviews six Counterjihad activists. Most of these people will be well-known to our readers:

  • Nicolai Sennels, a psychologist and the author of Among Criminal Muslims: A Psychologist’s experiences with the Copenhagen Municipality
  • Tania Groth of PEGIDA DK
  • Mikael Jalving
  • Ingrid Carlqvist of the Swedish Free Press Society and Dispatch International
  • Heidi Mund, the “brave German woman” who was ejected from a Lutheran church for publicly objecting to an imam’s Islamic prayer
  • Kent Ekeroth, a member of parliament for the Sweden Democrats

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

4 thoughts on “Ezra Levant Interviews Six Activists of the European Counterjihad

  1. What a bunch of losers the EU nations are becoming. Outmanoeuvred by a bunch of homeless Muslim hustlers. Slave trading deals by any other name in any other century. Islam has not changed. Erdogan’s dreams are not so mad after all. I imagine a am completely wrong.

  2. Interesting, but I think the course of events over the coming years will be driven more by the masses and their reactions to the Muslim invasion, counterjihadists will probably continue in an observing and commenting role rather than actually leading the way. Important a role though that is and has been.

    Incidentally, what does Ezra say right at the end? ” A series of …… seven episodes from our trip to Europe”?

  3. The end of this video may have been the saddest commentary I have heard about the future of Europe.

    Great work. Both by Ezra Levant (and his crew) as well as the GoV. Thank you.

  4. The only people I have known from Europe are from Eastern Europe or Russia. I have a friend from here that lives in Austria. I am speculating that one of the issues here is the majority of the people do not care about the running of the government and just want it to be nice for everyone, enjoy you life. There isn’t a strong identity. The people here that stand up and are vocal are the ones that identify on the left or right. They have an interest in government and how it runs. I think aside from the attacks they don’t think about self determination as something they can think about. Obviously not all because the constitutions have not been changed yet to support Sharia law. I bet if the news there said “Sharia law has not been ratified” everyday for a year at least they may be able to without much resistance.

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