Chechens and Afghans Fight it Out With Knives and Metal Pipes in Vienna

Last Saturday night two groups of rambunctious culture-enriching “youths” in Vienna got a little rowdy and went after each other with knives, metal pipes, and other implements of destruction. One of the groups (the Afghans) outnumbered the other (the Chechens), and two of the mischievous youngsters are now in critical condition in the hospital.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from the Austrian daily Kurier:

Knife fight at Handelskai: Five Injured

Up to 50 youths stabbed and fought at Vienna’s Handelskai.

Up to 50 Afghan youths on Saturday evening sought out an outnumbered group of Chechen background and brutally attacked them with knives and metal pipes. “Two attempted murders and five dangerous cases of bodily harm were filed”, said police spokesperson Paul Eidenberger on Sunday.

Acute mortal danger for two victims

Two of the victims were under acute mortal danger. One social worker who witnessed the brutal attack said that the targeted group was greatly outnumbered. That’s how it happened that some of the victims at the Youth Club were attacked by five people at the same time. The suspects inflicted stabbings in the stomach area, the chest area, backs and faces. The trigger for the attack, according to Vienna Police, was among other things a dispute between the two groups that was waged on Facebook.
The investigations at this point are focused on unknown suspects, because most of the offenders fled when the police arrived at the scene. The whole attack didn’t last more than two minutes. In addition to knives, most of the young participants — according to Eidenberger their ages run from 15 to 25 — also used wood slats and metal pipes. Part of the fight took place in front of the building.

Six attackers arrested

Six members of the Afghan group were caught and arrested during their attempted escape. So far three witnesses have been interrogated. In order to piece together the circumstances, video surveillance from the ÖBB [public transportation] and the Vienna Railway have been requested, since the crime scene is close to the Handelskai train station, said Eidenberger.

In the course of the investigation through the Vienna Office of Criminal Investigation, one bloodhound and one special specially trained tracking dog were deployed as well. At this point the only weapons that could be secured were metal pipes.

17 thoughts on “Chechens and Afghans Fight it Out With Knives and Metal Pipes in Vienna

  1. Oh, my. Vienna is most certainly being culturally enriched, whether they wish it or not. Do they (officialdom) at least arrest and punish or deport? Or it is just turn them loose to repeat, wash, rinse, and repeat ad infinitum. Kind of like the sexual attacks.

  2. It sounds like a territorial dispute. The Afghans, if not the Chechens, claimed a territory and attempted to expel the other group from it.

    The story doesn’t say if they were recent migrants, or earlier ones. However, the establishment of a territory by a gang will lead to further criminal activity: extortion, drugs, muggings and organized lawlessness. It will be particularly dangerous for native Austrian males of fighting age, as they will be seen as direct rivals.

    • Given that the Chechens were earlier beating husbands of women not dressing “properly”, this sounds like a battle over “Sharia enforcement rights”…

      But if they’re fighting each other, then maybe the Austrians of fighting age have already been dispensed with? That’s assuming they’re not too busy working in corporations, on the ski slopes or getting drunk in clubs…

  3. Hello from Belgium! Yesterday I attended a lecture on women civil rights by a nutty liberal female proffesor (yes yes, I know, but I needed the credits!) and this humanoid coockatoo some call professor said very seriously that we european women should not marry or date white men because they are naturally inclined to violence and oppression, then she ranted about the wonders of marrying/dating men from Africa, latin america, middle east, asia.. I wanted to laugh but most girls and even some (white) in the auditorium were tranxfixed listening to the “proffessor” and showered her with applause once she finished her rant. I think the picture that illustrates this entry is full of eligible husbands for the girls in my college. As for me I am very happy with my blond belgian chaunivistic boyfriend.

    • Well, tales of the antics of the wonderful anti-violent and anti-oppressive Muslim husbands sometimes get passed around – if not by the media, then among family and friends, where liberalism/political correctness can play much less of a role… and as a result, awareness of the problem can increase – as can numbers in the counterjihad… so perhaps, in a very small (and painful) way, there is a method to the nutty professor’s madness!

      • It never ceases to amaze me when an educated audience fails to challenge deluded women (and it is mostly woman) with facts. Men in Western society do not regard woman as inferior, they do not expect them to stay at home and only leave the house if accompanied by a close male relative, they do not expect them to be covered from hard to foot if “seen” in public, they do not stone them to death for adultery, they do not take multiple wives or “marry” pre-pubescent girls, they do not carry out mob sexual attacks such as seen in Cologne and elsewhere on NYE, nor do they throw gay people to their deaths from tall builders or persecute those of a different religion. Instead of applauding this misguided professor they should have been lobbying for her immediate removal from the campus never to be able to lecture again!

    • It never ceases to amaze me how people will vote against their own self interests. I talked to a psychiatrist one time, and he told me that if you put certain women in a room full of men, they will be romantically attracted to the biggest loser of the bunch. Almost like they have some sort of loser radar. Guaranteed to end up at the bottom of the economic/ social ladder in a failed marriage. Must be something genetic.

      • Not normal women, though. And they out-number the freaky women so many men who comment on this site like to mention. Mention frequently.

      • I’m pretty sure that’s not genetic and it’s also rare. Basically the sort of “women” you’re talking about fall into the same category as the female high school teachers who sexually pursue the 16 year old boys. That’s very counter-evolutionary (young males haven’t proven themselves yet so women aren’t naturally going to want to pass on the genes of someone who might be the next Darwin Award candidate). I don’t know the exact details but it’s got something to do with control obsession and being threatened by males who are capable of resisting manipulation.

    • This is one of those cases where it’s important to speak up in class in front of the audience. I don’t know how bad the consequences would be for you but I’ve done this before in the US in the last few years, in a class, but things haven’t gotten quite so insane here.

      Especially if there are young people involved, it’s important that they know that there might actually be problems with what they’re being taught. They may not realize it immediately but it may make a difference later.

      • True. Once at school in German class, we had a teacher come in for a few lessons who started telling us about the wonders of graffiti, that it can be used to “give an anti-racist message”, etc etc. But we were a stubborn bunch – and one by one, we countered him. I can’t remember everyone’s arguments – mine was “why not do it on your own wall?”. Eventually after a few lessons, he left. Later we were told by our main German teacher that he was surprised by this “conservative” class.

        • I’m pretty sure “conservative” now means anyone willing to disagree with the latest crazy BS. Which in many cases means anyone with the guts to speak up at all.

    • Such professors are more dangerous than Islamists. They destroy the societies they live in (very comfortably) from within – just like cancer cells that are born within an organism, feed on it while mutilating and finally killing it.

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