Amok Time for Asylum Seekers in Austria

Asylum seekers in Austria are increasingly likely to go berserk when required to fill out forms or follow official procedures when required. Which is unfortunate, given that such activities are part of the bedrock of German-speaking cultures. The following account describes two such Allahu-Akhbar moments, one at a hospital and the other at a bus station.

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Asylum seeker swearing at hospital, spitting at nurses and yelling “Allahu Akhbar”

While native patients patiently accept hours of bureaucratic waiting around in hospitals, foreigners regularly flip out. The latest case: The behavior of an asylum seeker on Sunday at the Vienna Donau hospital was so out of line, that he had to be arrested by police. According to the KURIER the 28-year-old Iraqi spat and cussed at multiple nurses and then went after the officers who were called for the protection of the hospital staff.

He demanded immediate treatment

According to the investigation, the man was rioting because he had to complete an admittance form. He refused to do so. He wanted to be treated immediately. When that didn’t happen, he became abusive and aggressive, and when he was arrested he yelled “Allahu Akhbar”.

Such scenarios are happening a lot in Austria nowadays. At almost the same time, a 29-year-old asylum seeker from Azerbaijan went berserk in Salzburg. He demolished the windows of a bus station first. After he was reported to the police, arrested and let go again, he then smashed the windows at the smokers’ lounge at the train station.

8 thoughts on “Amok Time for Asylum Seekers in Austria

  1. I’m curious, under what circumstances an Azeri would qualify for asylum anywhere in the West?

    • More fool the authorities for accepting such behaviour. Should be put in a straight jacket, placed in a zephr craft with fixed steering, pointed at Turkey or Libya and waved a fond farewell. Why is it that these animals feel so free to attack people in the West when they wouldn’t DARE to behave in such a fashion in their own countries!

  2. …and, of course, being muslim, he is expected to behave in this outrageous manner so he is not punished for violence or property damage.

  3. I wonder if these muslims were tested for drugs because that might go some way to explain their violent uncontrollable behaviour. As I have read elsewhere, muslim fighters are taking drugs that enhance their aggression and giving them almost superhuman strength.

  4. The more they get away with it, the more they’ll do it. The Austrians, Germans and Swedes refuse to connect the dots. Imagine the wailing when a police officer, probably a woman, is murdered.

    • Sarony said: “…Imagine the wailing when a police officer, probably a woman, is murdered.”

      O beg to differ, the wailing would, and will be, if a Muslim gets killed by a police officer who simply wants to stay alive. The wailing will be horrendous. Probably a national day of mourning, or at lest a minute silence.

      But a police officer getting killed by Muslims? The government will print leaflets informing them that such practices are not part of our culture and therefore they should, please, refrain from doing so in the future.

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