David Wood: No Muslims Are Muslims!

In the latest of his series of videos debunking apologists for Islam, Dr. David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics deconstructs the argument that the mujahideen of the Islamic State can’t be Muslims because most of their victims are Muslims.

Dr. Wood points out that that Muslims are required by Islamic law to kill other Muslims if they are judged to be “hypocrites” or “apostates”. Thus, if the standards used by the leftist Islam-apologists were applied to the first Caliph, Mohammed’s successor, then no Muslim of the time — including the Caliph himself — could possibly have been a Muslim:

5 thoughts on “David Wood: No Muslims Are Muslims!

  1. Only today someone said in my presence that IS has nothing to do with Islam!

    It wasn’t worth bothering, they were clearly a lost cause.

  2. Islam is really quite simple to understand. The world is divided into 2 parts: Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harab.

    If you’re in the first part, you might be okay unless some other occupant of that part doesn’t think you’re Islamic enough.

    If you’re in the second part, you haven’t got a chance. Dar al-Harab doesn’t translate to House of War for nothing.

  3. David Wood is amazing. Great combination of sharp wit, warmth and precise information. How well known is he? Should be all over TV!

  4. David Wood is a hoot. Look at this YouTube video, where Wood, Robert Spencer and Sam Shamoun literally take apart the pretensions of Reza Aslan to be a scholar, or anything other than a buffoon. They had me rolling on the floor.


    These guys are first class entertainers. Their biggest problem, of course, is that what they say is generally not allowed in public media. The second problem is that their humor requires a bit of knowledge and concentration. Unfortunately, the media geared to the money-making mass market is about 95% entertainment, especially the news. You’re not going to see any programming that takes effort on the part of the viewer.

    I don’t watch television. If I’m in a situation where I literally can’t get away from it, like flat on my back in a dentist chair, facing the screen on the ceiling, I ask them to turn the sound off. What they say is so useless and inane, it’s much more interesting to watch the very sophisticated body language of these so-called newscasters.

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