8 thoughts on “David Wood: The Lying Liars Who Lie About Islam

  1. Of course, they are on the candidates list for a Nobel Peace Prize; and any ‘worthy’ candidate should sue the committee for defamation of character.

  2. I was with Mr. Wood until about 10:32, when he suggests that Muslims who don’t support extremism should publicly denounce those who create one of the subject videos. It just might have been the sight of him sitting comfortably and safely before his nice book-shelf, clean and serene. Yes, I think that was it. It is so very easy to suggest such a thing to people who just may be killed for doing what he suggests. Perhaps, I am wrong about this and nobody would care….but that would mean that his suggested method to counter the video would be ineffectual. Hmm. A dilemma.

    Do I have a plausible alternative? Not yet, but I’m working on it.

    • Several years ago a protest was organized for “moderate muslims” in Washington DC. Less than 30 people turned up for it…
      If “moderate muslims” felt strongly about the violence being enacted in their name they would have shown up in greater numbers than the anemic rally showed.
      It is very difficult to judge what the muslim community thinks if they refuse to say anything and let CAIR and other pro muslim brotherhood orgs speak for them.

      • People often say that one should walk a mile in another person’s shoes before passing judgement on that person–or some such thing. If I thought my local Catholic Priest–that is my family’s religion–would kill me and my family if I denounced him publicly, well, I just might not do such a thing.

        Would I devise some stealthy method to resist and fight that religious authority figure? I just might.

    • I think he was mostly referring to those who live in the west, at least that’s the feeling I got, since most Muslims saying “ISIS does not represent Islam” are living here, not in the Middle East. You never hear the Islamic regimes like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran, etc. publicly condemning ISIS or being offended by their “misinterpretation” of Islam.

  3. Number 10 was great as well. 6 % said they admired nothing, so we are left by inference to imply that the rest admired the west. No one questions all the things the rest do not admire about the west, or admire about islam.

  4. To refute ‘extremists’ (purists) would be tantamount to denying that mohammed was the perfect man, an exemplar for all moslems. No moslem is going to go down that path.

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