Austrian Identitarians to the Socialists and the Greens: “It’s Your Fault!”

Last Thursday, two days after the massacres in Brussels, protesters for the Austrian Identitarian movement staged demonstrations in Vienna in front of the headquarters of the Socialist Party (SPÖ) , and of the the Greens (Die Grünen). Acting out a simulated terrorist attack at each location, they told the two parties via bullhorn that the carnage in Brussels and Paris was their fault, thanks to their support for the mass importation of Muslim immigrants.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a report on the protest from the New Observer Online:

Austrians: ‘Reds, It’s Your Fault’

Terrorist attacks in Europe are the fault of the leftist parties in Europe – that was the message that activists from the Austrian Identitarian movement carried into the streets of Vienna today in double protests in front of the headquarters of the Green and Social Democratic parties. The protests – using the sounds of explosions and cries of terror to symbolize recent events- drew huge support and applause from passersby.

The protest actions, cleared ahead of time with local police, saw the Identitarians form up before the headquarters of the two parties-which are in a coalition government to keep out the populist FPO-and then, to the soundtrack of a large explosion, all fall down as if dead.

At the same time, a large banner was unfurled, reading “Das ist eure Schuld” (“It is your fault).

A statement on the group’s Facebook page said that the blame for the attacks in Brussels-which left thirty dead and scores injured – was exclusively that of the politicians who pulled down Europe’s borders in pro-asylum “madness.”

Video transcript:

0:00   Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here!
0:07   (Banner reads: “Multiculti, asylum insanity, Terror, THIS IS YOUR FAULT #stopislam #brusselattack
0:19   Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here!
0:39   Two days ago it happened in Brussels, before that in Paris,
0:44   and the security experts cannot assure us that this
0:47   won’t also happen in Vienna very soon.
0:50   We are not blaming our country, but we are
0:54   blaming the Green Party, the Socialists, the Multiculti advocates
1:03   Multiculti dead end! Multiculti dead end!
1:12   Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here!
1:32   We are here today because what happened in Brussels two days ago
1:36   has unfortunately become bitter reality in Europe.
1:40   Multiculti, asylum insanity, terror!
1:43   Such is the politics of the SPÖ and (…)
1:47   The SPÖ stands for Multiculti, asylum insanity and terror!
1:52   We will not give up, we will continue!
1:55   Freedom, freedom, tradition! Multiculti dead end!

Hat tip for the article: JD.

6 thoughts on “Austrian Identitarians to the Socialists and the Greens: “It’s Your Fault!”

  1. I hope their demonstration was widely publicised throughout Austria but I wonder if the demonstrators will be persecuted as has Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff?

    • Funny thing about that there “persecution” and related stuff: It only works on SINGLE TARGETS–alone, all by themselves. It does not, and will not, work on GROUPS of any size at all.
      If they can manage a few more of these protests, EXPECIALLY in other locales and not just in the capital, this will soon become unstoppable.

      That’s UNSTOPPABLE–are you listening France? Deutschland? Sweden? Norway? BELGIUM??

      (AND it’s about [goldarn] time, too.)


    Yesterday a young father (a Dentist ) was lynched to death in front of his wife and 8 year old son, by a Muslim mob in Delhi. The victim was playing cricket with his son when rash driving motorcycle thugs grazed the little boy. The father intervened and the thugs retorted by bringing a posse of armed men to the doctor’s home within moments. They put him to death by beating in front of his full family.
    Indian media and politicians dismissed it as road rage incident since condemning this horrific murder wouldn’t be Politically Correct.
    In the related video on you tube the Perp shows the forefinger sign of Umma.

    • That is okay because what they desire more than anything else in this life is that their epitaph should read: Not a Racist.

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