Carnage in Brussels


Comment by Geert Wilders on Brussels attacks

Geert Wilders: “I am extremely shocked by today’s events in Brussels. Travelers were murdered in cold blood at Brussels airport, commuters were killed in the metro. Once again, Islamic jihadists hit the free world very hard and slaughtered dozens of innocent people. After Paris, Boston, London, Madrid, New York, this time terror struck in Brussels. Next time it might be Amsterdam.

“It is time to act. First of all, we must close our national borders and detain all the jihadists whom we have foolishly allowed to return from Syria. We must also tell people the truth. The cause of all this bloodshed is Islam. We need to de-Islamize the West. That is the only way to safeguard our lives and protect our freedom.”

A major terrorist attack occurred in Brussels today. There were two simultaneous explosions at the airport and another not long afterwards at the main train station. More than thirty people were killed.

This is breaking news, and there’s way too much information for me to collate and report on. Here’s a useful list of headlines and links culled from Drudge:

Brussels was already on the highest possible terror alert, so what do they do next? I don’t suppose the option of cordoning off Molenbeek and establishing entry/exit checkpoints is in any of the security services’ contingency plans…

I’m familiar with both locations. I remember coming out of the train station and looking for a taxi the morning I arrived in the city back in July 2012. I noticed that all the taxi drivers seemed to be Muslim immigrants, as were most of the service workers at the station. It made me wonder how easy it would be for “sleeper” employees to arrange for a terror attack at such a prominent, crowded location.

Well, now we know.

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  1. I woke up to this horror. What a way to start your day. I am so sorry for those people and I wonder why Europa has not realized that it’s time to deport the muslims back to their home countries.

    When will they learn?

    • I woke up to the same. This is clearrly a civilizational war. I mean WAR! War like in WWII. Secular-democracy vs. Islam; take your choice.

      I think this is the learning experence.

      • You must be over-reacting. Surely, this is but a cultural misunderstanding. Move along now . . . nothing to see here.

      • It was late afternoon when I tuned in to the world service. They were interviewing Dozy Dave. He was in “faux enraged” mode though he did not make his by now familiar statement “nothing to do with you now what….”

    • I think they have to give up so much of what they believe they may not be able to.

    • but….but…..but Islam is the religion of peace. The leaders have our best interest`s first. I am sure the leaders will print up a STRONGLY worded pamphlet to the new immigrants explaining that bombs are bad. Once they realize we love them they will change their ways. We just need to be patient….and maybe start giving them positions in government. That will let them know we love them and then they will stop. I am sure of it. Just be patient.

  2. And then I see that Dear Leader took a few seconds to mention it before lecturing the Cubans.

    He isn’t going to do a damn thing. He hasn’t done much in 7 years so why should or would he start now?

    Worst. President. Ever.

    Sorry but I had to get that off my chest.

  3. so what do they do next?

    yes, yes, what to do, what to do. Maybe more multicultural outreach programs? More diversity training for the indigenous? More jizya? More politically correct hand-wringing? The possibilities are endless.

    • Very clever NEW ideas the elites will come up… like forcing conversions to islam to appease the ISIS/IS and giving ISIS MORE entire neighborhoods in which to run rammant.

      Oh, that and More SNICKERS to eat. Heard they had a shortage. : (

    • The European nations must show solidarity with each other. It is essential. Votive candles and flowers will help defeat this menace. Not to mention some Merkelian arm-linking on the street. People are cross.

    • Maybe some leaflets explaining why suicide bombing is not optimal behavior?

  4. Molenbeek must already be living in fear of the islamophobia in response to next week’s bombings.

    • HA HA!! But seriously THAT is exactly what will play out in the News rooms and newspapers run by the elites.

      • Yup–you articulate a reasonable concern and the luvvies scream “-phobe” at you. I am regretfully coming to the conclusion that a Muslim community is a luxury the West can no longer afford.

  5. The EU has wide open borders where anyone from anywhere can just come in at various points. Gov. officials just don’t get it, and you can’t fix stupid. Citizens make no demands on politicians. Globalist puppet leaders are told to stand back/do nothing. When violence of all types breaks out all over the EU en masse, the dumb down masses will still try to figure out why or not think at all. Several friends have decided not to visit Europe this summer or ever. The dumb zombie masses have no future except hell on earth because of their apathy about their future, heritage and their children. Total losers.

    • We had a group of 26 from Church who had planned to go the HOLY LANDS in the early Fall of this year.

      They had already cancelled plans before this past Christmas . Not re-schooled either.

      This morning my friend told me that her and her daughter’s trip to Paris was planned for NEXT Spring, BUT NOW after all this terrorism, they are NOT going anywhere.

      I suggested the HOLY LAND theme park in Orlando Florida or EPCOT at Disney World to all who crave a trip !!

      • A caveat: Disney theme parks and similar sites are among the prime targets for ISIS in the USA — many of whose operatives are being imported with the “Syrian” “refugees”.

        • Baron: I agree, to include concerts, plays, crowded malls on weekends, even state fairs or any large gatherings are targets. I encourage anyone not to fly unless it’s a corp. jet or commuter plane traveling from city to city with smaller number of passengers. Common sense should rule. Crowded subway trains are risky for sure.

    • European ( EU) values…. Well, they have only the values of : WHAT IS GOOD for the ELITES/Politicians is always best.

      YOU peons get to fend off the islamics ON YOUR OWN!

  6. “Well, now we know.”

    We knew back then, didn’t we? I remember getting off at that station back in 2012. I remember bidding Baron good-bye back at Brussels airport in 2012.

