8 thoughts on “A Sunday Song

  1. Sorry, but I gave up after a minute or so because of the ridiculous, theatrical delivery of the narrator, which actually sounds like an attempt to satirise the antijihad cause.

  2. Good song. Politicians are not listening excepot Trump. The Islamists have now made their problem the wests problem. They own this problem, keep it where it started, do not let it come over here. If we do, there will be blood in the street as patriots will stand against the tide. Freedom is not free, and the coming war is not ouf our making but theirs.

    • In the meantime while the war is still coming for at least the last twenty years now the Islamist (Muslim) has perfected his dominance tricks. Lie, deny, cheat, beat, steal, stop, grope. rape, pillage, react, threaten, acting, act out on threats, invade, desecrate, deny, openly train and recruit for ISIS. Results? You bet. Everywhere the Islamic colony grows and grows. Pakistan, Afganistan and all the other stans may as well be in the so called shagged out Shengen Zone. Turks will soon catch on and just walk in. Who is going to stop them? The characters dealing with the fugitive jehadi swarms?

  3. Excellent professional arrangement…Worthy of expanding into fully staged contemporary musical. His other pieces are equally entertaining/educational.

  4. I remember buying this album a few years ago. I seem to recall emailing the Baron and his saying that he had received a copy from the musician. Mind you I can hardly remember what I had for breakfast this morning, and that was a while back …

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