6 thoughts on “A Tree Grows in Europa

  1. Great visual metaphor! There are 109 violent passages in the Qu’ran commanding Muslims to strike fear into the hearts of the unbelievers and to kill the apostates.

    Approximately 28,000 violent acts have been committed in the name of Islam since 9-11. It is incompatible with Western society and must be outlawed immediately. Mohammed was the “perfect man”. The Qu’ran is immutable. Not one word can be added or deleted. So there is little hope of reformation by “moderate Muslims” who had “nothing to do with the recent Brussels, San Bernardino, and Paris bombings.”

  2. Lissan al-Arab Dictionary: Islam is derived from the root verb ‘Istlama’. ‘to submit’, ‘surrender’. But another derivitive means ‘peace’.

    It’s debated if that means only submission o the individual or the rest of the surrounding community. And to what degree, as in dhimini status (taxation etc.)

    Mypersonal degree of submission is DEBATED !! No thank you

  3. If you want to know who rules you, just ask who it is you’re not allowed to criticize. We have a special word to denigrate the criticizing of Muslims. Therefore, Muslims must already rule most countries in Europe.

    The Muslim-whipped Europeans will say, “That is a ridiculous statement! Muslims are only a tiny minority! Germany still looks like Germany! France still looks like France! Britain still looks like Britain!”

    They’re only 4.6 percent of the population in Sweden! They’re only 5.9% of the population in Germany! They’re only 7.5% of the population in France!

    Anyone ever show you this number?…

    Population of British in India during colonization and British rule: 0.04%

    And everywhere you went in India back then, India still looked like India. Even so, they were a colonized and controlled nation.

  4. Imams all over the planet are proselytizing that Islam will over take every host nation they inhabit by shear birth rates. It is common knowledge that the native birth rates in the West are very low compared to the Islamic world. In fact Muslims in the West have a birth rate four times that of natives.

    The Western liberal establishment has sealed the fate of Europe while we seek to be like them. Stupid is as stupid does.

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