    When will we, the EU, everyone, learn? Never. We are way too busy remembering and never again-ing Hitler’s times. Ever wonder how people “could have allowed this to happen back then”?

    Well, now you know.

  7. Too late for Europe. Probably too late for England.

    Not too late for America, but the darkeness is approaching.

    The Lizard Queen must *not* be allowed anywhere near the White House.

    Vote for Donald Trump.

  8. So I wonder if they are still going to prosecute Geert Wilders for his “hate” speech. Hillary blamed the attack on his comments.

  9. First the ‘Arab Spring’ and now the ISIS Spring, however IMHO little will change due to the lack of will by the feckless, spineless and lacking testosterone, poor
    excuses for many of the EU ‘leaders’ in the political class. Oh yes. we will hear all of the usual condemnations ad nauseam , along with the groveling, hand wringing and calls for calm. Heaven forbid the mention of Islam, Muslims,or Jihad or the insane policy of open borders, and admitting ‘refugees’ with no paperwork, or clue of who they are or where they are from. Political Correctness(cultural Marxism) will prevail. The minute the police start a round up of suspects, the local community of Muslims aid the perpetrators and cry ‘racism’. This will be ‘openers’ sadly more carnage to come.

    • Might I add, it seems that the Jihad is moving ahead according to plan. The economy and tourism ( the economic lifeblood of many historic cities) are being ruined, the civil order is being destroyed, the daily lives of the citizens changed and disrupted forever, and the ability to govern a peaceful society is gone. What irks me the most is that folks will turn to their governments for help, only to be betrayed once more. [I am biting my tongue, avoiding expletives] Hate speech and criticism of ‘the followers of the teachings of the prophet’ and government policies will still be a crime. Basically the in Western Europe the people are on their own.

    • Multiculturalism and diversity has Western Europe so confused it is becoming impossible for anyone to take charge of anything. Dumb free.

  10. We knew. I cannot say that I told anyone so but I never doubted any one who did. GOV has been about this topic for years.

    And yet there will be people elsewhere who will profess to be surprised and shocked.

    The only real question may be in how long our various western leaders will persist in the policies which create these horrors. The stupidity is pretty well entrenched.

    • 50-100 more of these and some serious position papers will have to be written. With stern recommendations.

      500 more and it’s a distinct possibility that the European electorate will begin to think about supporting one of the nationalist parties.

      • Trying to be brief:

        I believe I recall some details of the election in which N. Sarkozy was defeated. If not correct then call it my addlepated vague memory, but it may be correct and possibly instructive.

        He was said to have wanted to cut benefits and freebies across the board. People at the bottom of the totem pole would have to get jobs and join society. People at higher levels would have to start doing their jobs or their job security was at risk. He may even have suggested a forty hour work week but I do not know if he went that far.

        Massive demonstrations soon followed. From what I read at the time, the most outraged demonstrators were often well up the totem pole. Sarkozy lost the election to follow.

        Key idea here is that freebies are abundant at all levels of modern western society. If the dole creates slums for the poor, those who do not apply much energy to the good jobs they have get unearned job security.

        People at all levels may be voting their comfort rather than their country. It may be that these bombings may be the only way to wake them.

        I hate it when I can not think of anything nice to say.

  11. The people of Canada better wake up fast. This is exactly what we are headed for under Trudeau’s ‘leadership’ with increased and sped-up muslim immigration. It seems ironic that no people want to learn from the experience of others; they always have to repeat the exact same mistakes and lunacies before maybe the penny drops or it is already too late.

  12. Erdogan spoke 4 days ago about Brussels getting bombed. The EU still infatuated with Turkey. No one is reading the memo from Syria or Putin’s speech at the UN last September.

  13. There is absolutely nothing shocking about these attacks. Europe has been setting itself up for this for some time, through the ME and North Africa wars, through the migration policies, through its multiculti utopia. It’s the old problem-reaction-solution” dialectic, to destabilize Europe. The Service Général du Renseignement et de la Sécurité (SGR) knew in advance of this airport attack, minus the minor details. The highway from Calais to Brussels was not in the least bit secured, long after the bombings and the hysteria that followed, and after the level 4 alert – where Brusselites are afraid to walk the streets. The entire event, as were all the others in Europe, were enabled by nearly all European governments. Even after the EU-Turkey agreement, refugees still flow in. There’s a lot of talk but governments are not really doing much to protect its citizens. Most of it is superfluous for-show stuff – subways and trains as far as Amsterdam, passenger’s bags being searched. Already I hear “solutions” being offered to protect us from smarmy politicos and un-elected experts. Fear and chaos is how to manipulate the herd.

  14. This will never end until either the West completely submits to Islam, or we [intemperate suggestion redacted] until there is complete and unconditional surrender from those who call themselves muslims. We will know we have won when [intemperate recommendation redacted], and muslim women by the millions eagerly and freely convert to christianity in order to marry western men.

    This fight is existential, only most in the west are still in a state of denial, while our “leaders” are actively collaborating with the enemy.

  15. All this blood is on the hands of the leftist filth who screamed about racism, destroyed people’s careers over conservative opinions, and insisted above all else that, “it could never happen here!”

    Forceful mass deportation is the minimal acceptable solution at this point.

  16. “As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood.'”

  17. Obama’s 51 seconds commenting on the events contained a ‘tell’ wherein he condemned “… these outrageous attacks against INNOCENT people …”. That form of qualified condemnation is typical of Muslim dissimulating weasel words.

    • Yes. What he means, if we decode it, is that some of the victims were Muslims, and therefore “innocent”.

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