Danish Imam: “You Can Beat Them if They Don’t Pray When They Are Ten Years Old”

A few days ago we posted a hidden-camera video aired by TV2 in Denmark. It featured an imam at the Grimhøj Mosque who justified various acts of violence — including the death penalty for apostasy — based on Koranic instructions.

Below is another video in the series featuring Imam Abu Bilal Ismail. In this episode the Indiscreet Imam explains the requirements for and limits on beating children, both for the sake of their education and to follow the precepts of Islamic law.

Many thanks to PEGIDA DK for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:02   Teach your children to “salah” (pray).
00:06   It is obligatory when they are seven years old.
00:09   And you can beat them if they don’t pray when they are ten years old.
00:12   How do you beat children when they are ten years old and don’t pray?
00:15   It is not permitted to smack them or smash them into the wall —
00:21   or break their bones.
00:23   It is also not OK to take a knife and kill them or chop them.
00:27   You hit them as a part of their upbringing and learning.
00:32   Not as violence.
00:35   You are not allowed to hit them in the face and sensitive areas.
00:38   You can for example hit them on the shoulder —
00:42   in such a way that the child can feel that he has done something wrong.
00:46   If you are hit as a part of child-rearing when you are small —
00:50   then you KNOW why you have received those blows.
00:54   You will remember it in your adult life, and that is what is important.

7 thoughts on “Danish Imam: “You Can Beat Them if They Don’t Pray When They Are Ten Years Old”

  1. Forced ‘ritual’ is a terrible thing, the world is confusing enough at age 7 let alone having to go through the motions of pretending to be devout.

    Why do we need to brainwash our 7 year olds? (Political Correctness requires that we too punish 7 year olds who show signs of ‘racism’ or ‘islamophobia’ at school).

    It is a strange world that we live in, its prime religious manias, whether Allah centred or Marx centred, are nasty, with vile outcomes and unhappy desperate peoples.

    • MC-

      Fear-based negative reinforcement from an angry father figure is why the Islamic programming is so effective in maintaining its hold over people.

      It also prevents them from asking too many uncomfortable questions about other facets of life, say in the realm of scientific inquiry.

  2. This is why pure force is the only correct response to the Ummah’s transgressions.

    It is the only language they understand.

    • It is the only language that says we intend to survive, exorcise the Muslim disease and continue to grow.

  3. And sinister goings on in Sweden ? Report in the DM . Was the report that immigrant children being attacked by a right wing group in a Swedish railway station deliberately over stated or even faked in order to make the Swedish population see the immigrant invaders as underdogs requiring their sympathy and support and ending wholesale disquiet & debate about the immigrant invasion? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3477510/Migrant-attacks-conspiracy-hide-truth-Europe-s-liberal-country-Sweden-stopped-citizens-discussing-refugee-influx.html

  4. “Beat your children well” was a popular Steven Stills song in the Middle East.

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